Law of the devil Chapter 104

Chapter 104 “fierce battle!”

Pull it out?

That’s it?

With 10,000-points of wonder, Du Wei hesitantly took hold of the sword, one hand on the scabbard and the other on the handle……

With force.

It wouldn’t budge.

Again with more force.

Still unmoving.

With a stern face and steady feet, Du Wei took in a deep breath to muster up his strength before shouting: “tie!!”

Under the pressure of his forceful pull, a clear and crisp sound could be heard from his efforts:


Then, the world was quiet…… As if the sounds in the world were completely cut off from Du Wei’s ears. Focusing their eyes on what was in Du Wei’s hand, even the old magician and Hussein were completely absorbed in what they were seeing……

In his past life, Du Wei had seen countless fantasy novels but they always had one blood puking segment: The protagonist would always receive a legendary ancient sword. If the authors were a bit more adventurous, the sword would even be from the age of the gods. Also, the sword would always be matchlessly sharp, capable slicing through anything like vegetable!

But Du Wei understood now all of this was bullshit!


With the advancement of time, the art of metal smelting will also progress. Even if those so called legendary swords and blades from the past were to survive till now, they absolutely cannot be considered any form of treasure!

Du Wei was really mad this time. How can someone that has gone through the modern educational system be so easily deceived by such silly legends…..

How could he have really believed an ancient sword can still be a peerless treasure?

How can he believe it would still be razor sharp?

A simple example would be the sword from Emperor Qin Shi. (The guy that built the great wall of china) If one were to take a regular house knife of the 21st century and compare it that ancient sword, the regular knife would be even sharper!

Waste of words to compare… One is bronze, the other is steel! Which is sharper?

It would seem this principle also applies to this world. No matter how garbage the art of metal smelting is on the continent, it should still advance a bit over a thousand years, right?

So whether a sword from a thousand years ago can still be considered a treasure is up for debate.

Regarding that sarcophagus hidden in the Holy Mountain: first it wasn’t vacuum sealed to kill bacteria, second it wasn’t corrosion and rust proofed. If not for luck, the oxidation effect alone is enough to lay waste to the metal!

So now, Du Wei was truly speechless as he held onto the so called king’s sword in his hand.

A sword is a sword…… At least you can see the shape of it, just that it may not be a treasured sword and the sharpness is not even worth mentioning.

This thing looked more like an archaeological artifact than a sword. From appearance wise: the sword was filled with yellow and green rust, the edge was so blunt that it was unlikely to even slice through a tree’s bark, and there were so many cracks on the surface of the blade that it looked like it would break at any moment.

For such a thing, the only value that it would most like have is to place it in a museum and honor it in the name of the founding emperor. This way the future generations would have a chance to see such a historic item.

As for taking this thing as a weapon and going into battle to kill the enemy? Don’t even think about it.

Du Wei felt cheated and miserably deceived.

Damn Aragon.

Said he will leave behind a heavenly beast? But what he did leave behind is a penguin that could only spout nonsense without any practical skills.

Said he will leave behind a king’s sword, but it turned out to be an old rusted artifact!

“HA HA! HA HA! HA HA HA!” Du Wei’s laughter was so hard on the ear it was like a baby’s scream. Shaking the thing in his hand, he turned to look at everyone but was shocked to find them all in a sluggish state. Brimming with anger, Du Wei forced a few words out his mouth: “Are you certain this thing is the so called King’s sword?”

The old magician was wiping away his sweat at this point.

The only one happy here seemed to be QQ… “It is not a sword, but a wind dodging needle! Master Aragon said it is a wind dodging needle… But why do you have to say it is some kind of sword!”

Inside his heart, Du Wei has completely lost it. The only feeling he had now was a new and growing sensation of wanting to survive: “I don’t care what it is, sword or not, needle or not! In short, can this thing save our lives or not?”

