Law of the devil chapter 159 part 1

The 159th “Deep Undercover” (part one)

There really isn’t much to say regarding the battle between the Death Mage and the others from the magic union. After all, the evil death mage may be powerful, but he is not at the level where he can take on so many powerful experts like the Green robed Gandalf that showed up earlier.was previously present.

What’s more, the amount of souls in his arsenal may be strong, but he did suffer at the hands of Du Wei a couple of days ago. With his skeletal dragon destroyed and the loss of numerous undead knights, his main pillar of support is gone.

In truth, he really is unlucky. Originally, a death mage and a dark mage is only a one word difference, so he naturally also knew of the iron clad rule. But if he just kept his powers within a certain limit, others would never be able to tell the difference even if they suspected him  at the time. If not for the young prince and the Temple colluding together to orchestrate this play, then he would never have been so openly caught like this.

In this battle, Master Leonard – an eighth level grand mage and also a disciple of Gandalf – showed off his immense powers in order to subdue his enemy. Adding in the other intermediate level Mages present, the sky soon became lit with all kinds of great and destructive spells regardless of their elements. In no time at all, the defensive barrier surrounding the death mage was penetrated by the onslaught of attacks. Above all else, Leonard also brought out his trump card, a water based magic crystal ball containing immense powers to duke it out with the Death Mage’s evil aura. Finally cornered without escape, the Death Mage perished at the hands of these great and powerful Mages.

Not only was his body incinerated to dust, even his bone staff was blown apart, leaving no physical trace behind. But what was not expected was how cruel and evil this person was. Even after death, his possessions would not disappear without causing havoc to the living. After the initial explosion of his bone staff, a thick and foggy white mist came bursting forth, and anyone unlucky enough to get smeared bythis substance would lose their life like a dehydrated mummy.

Just like that, two of the intermediate Mages in the battle lost their lives due to their careless action of touching the white must.

After the last unwilling cries of the Death Mage, the massive amount of dead souls trapped by this evil person suddenly exploded out in all direction. With the loss of a master to direct them, these deceased souls began to aimlessly wander across the square. Anyone present at this time would instantly feel a bone chilling cold run down their spines when they heard the screaming howls of the spirits as if they could actually feel the dread of death in their bodies……

Luckily these souls can only bring fear to the living and can’t actually bring any actual harm. So after more than half of these spirits floated into the sky by flowing with the wind, the gigantic barrier in the sky suddenly sparked a flash of light. In mere seconds, these poor souls dissipated from reality as if it was being sucked right into the force field covering the entire capital.

During the whole process, Prince Son only worked out a set of conveniently low-leveled wind based spells to prove he did not violate the oath. Now with the results set in stone, he didn’t wait at all before returning to the palace.

After the Crown Prince vomited blood and watched the scene unfold before his very eyes, he became even more pale like that of a ghost when he saw how easily his uninjured younger brother returned to the palace walls.

It’s not just him. Behind the Crown Prince, Earl Raymond looked even gloomier than before after witnessing the young prince pull off trick after tricks.

It seems……

Those Mages that jumped out of the Crown Prince’s camp wouldn’t be returning after killing his most important subordinate. Giving each other a few looks, the Mages all gathered at another part of the square after getting the silent agreement from Master Leonard.

Not only is the Crown Prince vomiting blood, even the nobles that is in his camp is bleeding in their hearts. After all, these people spent enormous wealth and effort to hire these Mages for this day. But when the time came, these bastards decided to turn their backs without any hesitation, so of course cursing would be the least of what they wanted to do right now.

Fortunately for the Crown Prince, the Holy Knights from the Temple is no longer making any more efforts to charge through and is only standing put at one corner of the square. Under the protection of these loyal knights of the Temple, the two elders are also hiding behind the cover of these people without making any movements. Just like this, they faced off against Jean Claude’s subordinates at a distant without retreat or confrontation.

“Your Highness.” At this point, Earl Raymond is already feeling a strong sense of dissatisfaction in his heart. Unfortunately for this military general, he knows this is not the right time to be arguing. Pressing his feelings down, he suggested: “Our advantage in the square right now is already weakened. Thankfully General Jean Claude still has a lot of people up at the city walls. If we send someone out for reinforcements, we can still take the palace!”

The Crown Prince lets out a long sigh: “Give the orders out!”

As for the Police Department’s 10,000 security officers, they had long been deployed to the Eastern part of the capital where the Magic Union is located.

Why? The reason is because the police headquarter is already occupied by the people of the rebel army. With one order after another, these traitors forced the police chief to issue out numerous illogical orders that left these people still loyal to the Emperor with no other option. In the end, this 10,000 strong army is now being hurdled as if they were animals in a cage by merely 3,000 highly equipped infantry soldiers.

In Jean Claude’s 2nd division, there are a total of 20,000 military soldiers under his command. While this force is much larger than the police forces, but of this army, only 3,000 was left behind to guard the police officers while he took 10,000 men’s to besiege the palace. As for the rest the remaining city defense forces under Jean Claude, he had them widely spread across the capital walls as insurance for anyone attempting to flee.

As such, the burden on the 3,000 soldiers left behind to guard the police forces are quite heavy.

