Law of the devil Chapter 133

Chapter 133 “Du Wei took in some Magic Apprentices” (Part one)

Facing the vigilant eyes of Du Wei, Prince Son mysteriously smiled.

Despite the awkward silence, the two remained quiet as the carriage rolled pass a fork on the road.

On this path, the road became highly decorated with carefully designed greenery’s on both sides.

“Have a look at the front.”

Guided by Prince Son’s finger, Du Wei saw that there is a quiet looking Manor under the mountain in the front. From the architectural style, he could feel a hint of the northern regions in the building, but what really made it stand out is the granite walls surrounding it like a ring. Heavily fortified with iron bars along the surface, this wall not only looked dominating, but also expensive. If he had to take a guess, this building probably belonged to some wealthy aristocrat because if he had to compare it to his family’s mansion, this villa would beat it by a mile with the three-story building.

Coming up to the front gate, he could even see a carefully cultivated bed of Bavaria roses. Under the summer season, the flowers are perfectly in full bloom, thus, giving this imposing building a sense of glimmering warmth from the setting sun.

Overall, the layout of this is just right to stimulate the inner sense of one’s curiosity. Seeing all these oddities, Du Wei vaguely guessed this place is one of those infamously rumored places around the capital city……

Sure enough, as the carriage drew up to the building, finely dressed waiters came out to receive them. Despite the cold yet well-mannered attitudes of these people, their body figures were so muscular and sturdy that they looked more like military soldiers than regular service boys.

Looking around the courtyard, Du Wei saw that the entire area was already packed full of different luxurious carriages of multiple noble families. Even for someone like him that had a well memorization of different family crests, the amount here is enough to give him a headache.

Like a competition of wealth, each carriage became more dazzling and luxurious as he looked over to the next. In some cases, a few could even rival the Prince’s carriage at cost.

But the one that truly stood apart from the rest is the carriage in the middle. Not only is the size double that of everyone else’s, the entire carriage is pained in a special gold solution called “Golden River”. This paint is not only expensive, it is extremely hard to produce because of the rare alchemic solution required to turn the gold into a liquid state.

Unlike the wind based magic crystals on the Prince’s carriage, this especially large carriage is instead equipped with fire based gemstones. Radiating a glimmering glow, the light acted like a lantern showering the darkness with light.

To be using something so valuable as a simple candle stick is simply too luxurious!

Du Wei sighed. This carriage may look like it is the most luxurious among them all, but is exactly because of this reason that it lacked the grace that comes from a noble family.

Coming off the carriage, Du Wei can already vaguely hear the musical noise coming out from the house.

“Prince Son” A leading waiter bowed deeply towards the prince as a greeting and gently whispered: “May I know what plans you have for tonight?”

Son smiles, random pointed towards the Hall ***: “It looks to be very lively today.”

“Oh yes, it’s because Sir Biliaibuer is holding a dinner party here tonight.” The waiter laughed: “Do you want me to inform them of your coming? With your Royal Highness here, I believe Sir Biliaibuer will be very happy.”

With Son’s agreeing nod, this waiter immediately winked at one of his subordinates. From his simple gesture, Du Wei can already guess these guys aren’t bad in their martial skills.

“Dear Du Wei, now you understand what this place is, right?” Before they walked into the villa, Prince Son suddenly stopped and faced Du Wei.

Du Wei nodded: “I have an idea.”

“Hmm, this place is the capital’s infamous Ecstasy cave. If anything, it can be considered to be a man’s heaven and the best gaming site of high society.” Prince Son sighed. Even with a door in-between them and the inside, Du Wei can already feel the party atmosphere extruding out from those enjoying themselves……

“Around the entire capital city, there are places like this hidden everywhere, but this is the most famous of them all. No matter the needs or desires… If you have the money, they will meet them all!” Prince Son lightly laughs: “This place may be the gaming site of the upper-class, but it is also the place where one can see the ugly side of the aristocrats! Humph… … So, this place naturally cannot be placed inside the capital city. Come on, my friend, go in with me. I think even till this day, you’ve never come to such a place yet, right?”