As long as you pull it……”

“I’ve pulled it out.” Du Wei clenched his teeth: “And then what?”

After a long pause, the one that was nearly drained of all his energy earlier Gargamel, carefully eyed Du Wei’s hand and couldn’t resist reminding him in a low voice: “Hey, your hands bleeding……”

“Huh? ”

Du Wei looked down and sure enough, the hand that was holding the hilt is bleeding. Heated with anger and the numbing caused by the cold weather, his sensation wasn’t as keen as it should be so he didn’t notice it until now.

This “antique” really couldn’t keep up with Du Wei’s strength. Even though he managed to pull the sword out with brute force, the hilt…. God knows what this handle is made of. According to tradition on the Roland Continent, the sword handles are usually made from wood.

But this sword hilt has clearly been eroded over time. When he forcefully gripped the handle earlier to unsheathe the sword, it was obvious his strength had cracked the hilt. But from the inside, it seems as though something was hidden in the middle and that object had somehow punctured his hand.

Twisting his eyebrows into a frown, he held the artifact between his arms and ripped off a piece of his clothing to wrap up his bloodied palm….. It was at this moment, his eyes met up with the broken sword hilt and saw that there was something hidden inside.

The cracks seemed to be uniformed and don’t appear to be completely caused by his grip. Carefully stripping away the already rotting pieces of wood, what was left afterwards is a thin, long object hidden away in the middle.

This thing was cold to the touch and translucent like glass, but the material was much harder. If anything, the material looked like it was made out of a diamond like crystal. While the outer layer was translucent like a diamond, the middle segment looked like a long thin translucent ruby.

Not knowing why, Du Wei could vaguely feel some kind of sensation that he couldn’t describe with words as he held onto this object. Hidden inside this gemstone, there seems to be some kind of subtle energy flowing into his hand the moment he touched it…..

The shape of this gemstone is just like an elongated diamond and it just so happens that the sharp edges ended up piercing through his palm. From the drops of blood dripping out of his hand, a clearly visible stream of the liquid was slowly flowing into the crystal through some kind of hole in the crystal. The appearance was just like a gemstone pillar with a line of blood in the middle. A similar example would be a mercury thermometer from his previous life.

“What is this thing?” Du Wei looked at the old magician, but it was obvious even this old fella had no idea regarding this this.

Throwing the sword down onto the surface, Du Wei held out the diamond crystal and carefully examined it for a long time. After a moment, he finally noticed a small gap from the top of the crystal. Twisting it in his hand, he heard a tiny sound similar to that of a tin can being opened….. Within seconds, the crystal divided into two halves, allowing him to retrieve the long object from within.

This thing is obviously a thinly rolled up piece of parchment…. But for unknown reasons, this piece of parchment only turned slightly yellow after being locked inside for a millennium. Unlike the pieces of rotting wood that made up the sword handle, it is presumed the paper was preserved due to being kept in an air tight environment.

In a gentle motion, Du Wei carefully opened the thinly rolled up parchment. From the stains of blood on the paper, he was surprised to see that fuzzy lines of handwritten text were formed from his blood.

Fortunately, his sight was very good, otherwise the tiny texts on this slap of paper the size of his palm would be very hard to identify.

“If your blood can get these words to appear, then congratulations, you have found the things I left behind.”

This is the first sentence; seeing this caused a strange sensation to run down Du Wei’s spine.

“I know you must be very confused and have a lot of questions right now, but all will be revealed in the future.”

Nonsense, Du Wei inwardly thought this but it was obvious these words were handwritten by Aragon. With his nerves running wild, Du Wei continued reading the texts, hoping to find even the faintest clues or methods in solving the challenges they are facing now.

“The stuff I left you is not much because the matters to come will require you to finish it yourself. Be kind to the pet I left you, he will aid you in many ways. Also keep this crystal safe, it will give you strength in the future……  Lastly, retrieve my heart that is in Chris’s hand! Believe me, it is also to help yourself.”

