Overturning the Heavens chapter 204

Chapter 204 “A Business Deal (2)”

With that said, he then turns back to Bai Yan with an open grin: “Can I ask for your name?”

“It’s Bai Yan.”

“Miss, your surname is Bai? Then Xiachen follows your name?” Wang Deqiu was a bit surprised there. Under normal circumstances, Bai Xiachen should be following the father’s name, not the mother’s.

Seeing Wang Deqiu’s astonished reaction, Bai Yan raises a smirk and said: “Is there something else?”

“It’s like this. Earlier I had learned from your son that you are in possession of some Dan pills. Can you sell them to me? I will pay however much you like.”

Wang Deqiu’s eyes were glowing like a wolf staring at its prey, hungry and craving for meat.

Pondering in silence for a moment, Bai Yan in the end responded: “What grade are you looking for?”

“Third grade or higher is enough.”

“Alright! I can provide you with anything below fifth grade. As to the price, I will have my people come negotiate with you.”

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Wang Deqiu’s heart had literally tensed up due to quick confirmation. At most he only expected Bai Yan to provide him with some third or fourth grade Dan pills, not some high level stuff like some fifth grade.

This… is no different from a great surprise!

“Pricing is not an issue. May I know when you can provide me with the products and how much?”

“The third and fourth grade pills will be a hundred each per month. As for the fifth grade ones, I will need you to provide the ingredients instead. As to the number, it will depend entirely on luck as to how much I can make.”

Wang Deqiu’s eyes grew even brighter.

She can make? Then doesn’t that mean this Miss Bai Yan is a fifth rank alchemist?

“Okay, I’ll leave all of that to your expertise. As for the payment, I’ll be sure to make it fair for you.”

It’s not his money that’s being spent anyways, it’s the main branch who’s paying, meaning he can accept it no matter how high it goes.

Not saying anything more, Bai Yan turns for her home. In a blink, her figure was gone from the Wang family’s view.

“Father, you are plotting something aren’t you? A greedy person like you would never be so easy to negotiate with.” Wang Xiaopeng looked puzzled at his old man.

“What’s nonsense are you saying?” Huffing with displeasure at his son’s accusation, “Remember those pills Xiachen gave you? I sent one of them to your grandfather. After its appraisal, the alchemists back at home said the effects are far superior to any other out there. That’s why I never sold a single one of the pills that I confiscated. I offered them all to your grandfather and was given explicit permission to purchase as many as I can.”

Showing a cheeky smile, Wang Deqiu was very confident about this deal. If he succeeds, it’s likely he and his family will be able to return to the clan through these Dan pills.

“So that’s why, it’s not your money. No wonder you are so quick to say yes.” The chubby knocks a sneer, holding his father in contempt.

There’s no illusion in Wang Xiaopeng’s mind that his father was a profiteer of the highest level. No matter how small the deal, even a small purchase at the market, his old man would squeeze the opponent dry for all they had before he’s satisfied.

“How can you say that about your old man? Since you won’t be inheriting the main household anyways, why not take advantage of this fact and benefit ourselves and our friends in the process.” Shooting his inconsiderate son a glare, the greedy man really wanted to give the kid another smack.

This was his main purpose, to take a big cut out of the main family. He only left the main clan because he was forced to, not because he wanted to. As for why he had to, his older brother and nephew definitely had a hand in pushing for the outcome when they were down.

Scratching his head, the chubby was still uncertain over his old man’s plan: “But will grandpa agree?”

“Hoho,” showing a devious smile, Wang Deqiu sounded very confident. “I have already informed your grandfather ahead of time. I said the reason why these Dan pills are so good is because the alchemist in question had overspent their time in concocting this batch. Therefore, it’s limited and can’t meet demand.”


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