Law of the devil chapter 158

The 158th chapter “Viciously…… Merciless…..”

The black air around the dark mage is already at the level of where it is drawing close to the point of having a physical body. For such a thing to happen, a regular dark mage would never be able to achieve such a feat.

If the Mages in the audience was only “suspecting” his identity before, then now, they are certain of his true face after being exposed to the light of the divine mirror!

The Dark Mage naturally also heard of the powers of the Divine mirror, but at such close distances, he didn’t have times to evade. After a brief moment of silence, a series of fierce shouts erupted through the square!

“Death Mage! This guy is a Death Mage!!”

“A wicked and evil Death Mage! Hurry and go summon the Magic Enforcement team!”

“Evil Dark Mage, purify him!”

“Kill him! Kill him! Release those poor souls imprisoned by him!”

“Kill! Kill…… ”

Wave after waves of shouting came out from the Crown Prince’s side. More specifically, the voices were coming out of all the Mages!

Just like this, the Mages colluding with the Crown Prince up till now all turned sides. Flying out from their respected camps, around seven to eight intermediate level Mages stood out in the square with chilling eyes staring straight at the Death Mage still hovering in the air. Not hiding their intents, their hostility and genuine hate is unabashedly showing through their eyes and faces!

The Crown Prince immediately became shocked; after all, he is not a fool. Churning his brain, he also thought up the reason for this. But in his mind, he never could have imagined they would turn on him so easily after he spent so much effort and time endorsing them up till now. Truly, how can a single Death mage cause so much hate that every single one of them would oppose him?!

This titanic change in an instant is enough to make the Crown Prince turn completely white. In a scolding voice, he yelled: “You…… What are you doing?!”

These Mages employed by the nobles under the Crown Prince are mostly intermediate level Mages. Whether it is food or money, these people only took and never gave anything in return…… And now that it has come to this critical moment, they didn’t even bash an eye brow when turning…. WHAT BEASTS!!!

Furthermore, master Leonard that has been quiet up till now from the sudden appearance of Gandalf is finally breaking his silence. Slowly but surely, he walked forward and stood out in the square.

“Magic Union S-class rule! As long as you are a Magician of the Magic Union, then you have an unconditional obligation to exterminate any evil Death Mage you come across! This iron clad rule will always take priority no matter the time or place of the event!! If there is any Mage that breaches this oath, then……”

Hearing the stern announcement from Leonard, those intermediate Mages that was once part of the Crown Prince’s side suddenly chorused out in unison for the next part. Once finished, the Crown Prince really felt like someone had just poured a bucket of cold water over his head!!

Because the next sentence is:

“If there is any Mage that breaches this oath, then that person will forever lose their qualification from the Magic Union. Also, the person will be branded as a traitor and be hunted down by the Magic enforcement team for 109 days!”

With this sentence being uttered out in unison by the seven or eight Mages, the Crown Prince had his heart sink down to the bottom. Unable to restrain his emotions, he yelled out in disbelief:

“What is this rule, why didn’t I know about this!!!?”

What’s this rule? I know every rule and law in the Magic Union, so how come I didn’t know about this?

The number one iron clad rule? Priority over any other act? Overrides any other rule? In other words, a Mage must drop everything they are doing at the time to defeat any Death Mage they come across at the expense of their own safety and life!

If any dare break their oath, then their qualification as a Mage will be revoked?! For a Mage, this status is more precious to them than any other thing in this world!

And also…… That Mage will be hunted down by the Magic enforcement team for 109 days?

If that is true, then that means the Magic enforcement team will hunt down the person in question as a traitor for a limited time of 109 days. If one can survive for this duration, then their life would be spared…. But if not, then its death that awaits them!

Magic enforcement team is practically the only fighting force on the continent that could strike fear into the minds of a Magician. Unless the person in question is a legendary and mighty person like Gandalf, then there is no way they would make it out of this ordeal unscathed….. Moreover, 109 days? If they can somehow make it for 10 days, then the power of the traitor would already be a force to be reckoned with!

This no doubt this would be equivalent of a death sentence!

Facing such a frightening rule, how can those Mages not jump out?

Standing from afar on top of the palace walls, Prince Son had long enchanted himself with an eagles eye spell to allow himself to see every detail of his elder brother’s expression. Seeing the anger and surprise on his elder brother, Prince Son broke out into a ‘hehe’ laughter. Then raising a wind based spell, he osculated his words right up to the ears of the Crown Prince:

“Oh my dear brother…… This iron clad rule is the highest taboo in the Magic Union! Before every Mage is given their ranking badge, they must first use their own blood to smear it and form an oath at that moment. Once bind with magic, this oath can never be broken. Even if one is at the very edge of the world, the Magic Union would know immediately if they violated this oath.” Prince Son’s voice was so happy now that his laugh didn’t even need magic to reach the Crown Prince’s ears: “My dear old brother, this taboo of the highest level also has another feature. In my opinion, this feature is both useless and boring because every Mage must swear that no matter what happens, they must keep this oath a secret. Unless they are facing an evil Death Mage, they can never reveal this information!  For that, a ordinary person would never know about this! HA HA HA HA HA……”

The Crown Prince was so angry that he immediately wanted to cough out a mouthful of blood as he watched his younger brother up at the wall.

