Law of the devil Chapter 128

Chapter 128 “crazy stone”

Du Wei was also shocked about how great the mouse described this stone. Taking a swallow, he indivertibly asked:  “This stuff really is that valuable?”

Gargamel sighed, his small little bean sized eyes fluctuating in emotions. Unlike before, his wretched looking face was replaced by a knowledgeable and expert like expression: “Humph…… This thing is a treasure in the eyes of someone that knows their stuff, but in the eyes of someone lacking, this is nothing but a stone… … I think in this day and age, the numbers of people that still knows about this thing is very few in between.”

Du Wei ponders for a moment: From his observation, those two disciples of old Alley still don’t fully understand the value of this gemstone. Although they opposed against the idea of giving him the stone, but in the end, they still relented. If this thing really is as Gargamel says, those two would have already robbed him in the morning. Also, there was Clark. From the beginning till the end, he didn’t show the slightest hint of interest. So, it would seem he doesn’t know either.

Du Wei was interested now as he slowly stroked the stone in his hand. Then peeling a nut, he handed it to Gargamel in hopes of pleasing the mouse.

Noticing the change in attitude, Gargamel happily accepted the nut and sneered as he chewed: “For such a good thing to fall into your hands, you can consider it your luck, but do you know how to use it?”

“I don’t know, but I thought you should know.” Du Wei replied.

In a very cool manner, Gargamel threw the rest of the nut into his mouth and raised one of his claws towards Du Wei: “Take out the stuff you got last time from the magic union, I have a use for them.”

Subsequently, Du Wei obediently handed the magic bag to the mouse. With his head in the bag, Gargamel fiddled around to pull out a leather pouch. The contents of this bag contain tools used for crafting magic tools and carving magic gemstones.

“A five-colored gemstone is the greatest gift a Mage can have from heaven. If a magician manages to obtain a piece of this thing, they can muster up several times the amount of power while in combat!”

While Gargamel selected the appropriate tools, he glanced at Du Wei standing from the side: “Your magic reserve at the moment is only at an intermediate level at best, but if you have this precious thing to aid you…. Then even if you encounter a Grand Mage, you wouldn’t lose out in terms of energy reserve!”

Then Gargamel started to spit out information after information, only then did Du Wei finally have a firm grasping of the stone’s use.

When a Mage is in combat, it is unavoidable their energy usage would be huge after casting profoundly high level magic spells.

And when a Mage loses the capability of casting any more spells, they are no different than a lamb waiting to be slaughtered in battle. In order to avoid such a situation, a typical Mage would carry with them a variety of magic items to quickly recuperate their magic reserves.

One of the essential items for a Mage on the Roland continent is a magic potion *** among these are multitudes of different formulas that requires different materials to produce various degrees of results.

But even the best potion… … My point is that only by using magical plants to stimulate one’s body, it is only temporary and cannot be overlapped.

Though it may have some effect, but Du Wei knew that by using a drug over a long period of time, it would be more harmful than good.

If one did not want to use potions, a Mage could also rely on magic crystals to store a certain amount of energy inside for later use. By collecting some high quality energy crystal, a Mage could craft it into some decorative trinket – like a ring – to carry on their body. When they are in a real fight, that person can then consume whatever energy they had previously stored inside to replenish their own magic reserve, thus, allowing them to keep fighting.

This method is just like a battery.

The only problem to this was… … That even the finest magic crystal has a very small storage capacity. For example: an energy crystal the size of a finger ring could only store enough magic to power one or two intermediate spells.

As for those Grand Mages, they would often be in possession of some forbidden spells! Though these spells are terrifying in their destructive force, but the consumption is horribly high…. Even for those ninth level Grand Mages, they could only use it once before their energy reserve become depleted. So even if one were to have an energy crystal on every finger, it would not be nearly enough to channel another forbidden spell.

“In theory, the more energy storage tools you have, the more advantage you would gain in battle.” Gargamel faintly smiles.

“Then wouldn’t a magic bag be even better because it would let someone bring as many magic crystals as they want?” Du Wei smiled wryly.

“Ignorant little boy!” The mouse bluntly denounced Du Wei: “You think magic crystals aren’t expensive to procure? Even the richest of Mages can only collect so many! And…. Even if you have a ton of crystals inside your bag, the enemy would have already killed you a hundred times before you could take another out!”

That’s right.

Du Wei nodded in agreement.

“A five colored gemstone is different… … If used to store energy, the capacity is so astonishing that it is beyond your imagination!”

Gargamel had a mysterious smile on his face before he pulled a silver crafting tool from the leather bag. With it, the mouse started to hack away at the gemstone to remove a piece about the size of Du Wei’s pinky finger. Handing it over to him, the mouse started to laugh coldly in a menacing tone: “If you don’t believe me, you can try it out yourself.”

Du Wei didn’t quite believe it, so he asked: “It’s so small though?”

After all, Du Wei had carried out numerous magic experiments with Solskjaer prior to this. Some of them did include crystals used for storing magic energy. Recalling from his memories, those high grade crystals the size of his fist would be fully charged by the time half his reserve is injected into them.

