Law of the devil chapter 155 part 2

The 155th chapter “The Prince’s hidden card” part one

Under the escort of 300 elite Rowling Household guards, Earl Raymond had already come down from the tall platform and melded into the army formation belonging to the Crown Prince’s side.

“Earl Raymond.” The Crown Prince only gave a single glance at this high ranking military officer before crying out: “We will put your son’s matter aside for now! I know you intend to support me, for that, I will never forget it! I will give you my word. On the day I ascend to the throne, I will also raise you to a Duke!”

When the Crown Prince finishes his words, Earl Raymond nods before laughing out loud: “Thank you your Majesty!”

With that, Earl Raymond also pulls out his sword and invokes his Dou Qi. Immediately, a pale golden light erupted around his entire body. His strength is not actually at the ninth level, but because of the Rowling Households unique training method, his Dou Qi is always normally a pale golden shade.

Suddenly, Earl Raymond tore off his robe to reveal the light armor hidden underneath. This is in fact the very same armor the Rowling Household ancestor wore to conquer the entire continent back at the beginning of the Augustine dynasty.

Embedded on the chest is a red magic crystal enchanted with both a speed and strength enhancement spell. And if one were to take a closer loook, they would be able to make out some easily noticeable knife marks all over the armor, clearly left behind by the ancestor of the Rowling Household in his campaign of conquest. Of course, the family chiefs of the Rowling Household wouldn’t just leave this armor to rust through the ages. Over numerous generations of repair and improvement, the armor is not only higher quality compared to its original state, the shoulder pads were also enchanted with a brightness spell. Whenever Raymond invokes his Dou Qi and trigger the brightness spells, his entire body would look like it was envelope in a cloud of divine glory.

At this moment, Earl Raymond is radiating a brilliant light around his entire being. Compared to the light of the Saint level warriors like Hussein and Rodriguez, his image is even more fitting of a Saint Knight.

As a senior military general, his debut onto the scene is naturally different from those prior to this. Shouting with motivation: “Long live his Majesty! Prosperity to martial arts!”

This change of naming from “His highness” to “His Majesty” immediately caused the 300 elite guards behind him to follow suit. Shouting in unison: “Long live his Majesty! Long live his Majesty!”

Suddenly, a forest of swords was raised high into the air! And then the tens of thousands of troops surrounding the square heard of this and also responded.

In an instant, the loud chanting sound of “long live his Majesty” dominated the entire capital city!

Under the support of the surround Calvary knights, the Crown Prince looked like a heroic knight riding to battle. Seeing this, the rebellious nobles supporting him also knew it was time. Moving with haste, groups of nobles along with their personal guards began merging with the soldiers on the Crown Prince’s side. In no time at all, an outbreak of various colors of Dou Qi began erupting within the ranks of the Crown Prince’s army. Also, the archer brought in by the Marquise of Solomon also raised their bows and aimed it straight at the tall platform where the royalists were standing.

“Heed my command!” Earl Raymond turns around to jump onto a horse: “Archers shoot in volley! Infantries forward!” After saying all this, he then gave the Crown Prince a glance: “Your Majesty, please maneuver your Calvary troops. The other side doesn’t have any Calvary troops under their command, therefore, forcing them to retreat within the palace walls. Taking this advantage, let’s first have the cavalry troops outflank them and put the outer perimeter under our control!”

The Crown Prince nods: “Leading a battle is your specialty Raymond; I’ll leave it to your command!”

Earl Raymond takes a deep breath and looks at the second divisions general Jean-Claude: “Jean-Claude, I’ll leave the frontal assault to your city defense forces! Although the palace walls are high, but the other side isn’t prepared, not to mention 3,000 of the royal guards are also gone. As long as you can break through the first gate, then the big picture is set in stone!”

Jean-Claude nods in confirmation. Then suddenly, the eyes of these general suddenly changed colors before speaking up: “Your Majesty…. After we break into the palace, what do you wish for us to do with the others inside the palace?”

“Kill!” The Crown Prince did not hesitate when he made a chopping gesture with one of his hands.

