Law of the devil chapter 151 part 2

The 151th chapter “magician’s battle” (part two)

Seeing that Gandalf was already in front of him with a conniving smile, Rafael exclaimed with freight. In a flash, he had already teleported himself 10 meters away into the air. But it was at this moment the games finally ended. Feeling it was time to wrap things up, Gandalf no longer showed the smile of a cat chasing a mouse on his face. Raising his palm into the air, five beams of greenish light suddenly shot forth towards Rafael. Try as he may like, this white robed grand mage could not escape from these beams no matter how many dimensional escape spells he used!

When he was finally cornered, Raphael hastily summoned a magic barrier to fend off the attack; unfortunately for him, the barrier had no effect and was easily broken through. Turning pale as the beams came into contact with his body, Raphael was surprised to find that he was not injured in any ways.

Between disbelief and shock, Raphael touched his clothes and hair before looking up at the strange smile on Gandalf.

Subsequently, Gandalf started to make some strange hand gestures aimed straight at Raphael. Suddenly bursting out a plume of light from his white robed body, even the very eyes of Rafael seem to turn green.


Gandalf only needed to point his fingers at the three giant elementals to instill a sense of extreme fear into Rafael!

His body… was completely out of control!

Forced to watch his own actions like a puppet, Rafael summoned up his staff from the ground and aimed it straight at Gelunxiaer. Mingled with lightning, flame, poison, and a torrent of spells, a powerful attack shot forth from his wand aimed straight at his former ally. As for Gelunxiaer, he had no idea what was going on to be so suddenly attacked by someone he thought to be on his side.

Scared beyond his wits, Raphael lost all forms of courage when he cried out: “Fast, get out of the way! He is controlling my body!”

Streams of deadly spells began to rain down at the elementals. In this bombardment, the water elemental finally perished due to having its body frozen from the earlier spell by Gandalf. But that was not the end. Coming down to the ground, Raphael had an expression of a mad man and came rushing straight towards Gelunxiaer!

A white robed grand mage is not to be trifled with. Despite being controlled by some unknown magic from Gandalf, Rafael did not show any signs of losing his touch. In quick succession, he began drawing countless symbols in the air to form a brilliant giant seal of light.

Seeing the light was about to slam right on top of his head, Gelunxiaer cried out in shock before teleporting himself away in the nick of time. Setting up a barrier the moment he regained his balance, Gelunxiaer was dumbfounded by the scene that followed. Unlike the stone slabs that made up the central square, only dust remained at where he once stood!

Coming down from the sky, Gandalf had the face of a kid that was completely bored with his toys when he looked at the elementals. In a single sneeze, the very fabric of reality cracked under his might. Then as if following his command, countless magical beasts ranging from Ice Demon Wolves, Flaming Rhinos, Earth Dragons (Pangolin), Undead Carrions, and others came storming out of the dimensional rift! To see such a large group suddenly appear before everyone, the audience became pale stiff with fear!

Although the giant elementals summoned by Gelunxiaer are of the highest quality, but their numbers are simply too lacking compared to the magical beasts from the rift. After burning a couple of the earth dragons to cinder, the life of the fire elemental was easily squashed under the horde of flaming rhinos that came rushing at it.

As for the earth elemental that had only just broke free from its binding, it had sadly met the same demise as its peers. The moment it could move, some of the earth dragons similar to pangolins was already clinging to its metallic body and began clawing their way through. In seconds, the once hulking mass of earth became inanimate rubbles under the claws and fangs of the earth dweller.

Although Gelunxiaer was seething with rage at the loss of his summons, he couldn’t do anything while being bombarded by Rafael’s constant attacks. After resisting for a short period, he finally realized that unless he retaliated, both he and Rafael would without a doubt perish.

Left with no other choice, Gelunxiaer called forth a set of condensed magic spears. Controlling them with his hand, he threw it straight towards the oncoming attacks aimed at his body.


As the two attacks collided, smoke and dust covered the sight of both parties.

Not letting the chance slide, Gelunxiaer hastily finished his second series of incantation and sent a grey bloom of light at Rafael. This is not an offensive spell; instead, it is a seal. As soon as the seal succeeded, Rafael had a look of relief and gratitude towards Gelunxiaer because by doing this, it is showing the court mage had no intention of harming him.

Still wearing the strange smile like before, Gandalf watched the entire scene unfold from the side. However, when the seal completely immobilized Rafael, Gandalf suddenly pointed one of his fingers….

Almost immediately, Rafael regained control of his body as the green light faded away. Giving out a cry: “Ehh…. I’m fine again……”

Unfortunately for Raphael, he was still under the effect of the seal from his ally. As soon as he said these words, his face quickly turned ghastly white as the magic in his body disappeared under the pressing weight of the seal.

Realizing the issue, Gelunxiaer hastily retracted the seal into his arm. As the silk like threads of magic circled around his fingers, Gelunxiaer finally lets out a sigh of relief. Yet, it was at this moment something terrifying happened!

Like a virus infecting its prey, the leftover green lights that were lingering on Rafael’s body suddenly acted in unison and flowed through the silk of energy connecting Rafael with Gelunxiaer. Before he could even react, Gelunxiaer found himself shrouded in this mysterious green light!

Crying out in horror, Gelunxiaer found that this strange energy that had invaded his body was creeping through his spiritual energy. Before long, he had completely lost control of his body!

Afterwards, something even more grisly unfolded before his eyes. The seal he had originally set up around Rafael started to regain its power and started to sweep towards his exact location…..

A few moments later, the green robed Gandalf lets out a light laugh as he slowly walked up to the two wizard. Like zombies, these two could not even blink.

