Law of the devil chapter 154 part 2

The 154th Chapter “Win? (part two)

After hearing these words, Du Wei’s heart began to jump like a ping pong ball. With surprised eyes, he faced the old guy and thought….. Is he crazy?

Or rather… This bow in my hand is really so valuable that he is willing to offer such a price?

Or should I trick him again?

But then Du Wei secretly sighed inside, if this old guy really listened to him and changed sides to help Prince Son… Then the fate of father and the family would……

“I had never heard of any of the things you mentioned before.”Du Wei shakes his head to give a clean denial: “Regarding this bow in my hand. I only know its name is called ‘Nirvana’s bow.’ What the Crown Prince said is true. I killed an assassin and took it from his subordinate.”

Gandalf’s eyes widened up in a surprising way: “What? Bow of Gaido’s Transient Law was in the hands of an assassin? My god, you are too lucky….. For such a thing to befall on you.”

Then his old facial expression suddenly became ferocious: “If so, boy, consider your fate to be good! People like you should never have had the chance to get such a thing…. Quickly and obediently give me it. If you do as I say, I might even cut you some slack!”

With that, he held out his hands and coldly looked at Du Wei: “Don’t even think about it, I know you can’t use the bow again right now. Also, you don’t even know how to properly use this bow. If you did, you would have already killed me in that shot earlier. To leave this amazing thing in your hands is simply a travesty to the heavens!”

Retreating a few steps back, Du Wei sneers: “Ah-ha! So this is the so called murder to take the treasure eh?”

“So what?” Green-robed Gandalf had an evil air on his face: “I have always done things to my liking. If you are stronger than me, then of course I couldn’t do anything to you, but you are weak and useless. Quickly hand it over, otherwise, I will take your life!”

Unlike the carefree and playful attitude from before, the old guy had an air of murderous intent in his eyes this time around. Compared to before, the person now is completely different. Flicking his finger at a fast pace, a greenish light formed around it and started to make a slight crackling sound.

“Come on then boy, you can’t resist me.” Green-robed Gandalf suddenly reached out to grab Du Wei: “Aren’t you skilled in that fireball move? Try it again!”

Du Wei grunted and quickly stepped back. It’s not like he doesn’t want to use that fireball move, but it requires a large amount of gunpowder to work. With that single attack earlier, his supply is already drained. Not to mention the attack is only effective in close range when the enemy is unprepared.

“Eh? You’re very agile!” Gandalf smiles: “From the looks of it, you must have practiced some kind of martial arts too, right? For such a young age, you are too greedy. Why go listening to others and aim to master both? I warn you to be careful of ruining yourself. With your talents, you might achieve some level of success if you focus on one field.”

With his robe fluttering from the surge of power extruding out of his body, Gandalf sneered when he saw how Du Wei kept dodging his wind binding attacks left and right. Nonetheless, Du Wei quickly ran out of room to evade and was eventually trapped under a constricting spell.

Seeing the imposter’s hand is already in front of his face, Du Wei panicked as he struggled to break free. Then suddenly, a crimson flame the color of blood erupted in front of Du Wei and interjected between the old mage and him!

Surprised by this anomaly, Gandalf lets out a low sounding pain before pulling his hand back. Taking a few steps backward, he had the look of surprise and shock: “Eh? This is…..”

Like a bag, the flames that broke out in front of Du Wei instantly grew in size and wrapped around his body. But unlike what he had expected, the scorching flames caused no pain for him; instead, it felt warm to the touch as if cleansing him of all ill effects…..

Then forming a wall of flames in front of him, a delicate looking figure stepped out of it…..

Very soon, the figure inside the fire became clear to the naked eyes and stood between Du Wei and the Green robed Gandalf!

With silvery hair like the winter snow, the shade on her dress is like blood!

This is indeed the mysterious Semel!

With her stunning and frosty looking face, Semel gently lifted her slender fingers and pointed it straight at the Green robed Gandalf. Despite her voice being clear and sweet, it somehow felt cold like ice:

“Gandalf, you promised me that you will never hurt a member of my Rowling family. Are you going to break your vow?!”

After seeing the flaming Semel in front of Du Wei, the expression on Green robed Gandalf’s face changed drastically. With eyes that looked like they were about to fall out, even his breathing became erratic as if he had gone crazy with shock…..

