Law of the devil chapter 151 part 1

The 151th chapter “magician’s battle” (part one)

“I wouldn’t dare!” Leonard shook his head again and again. Watching the Gandalf in front of him, he would of course reserve some doubt. After all, the shattering of his teacher’s life stone is already confirmed. Maybe teacher has some kind of ability to avoid the detection of the life stone, but…..

“Teacher.” Leonard hesitated for a second: “If you must help the Crown Prince, then disciple wouldn’t dare raise a fist against you.” After saying that, this person clearly intends to stay neutral to both sides.

“Very good.” Green-robed Gandalf looked a little kinder in his expression. Then taking another look at Leonard, he said: “Though you still retain some doubts about my identity, but you did go against Dorgan’s wishes. For that, I won’t blame you.” Turning his head around, he faced Raphael, “What about you?”

“It’s a shame, the president gave clear orders. Even if you are Master Gandalf, I’ll still have to….” Raphael hesitated for a moment before taking out his wand. Moving next to Prince Son, this white robed grand mage stood firmly in his place.

The Royal Court magician Gelunxiaer and the white robed grand mage Raphael each took to a corner to face off against this Gandalf. Despite being outnumbered, this green robed mage didn’t show any form of fear, instead, there was only a hint of disdain on his face.

“Du Wei, can it be that you really don’t have any words?” Earl Raymond whispers this to his son.

Du Wei looked cold as he lifted his face to look at his father: “Father, what do you want me to say? Prove that he is the real deal? Or prove that he is a fake?”

Earl Raymond was stumped. Facing his eldest son, he could not even come up with a single fitting word in this situation. Clearly left without a choice, he has no other option but to make this Gandalf the real deal because for the family, they can only hope for the Crown Prince to succeed. It would seem the future trouble coming out of the magic union will likely befall on this son of his.

The impending battle between three mighty mages is about to unfold. A chief of the court mages and an eighth level grand mage teaming up against the legendary magister of the continent! Everyone present is fully aware of the terror that could unfold between a Mages battles; for that, all those noble aristocrats are slowly retreating behind their bodyguards out of fear. In mere moments, the entire central square was completely bare to be used in the upcoming fight between the three.

Without waiting, a rapid and short spell began to be chanted out of Rafael’s mouth. No matter what, he is a genuine grand mage from the magic union, so he would of course show some self-restraint before making his move. Creating a barrier around the entire central square, he was especially careful when constructing the barrier around the area of both the old emperor and the young prince.

The green robed Gandalf didn’t bother to disturb him in his spell chant and simply looked on with cold eyes as if he was bored. As for the court mage Gelunxiaer, he had already jumped down from the main platform and pulled out a powerful magic scroll. Burning with light, a dazzling brightness immediately emerged to enshroud the general area around the old emperor. This is a high leveled barrier scroll that is similar to the one Du Wei had in his possession. Unfortunately for him, he had already used his in the battle between the death mage.

First one to make a move is Gelunxiaer! This Court mage is indeed different from the regular mages that is so commonly seen on this continent. Without any need for a staff, this person wore a full set of different colored rings on his ten fingers as his main weapon. In a flash, an arc of light quickly swept towards the carefree looking green robed Gandalf. Despite this impressive display of magic, Gandalf only needed to casually lift his staff in hand to conjure forth a pack of golden birds. Circling back and forth around his body, these things acted like a magic barrier.

This movement slowing spell of Gelunxiaer was only an extra measure on his end to avoid the off chance of being attacked by the enemy in his spell casting. Despite his extra efforts, Gandalf only gave a leisurely expression for all of this and didn’t even attempt to attack him at this important time. In his heart, he was frightened and surprised at how much lack of enthusiasm the other side was showing. Moving his fingers at the fastest possible speed he could muster, Gelunxiaer created an arc of light around his hand and shot forth three rays of beam into the ground. In mere moments, the ground ruptured like something was crawling out of it. Out of the three respective holes in the ground, a giant earth, fire, and water elemental came forth!

Crawling out of the ground, these three magical creatures roared into the sky as a form of intimidation. Then facing the still unmoving Gandalf, these three beings took on a hostile stance. Seeing this, the relaxed looking Gandalf smiled with delight: “So you specialize in summoning elementals eh…… To be able to summon forth three elementals at the same time, that is already very good.”

Still looking calm, he waved his staff a little. As if reacting to his action, the golden birds immediately gave out a sharp call before condensing into a golden beam of light. Like deathly swirls of light, these beams shot towards the giant earth elemental!

With a dignified face, Gelunxiaer began chanting a set of incantations not understandable by the audience. Immediately, a glow of green light wrapped around the body of the earth elemental as it desperately absorbed the top layer of soil underneath its body. When the light made contact with this magical creature, the attack showed no clear signs of having any damaging effect; instead, it began to wrap itself like a rope onto the hulking mass of earth.

Binding? Gelunxiaer became startled as he watched on, uncertain of what the other party intended. Struggling to control both the fire and water element, he instructed these creatures to attack the unmoving Gandalf.

Opening its giant mouth to spit out a blast of flame, the heat from the fire elemental could even be felt by the audience that was watching from the distance. Still smiling, Gandalf lifted his staff to shoot out a ray of light in front of himself. When it made contact, the blast of flame was easily cut in half and deflected to the side: “Let me think a bit. Going up against a fire elemental, what should I use….. Oh yes, let me show you my fire creatures!”