Du Wei could only sigh at these mindless words because they were not helpful to the current situation at all.

But thankfully, the final passage was still very useful.

“Remember this regarding the ice field’s magic array. In this world, there is no magic array that has an endless power source. There will eventually be a time when the power runs out. The biggest strength of this magic array is its ability to recycle energy! Whenever someone steps into the ice field, it will trigger its effect and provide energy to the magic array. I believe you should be able to understand the hidden meaning behind these words.”

That was it.

A piece of paper the size of a little palm could hardly be much. With limited space, the texts were so densely packed that it was extremely difficult to read.

In total, Aragorn left behind four sets of message for Du Wei.

First is to treat QQ well. Du Wei had some doubts because everything Aragon left him so far had caused him nothing but trouble. The third is requesting him to retrieve his heart from old Chris….. Curling one side of his mouth up, Du Wei wasn’t going to let this matter fall onto him.

Fourth is information regarding the magic array. This was the part that is worth thinking over.

Recycling…. Once triggered, it will also provide it with energy.

Du Wei carefully thought for a moment and quickly realized the meaning.

It is clear that in theory… Any magic array cannot exist without limit! There is bound to be a time when the energy is depleted. A magic array is not a living magician. A mage can rest and meditate to replenish his energy, but a magic array is not a living being. Once it has depleted all of its energy, it will lose its purpose.

The problem is the strength of this magic array and the seemingly endless supply of energy it has. (Think about it. This magic array was able to nearly deplete all of the energy from experts like the old magician and Aragon.) Du Wei is unaware of any magic array capable of existing in this world for thousands of years and still has such powerful magic reserve.

Then the only suspicious part is the “recycling”!

Whenever someone enters this place it’ll activate the magic array, but at the same time, it will also provide it with energy.

Then wouldn’t it be that the power source of these endless storm assaults be from the person itself?

Like now, Du Wei and others are relying on the defensive barrier to protect themselves from the storm. By constantly inserting energy into the barrier, they are also being drained of energy by the magic array to be used against them!

Desperately fighting with all of one’s strength, but in fact, they were fighting against themselves!

The miraculous feature of this ancient magic array lies not in how strong it is, but in the fact that it could convert the energy of those inside and use it against them.

The principle behind this is no different than ‘redirecting’ one’s strength. The stronger you resist, the stronger the attacks become. This will continue until the person is completely exhausted.

Conversely, if the person in question didn’t have any magic, they wouldn’t be affected because if their fighting strength is zero, then the counter force would also be zero.

Thinking this through, Du Wei immediately called out to the old magician: “We need to change our approach, I thought of a way!”

Du Wei wanted the old magician to first reduce the size of the barrier one step at a time, then slowly narrow down the energy input he was putting into it.

When they first started, everyone was somewhat skeptical because by reducing the strength of the barrier, there was the possibility of the storm overwhelming them at any time!

However, after enduring this for a while, Du Wei was acutely aware of the storm gradually weakening around them!

Once Du Wei judged that his idea is correct, he once again asked the old magician to further reduce his energy input into the barrier.

Step by step, they continued reducing the barrier to the tipping point. This way, the storm would gradually weaken over time……

Just like that, they waited for the storm to weaken.

Although they wasted half a day’s worth of time for this, but the whistling wind around them was no longer at the dangerous level. Thus, the group was no longer facing the dire situation of constantly being struck by the blades of wind caused by the raging storm.

“This is the best situation already.” Du Wei sighed.

“Why can’t we continue doing this?” Hussein asked,” If we continue to decrease the energy level, wouldn’t we make this damn wind stop completely?”

Du Wei smiled bitterly: “This is after all a magic array; it should at least have its own reserve of energy. It’s not possible for there to be no wind. Such a storm is actually here to cheat anyone that enters this place so that they would use magic to fend off the wind. But once they use their magic, it will only lead to the storm becoming stronger. The best approach is to withstand the storm as it is now. Compared to being torn to pieces by the wind, this is much better!”

