Law of the devil Chapter 100 part 2

Chapter 100 “Aragon’s heavenly beast” (part two)

Du Wei felt frightened.

From appearance, this may seem like a coffin, but Du Wei did not think the stuff inside would be a-“living creature”.

Since the era of Aragon, this thing had already been placed here for nearly a Millennium. Even if there is something inside, Du Wei thought it would most likely be something like a legendary artifact, a powerful magical item, or even the king’s sword of legend.

But now, there was suddenly a voice from the coffin!

After a pause, Du Wei clenched his teeth: “Are you a human or a ghost!”

The answer was (non-human, non-ghost).

Du Wei started to leak cold sweat: “What are you then?”

(Not a thing.)

HA HA! Du Wei wanted to simply laugh, but he could never laugh it out.

Just think, in this mysterious land of the dragon clan, you are stuck in a cold and dark secret chamber next to a coffin hidden away for a millennium….. With all these elements, can you still laugh?

Calming down, Du Wei began recalling the contents of the prophecy…..

I’ll be left with Aragon’s heritage and pull out the king’s sword…… What else?

Ah, Yes… The prophecy says I will get the help of his heavenly beast!

The heavenly beast left behind by Aragon?

Du Wei was a little nervous looking at the sarcophagus in front of him.

Heavenly beast? What could it be? Dragon? Most likely since this place is the land of the dragons….. However, Aragorn won’t leave behind a dragon for him, would he? Seems unlikely.

So, a Phoenix? A behemoth? A snake hydra? But this thing is so small, they can’t possibly fit into this sarcophagus.

Coughing to clear his throat, Du Wei spoke with a somber voice: “Are you sure I can open this sarcophagus? The old dragon said once I open this, I’ll be dead.”

(I told you I can handle it, so… Please let me out of it.)

Let it out……

Du Wei hesitated for a moment, but thinking about it, Aragon’s “heavenly beast” shouldn’t play him, right? Moreover, he’s already at a dead end by now. Other than this, there doesn’t seem to be any alternative.

Silently praying for a moment, Du Wei secretly sighed: Oh Aragon, Oh Aragon, I’ll trust in you for once!

With that, Du Wei rolled up his sleeves and walked over to the sarcophagus with his hands holding the lid. Taking a deep breath, he pushed it to the side…..

Originally, Du Wei didn’t have much strength left from his ordeals, and just then he spewed out a few mouthfuls of blood. It was inevitable that his effort would fail. Even with his all strength, the best he could do was move the coffins lid half way….

Looking inside, the weak rays of light revealed what the insides of the coffin looked like. Stacked inside are some pell-mell debris, bottles, and some unknown materials stored inside a box.

In addition, there was also a ‘creature’ about the length of a meter clumsily struggling to straighten its posture. Unfortunately, the opening of the coffin cover was still too small for its obese like body to move properly. Looking at Du Wei, the two beans like eyes of the creature kept blinking at him and coming out of its pointed mouth, an elegant and polite voice started talking.

“Excuse me please, could you move this part a bit more?”

Getting a clearer look at this thing’s appearance, Du Wei wanted to go crazy!

Enduring the panicking feeling inside his heart, his fingers were trembling as he pointed towards the thing that came out of the coffin: “You! You are what Aragon left behind……”

This thing is what Aragon left behind…. This heavenly beast?

Heavenly beast?

This guy is about a meter in length with a body full of fat, its back hairs are colored in black while the bulging fat belly in the front was white. Its sharp beak was red-orange in color and below its neck had a faint orange appearance……

Perhaps the people in this world would be very surprised to see this beast…… But to Du Wei… It was all too familiar!

Gracefully flapping its wings, what emerged from the sarcophagus was a creature with an appearance of a noble gentleman…..

This…… This fucking thing is, actually, actually…..

A Penguin!!

A Penguin!!!

“Thank you, thank you for letting me out.” The attitude of this Penguin was very polite. Facing Du Wei, the creature nodded his head slowly and sighed:  “I’ve been asleep in there for far too long…. But no matter what I did, I couldn’t get out.”

Widening his eyes, Du Wei stared at this heavenly beast in front of him and then shot out these words: “You’re a Penguin.”

