Law of the devil chapter 135

The 135th chapter “A playboy’s debt”

“You are not only clever, but also bold. Although your business in the Rowling plains is still small in scale, but from the data I have in my hands, I keep getting the idea that your methods of doing things are beyond our times! Despite being so capable, your family continues to look down at you, why? I know you kept a low profile for the past 10 years. It is for this reason that I became even more infatuated with you! This time around when you came back to the capital, you managed to achieve the status of an invaluable Magician. As for how you managed such a thing is beyond my imagination!” Prince Son chuckles before continuing: “I’m already 24 years old. I intend to achieve great things in the coming years, but I cannot do that without an effective partner by my side! It is regrettable. From my years of observation, those descendants of once dominating families have all grown to become slouches in these times of peace, thus, leaving the capital without any talent among the noble circles. Now that I have met you, I cannot bear to lose such a talent as you!”

Du Wei faintly smiled: “But I’m only 14 years old, your Highness.”

“Wasn’t your ancestor also very young when he went to war for Augustine the first? At 18 years old, your ancestor led his first army across the lands and revived the crumbling empire during its darkest hours. For his glorious achievements, your family was rewarded with the Rowling Plains.” Prince Son faintly smiled.

Hmm, it seems this Prince wants to be the Emperor. Du Wei deliberately remained silent because such a proposal cannot be so hastily answered due to its severity. Left with no choice, the only option is to use a “stall” tactic.

Du Wei is confused at the moment. From his observation, the prince doesn’t seem to be an idiot, so why would he show all his cards when they just met?

Suddenly struck with a thought, the scene of when he came out of the magic union started to appear in his mind. From the ugly expression Alpha showed when he noticed the Prince, Du Wei finally made up his mind. Without saying anything, he only smiled in silence.

It would seem the prince wasn’t in any hurry to get a reply from Du Wei because he intentionally pulled the conversation away from the topic. As the son of the emperor, the prince obviously received a special education that allowed him to be fluent in a wide field of knowledge. As the two chatted away, the prince became even more delighted when Du Wei not only matched him in his understandings, but also brought up different thought patterns towards their talks.

It wasn’t only the prince that was surprised; Du Wei also felt the same way. No matter what they talked about, the prince’s showed no signs of arrogance in his tone and could even be compared to something similar to an old friend.

As the two indulged themselves in their talk, the people inside simply refused to leave them alone and came out to pull them back in.

What followed afterwards is the normal drunken party scene you would expect from such an event. Large amounts of wine, matched with fine beauties, the banquet somehow lasted far into the night; yet, everything comes to an end. As the guests slowly began to leave, some took to the VIP rooms with their partner for the night, while others left on their luxurious coaches parked outside.

In Du Wei’s case, he had long been invited upstairs by Sir Biliaibuer. Under the guidance of two gorgeous young waitresses, Du Wei was led into a magnificent room prepared specifically for him.

When he entered the room, he could not help but sigh. Not only was the room different, the entire thing was built in a circular shape. With a dimly lit reddish light, the exotic fragrance in the air stimulated his sense the moment he walked in.

Before he could even notice, the two maids behind him had long left him alone to deal with whatever is inside. But unknown to him, the two maids were grinning with delight as they walked away.

Taking a few steps, his attention was immediately focused on the circular bed in the middle of the room. With drapes of silk, the bed had a crystal ornament radiating light from the ceiling to create a mosaic silhouette of whoever laid on top. Without spending much effort, Du Wei can easily figure out the quadruplets were waiting for him on the bed.

Turning slightly to get a better view of the girls, he was somehow taken aback by their expressions. No longer the saintly maidens, these four girls had long discarded their innocent face and donned a lustful lover awaiting their partner.

Du Wei could only sigh because he knew his debts as a playboy won’t be ending so soon. But most importantly, he knew if he accepted this gift from the prince, he would have a difficult time trying to repay this favor in the future.

Hesitating for a moment, Du Wei freely walked over to a chair in the corner and sat down. Facing the four girls, he asked: “The four of you, what’s on your mind right now?”

The girls had been collected by Biliaibuer through various means since they were young. Not only are they beauties in their own rights, their inherent magic talent puts them above the norm. For this reason, they are extremely rare to come by, especially when they are all virgins still.

The girls knew that a day like this would come, but it cannot be helped that they would be somewhat nervous in their hearts when the day finally arrives.

Prior to Du Wei’s arrival, the girls had been discussing what would happen tonight. In their hearts, they were quite satisfied with their new master because Du Wei is not only a mage, but also a handsomely young noble. For such an outcome to befall on them, they cannot ask for more because it beats being sold to those perverted old nobles. Out of their expectation, Du Wei’s sudden question on their first meeting had left them speechless.

Since little, these girls were specially trained to identify the eyes of different kinds of men’s. Whether they are lustful, or uninterested, the girls can easily figure it out with a few looks. Yet, their new master right now seemed to have no desire to bed them, nor any hint of lust. For this reason, the girls seemed bewildered.

