Law of the devil Chapter 122

Chapter 122 “A little interlude of change”

Walking into the main hall, Du Wei could instantly feel this place was different from his imagination…. Unlike the mysterious and majestic image he had in mind, this place had a trace of worldly flavor instead!

Everywhere he looked, people were busy carrying stacks of scrolls from one place to the other like a work office. And in some places, certain individuals are even busy cleaning the floors with mops; of course, they weren’t really cleaning. What they were doing is maintaining their focus on the magic tools so that the mop and brooms would do the hard labor.

Extending out from both directions of the main hall is spacious channels used for commercial use. Filled with odd looking shops, these businesses specialized in trading magic materials and tools.

But unlike the rest of the continent, these shops inside the magic unions headquarter do not use any currency for trading; instead, they only allow bartering!

Yes, the most ancient form of trading, bartering!

On this point, Du Wei was very curious and interested.

Different from the other magic shops spread among the other branches, this was the only place left on the whole continent that still adheres to this old domestic practice.

Taking a few casual steps forward, all of the silver robed magic apprentices that he encountered hastily stopped what they were doing and bowed to show their respect. However, unlike the silver robed magic apprentices, the gray robed mages that he saw would instead show a face of surprise at first. Then, with a smile, they would nod and perform a ritualistic bow to him.

It seems that Clark did not lie about the part where every Mage of the sixth rank and lower has to pay their respect to him.

Since he is not in any hurry to see the president of the magic union anyways, Du Wei thought he might as well take a look around the place. In truth, he actually didn’t know how he was going to meet the president.

Once he was up close and personal in front of these shops, he realized they weren’t all that big. Like sealed rooms inside a giant apartment building, they were all constructed out of strange materials next to each other. For example: one of the shops closest to him was made out of some strange black stone exuding some weird smoke into the air. Even stranger, the smoke would dissipate when it reaches the artificial sky in the ceiling!

Looking over the display window, Du Wei could see densely packed displays of crystal balls ranging from a variety of qualities. This weird shop clearly specializes in selling magic crystal balls for magicians.

Unable to hold his curiosity, Du Wei decided to head inside to have a closer look.

The moment he walked in, what welcomed him was the sight of an old man with a beard so long that it nearly reached his chest. From appearance alone, this silver robed old fella could even be qualified to be his grandfather.

Looking up, the store clerk had a somewhat surprised look on his face before hastily bowing. Then in a respectful tone, the old fella said: “Oh respected magician, may I ask what you need?”

With a kind face, Du Wei spoke in a polite tone towards this senior magic apprentice: “I need a crystal ball… … Hmm.”

“Oh, let me see……” The eyes of the senior looked somewhat muddy already, but he pulled out a form and handed it to Du Wei. Then, with a face full of wrinkles, the senior smiled: “May I know what kind you need? A crystal ball to test the level of magic? Oh, a Mage like you must be getting ready to accept disciples, right? I have a good magic testing crystal ball here. With it, you can clearly test the kid’s magic talent… … Oh. I also have a detection crystal ball here. If you are preparing to go on an adventure, you might as well buy one then. Once you inject some magic energy into the crystal, the image of the nearby surroundings would appear inside the crystal… … Of course, if you need something more advanced, I also have a magnetic black crystal ball. With it, everything within a 10 mile radius would be displayed in front of you. But in exchange, the prices are slightly more expensive…… ”

Du Wei was getting more curious: “What else do you have?”

“Of course!” The senior apprentice had a look of pride when he said this: “This place here is the oldest crystal ball shop in the magic union headquarters. You need to know, the current president of the magic union got his first crystal ball from us when he was still a lad. The one to sell it to him was my father at the time! We have all sorts of styles…. May I know which one you need?”

Although his magic isn’t bad, but Du Wei after all never learned from a proper teacher, so his knowledge is incomplete at the moment. Regarding a magic tool like a crystal ball, he really didn’t have much knowledge.

Thinking it over, Du Wei smiled and said: “Dear sir, I just became a magician and is readying myself to buy my first crystal ball. Do you have any advice?”

The senior apprentice paused for a moment as he stared at Du Wei’s black robe. Then moving his old mouth: “Oh… … Can it be that a Magic Scholar like you never used a crystal ball before?”

Du Wei smiles: “I just became magician.”

Realizing how rude his remark was, the old apprentice immediately tried to control himself again.

But in his mind… … The old fella was thinking how strange it was for a Magic Scholar to have just become a Mage.

“……” Hesitating, the old apprentice spoke his next words carefully in a polite tone: “May I ask which kind of magic you are practicing?”

“There is a difference?” Du Wei questioned.

“Certainly, if you majored in the fire department, I have here a crystal ball capable of enhancing the power of fire auxiliary magic. And if you majored in the water department, I have here a water summoning crystal. Even if you are in a dessert, this tool would allow you to summon a certain amount of water and boost your control….. Hmm, let me think….. Alas, my age is getting old and my brain doesn’t work as well as before. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Here, I still have some wind based magic crystals. Unfortunately, these things are only of low quality and could only predict the wind direction.”