After a long time had passed, he suddenly raised a finger and pointed it straight at Semel. In an almost screaming voice, he loudly shouted: “You! You! You…… You……”

And then as if he had seen a ghost, Gandalf suddenly screamed like a person is scared out of his wits. Teleporting at least ten meters away, he looked like he is about to collapse due to extreme stress. Staring at the Semel in front of Du Wei, he shouted disbelieving voice: “Impossible! It’s impossible!”

With that, this person that had dominated the arena in this coup d’état suddenly flew into the sky. Then in a shrill voice, he screamed in horror before flying far into the horizon……





One minute…… Two minutes…… Ten minutes elapsed. In this time frame, the central square was so quiet that even a pin dropping to the ground could be heard. With wide eyes, everyone in the audience was gazing at the general direction of where this Green robed Gandalf had fled.

He…… Master Gandalf actually ran away>

What the hell is going on? What kind of horrifying situation is this? Or did the kid from the Rowling Household really defeat the great Magister with some kind of strange magic?

It can’t be! It must be an illusion! Must have been an illusion! The continent’s number one legendary Mage cannot be so easily defeated by some unknown kid!

Just now under the eyes of tens of thousands of people, they only saw that Gandalf was about to reach out to grab Du Wei before a burst of flame suddenly erupted in front of him. Can it be fire magic? But why would Gandalf flee from just seeing some kind of fire magic?

Even Prince Son at this moment is clearly showing a face of shock….. Although he is very appreciative of what Du Wei is doing for him, but he is not obscene enough to believe a kid can really defeat the continent’s most powerful mage……

But what really is a shame is that no one present is able to see this magical creature known as Semel. In that brief exchange between Du Wei and Gandalf, no one could hear their conversation due to the noise silencing spell set up by Gandalf.

The result of this is the mighty and powerful Gandalf fled like a mouse from a cat. All the while Du Wei just stood there in a daze, still unable to believe what just unfolded in front of him.

Flashing with realization in his eyes, Prince Son immediately stepped forward and shouted in the greatest voice he can muster: “Du Wei won! Du Wei defeated the continent’s number one Mage Gandalf! Du Wei won!!”

At this time, the people on the Crown Prince’s side all turned pale, even Du Wei’s father is no exception…. It wasn’t easy for their side to recruit the help of someone so powerful. Just like this, that person ran away?!

As for Du Wei, he finally regained his thoughts at this moment. But when he looked around to search for Semel, this magical creature was gone without any traces left behind….


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  1. after all thoses trick and treat everything is wrapped with a woman help !?
    just how pathetic are they?

      • Compared to the McDonald’s Fleet, sports betting, Harry Potter, etc. this is pretty small potatoes on the author trolling level for this novel. 😉

        • Yeah, that was kind of ridiculous. I kinda understand about Harry Potter, though, since he’s giving himself another identity to hide his true one.

          I still don’t get why other users were laughing at the name Duke Tulip. I don’t get the reference.

  2. I knew it!! Only time he can escape a sticky situation is with Semel’s help. I want the MC to become badass and protect his own ass already.

  3. What ever that fake Gandalf is, he sure afraid of Semel and he don’t recognized Star Dou Qi at all.
    Now, I don’t think is the Dragon King, firstly, that lizard afraid of no one beside Aragon, and secondly, that lizard had fought all kind of humans in disguise he practically a walking encyclopedia of martial arts.
    I got feeling this Gandalf may be similar to current Semel, a construct formed from memories of deceased.

    • Well it wasn’t like he was standing there going through the forms of stars, he was just athletic enough for it to be obvious he does some kind of martial arts.

    • I doubt he’s a construct because he wouldn’t ran away from Semel just by seeing her — similarly, how the real Gandalf reacted upon seeing her.

      • Real Gandalf will jump on her if she had real body! Just joking, seeing back past chapters, real Gandalf is very much in love with Semel to the point seeing her image is more than enough to make him teary eyes, not run away like seeing a “ghost”!

  4. How disappointing Du Wei win because of pure luck. He didn’t show anything which is his own invention.the now he got it because of luck and the fireballs are his mage theoretikers invention and Gargamel did the work. He has nothing but a big mouth.

