Law of the devil chapter 157 part 2

The 157th chapter “Hook line and sinker” (part two)

Sure enough, after the black smoke floated to a corner of the square, it started to condense into the shape of a human. From top to bottom, this person is shrouded in an unexplainable shadow that hides his face and body that leaves no traces for any onlookers to see past the outer exterior.

In Du Wei’s eyes, he is certain this Mage is the same person that he fought against the other night.

But in the eyes of the onlookers, mainly the Mages in the audience, they were all focused on the black smoke still extruding out of this dark and mysterious person that appeared so suddenly. To them, this smoke is the iconic dark energy trapping the souls of the deceased in this world! For that, their eyes are clearly radiating a sense of doubt and suspicion at this person.

The reason for this sudden hostility is because in order to cultivate oneself to a higher level in dark magic, that person in question must need a vast amount of spirits to fuel his magic – meaning they would have had to kill countless living beings. So, when everyone saw how much pressure this mysterious person could wield, they inherently began to think of the vile existence known as a death mage due to the numerous limitations imposed by the magic union.

At this level of dark magic, the likely scenario is that this person committed some sort of mass murder to support his level of cultivation. By then, the magic union would no longer recognize this person as a dark mage, but a death mage instead!

For a death and dark mage, it is only a one word difference!

To the Mages in the magic union, every single one of them has an obligation to destroy any death mage they come across! This is an absolute contract every Mage must sign before they are fully recognized by the magic union in the examinations.

After seeing the sinister looking person appear before them, the two elders from the temple remained unmoved. With the same divine expression, their mouths began to move and a chorus song started

“God said, believe in me, and you will get light. Leave me, and you will receive my wrath.

As a rule, I will allow the existence of darkness, but darkness can never be above the light. Otherwise, it will certainly receive my purification!”

This section of the God’s law is a religious statement that every follower must memorize and read because according to legend, this phrase was left behind by the goddess herself.

Using a slow and holy voice, the two elders recited these words in a way that words cannot describe how saintly they looked…..

Seeing this, the Crown Prince gritted his teethes: “What a bunch of religious fakes that only knows how to make some parlor tricks. Yet, they had to show up now to ruin my plans!”

Earl Raymond stood silently behind the Crown Prince as a sense of anxiety ate away at his mind! To this old veteran, this anxiety actually didn’t come from the appearance of the Holy Knights or the Elders.

…… But instead from……

Suddenly, Earl Raymond subconsciously sweeps over at the people in their own camps and saw how all of the Mages from the different noble houses were staring intently at the Crown Prince with the exact same eyes filled with suspicion and complexity!

From their gazes, there is actually a hint of hostility!

Instantly, Earl Raymond understood everything!

Not good!

His voice filled with arrogance and recklessness: “Fakes are fakes!” The Dark Mage laughs in a ‘kie kie’ manner. Originally, Mages never looked kindly towards the people of the Temple. To them, the true power of the gods stems from the art of magic and that the temple is nothing but a ploy by these people to fool others – this is especially true for the elder’s platoon that could use divine magic.

Stretching out his hands, two balls of black flames silently appeared in the palm of the Dark Mage. To the eyes of the audience, this dreadful flickering flame is no different from the physical embodiment of a painful cry of a haunting spirit.

Seeing this iconic flame of a dark mages, the two elders stepped back a few steps in unison. Still the same emotionless face, both of them sighed softly.

This sigh may be light in volume, but it was filled with amazing strength because it was ringing inside everyone’s heart like they were right beside the source.

The bizarre movement of the elders actually surprised the Black Mage. Increasing the intensity of the flames in his palms, the Dark Mage shouted:

“Come on then, let me witness the power of the so called ‘Divine Magic’!”

“God said, killing is one of the 12 sins because life is free. For darkness to kill is a unforgivable crimes, I will cleanse him of all darkness so that light becomes eternal.”

Once this phrase was finished, the two elders suddenly pulled back at a rapid pace. Then rummaging through their robe, both of them each pulled out some kind of metallic object that looked like it was only half of a complete object. Moving up close, the two raised their hands and combined both of the two item together to form an extremely ancient looking mirror!

Originally, the middle of the mirror is nothing but a copper plate, but when it was combined together, the surface started to swirl around like water. Then from the very depths of this mirror, light poured out from within at an uncontrollable rate as if it was flooding the entire sky with the light. Immediately, the Dark Mage in the sky was enveloped in this radiance!

Despite how overwhelming this light was, it didn’t cause any harm to the eyes of everyone present.

Instead, it was rather confortable like that of a mother’s embrace. Seeing this magnificent scene, the Holy Knights in the back all raised their sword and signed reverently:

“Divine mirror of Seendaly!”

Divine mirror of Seendaly?

According to ancient records, this mirror is one of the few divine artifacts left behind by the Goddess of Light herself.

From the myths of old, it is said that the light from this mirror was created to purify the darkness that she so mistakenly created. Due to the intensity of the sun’s light and the coldness of the moon’s ray, she combined the two lights to from a third light that can neutralize the darkness in its true form.

Then in order to contain this brilliant light, the Goddess scoured the world for a possible container. Finally, she chose water as the perfect material to contain it. But because of how fragile water is, the Goddess had no choice but to shed one of her armor pieces to forge the mirror to act as a catalyst. In the end, the Divine mirror of Seendaly was born! Of course, this is just all folklore and none of this can actually be proven, but it is true that there is at least three pieces of artifacts said to be left behind by the Goddess for the Temple of Light!

When Du Wei was five, he had already read of this so called fairytale. To him, this tale is no different from the bible used by the churches in his previous life.

It’s just that this Divine mirror of Seendaly was actually pulled out of storage by the temple on this day!

This mirror may be the absolute treasure to disperse darkness, but the user must also wield a supreme level of divine power to be able to use it. It is said that other than the pope, not many others in the temple is capable of cultivating their powers to a level of wielding one of the three artifacts.

But today, this mirror is actually brought out from storage and used before everyone. While it may not have the true “cleansing” effect on the Dark Mage as it claimed, but it did reveal his true appearance!

Unable to stop the dissipating aura of black smoke from leaving him, the disgusting sight of the Death mage was revealed for all to see!


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