Overturning the Heavens chapter 222

Chapter 222 “Will You Like Him in the Future?”

He did quite well?

Tilting his cute little head in puzzlement, Bai Xiachen looks up with those bright starry eyes of his. “Mother, have you accepted baddie father then?”

“No, I did not.” She refutes it with a shake of her head.

“Then will you like him in the future?”

“I don’t know.”

Bai Yan went quiet for a moment. Slowly raising her stunning head to face that crystal blue sky, a faint smile escapes her: “How can I predict what I don’t know? Come son, let us go back home.”

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“Okay,” he happily nods and ran into his mother’s embrace. However, the pair only managed to take a few steps out of the estate before Bai Xiachen recalled he was here to bring Auntie Xiaoyun over to choose a fox.

Wrinkling his baby face, he was practically moping in his voice: “Mother, I need to make a second run back inside.”

Leaving only this behind, Bai Xiachen struggled free from his mother’s arms and ran inside without turning his head even once.


It’s widely recognized that the Music Valley was on equal standing to the Flower Brothel, and in some cases, their reputation supersedes their counterpart. Yet, in a single night, news of the Music Valley’s destruction came sweeping over like a storm, catching Bai Ruo completely off guard today.

“How could this be?” Due to the sudden act of climbing up from her bed, the wound on her body became torn again. Gasping at the sharp pain, “Liu Yue, is this news reliable?”

The palace maid called Liu Yue respectfully replied: “Crown Princess, this matter is absolutely true. Everyone in the entire kingdom now knows about it. Even that former mistress of the Music Valley now belongs to the Flower Brothel and is currently up for grabs for those willing to pay. Because of this reason, countless high standing lords are rushing over there just to catch a glimpse of the lady.”

Going pale in her complexion, Bai Ruo closed her eyes as her hands clenched into a tight ball: “I understand, you can leave me now.”

“Yes, Crown Princess.” Giving a slight bow, the maid retreats in an orderly fashion.

With only her alone now, Bai Ruo had fallen into a daze like state for a very long time. Perhaps it’s due to the shockingness of the news, even she was unwilling to believe it.

How can Bai Yan have that kind of courage?

Is she not afraid of Di Cang’s fury?

Does she think she can do whatever she wants just because she’s in favor?

Her pondering mind was all over the place during this period. But once she’s come to terms with what’s going on in her crooked mind, a freaky smile could be seen on that grotesque face.

“Someone come, prepare the sedan for me. I’m heading out!”

I must verify the news myself!


The Bai House may have fallen into decay, but Bai Ruo was still the crown princess of the kingdom. Therefore, whenever her sedan moved across the streets, the civilians would consciously move aside to make room for her.

Before long, she has arrived at her destination.

Once inside the establishment after much difficulty, she can see clearly now through the rampant crowd of guests that a stunning woman was tied to a pillar. Obviously the lady had lost her initial air of a goddess. In its place, only regret and a constant glimmer of deep pain could be found in those eyes.

One glance, that’s all it took for Bai Ruo to collapse.

“Crown Princess!” The palace maid hurries to support her mistress after seeing that incessant shiver.

“Bai Yan sure have guts! But why isn’t Di Cang coming out yet when she’s made such a big commotion?”


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