Jean-Claude was stunned for a second before coming to his senses. Years ago, the Crown Prince’s birth mother had already passed away due to illness. The only ones left inside the palace are people unrelated to him. For the Crown Prince to raise the butchering knife against his father and siblings, what else would he care for at this point?!

The front lines of the city defense guards are already in place. Unlike the original sloppy soldiers that made up this garrison, Earl Raymond had secretly redeployed every member of this group to some other location and brought in the elite troops from the empire’s border.

Now with a single whistle, the thousand strong groups of archers began letting loose their first volley of arrows aimed straight at the royalists!

Immediately, the soldiers beside the young prince took up their shields and formed a blockade. At this moment, the old emperor Augustine the 6th was already retreating backwards towards the palace while under the protection of his bodyguards. But unlike his father, Prince Son only sneered before stepping forward. Floating into the air, the young prince began showing his outstanding level of magic when he took out two magic scrolls. After being invoked by the young prince, the scrolls immediately turned out a ray of blinding light before forming into globe around his vicinity.

And then the young prince’s fingers began moving at an amazing speed. Before long, the air around him began spinning at a rapid pace to form a mini tornado. Shooting this wind based spell out, his efforts paid off and a good amount of arrows aiming at their side was deflected by the fierce winds.

No matter what, his powers are limited. After significantly reducing the amount arrows in the air, there were still quite a bit of arrows flying towards the royalists’ faction. Fortunately these nobles also brought with them their own personal guards. Not waiting for the command, those powerful guards began bursting out their Dou QI and raised the nearby chairs, tables to be used as a temporary shield.

Of course, we can’t forget the royal guards on top of the palace walls. Without any need for orders, the royal guards that were lucky enough to carry a mini crossbow on them were already retaliating. But their numbers were outmatched to begin with. After a few rounds of volley from the enmy, these poor soldiers couldn’t even raise their heads anymore.

In this way, two teams of loyal royal guards stormed out of the palace gates and retrieved the old emperor back in the palace. Of course, this is only possible after leaving behind hundreds of dead body in its wake.

“Du Wei!” After continuously shooting out a chain of spells, this handsome and young Prince finally ran out magic reserve. Leaving behind a trail of black smoke in the square for his deeds, Son lands on top of the platform. Pulling onto Du Wei’s sleeve, he began instructing the bodyguards that came up to them: “You guys first take Duke Tulip into the palace!”

Stumbling to react, the several soldiers that came over finally realized who it was.

“Your highness……” When the captain of the guards spoke up, Prince Son is already saying the next sentence: “Never mind me; I have my ways….. Just go!”

Du Wei grew a bit of gratitude in his heart so how can he just go to the palace first? Also, he still needs to accompany the young prince so that he can escape with him when the time is right: “No need, I’m not important. You guys first go back.” Then glancing at the royal guards moving hastily towards the palace: “The royal guards won’t be able to hold the gate for much longer. Go back now before they close the gate!”

Prince Son smiles faintly as he glanced at Du Wei: “Du Wei, I will forever remember your kindness today.”

With the two rounds of volley finished, Earl Raymond raised his sword and shouted loudly: ‘Jean Clause, tell your people to charge”

That General Jean-Claude immediately shouted: “Troops listen to my order! The Target is the palace. Break through the walls and burst into the palace!”

Seeing the marching army coming at the palace, the royal guards fighting on top of the palace wall quickly formed a thousand strong squad and did their best to shoot down the invades. Unfortunately for them, the enemy troops on the ground were too heavily armored. No matter how much they shot their crossbows, the enemy was hardly injured. Only on occasion a very unlucky soldier would fall victim to a stray arrow that somehow landed between the cracks.

Right now, most of the royalist nobles had already retreated behind the palace walls and only a minority of these people suffered any form of injury due to being hit with a stray arrow while fleeing. After seeing the advancing infantry formation, Prince Son finally pulls himself and Du Wei back into palace and unquestionably ordered: “close the gates!’