Sweating from fatigue, the old magician not only had to maintain the barrier around everyone, but he also had to subtly reduce the degree of energy input to the barrier so that the storm would weaken. Other than the old magician, it was likely no one else here is capable of performing such a feat.

“What Du Wei said is right.” The Old magician had already removed all of their magic defenses, letting the harsh wind blow against their unprotected bodies. Although the weather is a bit cold and walking through this place is a bit difficult, but it was already the best situation they can hope for: “Let’s get moving! The distance from the agreed time with the dragon chief is only half a day!”

Gusts of powerful winds constantly blew through the surface of the ice field. If one is not careful, a person can easily tip over from the occasional shift in the winds.

In Du Wei case, he had already made several somersaults. Fortunately he was wearing a thick layer of clothing so he wasn’t injured, but he did suffer from the dizziness caused by the spinning.

Hussein glanced at Du Wei. Currently the knight is leading in the forefront of the group because none of them dares to use any form of magic or Dou Qi to deal with the storm. Due to this reason, Hussein became the strongest one in their group. Using his physical strength, the knight led the way by using his tall body as a shield in the front.

For such a prideful guy like Hussein, the knight naturally stepped up and took responsibility for the group. This move by Hussein caused Du Wei to feel somewhat grateful and a form of respect towards the knight grew inside his heart.

In terms of pure physical force, Hussein is also one of a kind on the continent. Forcibly pushing forward, his tall body was just like an unbreakable wall in the front of the group.

Fortunately this time, the pace they were going at was incredibly faster than the previous days. By noon, the old magician said that according to his calculation, they had already covered half the distance needed.

“But now……” Du Wei looked at the sky and smiled wryly: “I estimate the old dragon is also starting now from the mountain.”

“The time he would catch up to us should be one day from now.” Du Wei smiled: “Right now, there is no longer any magic attack aiming at us. I think in one day’s worth of time we should be able to get to the frozen forests, so we can’t rest now. We must continue our efforts and move forward.”

Originally the most powerful person in the group is the old magician, but he has now become the most vulnerable and lagged behind everyone…. For a feeble old man like him to walk through the ice field and without aid from magic, is simply too severe.

Without a word, Hussein simply lifted the old magician and carried him on his back.

Hussein was also very tired, but without hesitation, he stood up and took responsibility. This prideful guy understood that he is currently the main pillar supporting the group.

Du Wei deeply admired this point..

The third day……

For Du Wei and the others, the third day was the hardest. Putting all their effort into following behind Hussein, they also had to constantly and nervously look behind themselves for any disturbances.

Du Wei suddenly spoke up: “You notice? The wind is weakening.”

Indeed, everyone also perceived this. Hussein could also slightly feel it was easier to walk through the ice field than before. Though it was still cold, the strong wind that could blow someone away was nowhere to be seen.

“Maybe we’re about to get out.” Gargamel popped his head out from Du Wei’s chest pocket. This person was the most comfortable because he could shrink his body down. Even if the mouse hid in Du Wei’s pocket, it didn’t increase the burden on him.

“It’s true that we’re getting close.” The Old magician looked gloomy: “But that is not the reason the wind is weakening….. Look behind you!”

With the old magician’s reminder, everyone looked behind.
In the northern part of the sky, an endless expanse of dark cloud could be seen over the horizon. Thunder rained down like rain and if one were to look closely, they could even notice a giant vortex forming in the middle of the storm……

“Because the wind over here is all being attracted to that end.” The old Mage suddenly cried: “Quick! We need to increase our speed! Come on! The old dragon has come! It is causing all the winds to focus on his position! This is a golden opportunity! Come on!”

From the old magician’s yell, the already tired crowd had no choice but to raise their spirit and push forward. The old magician didn’t say this out loud, but inwardly everyone knew that if the old dragon caught up, they would all be in big trouble.