Du Wei said nothing, only smiling as he nodded.

Before the two can even go inside, the main door burst opened in front of them. Accompanied by several waiters, a group of finely dressed nobles came stumbling out to greet them. Although all of these men were middle aged, but only the one in the middle marched forward the moment his eyes laid on the prince. With a smile on his old face, this person may look perverted and a bit drunk, but his eyes carried much respect.

“Oh, my dear little Highness is here.” This old aristocrat is clearly the highest in stature among the group. Not only did he not show any formalities in front of the prince, the old guy even pulled his arms across the Prince’s shoulder and laughed: “You see, I knew there would be a mystery visitor tonight! My hunch is even better than those useless fortune tellers.”

“Marquis Solomon, you seem to be in a good mood today!” Prince Son had a very affectionate smile on his face: “It seems this dinner hosted by Sir Biliaibuer is making you very happy, right? Let me guess, he must have specially prepared something good for you, right? What is it? Is it a southern ‘Snake girl’, or a princess of a fallen tribe? HA HA HA HA … …”

The old guy remained smiling without caring for the Prince’s joke: “What you guessed isn’t bad. That Biliaibuer actually managed to get two good ‘Snake girls! I was worried that my old bones wouldn’t be able to handle so much in one night, but now that you are here… … HA HA!”

Marquis Solomon? Du Wei thought for a moment and immediately recalled the story behind this family name. With a long history, this family is even older than the empire itself! Despite having a very large clan, their members are very loose across the continent and they don’t even have a proper clan leader.

From a sense, this family is like a dandelion. Without settling down in one point, this family does its utmost to spread its seed far and wide….. This is probably the main reason this family is able to survive more than a thousand years of hurdle and change.

For someone as reclusive as Du Wei, he wouldn’t normally know about this kind of information regarding another family background. However, because of his time learning about family crests, his interest was piqued when he came across the unique structure of the Solomon family.

Chatting away on the side, the Prince and the old marquise were already at the point of calling out jokes only men’s would understand. Seeing this, the other nobles decided to join in on the fun and it just so happens that one of these people is the host – Sir Biliaibuer – of tonight’s banquet.

Biliaibuer… … From the sounds alone, it feels like it is the last name of a noble family from the southwestern part of the empire. Du Wei speculated this in his mind.

At this moment, everyone had their eyes turned towards Du Wei. After all, he was still wearing the robe of a Mage. For a magician, and such a young one at that to come to such a place, is truly a rare sight.

Moreover, how often would one see a mage that is also a noble? These old aristocrats aren’t fools. With years of experience behind them, each of them is already old hands in the art of politics so of course they could guess Du Wei’s identify with ease!

“Allow me to introduce.” Prince smiled as he said this, then he kindly pulled Du Wei over.

With an attitude like that of a close friend, he lightly tapped his hand on Du Wei’s shoulder during his speech: “This is Du Wei….. The eldest son of Count Raymond. You see how great he is? Not only is he a noble, but also an excellent mage! Oh, let’s not forget, he also dons the robe and badge of a Magic Scholar…..”

Eldest son of count Raymond?

The people present immediately recalled the old rumors that had spread across the capital…. Especially the famous saying about how idiotic Du Wei was.

But now, none of them believed any of that. After all, if an idiot can become a magician, then wouldn’t all Mages be idiots?

Masking a smile on his face, Du Wei was about to salute them in the fashion of a noble. However, just when he was about to do it, Prince Son stopped him and pulled him up from his bow: “It’s good my friend, don’t be so formal. You need to understand, every noble inside is older than you. If you were to greet them like this every time you meet one, then you would not have any time to enjoy yourself. Now that we are here, let’s put aside these formalities and enjoy ourselves.”

Surrounded by everyone, Prince Son strode into the Ballroom with Du Wei by his side. What welcomed them next is a lavishing room filled with bright crystal lights on the wall and hand embossed art works across the ceiling. Just seeing all the decorations in the room is enough to make a person’s heart jump.