The heavenly beast seemed to be very happy and excited at his words. Looking at Du Wei with much surprise, it vigorously waved its two ridiculously short wings: “Yes! That’s right! Thank the heavens, you know my name! Other than Aragon, others have always called me ‘the ugly bird’, but don’t they know? Penguins are the most elegant of birds!”

All right!

Inwardly, Du Wei added another name: A talking Penguin.

Even so, it is nothing but a Penguin!

Du Wei really felt like he was wrong

Really wrong! Wrong at trusting the bastard Aragon! To even think that whatever he left behind would be enough to deal with that old dragon!

Right now, he does not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Can you count on a Penguin (well, a talking Penguin), to deal with the thousand year old enraged dragon?

“You look very disappointed at seeing me?” The Penguin’s elegant voice brought Du Wei back from his wandering thoughts: “I can see your face; you seem to be very disappointed at seeing me.”

“No, I’m not disappointed.” Du Wei spoke with a straight face: “I am despairing, despairing!”


“Why?” Waving his arms around, Du Wei suddenly shouted: “Why! You ask me why? All right! That bullshit prophecy said I am the one prophesied. I will inherit Aragon’s legacy! Awaken the heavenly beast he left behind! Pull out the king’s sword! But now? I’m trapped here by that terrifying and powerful dragon! As soon as I open this coffin, he will immediately kill me! If I didn’t do as you asked, I would still have a few days to think and come up with strategies. But I listened to you and opened it! I thought Aragon would at least leave me with something useful! Maybe a mighty sword? Or a powerful magic item? At the very least a heavenly beast of great strength to help me! But now? My God! What do I get?

Near the end of his words, his voice was almost a groan: “I am about to face the butchering knife of the dragon clan’s strongest member…. And my help is only a talking penguin?!! What the fuck is this!”

“I see.”

This elegant bird jumped down from the coffin and walked two circles around Du Wei before tapping one of his funny looking wings on top of Du Wei’s head: “Please first calm down, anger is not good for one’s heart. Before you get a heart attack, can you first listen to what I have to say?”

“Go ahead, then.” Du Wei spoke bitterly: “At least I’ve never seen a talking Penguin.”

“First of all, my original owner is Aragon, but he left me in there. Before locking me up, he asked me to have a good night’s rest and left me these words. He will die after he leaves, so wait here for your new owner to come. Whoever can let you out, will be your new owner.” The penguin looked at Du Wei before spitting these words out: “Even though you may not look very graceful and can’t be called an elegant gentleman, but at least you brought me out…. So you will be my master from now on.”

“Thank you……” Du Wei weakly curled his lips: “Well then, wait a moment and both servant and master can go meet Aragon.”

“Rashly interrupting others when they are speaking is an impolite behavior. No one ever teaches you what good manners are?” Showing some dissatisfaction, the penguin clears its throat with a cough before continuing to speak in a leisurely manner: “I can assure you, what you say won’t happen. The old dragon…… I think I have a way to deal with him.”

Du Wei was silent, only giving this guy a suspicious glance.

Perhaps…… There is a glimmer of hope, right?

Although only a Penguin, but at the very least it is something left behind by Aragon…. To be able to speak, and can live for thousands of years…… Maybe it has some uncommon ability?

“Could it be that you have some very powerful magic?” Du Wei carefully asked.

“No.” The Penguin lets out a sigh: “I’m a bird, though an elegant talking bird, but do you think a bird can wield a lot of power? I like art, music and all lofty things. Magic…… I have never learned such boring and useless stuff.”

(Someone get me a roast pit and I’ll make myself a roast penguin!!)

Du Wei patiently continued to ask: “So, your martial art is very strong? Like, whatever Stars Dou Qi technique and stuff? No? Holy Dou Qi? No? Are you a Saint Knight? No! What can you do? 18 Dragon Palm strike? Nine Yang martial arts? Flower God manual? Black Dragon wave? Kamehameha? …… You are nothing!?”

Du Wei did not say a word as the penguins proudly shakes his head. In the end, Du Wei lost his temper, but the penguin continued to speak in a slow and bleak tone: “All the stuff you said or what rough people use. Holding a sword and swinging it around with a sweaty body is not my style! I’m a graceful animal, how can I possibly learn those stuff?!”