Right now the weather in the ice field is a dead calm, but everyone was quite upset at this and desperately tried to run forward.

It is at this moment a strange event occurred in the sky!

Over in the northern horizon, a thundering noise could be heard coming from the area where the endless mass of dark clouds was located.

And to the southern side of the sky, the sun was high in the sky without a hint of clouds blocking the light. The air was so quiet that it was bordering the line of abnormal…. But the more the group ran, the more scared they were!

About an hour later.

The group could already see the contour lines of the frozen forest ahead of them!

Seeing that they were about to get out of the ice field, the hope inside their hearts lit up. But it was at this moment, a thundering howl came from behind their backs.

Like a tangible object, the wave of sound quickly fanned out in all directions. In mere seconds, the storming dark clouds in the sky dispersed from the shockwave!

A momentarily silence followed because the terrifying shock wave actually pierced right through the storm. Then immediately, a loud howling roar reached everyone’s ears from the north!

This sound was the angry roar of a dragon and the shockwave from it seemed like it would even shake the entire sky! That horrifying dragon patriarch actually used his tyrannical powers to temporarily scatter the storm!

Then with the sound of his ROAR, a golden light quickly darted over from the north! Despite all their efforts to run, it was to no avail as a big shadow quickly overtook them.

Then, with a great ROAR…….. The old dragon caught up!

Its body was far bigger than any dragon Du Wei had ever seen! Brimming with a gold light, it was as if each scale on its body was completely made of gold! The immense body had no hint of clumsiness; instead, it had an indescribable noble look to it!

A Golden Dragon! The Dragon clan’s Patriarch is clearly the world’s highest ranked creature of legend!

The common dragon families are divided into Black Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon, Green Dragon, and Yellow Dragon. Each of these types of dragons are born with a unique power: Black Dragon specializes in dark magic, Red Dragon represents fire magic, White Dragon represents wind magic, Green Dragon symbolizes water, and Yellow dragon is good at earth magic.

But the Gold Dragons are the most powerful among all the Dragons!

Its physical body is not only gigantic, but also beyond compare to the other species. According to legend…. Unlike its peers, the gold dragon could utilize every element!

With a pale face, the old magician screamed: “This old guy went all out! He actually dared to do that!”

The old magician knew clearly this insane Dragon had used his tyrannical magic to clear away the violent storm, but this method can only last temporarily!

By using such immense power to break apart the storm, it is the same as inserting that much force into the magic array! After the storm reforms, the strength of the ice storm would become even more frightening!

It is only a matter of time before the clear skies above their heads turn into a raging storm!

Ignoring all consequences, the old dragon seemed determined in killing everyone.

The frozen forest may look like it was right in front of them, but in fact; the distance between it and the group was still quite far. This situation was just like dangling an apple in front of a starving animal, but no matter what the animal did, it couldn’t reach it.

Seeing that they cannot outrun the old dragon, the old magician steeled his heart and yelled: “You guys run! I’ll block him for a while!”

With that said, the old magician brought out his wand and quickly chanted a spell to increase its size to that of a person’s height. Gripping it in his hand, he began conjuring up another spell and then stabbed the staff into the icy ground. From it, massive pieces of ice layer on the ground started to crack and split apart as it floated into the air……

Spreading apart his arms as if to embrace the sky, the old magician lets out a loud yell as a flash of light crossed his eyes!

Instantly, the ice that was floating in the sky shot towards the old dragon!

Mixed in with the whistling sound are the howling roar of a Dragon and the sounds of ice shattering upon impact, but it was clear the old dragon’s body wasn’t harmed in the slightest!

