Law of the devil chapter 156 part two

The 156th chapter “each with their own thoughts” (part two)

With a gloomy look right now, the Crown Prince was only somewhat relieved when he saw Jean Claude’s people rush up.

The temple’s Holy Knights Platoon? Humph…….

Gritting his teeth, the Crown Prince began to swear at the religious hypocrites in front of him despite the fact that the thousand men strong Calvary unit behind him is ready for battle. In his mind, he had other plans in mind…..

For a Coup d’état, what is the greatest asset one can have? The answer to that is of course the main fighting force under one’s direct command! In terms of closeness, the people in this thousand Calvary unit are far closer to him than any support these nobles are willing to give him! For years, he had slowly and carefully trained them, so he is certain their loyalty is absolute!

Although both Earl Raymond and General Jean Claude are on his side….. But a person’s heart is unpredictable!  If he ends up losing his main leveraging chip in this fight, then wouldn’t he become a puppet king after this is all over with his subordinates calling the shots?

Humph, examples of Generals with enormous military power staging a coup d’état is countless in the canals of history! As such, this Calvary unit of his must not be lost!

Fight! Fight! Knights of the Holy Knights platoon, hurry and fight with the Jean Claude’s men! It would be even better if you take each other out!

“Your Highness…… General Jean Claude’s side looks like they won’t be able to hold out much longer.” A knight sitting on horseback next to him suddenly whispered after watching the unfolding battle scene: “Would you like us to……”

“Wait a bit more!” The Crown Prince spoke in a cold tone: “Rest assured, Jean Claude is a well experienced General; he will be able to hold out for a while longer.”

When the nearby people saw how cold the Crown Prince smiled, they suddenly felt a throbbing in their hearts. Shutting their mouths, they knew it would be wiser to keep their thoughts to themselves.

At this point, Earl Raymond is already running towards the Crown Prince’s location while carrying Alpha on the back of his horse. And behind the Earl, there is less than 50 Rowling Household guards left from the 300 people they started off with. As such, when he saw how the Crown Prince and his direct subordinates are standing there with a relaxed posture, he wanted to puke blood at how aggravated he felt because Jean Claude’s people are dying left and right behind him,.

With his long experience in life, it wasn’t hard for him to guess what the Prince was thinking at this moment. Giving the Crown Prince a glance, he began to swear inside: “Goddammit! Even if you want to conserve your powers, you still need to first become the emperor! If the Holy Knights really make it through the square, then what good are these horsemen! What, use it to flee for your life?” As such, when the Earl finally returns to the Crown Prince’s side, his face, of course wouldn’t look very good.

Knowing he over did it with the scheming, the Crown Prince only said some consoling words to comfort him: “You’ve worked hard Raymond…. When I ascend the throne, I will give every man that died today a prominent title!”

Hearing these insulting words, Earl Raymond wanted to let out a heavy “Humph” from his mouth. But just when he was about to do it, he forcefully pressed it down knowing it would backlash against him in the future. In a whisper: “your highness, Jean Claude won’t be able to hold for much longer….”

“Rest assured, Raymond.” The Crown Prince spoke slowly: “How many people can the Temple have in the capital? I know the temple is limited to 500 knights, so how much impact can they pose? You see! Isn’t Jean Claude’s people already controlling the scene right now……”

With that, he raised his hand and pointed.

Sure enough, the fierce Jean Claude sure lives up to his reputation as an old military General. For him to be given the responsibility of leading the capital’s defense forces, he is naturally more skilled than an average commander. In terms of combat strength, his personal guards may not be as effective as the Holy Knights, but they are after all old veterans of the army. Adding in Jean Claude’s sharp observation of the situation, the rebel army quickly reformed their ranks and withstood the advances of the Holy Knights.

Like this, the people on both sides battled it out in one corner of the square without any advances on either side. In the end, the rebel army suffered catastrophic losses to their numbers just to take down no more than half of the Holy Knights.

For this battle, at least 2000 bodies laid dead.

But for the Marquis of Solomon, he was actually the angriest of everyone present. During the initial charge of the Holy Knights, it just so happens that his private army of archers were the first ones to face off against the attackers. As such, the amount of people belonging to him is now less than half of what it used to be.

