Law of the devil chapter 177

The 177th chapter “you can sweep the altar”

There’s still someone here that wants to pick a fight?

Even Guro dares not offend these people, so who is so daring that he is willing to court death by making an offer? Aren’t they too blatant in their provocation?

The crowds of people automatically separated to reveal the instigators true face in the back.

A tall, thin middle aged man with a cold face akin to a rock. Seemingly devoid of attachment to everything around him, his eyes were an incredible shade of grey that is extremely rare.

However, when everyone saw the kind of outfit this person was wearing, the crowd all gasped a breath of cold air!

The guy was wearing a style of robe that is commonly worn by those of a servant, but the important thing is not the robe, it was the embroidered logo on his chest!

This logo is very familiar to everyone! The reason is because this is the symbol of the Temple of Light!

A clergy?

When Guro heard someone wanted to make trouble at this time, this fat guy became enraged with fury. Turning around with his murderous gaze, he was just about to mouth off at the mysterious person when his voice croaked in the middle of his words!

The Temple’s??

He can’t afford to mess with such a power!

More importantly, this guy donning a garment of the Temple is obviously only a servant. While further behind the servant, the space behind the guy was already vacated of people before anyone could take notice.

A carriage pulled by two snow white horses is currently parked in the furthest end of the crowd. With several waiters standing in wait, these people not only looked refine in their gestures, but they are also dressed in the outfits reserved for the royal palace. That’s not all though. On their chest, each of these individuals hanged an emblem of the Temple!

As for the carriage window, a windowsill was hanged there to mask the true face of whoever was riding inside. The only thing showing was a delicate set of hands resting on the window’s edge.

Guro worked in the capital, so of course he would recognize the carriage and the person inside. With only a glance, his already dried sweat on his forehead was bubbling out again as he looked back and forth between Du Wei and the carriage. Revealing a difficult expression, this steward didn’t know what to do anymore because any side he took now would mean certain death.

As for Du Wei, he was currently squinting his eyes as he sized up the carriage.

The reason is because he had seen this carriage before, and it was not that long ago too in front of the palace!

Daughter of the late rebellious crown prince, her duty is the role of a Holy Maiden in the temple. As a member of the royal household, this princess willingly offered herself to serve god in this lifetime!

Like last time, Du Wei only stood there, but he can obviously feel the other side was peeking at him through the windowsill.

Considering both now and then, it is clear the opposition recognizes him, yet….

Du Wei smiles as he turns to look at Sandy: “Can the Temple’s people also buy slaves?”

The once clever little kid is now dumbfounded. Stuttering in his words, he replied with great effort: “It seems they can.”

Frankly said, Du Wei did not want to hold a grudge with anyone, but the other side is clearly targeting him.

If it was only for a few slaves, Du Wei might have just laughed it off and walked away.

But since this is a deliberate provocation, then why should he endure it?

“100 gold coins.” Du Wei continues to raise the offer without batting an eyelash.

After hearing such a number, the servant went to the carriage’s side and whispered a few words against the window. After getting a command from his master, the servant looked a bit stunned and coughed once before speaking again: “101 gold coins.”

Du Wei started to laugh now, but it was a very cold laugh!


“201.” The servant also seem to think this method of doing things is a bit temperamental.

Du Wei narrowed his eyes: “300.”

“301 gold coins.”

The slavers on top of the stage are already sweating like a rainstorm had blown over their head. Under normal circumstances, they would of course be overjoyed to hear someone raising the bid, but it seems the money this around would burn their hands if they take it!

Du Wei is already offering up to 500 gold coins now.

He is not purely doing this out of grudge, but rather it was for his name. Otherwise, if word spread of the newly appointed Duke being pressured under the Temple’s will, then he can forget about ever making it big in the capital!

No matter how stupid a person is, the people in the crowd now can see something is terribly wrong. Spreading apart to make space for them, the two parties now became very eye catching, especially Du Wei and Guro’s side.

In such a situation, Du Wei is unwilling to back off. No…. the right word is he ‘can’t’ back off. If he did do such a disgraceful thing, then he might as well mop the floor with his name!

It’s not that Du Wei is reckless. When someone is deliberately pushing against you, then the only option is to fight back!

Otherwise, even if he did back off today, the other side will just continue to make trouble for him in the future! If that’s the case, then why not just go all out and snip the bud before it grows!

When the price is raised to 1000 gold coins, the other party suddenly went silent.

