Law of the devil chapter 144 part 1

The 144th chapter “day of the celebration” (part one)

Year 960 of the Roland Empire, on June 12, the day of the summer festivals.

From early in the morning, the capital’s police officers had long gone out in full force to patrol the streets. However, what is worrying police chief Sack is the amount of city defense garrison forces inside the capital.

These guards are obviously mobilized from the four nearby supporting cities. With bright armors that showed off their sheen, every soldier was heavily armed like they were heading off to face an enemy. It’s true in recent days that the amount of people in the capital had increased exponentially for the festival, but did those military soldiers really need to look so formidable?

With a quick observation, police chief Sack saw that something was not right. Instead of the celebratory clothing’s for the summer festival, these military soldiers all wore the newly minted combat style clothing’s that was recently rationed out during the spring season of this year! And what were more disturbing are the weapons they carried. With swords strapped to their waists, all of the soldiers he saw carried the typical war shields you would see on a real battlefield!

Filled with doubt as he watched the newest team of passing military soldiers, police chief Sack frowns as he stood at one of the main street corners. Because of aching in his heart, chief Sack decided to turn back and get someone from the office to inquire about the situation from the military high command.

But soon, the bad news came popping up one after another. Earlier in the morning, he sent out four teams of police officers to patrol the streets, but each of the teams sent someone back to report they were being blockaded by the city defense forces.

Just as Sack was full of anger from the bad news, a deputy commander of the defense garrison army came barging in. Wearing the outfit of the garrison defense forces, a fifth level knight badge was pinned to this person’s chest.

“Chief Sack!” This guy looked unconcerned with his action and quickly broke into the office with his two attendants. Then with a formal voice, the guy read out a command: “High commands special order. In order to keep the peace of the capital city, all deployment of the police forces will be temporarily under the command of the defense garrison forces. The one that shall be overseeing the police force is the second division’s General Jean Claude!”

With that said, this guy puts the military order document on top of Sack’s table.

Second Division’s General Jean-Claude?

That Jean-Claude is responsible for the city defense! What right does he have to order our department!

39 years old Sack saw that on the military command document, the name that was signed on it was the high command’s deputy commander Earl Raymond of the Rowling family, as well as the high commander seal of approval.

Seeing this, Sack suddenly felt a chill run down his spine… Is something about to happen? From ages past, the police force had always been responsible for the security inside the city, and the city defense garrison forces are responsible for the outer perimeters beyond the city walls. This is the rule…. But now, the military high command suddenly wants to take over the police force?

In his heart, chief Sack knew that even if the command was real, the legal formality is not right! In order to fully take over the police force, only his majesty the emperor can give out such a command. But as Sack faced the murderous cold person in front of him, he noticed the military officer already had one of his hands above his sword hilt. In his mind, Sack feared that if he refused, the guy in front of him would no doubt kill him on the spot!

Sack was fully aware of his strength. Although he held the title of a fourth level knight, but his true strength can’t even be a match for a third level knight. It was only thanks to his family ties that he was able to sit on such a high position inside the security department…. As such, he could not stop himself from scorning the guards outside his office for letting these people in so easily!

“Fine then……” Hesitating for a moment, Sack didn’t dare deny the order because of his own weakness: “May I know how we can cooperate with the military department?”

“It’s very simple.” This unfamiliar officer pulled his hand away from his sword handle: “From now on, you are only responsible for the area around the magic union. As for the other areas, they will be handled by the city defense garrison forces…..” A little grin appeared on the officer’s face: “General Jean Claude’s order. In order to keep the peace in the capital and keep the security department safe during this important time, a team of military soldiers will be placed in the police headquarters to make sure you guys are safe until the festival is over….”

Sack was enraged now: “What! You are openly encircling the police department!!! How dare you! I want to see that baster Jean Claude right now!”

“I’m sorry, this is military order!” The unknown officer sneers loudly: “Chief Sack, please cooperate!”