So can something so small that it can even be compared to a mouse dropping be useful?

Gargamel stared at Du Wei coldly: “How would you know?”

But very soon, about a meal’s worth of time, Du Wei’s face turned pale from exhaustion!

Not only was he tired, his brain was also very dizzy. Although he suffered no physical damage, but his mind had an empty feeling as if his spirit’s been pulled out of his body!

In this one attempt, just about every drop of his energy was injected into this small tiny crystal pebble.

“The five colored crystal has one very unique characteristic. When the gemstone reaches its saturation point, the multicolored lights on the gemstone will disappear and its appearance would be no different than a regular common rock.” Gargamel said this very coldly as he focused his sight on the tiny pebble in Du Wei’s hand….

Right now, the pebble still radiated with multicolored lights!

Du Wei turned pale: “its capacity is so big?”

Right now, his energy capacity is basically comparable to a fifth level Mage! No need to bring up the magic output, just a pure magic competition is enough to place Du Wei on pretty good ranking among all the mages on the whole continent! But this little thing seems to have undergone no change at all even after he injected all of his mental energy!

“It’s still too early!” Gargamel laughed coldly: “With your level of magic, it would take you another 10 days of constantly doing this to fill this small tiny thing.”

If it’s like this, then this little pebble is capable of storing enough magic energy to rival even 10 fifth level Mages?!

“I can help you turn this little pebble into a ring. If you ever get into a fight where your opponent is much stronger than you, you can instantly replenish your reserve with it. As long as your opponent isn’t capable of casting a forbidden spell, they would have a hard time striking you down because they would be facing the equivalent of a hundred assaults from you!

A super battery?!

Du Wei’s jaw dropped with his tongue sticking out in shock!

How refreshing can this get, smashing one high tiered spell after another other! Just competing in the amount energy consumption is enough to make the other party flee in fright!


Gargamel was able to easily guess Du Wei’s thought pattern from the proud expression plastered onto his face. With a cold sneer, the mouse interrupted him in order to knock some reality back into him: “You think this thing is that simple? If it was so, then all those mages wouldn’t be coveting it so highly! Let me tell you then. The greatest use for this thing is that in all these millenniums, this is the only unique material suited for making forbidden spell scrolls!”

Du Wei fell into shock, even his heart was pumping like it was being pounded by a hammer!

Forbidden spell scrolls?!

Du Wei of course knew what a magic scroll is. The thing is nothing but a Mage sealing a spell inside a scroll so that it could be instantly activated in battle. Of course, the main benefit of such a thing lies in the fact that the person using the scroll need not use any of their own magic energy!

However, the vast majority of these magic scrolls are only capable of storing low leveled intermediate spells! Only on occasion would a high tiered spell scroll surface in the market!

The reason for this is that the method of sealing a spell inside a scroll is just too difficult…. The main barrier lies in the level of magic! When there is an insufficient amount of magic energy, it would be impossible to create an even greater magic spell!

But… …

“The storage capacity of this tiny pebble is just too amazing! With only a tiny piece of this size is enough to power a forbidden spell! Now look at the giant piece in front of you…… If we turn it all into forbidden spell scrolls…. How many do you think we can create?” When Gargamel said this, his eyes had a light of madness shooting out from them!

Even a top level Mage can only afford to cast a forbidden spell once!

A forbidden spell is ranked the highest in terms of spell ranking. Although Du Wei has never seen a forbidden spell before, but from the information he heard, there is a Grand Mage currently capable of using one called the “Burning City Flame”. Once this spell is cast, the offensive power released will be enough to turn a 100,000 populated city into ashes! In the aftermath of such destruction, the only evidence of a once populated city will be the scorching flame marks caused by the fire!

But such a terrifying magic is enough to suck all the energy out of the caster till they are a dried husk. Unless the caster is a ninth level Mage, they would never be able to pull it off. Even then, the caster would only be able to do it once before they lose their combative ability.

But then, if one can bind a forbidden spell into a scroll?!

My God!

Du Wei gulped in disbelief! If he can carry around 80 such scrolls at all times, then he can just casually throw a few out when he encounters an enemy….. No need to say a Saint Knight or a ninth level Mage, even if he encounters the dragon patriarch again, he would be able to kill the guy off till there is nothing left!!

It is indeed a treasure!

(I was much tempted to write “My Precious….”)

Du Wei grabbed onto the pebbles again, but this time around, he had no intention of ever letting go!

My God, this is equal to carrying around 80 nukes! If I have such a thing, even if Aragon crawls out of his grave, I can send him right back!

“We don’t even need any kind of forbidden spell.” Gargamel smiled: “As long as we can make more than 10 advanced spell scrolls for you, the destructive power of it all is enough to put you on the list of one of the strongest people on the continent.”

Du Wei nodded, although a forbidden spell is terrifying in power, but at the moment, he did not know any. And even if he wanted to learn, he can’t just go up to some super powerful Mage and ask them to willingly teach him, can he?

As for some advanced level spells, he did in fact know a few. Back when Du Wei first met Vivian, he managed to extort some of her most powerful spells and the six spells he currently know is from her. With his current level, he may not be able to fully make use of them, but with the five colored gemstone, he should be able to manage it!