Seeing this, the old magician started to chant even louder in a dignified manner. Rising out of the ground, ice pieces of all sizes started floating into the air. As if commanded by his finger, the pieces that he pointed to immediately started to rotate. Mixed with the cold air, the ice shards quickly picked up pace to form a whirling hurricane like that in the storms. Using the momentum, the ice shards quickly transformed into blades of ice and were propelled towards the old dragon at a frightening speed.

Forced to land by the oncoming attack, the old Dragon howled unwillingly. Spreading his wings out, the dragon formed a flaming wall around himself by shooting out flames from its mouth. Due to the intense heat from the flames, the ice blades were melted away even before they had a chance to make contact. The old magician never intended to defeat the old dragon this way, he simply wanted to draw its attention and stall for as much time as he could.

It was at this moment, dark clouds once again formed in the northern horizon! By using his immense strength to temporarily clear the storm, the resulting side effect has created an even more terrifying storm than before!

“Don’t think you can run away!” The gigantic dragon lets out a long howl.

Under the intense vibration caused by the old dragon’s howling roar, the old magician’s face quickly turned ugly. Raising a hand, he quickly erected a transparent shield to block the oncoming blast of sound coming his way. If he didn’t do at least this much, the force alone would be enough to kill a person!

Despite blocking the attack with the barrier, the Draconic magic was still able to cause great damage to the old magician because he was in the forefront of the attack. Before the noise could even die down, the old magician already spat out a mouthful of blood. With unquestioning eyes, he grabbed hold of his wand and raised it towards the distant sky as he quickly chanted the phrases for the next spell.

In a flash, the sun’s light was suppressed and the sky darkened to reveal the stars in space. Under the stars light, the old magician’s spirit suddenly spiked. Waving his wand around, multiple stars quickly flew across the sky and a light from the sky suddenly pressed down against the old dragon!

As if an invisible mountain suddenly pressed against his body, the old dragon yelled out a cry to resist, but was surprised to find his body stiffening up. The pressure made him feel very uncomfortable and when he tried to spread his wings, the old dragon found that he could no longer take a single step forward.

The old magician’s face was almost transparent in how pale he was. The magic he used is a move called the “chains of the stars” and the idea behind it is to use the force of the stars to lock down the enemy.

Despite his efforts, the old magician felt like his strength was completely drained because this dragon patriarch was simply too strong and the resistance this guy was giving off continued to grow with each passing second. Not long after, the old magician could hear a crisp cracking sound from his wand. Looking over, the gemstone on top had a clear line of crack going through it!

Then the cracks started to spread like a spider’s web. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead, but he couldn’t relent because the pressure from the dragon was coming at him like waves!

The Dragon chief yelled: “You think you can trap me? Oh please! Old friend, 200 years ago you weren’t my opponent. Now that my body is restored, you are definitely no match for me! This move you used is called the chains of the stars and in the past, Aragon was able to trap me with this spell, but your skills are still too far off from him!”

With that said, the old dragon suddenly uttered a sound and its body glowed so bright that even the light from the stars were dimmed. Then a series of “bobobobo” sounds could be heard throughout the dragon’s whole body.

The “chain of the stars” has been broken!


Suffering from the energy rebound of having his spell broken, the old magician sprayed out another mouthful of blood. Not only that, the magic gemstone on top of his wand also shattered into multiple pieces!

Grinning at the sight, the golden dragon flew towards the old magician!

It was at this moment, a sharp sword Dou Qi shot towards him from his flank. Carrying a murderous aura, the sword Dou Qi had already pierced through his golden body……..

Letting out a howling roar of pain, the lower left side of his neck was struck with so much force that even the golden scales were broken through, allowing the attack to penetrate into his flesh!

The golden Dou Qi of a Saint Knight has been fully utilized. Taking advantage of the small distraction caused by the old magician, Hussein quietly sneaked up from the dragons behind and vindictively stabbed the dragon’s neck with his sword Dou Qi!

But the toughness of the gold Dragon still left the Saint Knight feeling helpless because that one strike was enough to split an entire mountain, yet it had only caused some minor injuries!