Although there are still a lot of screaming people outside begging for help, but Prince Son is clearly showing the determination in his personality right now! With the gates closed, the people inside the thick palace walls finally heave out a breather.

Prince Son’s face looked a little loose as he smiled: “Du Wei, let’s go, I’ll take you to see a good show.”

Stunned at his words, Du Wei looked up at the sneering face of his Highness and thought: Does he still have some hidden cards?

Du Wei was pulled up to the palace walls by the young prince. Looking out, he can see the infantry troops had already begun their sieging of the palace. Luckily there wasn’t any proper siege weapons, thus, forcing the rebellion troops to pillage timber from the nearby areas.

Seeing the rebels banging at the palace gate with a giant timber pole, even royal guards were a little stunned by all this. To them, this ganging was just like an attack straight into their minds…..

These royal guards may be equipped with superior equipment, but they are lacking in experience. To the inexperienced eyes of Du Wei, even he can see that the enemy had no ladder to climb the wall. The enemy’s only option is to pillage anything they can find in the nearby houses and use it as a makeshift ladder. If they can find some stone or hot oil and throw it down at the climbing invaders, it would create huge damage to the enemy..

However, where would they find such things inside the palace?

“Your Highness.” Du Wei sighed, although the Palace gates are very thick, but it would still eventually break under the constant banging. And if the enemy lacked a ladder, they can just build one themselves because they are outside the palace. For such elite troops, it wouldn’t take them long to figure out a solution. “Your highness, please have your people go look for tables, chairs, and cabinets. Whatever they can find, have them all thrown it down at the enemy immediately.”

The 10 guards standing in front of the young prince held their shields up in order to protect him. But after listening to Du Wei’s suggestion, he actually smiled: “Du Wei, I understand the meaning behind your words….. But if we break the things now, we will have to figure out a way to replace them afterwards. For that, it’s too much trouble…. Look, after a while, my brother won’t be flying so high anymore!”

With that, he suddenly frowns at the several bodyguards in front of him: “Take off the shield. Aigh, their archers won’t be shooting at this point with so many of their people down there…. After today’s situation is resolved, I will have to send you people out into the northwest to get some proper training!”

Looking at the calm and unmoving expression of the young prince, Du Wei is not only startled, but also uncertain of what is to come next.

Then Prince Son looked at the sky before suddenly whispering to himself, “It’s almost time……”

It was at this moment Du Wei suddenly saw a bright light break out into the sky at the western direction of the capital. This magnificent and sacred looking light instantly lights up the general area of where it was coming from. Then from his ears, he could hear numerous vague voices singing a chorus….

Subsequently, the ground began to shake with vibration. Du Wei had good hearing because he can easily make out the noise was that of a horse galloping!

Then from the west side of the city, numerous clouds of dust could be seen in the air. Before long, the rebel troops further out of the central square began to shout out: “Cavalry! Cavalry attack!!!”

At the end of the streets, everyone can only see a few mighty steeds galloping at a lightning pace. These certain individuals had pulled themselves far away from the main body and charged right through the defending soldiers in the back of the rebel army. Whenever they passed by an enemy, a streak of silvery light would flash across the air and the heads of those unfortunate enough to face them would be rolling on the floor!

Bursting with a silvery Dou Qi, these several knights charged into the rebel army with such overwhelming force that they easily crippled the rear guards protecting the rebel army!

Du Wei looked shocked. Standing on top of the wall, he propelled himself to the edge and focused his sight. Although their numbers weren’t very high – only around a hundred knights or so – but what is more frightening is that every one of these knights was capable of using Dou QI!

If they are capable of wielding Dou QI, then that means this hundred or so knight is all of the fourth level or higher!

For a normal infantry formation like those of the rebel army, there’s no way they can resist against such a scary charge from such powerful fighters.

And all of a sudden, Du Wei’s eyes lit up because he saw something important.

On the chest of the leading knight that made the first contact with the rebels, Du Wei can see that other than the badge from the knight union, he can also see another badge!

Yes, there’s no doubt. This second badge is something Du Wei had seen before!

The holy knights of the temple?!



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