With the arrival of the Prince, everyone inside created a ruckus upon seeing him. Apparently his Highness is a regular of this pleasure house. Moreover, Du Wei found that the moment his highness walked into the Banquet Hall, his graceful and warm smile disappeared. In its place is the lusting smile like that of an old veteran fighting in a battlefield.


Inside the whole Hall, the ratio of men and women is simply too unbalanced. With no more than 20 nobles, there are at least over a hundred ladies servicing them. For such a heavy scented place, Du Wei was really tempted to take a sneeze when he took the first whiff of the air.

Losing their own noble demeanors, these old men’s are embracing women’s left and right without care in this place…..

Taking a closer look at this hall, Du Wei can vaguely make out the circular shaped design of this hall; however, the one odd thing that stood out in this place is the box like rooms in this gigantic hall. Using curtains of pearls to act like a makeshift wall, Du Wei was intrigued by this unique design and decided to take a closer look up front. Out of his expectation, he was surprised to find that behind these bead curtains are the shadowy shapes of a men and women’s twisting together in ecstasy. Albeit not very clear to his sight in the dimming of the lights, but he is certain from the faint gasping sound extruding from those inside… …

No longer the Princely person he was before entering, his royal highness had already joined the rest of the crowd and pulled two very alluring ladies into his arms. With a loud laugh, he shouted towards Du Wei: “Du Wei my friend, why are you still alone? My god, if you are still alone by the end of the night, everyone here will break out into laughter!”

Du Wei smiled bitterly.

He knew everyone’s eyes were on him because after all, his Mage robe simply garnishes too much attention.

No matter where he looked, beautiful and alluring women’s of all fashion littered the place….. Du Wei even speculated all of the beauties in the capital have gathered here for tonight! With various styles and looks, each of these ladies is by all rights beauties in their own class. Taking a few steps, his attention was quickly drawn towards a girl sitting on top of a cushioned bed. Wearing a very thin layer of silk over her body, her sensitive parts were clearly outlined whenever she moved. This form of outfitting just so happens to intensifies a man’s imagination, thus, increasing the lust inside Du Wei’s eyes…..

Just when he thought he had seen it all, a long legged beauty caught his sight from the right. With nothing on her body to mask her sexual appealing body, this woman had a very healthy shade of tan to her skin. Not only did her breast bounce with every step she took, the slim waist and long legs are enough to mesmerize any normal man. Worst of all, she is clearly trying to seduce Du Wei with the way she licked the grape with her red juicy looking lips. Meeting her gaze, Du Wei could feel a fiercely provocative air coming out from her eyes.

But what really surprised Du Wei is the one piece of garment this woman donned…… With a very thin piece of veil covering most of her face, Du Wei can tell she was aiming to intensify the look of her perfectly shaped body. It’s not something he never heard about before, but to be faced with it in real life, Du Wei’s desire is starting to boil!

“Look! They like you, my friend!” Prince Son affectionately tapped on Du Wei’s shoulder and whispered beside his ears: “Go my friend, have a little fun. I believe someone like you will be a big hit here!”

Before he could even come around, soft hands had already entangled around his body. Wearing a exposing red robe, a tall woman already had her hands moving along his belly. Sweeping his eyes onto the woman, Du Wei could see that other than the piece of clothing on her body, she had nothing else below her belly button!

“Oh, such a handsome young magician.” This hot woman had such erotic eyes. Matched with her bold lips, even Du Wei would have lost it when she licked him on his ear. Of course, that is only if Du Wei wasn’t on guard. “Which noble family are you from? Coming here to play while dressed up like a Mage, this idea is magnificent.”

After her words, a pair of delicate arms is already wrapped around his neck. As she moved around to caress him, Du Wei could feel her soft breasts rubbing against his back…..

“Come on, my little Mage……” This woman smiled and her erotic eyes turned to aim at a currently raised curtain of beads. Then, with a gentle whisper, she said: “My little magician, let us go there… … I believe I can bring you some happiness! Oh… … I’ve never done it with a Mage before… … HA HA HA HA … …”

Du Wei felt this woman had a lot of skills. From her simple attempt, Du Wei can already feel his body starting to give in…….



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