Seeing the golden colored blood on his blade, Hussein’s eyes became like that of a real sword. Without pause, he flipped the sword in his hand and aimed it towards the dragon’s eyes!

The old dragon couldn’t underestimate the knight’s attack because even he understood this energy was enough to harm his powerful body. In order to dodge the oncoming attack, he had to quickly twist his body to avoid making contact with the knight’s sword. Despite having a massive body, the golden dragon wasn’t clumsy in his movements because their kind was naturally gifted with a unique body.
Under the dragon’s roar, Hussein’s sword couldn’t make contact and even exposed himself to the dragon’s mouth. Opening its jaw, the dragon immediately blasted out a breath of fire at the knight. In order to block the oncoming flames, Hussein had to raise his sword in front of his body and wrap his Dou Qi into his sword to form a barrier. Despite his efforts, Hussein’s body was sent flying as deep as 10 meters into the ground!


With an explosive release of his Dou Qi, Hussein broke out from under the ice and floated into the air. Holding his sword, the knight released all of his Dou Qi as he stared at the enemy!

He may look carefree at the moment, but only Hussein knew that the previous strike he used was already infused with everything he had. Yet even after taking a direct hit from his sword, the dragon’s powerful body only received minor injuries. With only half his strength left, Hussein knew it was impossible for him to come out on top.

But Hussein’s personality had always been prideful and tenacious. Instead of cowering away in the face of such a powerful enemy, the knight’s spirit suddenly grew infinitely stronger. Not holding back, Hussein unreservedly released all of his Dou QI and grew into a mass of burning flame in the sky. Under the dimming of the sun’s light, he had already become the most dazzling point in the sky!

Letting out a loud shout, the knight changed the handling of his sword to two hands and immediately began performing a move from the stars Dou Qi martial set. Focusing his energy, the Dou Qi that is wrapped around his body started to crowd around the long sword in his hand and from it, an intense light was glowing so bright that one couldn’t look directly at it without hurting their eyes!

In one big shout, the sword was already flying out! With sound breaking speed, the sword wrapped in the Stars Dou QI flew towards the gold dragon!

In a violent vortex of light, this attack Hussein was using was just like a comet shooting down to earth!

This move is a skill that he had been practicing from the Stars Dou QI martial set left behind by Aragon. By spending years observing the stars, Aragon was able to come up with this destructive skill by simulating a comet!

If this move was performed by Aragon himself, this ability would have been so powerful that it could have split the very sky! Although Hussein’s attempt is good, but it was still lacking in comparison.

Seeing the dazzling comet already in front of him, the gold dragon lets out a roar and wraps his entire body in a beaming light. Raising his two claws, the old dragon attempts to intercept the attack……

With a loud and explosive rumble, Du Wei and the others could barely stand from the earthquake like tremors on the ground. The ice surface in the field quickly collapsed to expose countless dreadful abysses. Even the gigantic dragon was letting out an unending roar in the face of the explosion of light!

After performing his strongest move, Hussein had already reached his limit. No longer able to fly, he could only fall onto the surface of the ice field. Holding onto his sword like a crutch, the knight was panting hard….. But what scared the knight right now is that the dragon didn’t seem the least bit diminished from his attack……

The shockwave from the explosion shot out into the sky and once again shattered the forming dark clouds over in the northern horizon. So one can imagine the terrifying strength of this move performed by Hussein!

But after the explosive lights faded away, the dragon still stood!

Covered in a layer of light, the normally golden scales on the dragon had turned into a set of armor and extruding a surreal aura as if it was not of this world!

“Dragon Lord Armor!” The old magician smiled wryly: “He must be really desperate to summon the Dragon Lord Armor!”

The dragon specie is the most favored creatures of god and the dragon patriarch is even gifted with a unique skill only he could use. When fighting an enemy, the individual can call forth a legendary armor blessed by the Dragon God! The only drawback this skill had was that it can only be called upon once in battle and the time between the next use is extremely long.