“It seems this elder brother of mine is still too cheap in his personality……” Sighing, Prince Son immediately guessed his brother’s intention when he stared down from the palace walls and saw how the horseman unit wasn’t moving: “Does he not know that personality of his would eventually kill him? Humph, if he didn’t care so much about conserving his own strength and had his Calvary’s counter charge, then the Holy Knight’s may not have been able to make it this far.” Prince Son smiles before looking at DU Wei: “Du Wei, did you know? This brother of mine always felt he was inferior to me in every way. For this reason, he hated me to the bones all these years. However, the one exception to this is his military leadership. Because he had participated in the war 20 years ago, he always felt that I cannot match up to him in his military plays. Ha-ha, just because he went to do some military inspection in place of father, he really thought he could out maneuver me? What a joke, that type of thinking will get himself killed soon enough.”
At this point, Du Wei is feeling a sense of dread in his heart. From the start till now, other than the fake Gandalf that appeared, Prince Son seems to act like everything is within his grasp.

And right now this guy’s eyes seem to be flashing with certainty….. Does it have another card to play?

Calculating in his heart over the stalemate that is happening below him, Du Wei suddenly felt a sense of agitation growing!

This won’t do!

Not like this!

Du Wei originally intended to let the Crown Prince succeed in his coup. Although he had good intentions towards the young prince, but he intended to save Son when the time comes. But now…. If the Crown Prince really fails, then the Rowling Household will be ruined….. Mother. Brother……

The Crown Prince can’t die!

Looking at the young prince before him, Du Wei surprised himself when an idea suddenly birthed inside his head.

Prince Son is only two steps away from him, and because of the trust he gained from this person, all the guards were dismissed by the young prince. If he were to draw his dagger and swipe Son across the neck…. Then this whole situation would end….. The Crown Prince would succeed in this coup and the family will be preserved…..

Once this idea came out, Du Wei could not ignore it anymore. With a drooping face, his eyes kept eyeing the exposed throat on the prince’s neck…..

“Du Wei.” Prince Son suddenly turned around to glance at Du Wei, frowning: “Your face don’t look too good….. Can it be that your magic still isn’t restored?” His voice was filled with warmth as he said this.

Suddenly turning around with his back against Du Wei, this person seems to be trying to get something out of his chest. In this single movement, the young prince had unreservedly left himself open him. Not willing to give up the chance, Du Wei is just about to reach for his dagger when…..

His heart started beat uncontrollably. At this instant, Du Wei felt like his whole body’s blood was rushing up to his head. With dry lips, his hand was already holding the Mithril dagger gifted to him by the Lister family!

“Ah, got it!” Just when Du Wei couldn’t make up his mind in hesitation, Prince Son had already turned around with his iconic smile. Holding a small little bottle in his hand, the young prince pushed it to Du Wei before he can say anything: “Take it and quickly drink it!”

This bottle is actually made out of a fine crystal. With one look, Du Wei can tell the price on this thing is definitely priceless.

“Drink it.” Prince smiles faintly and said, “This is good stuff. Compared to those regular magic potions out on the streets, this “magic source” potion is 10 times more effective. Although it cannot fully rejuvenate someone at the level of a Magister, but it won’t be too far off. Also, the recipe for this potion was lost a long time ago; therefore, every time a bottle is consumed, there won’t be another!”

With that, this precious bottle is already crammed into Du Wei’s left hand by the prince.

Watching the gentle face of the Prince, Du Wei can still slightly feel the body warmth from the guy through the bottle in his hand.  Suddenly, Du Wei felt an extremely complex emotion swirling around inside his heart like two opposing forces.

At this moment under the warm gentle gaze of the young prince, the dagger in his hand suddenly became so heavy that he couldn’t make it budge.


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  1. Just request your family’s safety in return for your aid, MC is having a serious case of the ol’ poo-brain. Even if he can’t save his father, he can save the other two. Prince-Son clearly values him, even if he doesn’t need him to win right now, which he doesn’t to, he’s smart enough to know that Du Wei’s support is invaluable for the future. If he says no, then go to blasty-blasty town and hope you can assassinate him.

    Thanks for the chapter, you’re doing great man!

    • Pretty much. He’s already guaranteed a Dukedom, supporting the underdog would already give him a lot of influence on top of support from the Magic Union and the new royal magic academy.

      Let his brother keep the Rowling household and give him new territory.

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      • Because his beloved mother ask him to help his father….
        I don’t think DuWei care for his father, understand him yes, but not love.
        Also, I think DuWei worry for his little brother. I mean, the fall of his father definitely will bring disaster to his family.

      • Because author really likes to make smart and logical MCs into idiots during these moments.

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