With that, he clapped his hand and began whistling with his mouth. As if unable to withstand the shockwave of his clap, a crack appeared in the air. Without waiting, a high pitched chirping sound reached the ears of everyone and a giant red flaming bird flew out from the distortion! Spanning three meters, this sharp clawed giant bird quickly swooped towards the fire elemental and became entangled together.

Then Gandalf cleverly flicked his staff at the water elemental. Immediately, silvery flash of light swept towards the water elemental. Without waiting, the movement of the magic elemental slowed to a crawl and gradually began to freeze over. Carrying a faint smile, Gandalf began to whistle again and actually called forth a ice demon wolf! This magical beast is not a creature that is normally capable of handling a water elemental, but it is a different story under such circumstances. Letting out a howl, this ice demon wolf dashed forward and began chipping away at the partially frozen water elemental.

Using everything within his arsenal, Gelunxiaer is already at his limits by controlling the three elementals at once. For those on the side, it was obvious with a glance which of the two masters is more power.

Rafael originally refused to get involved due to his status, but after seeing the complete disadvantage faced by the chief of the court mages, he had no other choice but to step in. Picking up his staff, he began to draw a six cornered star on the floor. Flashing with lightning towards the sky, several streams of different offensive spells sprouted out at the same time and aimed straight for the enemy.

Gandalf faintly laughs: “You are also making your move?”

He suddenly tossed aside the control over his previous spells and summons. Without needing to chant any form of spell, this green robed Gandalf actually summoned forth countless forms of barriers in front of himself. Green, white, and various other colored barriers quickly stacked against each other. Du Wei cannot see very clearly because of the overlapping colors, but even he can tell the barriers are not in any way weaker than the guardian spirit barrier that was in his possession. Upon impact with the array of attacks from Raphael, the numerous barriers was easily able to defend its user from any harm because when one broke, the next one behind will take its place without delay.

Rafael didn’t give up. Raising his staff into the air, he began to shoot out another round of attacks. Under the violent bombardment, Gandalf still remained unharmed under the protection of the numerous barriers protecting him. After a gorgeous light show of countless explosions, Gandalf finally made his move and started shoot out a multitude of beams at Rafael. As much as he tried, this white robed grand mage could not resist even after drying out his tongue from over chanting!


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  1. Awww~ I kinda want to see Du Wei shoot that guy down even though it’s unlikely to happen. That guy probably gonna be the one who Gandalf told Du Wei to find and that ice mage girl master.

    • hmm green fire what other then the dam imp used that every time it made a fake of some thing only thing is who is the one it is drawing it from its not Du Wei he has never seen this green get up before so it has to be one of the others not that it matters at this point is just how long is Du Wei going to stay dumbstruck before firing on it with his nice new bow and taking out the crown prince in the blast is so doable with it when it can take out a mountain side form miles away and we are here at effective point blank I think he will use it not knowing its true power and that will end this even if the fake projects it being blocked the real thing witch even Du Wei has not seen the impact of will clear the area leaving only the people who are behind a real barer like the king and the others on the platform the best chance of living through it .
      on a side note how many do you think got puled in to this because if there is just one they mite be able to win while everyone is in this trap.

  2. We shouldn’t forget about that Death Mage who fought with Du Wei the other day. Maybe he has some kind of resurrection/reanimation spell that he used on Gandalf’s corpse or something (maybe being able to assume/possess his form). I was expecting him to show up when they mentioned magic battle (talk about plot twists).

    • Um even if he could resurrect him don’t forget where Gandalf died
      Hes stuck in that giant ass magic trap on the ice fields where the dragon killed him, not to mention he died in dragon form issuing that challenge

  3. Lets blame the church. All of it is connected to the church and by the sound of it, they will be the last boss or something. So why not pin the blame on them now. Hahaha

    • Well, cause all 3 powers are evil… And the kingdom and mage union seems the worst (with their slavery and all)….

      F*** politics >.<

  4. I really cant understand du wei, if the father is the crow prince side why not he just be on prince son side? this way no mather who win his family would be safe, sometimes i hate the type who would just rage and go to war etc like a hero or something unreal but this time i’m raging agaisnt du wei because he just going with the flow, what the hell is wrong with him, he could very much just protect his family from the shadows, so for the sake of his mother he would just die if his father want….. well i’m not really surprise if we discover that his mother is another asshole and because of it he became the devil this is why the title if law of the devil, anyway this author is really strange i miss the du wei who outwited the dragon dude.

    • Well law of devil means strong rules and weak hes to obey
      isn’t it?
      And he can’t go against his father i think (i totally wish he would) because that would mean his mum has to choose between him and his father
      And it would put dirth on his family name
      Too freaking complicated
      (But i am too adicted so i love it anyways)

      • I don’t think it will in the end hurt his family that much as long as his father steps down and takes the blame for his actions against the king.
        Du Wei can even save him from his own actions if he can think of a good story to prove a claim his father was forced in to this mess and kills the crown prince here and now to cut off the other side form disproving his claims.
        but if Du Wei dose not act fast he will soon reach the point where in order to save his family he will need to end his or his fathers life here.

        • That would be awesome
          I picture his dad to be little like Ed Stark so it wouldn’t be so easy to make him step down

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  6. I have an idea since we all know how Gandalf died why doesn’t Du Wei ask the green robed imposter what happened in the frozen forest that supposedly caused his death

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