“Dear brother…… I’m not skilled in martial arts and can only do magic. So, I have long passed the Mage assessment test! As such, I also know about this oath….. And, I also have something to tell you today!”

As if deliberately pausing for a bit, a voice filled with mockery and contempt soon reached out from Prince Son’s mouth:

“Sometimes, when murdering someone, one doesn’t have to do it yourself! If properly utilized, even a rule can help you kill!”


With anger reaching into his very core, the Crown Prince couldn’t hold it in anymore. Immediately, a mouthful of blood came bursting out of his mouth in a spraying fashion.

Flashing a sense of coldness in his eyes, Prince Son then turns to face Du Wei. Sighing with a wry smile, he then said: “Well then, this ploy is also one of my cards. But now, the troublesome part begins. Since I am also a magician of the magic union, I’m also obliged to fight with that Death Mage. If I don’t, then I fear even the president of the magic union won’t be able to hold back the magic enforcement team from killing me because this rule was handed down from the time of Aragon himself.”

Seeing the fake wry smile from Prince Son, Du Wei suddenly felt like a foolish child in his heart!

Skillfully using a not so secretive secret, he based his plans solely on the fact that the Crown Prince didn’t know about this rule. In specific conditions, he led the Crown Prince to send out the Death Mage to trigger a collective mutiny!

Such intelligence…… Does the young Prince have another hidden card?!

Du Wei suddenly shakes his head before speaking in a whispering voice: “Prince Son….. What about the two members of the elders platoon….?”

“Hmm, you’re very smart and your guess is correct!” Prince Son instantly admits everything: “Both elders are not capable of any destructive Divine Magic. One specializes in recovery magic and the other specializes in enhancement magic. Truthfully, I was only planning to use the two as bait to lure out the Death Mage in my brother’s mix! Thankfully you were here. In my plans, I never took into account of my brother having the support of a Mage at the level of the great Gandalf. Good thing you managed to scare him away. If not, then this card of mine would have been useless if the Death Mage didn’t reveal himself….”

With that, Prince Son whispers, “The Temple isn’t made of fools. For me, they would never reveal the true strength of the Elders Platoon….. But then again, I don’t need them to. As long as the two elders over there make an appearance, then that would be enough to make my brother fall into my trap…..”

Afterwards, Prince Son pats his robe before flying into the sky. Facing the Death Mage, he then flew towards where the enemy was located…..

There is no doubt that this battle would be very easy because this Death Mage is not Gandalf. Regardless of whether this Green Robed Gandalf is real or not, there is no way this Death Mage could match up to the power that was exhibited here today.

And facing a level eight Mage and several intermediate level Mages, plus Prince Son…….

With a deadpan face, Du Wei looked on at the one sided matchup. Sighing, he then smiled wryly as he thought to himself: “The Crown Prince is too naïve and Prince Son is far too powerful. Without a doubt, the battle that will soon happen is certain to be even more violent and bloody…..”



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  1. Thx! I guess Prince Son will backstab Du Wei one day? At least thats what my guts are telling from this, even if he “sacreficed” his life, I would still be doubtful. That scheming guy couldnt possibly endanger his life so easily.

    Btw, this makes me wonder whether those triplets are loyal towards Prince Son?

  2. Du Wei is the only mage here that dose not have to fight the death mage because he has yet to have a test and sign.

  3. Now we know the reason of the king. He first one is older and strong, but yeah to naive. Crown prince dosnt have a king material.

  4. Man im sure glad narrator Do nothing Way was there or else we wouldnt know what happens…….personally im kinda hoping his brothrr an mother get puffed while his dad escapes an Do nothing Way will just have to stand by an watch it happen……ty for the trans just the same

  5. The Crown Prince should have use his elite cavalry and his mages earlier when Temple show up, instead he foolishly sacrificed veteran infrantry and the Earl elite household guards. He put too much stock in shock and awe tactics, like using up his last favor with Saint Knight, revealing Fake-dalf (without informing the Earl, while forced the Earl to retrieved Du Wei from the Rowling plain), and openly showing his Death Mage to frighten Temple forces.
    Prince Son is also deceitful, he allowed his old man’s chief bodyguard to die under the Saint Knight’s hand, he purposely widen the rift between father and son, crown prince and earl by gifting Du Wei immense rewards for repealing Fake-dalf, and exploited the fact the a Death Mage is employed by his brother which he knew during early assassination attempt on him.
    In short, both princes are not to be trusted, the Earl learned the hard way, lets hope Du Wei don’t.

  6. Kinda seems strange that the mages have to keep it a secret that they are obligated to kill evil death mages if they see them. Why bother keeping it a secret? And more importantly how would they even keep it a secret if it’s so easily found out, like what just happened in this chapter.

    Also, it’s kinda odd how the oath breakers are hunted down for specifically 109 days. Why 109? If it’s so bad breaking the oath, then why not hunt them for years? Decades? Centuries? It seems like such an odd rule that the author came up with just so Prince Son would win.

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