Just when he said this, another couple of heavily armed soldiers came barging in. With a peek, Sack saw that the guards outside were already knocked out. Although he was outraged by all this, he was also scared because he can tell the outside was already surrounding by groups of garrison soldiers!

As for the other police officers inside the police department, they were all smart enough to obediently go into their rooms because if they didn’t, swords would be pointed at their necks.

“Are you going to rebel?!” Sack feebly sits down on his chair.

“It’s to protect” The official spoke in a light tone: “As long as you don’t cause trouble, I will ensure that you are safe!”

Sack is already regretting his move of deploying all of the police forces out early in the morning. With the police headquarter empty of officers, they had nothing left to retaliate with.

“Fine then.” Sack yields to fate and nodded: “You said earlier to have my people patrol the area around the magic union, but now my people is stuck in here. How do you expect me to give the order out?”

“It’s simple.” From his bosom, the officer pulled a couple of blank command parchments and placed it in front of Sack: “You just need to place the command and my people will deliver it to your people.”

With a stunned faced, his hand trembled as he picked up the ink quill…..

Most people did not of this event. When the sun finally came up, the civilians living nearby only thought it was odd when they saw the police department being surrounded by heavily armed military soldiers.

With cold and murderous faces, any civilians that came too close would flinch and run away when their eyes made contact with these soldiers. Unlike the festive moods of everyone around them, these soldiers looked like they were readying to go to war!

Then the word started to spread in the capital. All city gates are to be locked and traveling in and out of the capital is temporarily prohibited. This was out of the norm, but most were just speculating that this was all in preparation for the activation of the barrier around the capital city.

After all, the continent had already enjoyed hundreds of years of peace since the last major coup, so how can an ordinary citizen possibly think of this as a coup? Therefore, no panic or riot ever occurred during this day.

Until late into the morning, around 3,000 garrison Calvary soldiers suddenly appeared outside the capital and flanked each of the city gates.

After meditating for one night, Du Wei had completely filled the five colored gemstone ring in his possession. Then with the help of Marde, he wore the most luxurious dress robe he can find. Afterwards, the countess sent someone to give him a new pair of boots for him to wear for the ceremony.

When Du Wei came out of his own building, he was already aware of the tension building up inside his home. Armed and ready to go, 300 of the most elite guards of the Rowling Household was already awaiting their arrival outside the Earl’s mansion.

As for his father, Earl Raymond wore his usual high military commander uniform; yet, after ironing it out, the neckline and sleeves made him look extra sharp despite his old age. Escorted by captain Alpha, the Earl led the way in the front of the pack as the two got on their pure black steeds. Unlike the regular horses in the capital, each of the mounts ridden by the Rowling Household are specially bred war horses of the Rowling Plains. Not only are they stronger than the average horse, their size were exceptionally bigger.

Once the Earl began to put on his white riding gloves, hen suddenly turned around and glanced at Du Wei: “Let’s go then, we will depart for the central square. Since the ceremony is today, the place must be quite lively. We must hurry or we will be late.”

Instead of bringing the countess along, the Earl used the excuse of sickness to keep his wife at home and only brought Du Wei.

Traditionally, men’s of the Rowling Household never ride in a carriage for these ceremonies. As such, Alpha had prepared a top class white horse for Du Wei. But once Du Wei was on top of his mount, he noticed something as he looked around: “Is brother also not going?”

“Gabri…… I’m keeping him at Mr. Blue Ocean’s home.” The Earl dismissively replied this to his question. Then just as he was about to head out, the Earl suddenly looked at Du Wei again: “I…… The things I said to you a couple of days ago, did you think it through?”

“I’ve thought it through.” Du Wei’s tone was very flat as he replied. Then he asked: “Father, do you feel certain?”

“Nothing is a certainty in this world. As long as it is at least 70%, then it is a very high chance.” Earl lets out a weak laugh.


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