Overturning the Heavens chapter 193

Chapter 193 “Not His Daughter”

Watching her husband’s departing back, Bai Ruo inexplicably tightened her hands into a fist until the nails had pierced the skin.

“Bai Yan, consider yourself lucky this time. After I take the Phoenix Brothel from your hands, I won’t let you live!”

As hypocritical as this woman was, she’s not at the stage where she’s willing to share her husband with the enemy.


Inside the Capital City Inn, a incessant coughing repeatedly rang out of a certain room here reserved fort he most prestigious of their guests.

“Young Master, I’ve finished investigating as per your command.” The elder standing next to the patient respectfully reports, worried over the incessant coughing of his young lord.

“Oh?” Pricking his brow, “Then what sort of background does that girl have?”

The old elder sneaks a glance before answering: “Her mother is Lanyue, the daughter of the Lan House in this city. As for her father, he’s the current house chief of the Bai family. However, it’s said that she’s been expelled by her father recently.”

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Frowning, the middle-aged man became doubtful: “Are you sure that her mother is the lady of the Lan House and that she isn’t adopted?”

“This information is definite without fault. Young Master, I believe the girl from yesterday is only similar to the young lady, they aren’t necessarily related…” The elder helplessly sighed. He too had wondered why there’s someone so similar in appearance, but now it’s obvious that the young lass wasn’t related to their own missing lady.

Maybe it’s due to the bad news, but the coughing only got worse with every passing minute where the patient sounded like he’s about to cough out his lungs. “Do you know where the girl lives?”

“Young Master, you want to…” The elder was a tad surprised so he quickly followed up with a deep frown.

Not minding the protesting look coming his way, the middle-aged man only smiled bitterly: “I can’t help it. Ever since I saw that girl, her face had been lingering in my mind, unable to disperse no matter what. Even if she does have nothing to do with my sister, I still want to go see her.”

Keeping quite for a brief moment, the elder decides to speak his mind anyways: “Young Master, your identity is very sensitive. If others were to learn of it….”

“Its fine, I’m only going to meet her. There won’t be any danger.” Supporting himself with his hand, the patient appears to be struggling to climb out of the bed. “Lead the way.”

Helpless in his demeanor, the elder can only do as instructed: “Very well Young Master, please come with me.”

Logically speaking, he, as the loyal servant should write a letter immediately to inform his old master of the situation; however, he fears the unkind truth might bring even more harm to everyone after what he witnessed in the past.


Seeing his young lord coughing again, the elder rushes back over to help only to be pushed away.

“I’m not so sick that I need someone to support me. If she see’s me in that state, it won’t be good…” Gently wiping the trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, the middle-aged man slowly walked for the doorway on his own.

Just like that, one cough and two steps, they headed for the outside in this terrible state.

The loyal elder really was hurting inside. As much as he wanted to stop this outrageous act of stubbornness, he too understands no one can stop the young lord when he’s in this state.

Together, they spent over thirty minutes to reach the old manor, which would normally take no more than half of that time for any old regular person.

“Who are you two, and what do you want?” The two guards standing watch sternly yelled out this question at the sight of the strangers coming their way.

Very displeased by the obstruction, the elder was ready to make an example of these impudent people when a hand stopped him.

“I am here to look for your mistress, Bai Yan.”
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  1. Somehow the revenge plot feels less justified when the MC isn’t actually related to the family that abused her.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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