Law of the devil chapter 159 part 2

The 159th “Deep Undercover” (part two)

It was at this time the sound of rapid movements came from outside the window. The two are after all people with plenty of life experience, so they immediately figured out this ruckus is the kind of noise large groups of soldiers would make while marching.

The complexion on both Sack and this rebel leader changed instantly when they looked outside.

From high above, they saw around 200 rebel soldiers came rushing from one end of the street towards the general direction of the central square. These people are indeed part of the forces called back by the Earl’s summon.

Sack didn’t know the reason for this so he can only sigh: “Aigh, another squad eh….. In all likelihood, the Crown Prince should have gotten what he wants by now…. Humph, I fear that in less than three days, he will officially step up to the throne.”

The rebel leader gazes at the squad far in the distance, his face remained calm but there is an obvious complexity in the way he looked.

After a while, the rebel leader suddenly revealed a strange smile on his face as if though he was talking to himself: “Hmm, it’s about right. From the looks of it, his highnesses plan succeeded.”

With that, his face suddenly carried a coldness in his expression completely different from the calm and quiet attitude he had prior to this. Lifting his head to look straight at Sack, this rebel leader spoke in a strange tone: “Commander Sack and Baron of the empire! I ask you now, are you faithful to the Emperor?!”

“…… What did you say?”

The enigmatic rebel leader suddenly started give out a laugh of unimaginable depth. Then strolling over to Sack’s side, this person pulled out a set of keys from his bosom and removed the cuffs on the commander’s hand before whispering: “I’ll ask you again, are you loyal to his majesty?! Are you willing to fight for his Majesty and quell this rebellion?!”

“You…… You…… You……” Sack fell into shock, his hand started to tremble after being released.

Pointing with a finger at the rebel leader in front of him, his wanted to speak but couldn’t!

“My name is Kami Siro, feel free to call me Kami.” The rebel leader smiles: “I’m Prince Son’s people. From the age of 16, I was sent into the Crown Prince’s side for this day. Now that ten years had passed, today is the day for us to achieve greatness in our life….. Commander Sack, the opportunity for us to climb up in the world is upon us!”

The surprise in Sack is so high that words cannot begin to describe how he is feeling right now. With his tongued tied, he just kept staring at the guy in front of him.

“I know you are nervous, and I know you cannot fully comprehend all of this right now.” Kami grips the dagger in his hand: “Everything in his highnesses calculation right now, so I will only ask you this one question. Are you willing to fight for his majesty and quell this rebellion?!”

“……” Sack looks at the rebel leader in the eyes before his sight fell on the dagger in the Kami’s hand. Finally, he took in a deep breath and answered: “I will!”

West of the city, 3,000 of the rebel’s army remain at a 100 meter distance away from the main forces of the capital police forces. Like this, both armies faced off against each other, ready to do battle at a moment’s notice if any strange movement were to happen.

And commanding this small contingent of the Crown Prince’s army is a commander known as Norris. Being a lieutenant of Jean Claude group, this person is also a person in the Crown Prince’s camp. His instructions are very clear for today; keep the police forces at bay without clashing directly with them.

But this prideful Norris had different thoughts from his higher ups. In his mind, he always looked down at the police forces and feels that if he simply made a charge with his men’s now; he could easily overwhelm the other side despite the fact that the police forces out number them many folds.

Beside Norris, there is another high ranking officer named Dicko. This person is also a trusted officer of the Crown Prince, but his style is completely opposite to how Norris acts. Careful and cautious, this person may be a rank below Norris, but his way of doing things is definitely a step above his counterpart.

Since the standoff has been going on for quite a while, Norris was already becoming inpatient. Therefore, when he saw a rider coming towards them from a distance, Norris wanted to inquire his partner about it. But before he could say anything, Dicko had already come up beside him and said: “Norris, someone is coming….. It looks like our people.”

Norris eyes lights up: “Can it be someone sent by the Crown Prince? Great! I’m willing to its instruction for us to clash with those bastards from the police department, Ha Ha!”

With that said, this guy already went forward with some of his subordinates to greet the newly arriving people. As for the garrison forces still waiting behind, they didn’t relax and readied their shields and weapons incase anything happens with the new arrivals.

“Make way!” Norris stepping forward, this person shouted in a loud voice before noticing the one leading the squad of riders is actually Kami. Frowning, Norris cried out: “Kami? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be watching the police department…..”

Behind Kami, the hundred or so riders are all direct subordinates of his. After riding in front of Norris, every single one of them dismounted except for Kami. As the only one still riding on his mount, Kami gripped the reins on his horse before crying out his next words: “Norris, the Crown Prince tasked to take command for this place. As of this moment, you are under my command!”

“What?” Norris became infuriated. In a loud voice, he shouted: “Kami, what did you say?! Your status is four ranks below me, why should I listen to you!” Norris is already becoming suspicious in his heart: “When the Crown Prince gave the orders, I was also present. How dare you leave your post at the police department to come here!”

Then Norris began to shout. Seeing this, the soldiers brought along by this arrogant commander unsheathed their swords and began to surround Kami and his people. Standing behind Norris, Dicko started to whisper into his partner’s ears, “Everything about this is fishy….. The people behind Kami all looked so unfamiliar!”

Hearing these words from Dicko, Norris suddenly pricked an eyebrow: “Dicko, you mean……”

“Subdue them first! The Crown Prince would never give out such disorderly commands. This guy was obviously sent to the police headquarters, yet he is here. I fear the situation must have changed.” After Dicko finished whispering his words, Norris was already nodding in agreement. In a loud voice, he shouted: “How dare you try give out a fake command! This betrayal! Don’t think you can deceive me so easily!”