Who could have thought that this dragon patriarch would even summon the Dragon Lord Armor in order to kill them!

“Dragon Lord Armor! Humph!” The usually resolved face of Hussein suddenly showed a hint of ruthlessness: “I don’t believe there is something like an absolute defense in this world!”

With that said the Knight took in a deep breath and once again released his Dou Qi. Aiming his sword, Hussein jumped towards the gold dragon and sent countless sparks of Dou Qi flying out towards the old dragon!

This skill is another move from the Stars Dou Qi martial set. Its strong point is to divide the Dou Qi into multiple points to attack the enemy from different angles.

Hails of meteor rained down on the dragon’s body, but it was to no avail. Not only did it not damage the enemy’s armor, the attacks were deflected even before they made contact. Seeing this, Hussein held onto his sword without any hint of retreating and shot straight towards the dragon!

“Come back Hussein!!” The old magician cried out loud in a panicking tone.

Sure enough, before Hussein could even get close enough to land a hit, the old dragon already retaliated with a beam of light from one of its claws and a blast of flames from its mouth…..

Originally, Hussein was a spent bullet to begin with. For him to take another hit in his weakened state is enough to send him flying backwards and hurt him so badly that he felt like his entire body had shattered. After landing on the ground, the knight was enshrouded in a dragon’s breath as if he was being burned alive. Despite what it may look like, the dragon’s breath is not actually a flame, but it sure hurt like one!

Letting out a painful cry, the knight rolled around in the ice and snow in hopes of putting out the dragon’s breath. Despite his efforts, the ice and snow were easily incinerated and the dragon’s breath showed no sign of weakening in the least!

Seeing the knights golden Dou Qi and some of his flesh being being melted away by the dragon’s breath, the old magician quickly rushed over to his side and pulled out a bottle of silvery liquid. Only after pouring the liquid onto the knight did the dragon’s breath go out.

But by then, Hussein already had signs of severe burns all over his body!

This injury is not normal because the body of a Saint Knight is extremely tough and has the capacity to self-regenerate, but the breath of a golden dragon is very hard to dispel. With a terrifying scar across his face and a deformed looking right eye due to severe burn, Hussein could barely stand up at this point!

After a severe battle, two of the strongest individuals from Du Wei’s side is now defeated. The old magician was still fine, but Hussein has been temporarily disabled and could no longer retaliate.

It is not clear what the old magician was thinking. Dropping his wand, the old fella sat crossed legged onto the icy floor and stared straight at the dragon patriarch.

“Surrendering now?” The golden dragon laughed and pointed one of his claws towards the south: “Give it up; I will not let you have the chance to run!”

It was at this moment, a soft voice suddenly reached him from the front.

Unknown to everyone, Medusa that was originally standing beside Du Wei had quietly walked up to the dragon.

With her thin body and beautiful face, Medusa stood in front of the dragon and gently furrowed her brows.

“Although….. This matter doesn’t concern me… But I don’t know why, I hate you.” Medusa spoke coldly: “Maybe it is because I have learned the meaning behind the word ‘Companion’? Anyways, it doesn’t please me knowing you’re hurting my companions… I hate you…… So…..”

“So…… Look at me!” This beautiful snake spoke in a cold way.

With that said, Medusa was already facing the gigantic dragon with open eyes!



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  1. ok so medusa is a convenient plot armor for the main character gotya. im guessing the petrification isnt powerfull enough so the old magician had to hold the spell in place well the rest escape.

    • Yeah, I agree. The last chapter was utter crap too. Way too much useless details, feels like the author is really dragging the story out way more than necessary. It was painful to read this chapter, I wish he’d keep the chapter lengths consistent, this chapter was as long as around 3-4 normal chapters, I think, never thought I’d complain about the chapter being too long. Sigh.

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