Overturning the Heavens chapter 218

Chapter 218 “Spoiling Her (2)”

Gnashing her teeth, Mu Qing Song knew she had to get serious now. With a flick of her hand, a guqin instantly appears in in her arms.

Note: A Guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family.

As the sound from her musical instrument fluctuates, a beautiful yet sharp tune began seeping out of her fingers. Whenever this vibration came into contact with the plants nearby, all of the greenery would wither and turn yellow like all life had been sucked out of their stems.

“Music?” Bai Yan smirked as soon as she saw the musical instrument: “How unfortunate. My son’s godfather is most fluent at the flute. Although I’m not as proficient as he, I’m still more than enough to let you know what real music is!”

Originally Mu Qing Song was already dumbfounded over the fact that her enemy was immune to her musical attack, but before she could do anything else, her guqin had already been snatched from under her fingers.

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“You…” Going white in her face, the panicking woman attempts to retrieve her weapon when a string of soul shaking melody paralyzed her body.

The piece was very moving and heart seeping. Even Mu Qing Song had become lost in that mellow tune.

Just as the performance was at its highest point, leaving the entranced woman at her weakest, the melody abruptly took a one-eighty. Like a thousand knives, the invisible attack penetrates deep into Mu Qing Song’s body and out through her back.

With a groan, she throws out a mouthful of blood as her body limped backwards. Her face pale and ghastly, “You… how could you be at the monarch rank?”

Note: The author still haven’t gotten her power level structure down yet so don’t mind it too much. I will put in a note once its complete set up.

In this world, anyone with the strength of a king rank can easily rule over a country, and a monarch rank was an existence that stood above them all.

Once a monarch master emerges, the forces under this person will then be successfully promoted to a middle class power. Though inferior to the Holy Land, but it’s still leagues ahead of something like the Music Valley who continues to paddle in the dirt.

But of course, this wasn’t to say those middle class powers are limited to only having monarch class masters in their rank. This was merely the minimum standard set out by the world and those who dwell in it.

Chuckling with a self ridiculing tone in her voice, Mu Qing Song finally understood now: “I originally thought Hualuo only became your subordinate because she was coveting your Dan pills, but it seems I’ve been foolish. Someone like that, there’s no way she will submit unless you had absolute dominance over her.”

The assumption was good, logical, and acceptable. However, Bai Yan’s next reply completely overturned her view of this world: “You are wrong. When I took in Hualuo, my strength wasn’t even at the king rank yet.”

In order to become the sect leader of powers like the Flower Brothel and Music Valley, one must be of the king rank or higher like the monarch rank. Now this woman here was telling her she wasn’t even at the king rank when she made Hualuo submit to her?

Shock and horror now gripped Mu Qing Song’s face: “How can this be, Hualuo was already at the king rank many years ago. And you, she only swore loyalty to you a few years ago. Did you really make her submit because of your alchemic skills?”

“You are wrong again. When I took in Hualuo, she didn’t even know I was fluent in alchemy.” From the initial shock and horror, Mu Qing Song’s face was now emotionless and unreadable after her last sentence.


Without reliance on alchemy and personal strength, why did Hualuo submit to her?

Bai Yan was laughing at the confusion in her enemy: “Because I saved her life, that’s why she swore loyalty to me.”

The reasoning was a simple one. She saved the woman so the woman offered her undying loyalty. Nothing fancy and nothing special, just simply gratitude and respect rewarded by doing something good.

“Impossible! Hualuo is a prostitute that only knows how to look out for her own interest….” Struggling to climb up from the ground, the injured woman looked like she will falter with the slightest breeze of wind.

“So what if the Flower Brothel is a place of romance and play? Hualuo herself never once tended to a customer, plus the Flower Brothel had never forced any of its members into doing anything that they don’t want to do.” Bai Yan’s expression became colder at this part, “And you, you claim your Music Valley is a fairyland of the highest standard. I say bullshit. You may be able to fool the public and the ignorant populace, but to people like us, we all know what sort of dirty deeds you do in the background. If I remember correctly, just recently you sold one of your girls to another power to act as a sacrificial maiden in their ritual did you not?”


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