Overturning the Heavens chapter 214

Chapter 214 “Bai Yan is Here (2)”


There were no delays in Little Rice’s action after the boy’s order came out. In a flash, those razor sharp claws had already brushed across the green woman’s face, thus wounding the other half to make it whole.

“Ah!” she screamed and flew a punch at the baby cub in front of her. Sadly for the woman, her attack came out with nothing due to the tiger cub’s dexterous speed.

In a quick somersault, Little Rice had retreated back to a safe location in the hall, leaving the woman unable to get a good hold on him. Licking his bloodied paw, he mocks his victim with that provocative gaze.

“I’m going to kill you!” Bloodshot in her eyes, the woman in green didn’t care anymore and wanted to rush over to exert her full might. But before she can do anything, a delicate arm had stretched over to stop her.

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“Jade Xi, stop this!” Dark in her expression, Mu Qing Song eyes the little white kitty with a newfound respect: “It seems I’ve underestimated you. I can see now you are no ordinary demon beast. Let me guess, your strength should be at least in the sky rank am I correct?”

Jade Xi’s own power is at the lower level of the sky rank. If this little white kitty can hurt her without suffering any damage, then that can only mean he’s also at the sky rank …. Maybe even at the intermediate level!

In a time like this, Mu Qing Song seems to have made another mistake. When she threw out that question, she was careless and missed that flash of contempt in the tiger cub’s eye due to her diverted attention.

“Sky rank?” Old Lord Lan and the others were all shocked by the statement. Watching the little white kitty on the ground that looked absolutely harmless, they only had this in mind, This greedy little glutton is a sky rank demon beast?

“I forbid you from talking ill of Auntie Hualuo!” The little steam bun’s face was full of anger at the insult made here today, “Unlike the hypocritical people like you two, she’s way better!”

This time Mu Qing Song was rather calm in her response. Not saying a word, she only frowned upon the little kid with a constant glimmer of light emulating out of her eyes.

“Mother!” Just as the mood in the air was falling into a stranglehold, Bai Xiachen’s delighted voice suddenly shattered it with this call.

Turning around like a reflex reaction, Mu Qing Song finally saw it, finally saw Bai Yan’s appearance for the first time ever. In that instant, even her breathing had come to a halt.

Glorious in her coat of red, the woman coming in was so stunning that even the world would pale in comparison. This was Bai Yan, the very same one who was held in contempt just moments ago by these intruders.

Prior to this meeting, Mu Qing Song had great confidence in her own appearance. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so arrogant to think Di Cang would abandon this woman for herself.

But now, she too understands why that man in her dreams would choose her! From the initial astonishment, her thoughts soon turned into jealousy and envy.

I don’t even need to guess, it’s because of that face. That’s why Di Cang would take her. Perhaps they’ve already had skinship and such….

Just thinking about the possibility of this woman roughing around in bed with her man, Mu Qing Song’s heart would instantly tense up.

“So you are Bai Yan?” she gently exhaled to recompose herself.

“Grandfather, Grandmother, what happened?” Bai Yan didn’t stop for the intruder in front, instead, she directly stepped over to her family’s side to inquire about the situation.

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Old Lord Lan finally felt at ease at his granddaughter’s arrival. “How come you came alone? Just now I had your aunt go seek Lord Cang for help. Why didn’t he come with you?”

Bai Yan frowned: “I didn’t see her on the way here, but whether or not Di Cang comes or not, the ending will be the same.”

“Cousin!” Dashing over at the sight of her cousin, Lan Xiaoyun nearly broke out into tears because she was so afraid just now.


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  1. thank you for the update. Now Ban Yan is here, let the cat fight begin. By the time Di Cang comes, his wife would have solved her own problems.

  2. “Just thinking about the possibility of this woman roughing around in bed with her man”
    “possibility of this woman roughing around in bed with her man”
    “roughing around in bed with her man”
    “her man”
    Well there you have it, Di Cang is owned by this lady here. Yes he is “her man” weather they’ve ever said a word to each other or not.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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