Du Wei: “…………”

As he and the Penguin looked at each other speechlessly, a terrible sound like you would hear in a hopeless situation echoed into their ears!

Filled with pride and murderous intent, the laughter of the old dragon chief echoed through the cave walls: “HA! Boy, you finally opened it! You finally opened it! YOU OPENED IT!”

The moment the sound reached them, the dragon Patriarch was already slowly emerging from the walls with a delighted smile on his face. Eyes flashing with excitement, the sneering lip of his carried a very thick layer of murderous intent!

Subsequently, the dragon patriarch then too noticed the penguin. Even for an ancient and powerful dragon like him, he couldn’t stop himself from being stunned by what he saw: “What is it……”

Immediately after his initial stumble, he burst out laughing: “HA HA HA! Aragon! The so-called treasure he left behind is an ugly bird?”

Dissatisfied by his comment, Penguin protested with his weak voice: “Please allow me to correct you, Honorable patriarch of the dragon clan. What I am is not an ‘ugly bird’, I am a Penguin! This world’s most graceful animal!”

Already lost his patient, the dragon chief ignored all of his words. Already raising a hand, he smiled as he spoke: “OK! Youngster, since it came to this, the contract is done! The chains holding my body back is finally gone! Now it’s time we got even! Aragon used trickery to restrain me for a thousand years! Now use your life to pay it for this! Oh, although your companions had already ran away. Hmm, what method did you use to notify them? It seems I can’t look down on you, kid! But it doesn’t matter, I’ll kill you here! And then I’ll go out and kill them! Rest assured, it won’t take much time! However, I would consider leaving the old mage with his life, after all, though he is a part of the annoying human race, but at least he is considered half a friend.”

Du Wei is already sighing.

Since it had reached this point, his biggest playing chips are already gone. In the face of such a powerful entity, what other chance does he have against this dragon chief?

Already raising his hand, every nail on his fingers instantly grew longer and sharper!

“I’ll throw your head into the abyss! Then dig out your heart and hang it on my body as jewelry!” The razor sharp knife like nails was already next to his neck. Letting out a sigh, Du Wei averted his eyes in resignation as he waited for death.

“Wait a minute!” The penguin suddenly screamed: “Lord Chief, allow me to say a few words?”

A spark of light flashed across the Dragon Chief’s eyes. Thinking perhaps what other value does this thing has, he took one look at this “ugly bird” left behind by Aragon,….

“First……” Penguin sighed: “From an aesthetic standpoint, I feel regretful towards your taste of using someone’s heart as jewelry…..” Speaking up to this point, Du Wei felt the killing intent from the Dragon patriarch flew up a few levels.

“And then……” Penguin issued out a strange smile: “My previous master told me before I went to sleep; the dragon chief will most likely want to kill my new master….. So if I do encounter such a situation, I am to use this solution.”

“Solution?” The Dragon chief smiles: “Could Aragorn climb out of his grave to duel?”

“Of course not.” Laughing lightly, Penguin then spoke in a calm voice as he threw out a condition capable of changing the dragon chief’s mind!

At this moment, even the steady hands of the dragon chief were trembling!

“You want to get back into dragon form? So…… I think we can negotiate.” The penguin said this calmly.


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  1. what is that penguin’s name? Rico, Kowalsky, Private or Skipper? hahaha and straight to the north the grup will find madagascar

  2. Seriously a useless penguin as a pet? Extremely lame and bad comedy. This should seriously be under a total different genre. Wouldn’t be surprised if all the forces at odds sit down have tea time then kiss and make up. Chapters just keep getting more unbearable to read.

  3. “First……” Penguin sighed: “From an aesthetic standpoint, I feel regretful towards your taste of using someone’s heart as jewelry…..” Speaking up to this point, Du Wei felt the killing intent from the Dragon patriarch flew up a few levels.

    Really? Yeah, I agree. At least use his head or something…

    However, I wonder if my theory will be true. That using the age spring water(or whatever we should call it) which is the opposite of the youth spring water, one can neutralize the effect of both waters, so if he takes the spring water that Duwei stored up on, the “curse” will be lifted because it counteracts the effects. I think that is pretty reasonable…

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