Hmm. To be able to keep a hundred of these advanced spell scrolls… … He could dominate the entire continent with little resistance if he wanted to.

Although Gargamel was also envious of the stone, but he knew that he didn’t have much hope in his current state. As such, the mouse steeled his resolve and decided to wholeheartedly help Du Wei. In a whispering tone, Gargamel said: “This thing is too valuable. Even if we turn it all into scrolls, it wouldn’t do us much good. I’ll first use that piece I knocked off earlier to make you a ring so that even if you encounter any danger, you would be able to protect yourself.”

Gargamel may not be a master smith, but a simple task of making a mere magic accessory is still within his capability.

Exhausted from his little attempt, Du Wei decided to sit down in order to rest. Closing his eyes, he went into a meditative state.

Like this, Du Wei sat there for a day and even missed his evening meal because the feeling of having his entire energy reserve depleted is just too straining on his body.

Finally opening his eyes after his meditation ended, Du Wei felt a bit strange!

Unlike before, he noticed his mental spirit was spreading out like a spider web wrapping around everything in his surroundings. Not only was he feeling better, he could feel the spiritual growth in his mind!

Although it’s not significant, but he can tell it was definitely more concise than before!

Still sitting in his room with his eyes close, Du Wei decided to expand his reach even further to test his limit. Now, everything in his room was as clear as if he was looking at it with his eyes open!

Like this, his senses have already gone past his room and the scenery outside quickly appears in his mind!

The corridors carpet dust… … The carefully walking maid… … Then past the yard outside his room is the drifting leaves falling off the tree,,, Even the texture is perfectly clear in his mind!

Gradually, his mental scope has covered more than a hundred radiuses around his body! Out of curiosity, Du Wei decided to try to push his limit to see where he could reach…..

Like little tentacles, his consciousness drifted slowly past the corridors and eventually he came up to the yard in front of his father’s study room!


Du Wei hesitated for a moment and was preparing to return, then suddenly, he heard a cold “Humph” sound!

This Humph was filled with murderous intent! The voice was obviously subtle, but in his ears, it was like a thunderous clap!

Du Wei was taken aback, then he started to feel a killing intent ruthlessly knocking him over!

With a rumbling sound, Du Wei jerked back in immense pain that instantly made him feel dizzy.

“You have a lot of nerve to dare spy on the Earls mansion!” A cold voice pierced straight into Du Wei’s heart. Already dizzy, Du Wei’s mental focus immediately came crashing down under the sudden ROAR of this voice.

While still sitting inside his room, Du Wei forcefully opened his eyes with his back covered in cold sweat.

Gasping for air, Du Wei slowly calmed down only to notice that his mental fatigue, he spent one day recovering was once again drained by half.

Father appears to have a master guarding his study! Only after confirming his breathing has calmed down did he put his mind at ease.

Back in the courtyard outside the Earls study room stood Captain Alpha. Looking up into the sky, one of his arms was holding onto the handle of his sword.

“What’s wrong, Alpha?” Earl Raymond’s mellow voice was heard from inside the study.

“My lord… …” Alpha turned to face the study room as whispered, “There are magicians probing the mansion with their senses! Humph, they got some nerve! In the capital, there are actually mages that dare break the rule!”

Silent for a while, the door to the study room slowly opened. From inside, the count walked out while still wearing his white cotton robe. Facing Alpha, the count smiled: “Humph, it’s a Mage probing us…… Aigh, regarding this matter, they still have the upper hand….. And this time I am caught in the middle…” He frowned slightly: “However, for a Mage to so blatantly spy on this place. Could this demonstration be intentional? Those guys at the magic union are becoming more and more aggressive!”

“Earl.” Alpha’s flashed a hint of killing intent: “Do you want me to… … The foe spied on us here, so they can’t be too far!”

“No.” Earl Raymond sneered loudly: “Let them go! There’s only two to three days left anyways. Once the summer festival is over and the situation is set and done, then we can talk about it. His majesty still didn’t have any orders recently as if waiting for the magic union’s decision. So it would be best if we stay low for now too.”

Right now, Du Wei remained unaware that his little endeavor has caused his father to become suspicious. Normally in the capital, if a Mage spies on a nobleman’s home, it would be considered a hostile move against that person.

Du Wei remained in his room by himself as Gargamel dedicated himself in the back of the bedroom. As for QQ, if that guy doesn’t cause any trouble then its good.

In a trance like state, Du Wei continued to speculate about the situation earlier: Did father have such a powerful expert guarding his study before? And how can someone see through his probing! If there is someone like that, he must be skilled in martial arts and magic. But so far, he had never seen a Mage around.

… … Could captain Alpha be skilled in magic and martial skills?

As he was thinking, the sound footsteps could be heard coming from the hallway, although light, but it was very clear in his ears.

Subsequently, someone started to knock on the door, but the sound seems different than that of a servant.

“Brother! Du Wei brother! Are you in there? It’s me, I’m Gabri!” A child like voice rang out from behind the door. This person is none other than Du Wei’s little brother and genius of the Rowling family.



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