After all, 10,000 people isn’t a small number. Fortunately, General Raymond came up with a good plan for the Crown Prince. First put the police force under control, then subdue police chief Sack so that he can put these people under strict orders to wait.

Right now at the east end of the capital, those police officers would no doubt hear of the commotions coming out of the central square at this point. Of course, they aren’t fools so it wasn’t hard for them to figure out the reason for this. The only problem for them is that their chief is giving out such weird orders to stay put, and there is also the 3,000 highly equipped soldiers from the city defense garrison.

Compared to the city defense garrison forces, these police officers is still a notch lower in quality. If Du Wei had to make a comparison, it would be the same as the police in his previous life compared to the army. But then again, this 10,000 decently armed fighting force is not be looked down upon without restraint.

Just like this, all of the police forces in the capital re gathered in the outer vicinity of the magic union and is currently nervously facing off against 3,000 of the city defense garrison.

Although the Crown Prince originally intended to hijack the chief of the police forces and make them surrender to the city defense force, but General Raymond strongly opposed this decision. In his argument, this old general saw the danger in this idea and suggested that they only needed to be directed away. As long as this army doesn’t make any sort of trouble, then it would be fine just to leave them be because if they go too far, these people might riot and cause even more trouble.

Turns out, Earl Raymond was right. The soldiers in the police department aren’t made up of fools. Once the commotion reached their ears from the central square, the squad leaders could already guess what was really happening.

To them, they can still obey chief Sack’s order of staying put, but if they were ordered to drop their weapons and surrender, then they would have rebelled!

A coup d’état! This is a coup! In these type of events, who knows what would happen if they surrendered their lives to the enemy. If anything, the enemy could just slaughter them all immediately after they drop their weapons. Therefore, the idea of disarming is completely unacceptable!

Receiving the affirmative nod from the Crown Prince, Earl Raymond immediately sent multiple messengers to gather up the widely spread city defense forces around the city. To him, this is not the time to worry about the small details. If the city is going to fall into chaos, then so be it!

First rally up their strength’s, then break into the palace!

With the order given, numerous messengers started to rush out to gather people. Like a snowballing effect, these sparsely scattered rebels across the capital started to huddle together in mass and came rushing towards the square. In the end, around 2,000 soldiers arrived.

“Chaos……Everything is falling into chaos……..”

Letting out a deep sigh, General Sack closed his window in the office room. After being held hostage by the rebels, he was imprisoned in a room on the second floor of the police headquarter. To make it even more humiliating, his hands are cuffed with the very same restraints he would normally use for criminals in prison.

The horrifying stories of how the celebratory event in the central square becoming a grizzly slaughter fest had long been spread across the capital. Hearing this, the entire capital has sunk into a chaotic mess. Also, there are plenty of looting and robbery going on caused by ruffians across the streets. Fearing for their lives, just about every home is now locked.

To General Sack, the sounds of utter disorder and mayhem are akin to having someone strike a blow into his heart. As the head of the police department in charge of security, how can he not be grieving?

But what can he do now? The main forces of the police department had long been dispatched in the morning, leaving only a handful of fighting soldiers behind. If not for his seniority, Sack feared he might have been thrown in the jail cell like the rest of his subordinates.

Sitting across from him, the leader of the rebels that had captured him is currently playing with a sharp dagger while showing a face of indifference. And outside the room, there are two heavily armed guards just in case anything happens.

“Commander, you might as well sit down.” The rebel leader had cold eyes when he looked at the anxious looking Sack.

Sack may have hailed from nobility, but his air of supremacy had long dissipated tot he air like water. In a whispering voice: “I can only sit here, if not, what else can I do! Humph!”

The rebel leader smiled at his reply: “Commander Sack. I remember your Baron title was even granted by his Majesty himself, right? At this moment, his highness should have succeeded in forcing the emperor to abdicating the throne. For that, are you sad?”

Sack’s face suddenly changed as if a surge of shame crossed his face. Though he is angry and embarrassed by his own situation, he could not help but cry out: “Are you trying to humiliate me by saying this?! Not bad, I do feel ashamed! His majesty trusted me with the important task of keeping the capital’s security in check, but now, I can only sit here and watch you bastards press in against his Majesty. I……. I……. I am unworthy of his Majesty’s trust! I know I have sinned, so you don’t have so use such words to aggravate my emotions!”

This rebel leader spent a moment to look over Sack. Then suddenly, his expression changed from that of mockery to that of understanding and care: “Actually, you don’t need to act like this. In this world, most people fear death. Such a feeling is normal because this is human nature. Not to mention you also have a family waiting for you at home. On this point, I fully understand where you are coming from.”

Sack was stunned, unable to believe what he was hearing.


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  1. Wonderful, the cards are beginning to come tumbling down. It’s time to wrap this whole situation up and kill off the political opposition. Du Wei will also finally be able to rid himself of his father and take his rightful place as the head of the family.

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    • Well sure, but ain’t we all forgetting something important? Du Wei didn’t want to become the head of the family, which is exactly why he pretended to be retarded for so long.

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    • Me too… I miss the old Du Wei that was indifferent and fearless. The guy that always had a plan.. I hope he turns back to the old MC.. I realy liked him…

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      • he will and more after he becomes a duke. The one thing you can’t fault this author is that his stories really have character progression and you can see clearly as the story moves on.

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