Overturning the Heavens chapter 223

Chapter 223 “Bai Ruo’s Jealousy”

Grabbing the maid’s supporting hand with her own, Bai Ruo’s voice was trembling with unease as she asked. However, before she could get a proper answer, the rowdy voices of the crowd had answered her question.

“This supposed mistress of the Music Valley sure is beautiful, to think she would also be a cheap bitch like all the rest. No matter, I will still be willing to buy her first time just for that outstanding appearance alone.”

“Oh, why would you say that?”

“You don’t know yet? Mu Qing Song fancied Lord Cang, but because she was rejected, the woman instead turned her fury at the Lan House. That’s how she became like this, she angered Lord Cang.”

Pausing for a moment to look around, the man speaking here then issued a sniggering laugh: “And as it so happens, I was here when Lord Cang’s men threw her into to the Flower Brothel. Even the destruction of the Music Valley was done at the order of the Sovereign Prince.”

“It seems this Lord Cang really is loyal and faithful. For that Bai Yan, he’s willing to reject even a fine trophy like this Mu Qing Song.”

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“Che, you can’t say it like that. Sure, this Mu Qing Song is indeed beautiful, but compared to Bai Yan, there’s still a gap. If I were the one to choose, I would of course take Bai Yan over this cheap woman. Nevertheless, I’m still willing to use her as my misress…”


Bai Ruo’s body was ready to collapse at this point. Fortunately the maid behind her managed to support that crumbling body in time. “Crown Princess…” The voice sounded very concerned.

“I am fine, we will go back.” First closing her eyes, Bai Ruo eventually reopened them again after coming to terms with the reality. Just that, those shaking legs cannot hide the horror coursing through her veins.

My husband loves me so much yet he still has a few concubines. Besides, as long as they are male, they will be more inclined to be good to a beauty.

So why, why would Di Cang ignore such a temptation for Bai Yan?

How can such a man be Bai Yan’s?

Perhaps it’s due to the woman’s wish to ease her mood, Bai Ruo didn’t ride her sedan. Instead, she walked aimlessly through the streets for the palace. Just that, due to her divided attention, she had unintentionally bumped into a passing girl while wandering.


It’s unsure why the young maiden was so strong, but Bai Ruo felt like she was hitting into a wall instead of a person. Stumbling backwards, she immediately took to the ground and ripped open her wounds again.

“Crown Princess!” Alarmed by the fall, the palace maid as well as the escorting soldiers were quick to react. While the maid took to helping her mistress, the guards quickly surrounded the maiden.

“How dare you, this is Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess that you bumped into!”

Di Xiao Wan (Di Cang’s sister) originally wanted to say sorry after colliding with someone, but after the abrupt scolding from the guards, her proud nature instantly flared up.

“She didn’t look where she was going so how can she blame anyone?” She snorts, knocking her head high.

“Impudent!” The complexion of the guards were getting uglier by the second. Just as they were ready to make a move, Bai Ruo’s hollering voice stopped them.

“Hold it.” Slowly climbing up from the ground, Bai Ruo’s beautiful eyes were clearly focused on the badge token tied to the girl’s waist, “That badge looks very nice, mind showing me?”

“What?” Di Xiao Wan immediately snatched up her precious item like a protective hen.


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  1. Noooooo. Little sister, why would you find the ONE PERSON YOU SHOULDN’T MEET! There’s literally people everywhere talking about Lord Cang, and you should have heard Bai Yan’s name by now. Go find your sister-in-law!

    I hope little sister isn’t so gullible to believe the diarrhea that’s certain to come out of the cheapest whore’s mouth.

  2. DC adik perempuanmu telah datang.Jangan sampai tertipu oleh BR si wanita ular ini.

  3. Di Xiao Wan should be immune to Bai rou’s schemes. After all Bai Rou’s go to plan is “Di Cang doesn’t really like Bai Yan, and it was my little sister he REALLY bedded” and Di Xiao yan knows Di Cang can’t mistake his one destined love.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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