Could it be that the master is still too young and hasn’t blossomed yet?

This speculation was quickly shot down in their minds because the girls knew the children’s of the noble class tends to ripen at an early age. In fact, it’s quite common to hear stories of noble kids bedding multiple women’s at this age.

“Why aren’t you talking? My question should be very simple. I’m just asking what is on your mind right now.” Du Wei smiles as he spoke.

Hesitating for a moment, the second youngest of the quadruplet was the first to regain her composure. With her delicate voice, she whispers a reply: “We aren’t thinking of anything right now. You are our new master from now on, whatever your wish is our command.”

“If you say it like that, then does it mean you will do everything I say?” Du Wei questions again.

Turning red on their cheeks, the quadruplets reply at the same time: “Yes”

“Good.” Du Wei stood up and pointed at one of the girls sitting on the bed: “You, help mix a drink. I’m only thirsty, so don’t make any alcohol drink.” Then he points to the girl next to the first one: “As for you, help me prepare a set of clothes for tonight. I drank too much alcohol tonight and the smell from my robe is making me uncomfortable…..” Then he orders the last two: “And you two can go help me prepare the bath. I want to wash myself.”

With his order, the quadruplets didn’t dally around and hastily get off the bed to do as they were told. From a cabinet, the one ordered to make a drink concocted a sweet and sour beverage that is similar to a fruit juice mixed with honey. After a few minutes of savoring the drink, the second girl came over to him with a set of new robes for him.

Carrying his new set of robe, Du Wei went into the bathroom with the intent of washing himself. As he took his first step inside, he was blown away by how marvelous the tub was. Carved out of pure white jade, the middle of the tube had a giant pearl spewing hot water out of it. Just thinking about the cost is sending chills down his spine.

As he was about to shed his robe, the girls suddenly came up from behind and formed a circle around his body. With nothing on their body, their naked body was free for him to see. Maybe it was due to the hot vapor of the bathroom, but Du Wei can see how flushed their cheeks were.

Hesitating for a second, Du Wei sighed before speaking up: “I forgot to mention, I don’t like others by my side when I take a bath.”

“?” Unable to comprehend his words, the quadruplets took a second before asking: “Master, could it be you don’t want us to serve you?”

Smiling with a relaxed look, Du Wei quickly replied: “You’re beautiful, but I don’t need you girls to offer me your bodies just yet.” Pausing for a second to let his words sink in, “As you can see, I’m a mage. Right now, I’m currently practicing a form of magic that prevents me from sleeping with the opposite sex.”

With suspicious looking faces, the girls headed back out, not daring to ask any more questions. As soon as they left, Du Wei stood in front of a gorgeous looking mirror to look at his own reflection: “I’m not a gentleman… … But why is it that I just don’t want to touch these four girls?”

In his mind, an image of Vivian’s childish smile suddenly popped up. Freaked out by this, Du Wei shook his head before frowning: “Can it be that I like that silly girl? It cannot be…..”

Taking a quick bath, Du Wei puts on a fresh set of robes before coming out to see the four gorgeous looking girls lying on the bed with their naked bodies. Without even trying to cover themselves, Du Wei couldn’t stop himself from looking at their exquisite body curves….

Du Wei sighed before coming up in front of the bed: “I said you girls don’t need to serve me tonight. From what I know, there should be a resting room next to this place. Can it be that you don’t have a place to sleep tonight?”


The quadruplets quickly flushed red before one of them built up the courage to reply to his question: “We….. Are warming master’s bed with our body.”

Warming bed?

Warming a bed with a human body? Du Wei could do nothing but sigh in his heart….. To be doing something like this where one uses a woman’s naked body to warm a bed is simply too luxurious even for him in this life! But most importantly, isn’t this situation no different from pushing him into making a mistake?

Du Wei hesitated for a moment, trying to decide what to do. He wanted to tell them to get up from the bed, but he knew he can’t overdo it, especially when they are going to such lengths. Taking in a deep breath, he made up his mind and decided to endure it once.

With that, he crawled up the bed. As he tried to make it to the middle, his arms and legs ended up touching many places no normal situation would allow. It’s not like he intended to take advantage of it, but in a limited space with so many naked bodies to get over, it can’t be helped his hands would grab onto certain sensitive areas.

Holding in his urges, Du Wei suddenly felt a bit of a temper pent up inside him.

These girls are gifts others gave me, so why am I making myself suffer so? From this day forward, their life and honor belongs to me, so why am I still pretending to be a gentleman?

In that moment, his inner demon emerged and his biological needs burst forth. Just as he was about to give in to his temptation and move his hands, a voice in his mind suddenly came out: “Eh? I guessed you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself back tonight.”

Startled by the voice, his biological urge immediately disappeared like it was drowned in the very bottom of the ocean.


God damn it!



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