Finished, Norris already waved his hand to give the command to his subordinates. In seconds, Kami and his people are now under the immediate threat of numerous crossbows.

Kami continues to speak without worry: “Norris, you dare doubt his highnesses order? If the plan gets ruined by you, are you going to take responsibility?”

Dicko’s voice immediately pressed his voice around Norris: “Don’t listen to him, subdue them first then we can sort this out!”

Norris laughed before calling out: “Quit bullshitting me! Catch them first, then interrogate!”

Following the order, the rebel soldiers began to move forward with their crossbow’s aimed straight at Kami.

Despite being cornered, Kami still showed no signs of fear as he sneered: “How dare you Norris, disobeying his highnesses order is the death penalty. Men, kill him!”

Norris started to break out into a big laugh: “nonsense, what skills do you to be able to kill me?!”

Just as Norris finishes his arrogant speech, this person suddenly hears a cold voice coming from his side: “I can!”

As the voice came to a close, Norris suddenly felt his heart turn cold. Looking down, he can see the bright metallic sheen of a blade piercing out of where his heart should be. Drop by drop; he can feel his life seeping out of his body. Still unable to believe what he was seeing, Norris raises his head with wide eyes to look over at the cold indifferent expression of Dicko.


The Dicko pulls the blade out of his former partner.

Despite how much Norris wanted to struggle, his strength was already gone when he was so suddenly attacked. Letting out a gurgling sound of blood choking in his throat, this once arrogant commander slowly drops to the ground.

Once Norris was on the ground, Dicko raises one of his feet and leans it right on top of the dying man. Then in a whispering voice, Dicko said something right next to his former partner’s ear: “I’m Prince Son’s man.”

Just like this, Norris still couldn’t understand what was going and died a pitiful death. From the early years of when he joined the army, he and Dicko were both handed picked when they were still junior officers, as such, he just couldn’t comprehend how someone that spent so many years together with him would so suddenly change sides.

Kami remained indifferent as if this outcome was obvious. After Norris died, the rebel army nearby immediately became confused and a uproar immediately broke out in the ranks. Seeing this, Dicko raised his sword and shouted: “Silence!!”

With Norris dead, Dicko is now highest ranked official present. With blood still staining his sword, he shouted: “Norris refuses to obey and betrayed his highness. Anyone that doesn’t follow order will be court martialed immediately!”

A rider next to Kami is in fact Commander Sack of the police department. After witnessing this miraculous play unfold before him, he became even more surprised. Seeing the surprised look in Sack, Kami only smiles as he speaks in a whispering voice: “Ten years undercover….. You didn’t think it would only be me, right? Now you understand?”

…… Ten-year undercover? More than one person?

However, ten years ago, Prince Son is only a child of 14 years old. For such a young child, how can he have such long term foresight……

Sack turned cold in his heart, not daring to say a word. Now that he has witnessed the amazing feats set up by the young prince, how can he not surge with confidence?

After Dicko kills Norris, this second in command issues out a fake order on behalf of the Crown Prince and had the 3,000 rebel soldiers open up a passage for the police forces to bypass. Just like this, the 10,000 strong police army peacefully marched through the barricade set up to pen them in the western part of the capital.

Because Sack is personally present, the squad leaders in the police forces didn’t need any form of persuasion. Immediately, every single police officer began to march in unison towards the general direction of the palace.

Before you leaving, Kami rode up next to Dicko with eyes full of respect and unwilling……

With the police forces all gone, Dicko suddenly flashed a strange light in his eyes. In a loud voice, he shouted: “Commander Kami brought with him an order from the higher ups….. All forces present are to blockade in the magic union! Until further orders are given, no personal is allowed to leave the Magic Union!”

Once the rebel soldiers hear this command, every single one of them turned pale….. Magic Union? Surround and barricade the Magic Union headquarters? Isn’t that akin to committing suicide? No matter how much these people feared a Mage, they are still military soldiers so orders are absolute, especially  after witnessing the ruthless killing of their former commander Norris.

This is indeed the result of Prince Son’s scheming plan. Although there are only 3,000 soldiers, but it is still more than what the young prince can handle at the present time. Therefore, the only option is to take advantage of the Magic Union to help him vanquish these people!

Soon, the 3,000 strong rebel army came up to the six pointed star shaped park making up the outer perimeter of the magic union. With resolve on his face, Dicko gave out the order and had these deceived soldiers spread out among the park before pressing in. This action would of course provoke the anger of the great and all powerful Mages inside.

Although the president of the Magic Union didn’t give the order, but numerous Magicians flew out of the main building when it became apparent what the soldiers were intending.

Immediately, some of Dicko’s subordinate came for instruction. Instead of retreating, Dicko showed the kind of resolve only those heading off for death would have: “Kill and leave none alive!”

Later on in historical records: 980 years after the founding of the Roland Empire, on the day of the summer festival, these 3,000 soldiers of the rebel army was completely wiped out by the Mages from the Magic Union! No survivors were ever recorded!

In this battle, the Mages that came out to fight showed no hint of mercy and slaughtered every single soldier.

Once it was all over, the blood that stained the ground could not be washed away even after three days’ worth of cleaning!

This event was considered by historians as the most foolish practice by the Crown Prince. By sending merely 3,000 soldiers, he intended to take on the continent’s most powerful fighting force? This is not only crazy but completely stupid to anyone that read up on this event.

Of course, none survived, including Dicko. As such, no one knew the truth behind why this small contingent would suddenly attack the Magic Union.



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