Du Wei thought for a moment before smiling: “What if is dark magic?”

The corner of the senior’s eye suddenly jumped a bit. From his wrinkly face, Du Wei could clearly see a trace of fear in the old fella.

Examining Du Wei a bit, the old senior sighed before speaking: “Ah… … Dark magic… … Right now, the numbers of Mages practicing dark magic is not much… Let me think for a bit……”

After a long pause, a spark of light crossed the senior’s eyes. Then, with a laugh, the guy said: “I remember now. I still have something here dedicated to people specializing in dark magic. It’s just that the thing has been here collecting dust for decades without anyone to buy. This thing is called a “Dead spirit detection crystal ball”. If you are in need of dead spirits to practice dark magic, you can use this tool to locate spirits that refused to pass on.”

Du Wei could not help but twitch a bit!

Collecting dead spirits to refine them into undead creatures?’

Then wouldn’t that undead creature Mage Clark summoned is something he personally refined?

To do something so evil….. Can it be that the magic unions also permit such thing?

Seeing the difference in colors on Du Wei’s face, the old apprentice quickly added: “But I have to remind you that if you want to buy this crystal ball… You must first sign a contract with me.”


“Of course!” The old apprentice looked even more confused… … Despite wearing a high ranking mage robe, this little guy seems like he is completely ignorant of these basic facts?

If not for the magic array set around the headquarters, this old fella really would have thought Du Wei was an imposter!

“Although the method of refining spirits into undead creatures is sanctioned by the magic union, but there are many restrictions in place that limits the user. For example: in order to collect spirits, the dark mage can only collect spirits that refuses to pass on into the afterlife. Under no circumstance can the person in question go on a killing spree to collect dead spirits. So if you want to purchase this crystal ball from me, you must first sign a contract stating that if you violate any of these rules, our store bares no responsibility!”

After he finishes his speech, the old apprentice stole a glance at Du Wei.

Du Wei can’t be blamed for not know any of this because he really never was taught any of this from a proper teacher.

Within the union, dark magic has always been a topic that causes people to feel embarrassed and hard to face.

In particular, there is a class of magician that the union strictly prohibits. If such a Mage is found, the Union would expend every effort within their powers to exterminate!

Dark Necromancer.

Although dark magic allows for the Mage in question to use spirits to create undead creatures, but they are absolutely not allowed to use living people to refine their arts!

Historically, there are evil dark Mages that would be willing to go on a random killing spree in order to selfishly pursue their goal for power. In some severe cases, even towns or cities would be annihilated in order for the Dark Necromancer to refine his undead creature!

So, the difference between a dark Mage and a Dark Necromancer is only on this thin line.

If on occasion a mage captures a dead spirit refusing to pass on and haunts the mortal world, this would even be considered a good deed.

As for going on a slaughtering fest to refine undead creatures, this would be considered evil.

After the old apprentice’s introduction, Du Wei could somehow grasp the logic behind it. But just when he was about to leave, some weird thought popped into his mind and he unconsciously said: “Well then, I’ll buy this dark crystal ball.”

This action of his could be considered a spur of the moment because if he didn’t buy anything from the clerk after wasting so much time, he would feel somewhat embarrassed

Although at the present he couldn’t perform any dark magic, but it would still be good to take it back to study.

Overjoyed, this old apprentice immediately ran to the back of his shop and came back out with some black box. Putting it in front of Du Wei, this store clerk smiled: “I’ve waited decades to sell this thing and still couldn’t sell it. Since you want it today, I’ll lower the price for you….”

After bargaining, Du Wei used two blocks of fine Hawkweed drill, plus a pound of magic crystals used for magic circles to trade. Since he gained quite the fortune lately, he didn’t mind because all of these were from others.

Once the contract was signed, the old apprentice was very happy as he picked up the rusted colored bell behind the counter. With a few shakes, a vague wave of magic infused music wafted out.

Moments later, another silver robed apprentice rushed in; but this time, the person was much younger with a six pointed star badge on his chest. Still sweating from his forehead, this youngster spoke with a slight smile: “Old father Hans, you called me?”

“This… … I sold a dark attribute magic tool. This is the contract. Take it and bring it back to the records.” The old apprentice faintly smiles.

This young apprentice is clearly a worker of the magic union. With only a glance at Du Wei, the youngster bowed in respect and careful put the contract away, then turning around, the guy left.

Du Wei was also quite curious regarding this status system in the magic union, but without reason to ask, he turned and left.

Holding onto the black box with the crystal ball inside, he threw it into his magic bag like the rest of his belongings.

This event has been just a little episode of what Du Wei did that day…..

But often in history, these little episodes are what create big changes in trends……

This little crystal ball may not seem like much now, but in the future, it will be the key in a world changing event.



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