    • You realize he is just a child and didn’t even get much training yet, right…

      And still his strategy and skill was still pretty good…

      This was a lvl 1-5 vs a lvl 100 -_-

      Kinda asking for much if you want him to properly win

  5. Damn, now what? This is really like Indonesian / Malaysian / Melayu poverb “seperti memakan buah simalakama, dimakan ibu mati, tidak dimakan ayah mati” which translated to “like eating simalakama fruit, ate the fruit and your mother died, didn’t eat the fruit and your father died”. I mean, yes DuWei able to “win” against “Gandalf” but by “Gandalf” defeat, now his family position is in danger since they support crown prince and DuWei just defeated crown prince’s magician champion. Damn it.

    • his dad is doomed the rest can be saved by Du Wei
      his dad if he things fast mite be able to blame the fake Gandalf
      but lets face it from what he said not 30min ago there is no
      way for him to get out of this with out losing every thing
      prince son mite be able to spare his life but the rest of
      the family will lose all power and land to Du Wei
      they have a better chance of living if they condem
      the erl and his actions and side with Du Wei

    • His Dad’s entire plan was to either sacrifice DuWei while the rest of the family lived on in glory or in the case of the rebellion failing for DuWei to live on while the rest of the family died or were repressed.

      That’s why Duwei asked him if he had made a decision on his plan and then said he’d make it easy on his father and attacked him with the knife. He saw that his dad was trying to make sure some of the family survived but was having second thoughts about sacrificing his son, so DuWei took the decision away from him and carried out the plan himself.

      • It just that, by defeating “Gandalf”, now crown prince position wasn’t as secure as before, right? I mean, currently he lost two of his trump card already, that saint level warrior and now “Gandalf”-level mage.
        Even if by any chance second prince won and became king, I don’t think DuWei will able to help his “former” family too much, exile for his “former” family at the best.
        But then, I guess it’s better if his family go to background and hide, so when it’s time for DuWei to wreak havoc, they won’t be used to black mail him.

        • Nah, he’s still has warmth feeling for Gabri and with a phrase/statement on this chapter, you could easily identify that he will do anything for his family. Even if his father acted like this, he understood that he was doing it for his family.

  6. Seriously am i the only one that have seen semel coming to save his ass since the first chapter where G-grandalf appeared ? was it not obvious that with the saint spirit gone she was the only one who could do anything ?

    Well, thanks for the chapters, i know i don’t always say it any more but i do appreciate your work translator-San

    • your not the only one but him fearing her.
      if he really is the same kind of thing as Samel his fear is justified as she is about as powerful as the real Gandalf was.
      if he is just a mage then he fears samel as one of the most powerful mages a true student of Gandalf back form the dead that or he knows what samel is and fear her for the monster she is.

      I think it is a good idea to fear a invisible ethereal monster that can take on the form soul and power of a mage what about you.
      hell if samel was not bound to Du Wei it could kill almost any one in the empire only the saint knights can fight it and most humans can’t even see it.

  7. can only fire once b4 replacing the magic crystal my ass, that would depend on the crystal employed and the amount of triggering energy.

    • the five colored stone should hold more then one shot that or be too dangerous to fire at close range.

    • Do you undertand that it have the power of a fucking meteor?
      This means: fire magic, aceleration magic, gravity magic, penetration magic… and so on

      The thing is too fucking powerfull it probally cant even be used with a normal magic crystal

      And to shot it at point blank… it was suicide

      And because it is soo powerfull it need to have a downside or can you imagine shooting it like a machine gun with each bulet having the power of a meteor who could destroy a mountai?

  8. Lol i was so confused at first, reread it then laughed… the laughed again XD, can’t say i expected that. Thanks for the chapter.

    And i really want Du Wei to shout something like: This just proves he is not real Gandalf! How could i defeat my dear teacher just like that?!
    for some reason when thinking of fake Gandalf name Azrael always pops up in my mind (old evil person) or maby it is really pope (don´t like that idea though) i don´t think it is same creature as Samel but who knows… anything could happen. his escape that eliminates the possibility of fake being Du Wei´s new teacher
    Thanks for translation

    • It’s not the pope. If you recall, Gandalf stated that the Pope is powerful than him. Additionally, the Temple wouldn’t stoop low to support the empire as they have their “God” (the one who killed Aragon).

      • i agree with that
        (i REALLY wouldn´t like it if fake was actually pope)
        but at this point i can´t even imagine what dramatic turn of event is comming next
        and as i said anything could happen

  10. Wait what??!!!!

    Accidentally found this translation…
    I read the original version about 4 years ago (in Chinese), and is a big fan of it.

    Never thought there would be English translation and so many readers!!

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