Then the one to break the eerie silence in the square was a charming small female voice. Though the voice sounded soothing, but Du Wei can vaguely pick up a cold intent in the words: “Since your dukeship is unwilling to relent, then let’s forget it…… Originally, I only fancied the young boy on stage because I felt he would be a good fit to help me sweep the alter.”


The moment these words came out, many of the people present understood Du Wei’s identity!

The capital recently produced a young teenage Duke that shined in the recent coup. Considering his age and the fact that Du Wei is a genius magician, who wouldn’t know of his exploits?

Like this, many of the gazes shooting over Du Wei were filled awe and fear.

As for the person inside the carriage, her laugh was calm, but at the same time cold: “Your dukeship, since you are so insistent, then I have no choice but to back down.”

With that said, the other side apparently wanted to leave. But who is Du Wei? There is no way he is going to let thing slide so easily. In a loud voice, he shouted: “Your Royal Saintess.”

His way of addressing her is a bit farfetched, but since she is both a Holy Maiden and a Princess, then it’s technically correct.

“May I ask your dukeship if there is anything you need?” The voice of the Saintess inside was very calm and anti-climactic.

“Since you need someone sweep the alter, then I’ll send a few people over in a couple of days. As for this young kid, I also have great uses for him.”

“Oh?” This Saintess originally thought she made this young Duke eat a bad one so was inwardly pleased inside. Now that such words were spoken out, her curiosity was piqued: “Can it be that you intend to make that child your magic apprentice?”

“No.” Du Wei laughed, and then he deliberately cried out: “My home just so happens to be lacking a servant to clean the toilets.”

The people that can clean a alter for you is only qualified to be a toilet slave!

Du Wei’s meaning is obvious to everyone. Many of the people present wanted to laugh, but who would dare at a time like this?”

Only after a long period of silence did the Saintess break the silence: “let’s go!” Her voice is clearly filled with anger.

Looking at carriage riding away, Rolynn couldn’t stop herself from whispering into Du Wei’s ear: “master, don’t you think this is too much? It’s 1000 gold coins…..”

Du Wei shakes his head before speaking a serious manner:  “1000 gold coins to make a Saintess eat a bad one in public, I think this is a very good deal. If possible, I rather spend 1000 gold coins every day to make her eat a bad one in front me. It’s not like master here can’t afford it.”

After a pause, his tail is sticking out now as he smiled wickedly: “Besides, do you really think I want to spend 1000 gold? Humph, as if these slaves are worth 1000 gold coins. Just now even a fool would be able to figure out we were bidding against each other. Now that my identity is known, do you think these slavers would dare ask me for money? Humph, even if I’m willing to pay, do you think these people would want to take it?”

Sure enough, the next thing that happens is just like Du Wei said. With one of his subordinates, the boss of this shop personally came down to hand over the purchase token. Trembling in every gesture he made, the leader spoke in the most honest tone he could muster: “This is a little gift to your Dukeship. If we had known your lordship is lacking some hands at home, we would have sent someone over. Please forgive us for not recognizing you; we will be sure to send over the best slaves tomorrow!”

Guro standing nearby was popping his eyes at the sight. Sighing: “Who says this Duke is reckless? Look! He was able to make the Saintess embarrass herself in public without spending a dime!”

Since his identity is already known, Du Wei felt there is no meaning in staying here anymore.

Just as he was leaving the market with Rolynn by his side, he came across the “official slave” shop that he was intending to visit from the start. However, because his mood for this place is already ruined, he didn’t pay much attention to the details. Then suddenly from on top of the stage, a sharp sound reached his ears.

“Du Wei! Master Du Wei! Your Lordship! Please! I beg you to buy me!”
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  2. Hur hur. Even the saintess can’t sever herself from personal feelings. In the first place isn’t the church was the one that support Son leading to crown prince suicide? Du wei just start the motion by removing bad gandalf.

    • She was given to the temple as goodwill gesture from Prince Son, and as a way to put her out of royal succession, the Temple don’t really care for her, just that she good for Temple’s prestige. Beside the Temple force was the stick that break the camel back of Crown Prince’s forces, and they have shown that they can be “brought”, not apolitical body as original thought. Thus, today they can allied with Prince Son, whose know in future through their Saintess, the Temple might go for the Throne itself.

      • Lol what? Prince Son had absolutely nothing to do with the crown prince’s daughter. Duwei even made a comment about how the temple supported son even though the crown prince’s daughter their saintess. Also women have no right to the throne…

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