Just like this, Gandalf stood in between the two poor victims as he swept his gaze across the platform: “Who else wants to try?”

Like this, the audience became overwhelmed with shock!

This is the power of the legendary number one Magister of the continent?

At this point, no one dares to suspect the identity of this person. To be able to defeat a white robed grand Mage and the chief of the court Mages, it would be stranger for him to be a fake!

If this person is not the real deal, who else on the continent would have such power!

Those that are present in the square today are all part of high society. To witness the might of such an amazing person like Gandalf, all of these influential nobles are drenched in their own sweat!

This master Gandalf….. When he was casting his spells, he did not pronounce any of his incantations, nor did he wait in his moves. The only thing everyone saw was him popping one spell after another!

This is instant spell casting! And not some lowly fireball either!

After witnessing the overwhelming might of this legendary figure, some of those nobles that was supposed to be in support of his majesty the emperor, began feeling pessimistic about their own stance.

Alas. The Crown Prince has a Saint level warrior fighting under him. And to top it off, he even managed to gain the support of such a legendary figure. Also, let’s not forget he currently controls the entire capital defense forces with the support of Earl Raymond…..

Knowing this, quite a few people began looking over at Earl Raymond with eyes of mixed emotions. On one hand, everyone can tell he is basking in his glory at the impeding victory of the Crown Prince. But on the second hand, his son cheated the magic union, so there is no way trouble would not ensue.

It wasn’t just the others thinking this. Earl Raymond’s emotion was also in complete turmoil. He is of course delighted that the green robed mage is able to prove his status with overwhelming might, but that would mean his son is now stuck in an awkward situation….. Does this mean he really have to give up on his son?

“Father” Silent up till now, Du Wei suddenly spoke up before firmly fixing his eyes on the “Gandalf” standing in the square.

Watching his son’s back, Earl Raymond asked: “What is it?”

“Make a decision now.” Right now, Du Wei’s voice carried with it a touch of faint bleakness: “You have already hesitated for a few days. At this moment, it should be the right time.”

“You…… What are you saying?”

“I’m talking about me.” Du Wei finally turned his face around. Unintentionally, his face was just in the right position that it was shrouded in the shadow: “About my problem, you need to make a decision now. In fact, you have already made up your mind back when we had the conversation a few days ago, am I right?”


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      • well he can but he won’t because crown prince must win so he can’t help him. At most he might even harm Prince Son side. So i guess he will try to run/hide himself/escape somehow

  1. Just waiting for the ‘Law of the Devil’ begin to give the cards on Du Wei actions, now he is much passive and are waiting to know if the path of a devil is his only choice I believe, after all even didnt care at all for the others, he really like his mom and brother (for now at least), so just waiting for everyone turn their backs to him and make him road the path of the devil XD and, of course, make them regret one hundred folds later

  2. well this is nice seams Du Wei mite have seen trough the fake after clamming down s bit and is giving his dad a 30 sec chance to side with him before losing everything

    for those who are still in the dark the fake is a fear imp like the pet not sure if its that pet or one some one is using but the green fire when it showed up and the magic the fake has used so far is a dead give away the only ones that know voiceless magic are Du Wei and that level 1 mage he has back home and it works not by calling forces but by using concentrated elements he never shares this with Gandalf and Gandalf dose not understand it when he first sees it to Gandalf its a unknown new type of magic he never learns any of it not even what the suffer is and never shows any intent to use it besides this level of magic is more powerful then what should be possible with voiceless it also uses magic elements that no one has even made concentrate of yet.

    • There is still possibility of it being transformed dragon or Transformed Pope. Only they are strong enough to fake him. Or …who the hell knows. But i don’t think its an illusion. They are top class mages. The cream of magic guild. It wouldn’t be so easy to screw them.

      • I think the chance is high because the imps horn is a super rare item and its the only thing that can block its power the 2 mages fighting the fake have over looked all the odd powers because they could see Gandalf as one that could do anything

        the dragon idea dose not add up because they can only use one element besides the golden one that is still trapped or dead in the forbidden fields, ifs not like some one completely new can some how even enter that place right now with the god barrier at its highest power it has ben at in 10000 years even if the golden dragon got out of it most human can’t even reach it and now that the contract is up with the dragon tribe good luck trying to get any one of them to help with their chiefs most hated race now that they have even grater reason to kill on sight.
        if it was the real Gandalf then the whole thing dose not add up in the slightest form the green robe to the staff he is using his control magic changed how it worked and the whole thing of there is no point in him joining the battle in the fist place

        the Pope is powerful in seals curses and healing magic not combat magic he has a powerful force of knights but most of his forces are tied up or have died in the on going man hunt to protect their darkest acts form being reviled witch would be the end of them plus if the Pope wanted to help one side in this it would be fast and simple to declare the other side to be evil and use his forces to attack and it would be a hell of a lot safer to not do it him self and risk his own life and the problems if at any point some one finds him or the temple had any part in the fake Gandalf that would lead to a loss of trust in the people and a fight with the magic union something the Pope can’t risk right now with his loss of both most of his high leveled knights and mages that died in the frozen forest.

        the only resin why the fake Gandalf is still standing is because Du Wei wants to hear what could be his dads last words and where he stands in this form him.

        Du Wei is holding a bow that the normal blots it fires brake barriers like they are nothing and using it with magic makes it 100x more dangerous to add to things the fake has asked who’s next and in its attempt to act like Gandalf will let him fire fist if he say something like prove your real by blocking or I will prove I am a true student of Gandalf or if he asks for a lessen from him.

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