Overturning the Heavens chapter 230

Chapter 230 “Di Xiao Wan VS Chu Yi Yi (4)”

Maybe it’s due to how she was flashing her fox around, but Lan Xiaoyun’s (cousin) was still flushing pink in her cheeks when she came across this scene: “So all of you are beating Bai Zhi (youngest step sister)?” Rubbing her hands in an excited manner, the girl was full of anticipation.

Now it was Di Xiao Wan’s (Di Cang’s sister) turn to become puzzled, where did this girl come from?

Casting a glance at the confused girl, Chu Yi Yi (Young lady of the Holy Land) couldn’t bring herself to do the bad thing even if they are at odds right now. In the end, she took the liberty of explaining: “She’s Bai Yan’s cousin.”

Sister-in-law’s cousin? That puts her on the same side then!

Warming up in her demeanor, Di Xiao Wan makes a grab for the new girl’s hand and pulls her over: “Oh Cousin don’t be polite, come, come, come! Just hit this trash all you like. If she dies, I will take responsibility.”

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Now Bai Zhi can hardly keep her blood from puking out, What does she mean by not be polite? Who does she think she is?

In comparison, Lan Xiaoyun was rather taken aback by the enthusiasm portrayed by Di Xiao Wan.

When did we become cousins?

How come I didn’t know?

“That’s enough! I…” Before Bai Zhi could finish her sentence, another stomp had come flying down from above and smacking her right in the face. Which also directly blocked off any chances of her spouting anymore objections with that foul mouth of hers.

“Who allowed you to speak?” Making a heavy grunt, Di Xiao Wan was clearly displeased, “I still haven’t gotten even with you yet. Or are you afraid of me forgetting you or something?”

In front of this wonderful scene, how can Lan Xiaoyun just sit idly by? Gathering up her devious side, she happily joins the fray: “This is what you call karma Bai Zhi, karma! Since I still haven’t satisfied my urges yet from last time, I will be sure to do that today!”

“Woo-wooh-ooooh!” Bai Zhi kept whimpering with that sobbing voice of hers. In the girl’s eyes, there’s only despair and remorse now. However, that remorse wasn’t for her own faults in the past, it’s for her own folly of not running away in time.

The fighting power of the three women cannot be underestimated. After one kick here, a punch there, their victim could hardly be recognized anymore due to all the bruises and bumps. In the end, Bai Zhi only survived thanks to the fact that she had fainted away due to the extreme pain of having some of her rib bones being cracked.

“Let’s see if you will try to take me as a fool in the future!” In her entire life, Di Xiao Wan only had one taboo and that was being deceived.

The reasoning, there were no shortages of fraudulent scammers trying to trick in her into doing horrible things back in the Demon Realm. Thankfully at the time there was the State Teacher and her big bro to look after her, otherwise who knows what sort of suffering she would have gone through.

“Auntie Xiao Wan,” toddling over to the girl’s side, Bai Xiachen tugged at her newfound family member to get her attention. “What happened just now? How come you know this horrible woman?”

Puffing up her cheeks to show how grumpy she was, Di Xiao Wan finally explained the ins and outs of what happened. During this brief period, the girl didn’t forget to give the already unconscious Bai Zhi another kick.

This… this is Baddie Father’s little sister? It can’t be, she must be a fake! Bai Xiachen was literally popping his eyes after listening to the story.

Isn’t a fox supposed to be cunning and deceitful? Why is this one a sweet dumbaclutz? Am I going to become as dumb when I grow up?

“Xiachen, is this your little aunt?” Curious in her stare, Lan Xiaoyan studies the girl carefully.

She really is beautiful with that face, but this character is too… how can anyone believe she is Di Cang’s little sister when they are so different!

“Of course I am little Xiachen’s auntie!” Stabbing her fists against her hip, Di Xiao Wan won’t be denied here, “This is the real deal and I won’t have it otherwise. I ran all the way here just to see my sister-in-law and nephew.”

Lan Xiaoyun was now confused herself too: “Shouldn’t you be looking for your brother first?”

“This…” Di Xiao Wan appeared to be tied inside after being pointed out. After a quick musing, she answered honestly, “He’s an extra, it doesn’t matter if I see him or not.”

Bai Xiachen once became stupefied. How come he keep getting the feeling that this pair of sibling are very abnormal?

Before was his baddie father wanting to hang his auntie up to hit, now it’s his auntie saying his baddie father was an extra. What the heck?


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  1. I honestly love Di Xiao Wan. Now we have the ultimate team of aunties to protect Bai Xiachen, even tho he doesn’t need it at all. This is quite a cute chapter! Thank you for the update

  2. It would be nice if baddie father leaves the story. After all, he is only an extra. (But it is going the direction, get rid of the powerful nice big brother and get the violent possessive cunning fox instead?)

  3. Di Xiao Wan is hilarious!! No wonder Di Cang’s face went black at the news of her wandering around the human world…

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