Law of the devil chapter 186 part 2

The 186th chapter “talents all around” (part 2)

Spending nearly an hour on horseback, the pair bypassed the main roads only to reach a town south of the capital. The town may be small, but its street is abnormally busy because it functioned as a resting stop for trade caravans on the way to the imperial capital.

Once inside, the pair immediately came to the doorstep of the town’s biggest inn. Jumping off his mount, Du Wei then turned around to help Vivian off their steed. However, when he reached out his hand to her, this blushing girl was already despondent to him from their journey.

Maybe he went a little overboard……

Unknown to others, little Vivian’s body was already numb to the bones, so there was no way she can get off with her own effort.

Smiling wickedly, Du Wei came up with an idea as he laughed sinisterly.

Mustering up his strength, Du Wei used both his arms and lifted this frail girl down from the horse.

When Vivian finally came to and realized she was being carried around in a princess’s embrace, this silly girl actually cried out in surprise that caught the eyes of the surrounding crowd. Embarrassed from all the attention she was getting, Vivian immediately stuffed her head into Du Wei’s chest and tightly wrapped her arms around his head. Unfortunately for Du Wei, he was seriously choking now because he never expected the strangle hold from Vivian to be so strong.

“Okay, okay, please let go, otherwise, I’m really going to faint.” Du Wei smiled teasingly as he looked at Vivian.

Like a frightened rabbit, Vivian struggled to stand on her own two feet after being let down to the ground.

Back in the magic academy, Du Wei strongly insisted Vivian put on casual wear like him before coming out. Because of this reason, this alluring young girl wearing a white skirted dress was constantly shrinking her legs back and forth as if she was afraid of other people looking at her.

Anyways, Du Wei soon regretted his decision due to the enormous amount of attention drawn by Vivian. Like a jealous husband, he didn’t want others gazing at his wife. Just as long as he can enjoy it, then that’s good enough for him.

There’s just no other way, a male’s desire is just that strong sometimes. Du Wei is no exception.

The inn they came up to is an ordinary establishment named, “Old Zack’s Inn”.

Though the iron sign board above the entrance may have rusted with age, but it was obvious once inside that the business is booming from the crowd of customers.

The reason he brought Vivian with him to this specific location today is because he is expecting someone.

Today, Hussein and Nicole is expected to arrive from the Rowling Plains to meet him in this establishment.

Hussein, this highly wanted criminal, can no longer stay in the small little villa after his family moved back to their old family castle. Out of fear of someone recognizing him, Du Wei doesn’t intend to let Hussein return to the imperial capital with him. After all, this highly wanted criminal is renowned throughout the nobility circle during his time as a Holy Knight, so Du Wei cannot take the chance.

Originally, Du Wei intended to let Hussein stay at the Magic Academy until he left for his territory, but he quickly rejected the idea because the school is often visited by members of the royal family.

Essentially, this suburban town is the solution Du Wei came up with. Though the inn’s business is good, but it is still off-season, so the amount of traffic going through this place should be on the down side. Most importantly, the likelihood of someone recognizing Hussein in this backwater is unlikely.

When Du Wei and Vivian first came into the inn’s lobby, the pair immediately caught the attention of the other diners.

It’s to be expected, Vivian is just too beautiful in her getup.

“Dear Guests” When Du Wei was just in the middle of looking for seats, a thin….. Good heavens, this guy is just like a monkey without hair!

Dressed in a very orderly fashion, this guy quickly ran in front of Du Wei and made a greeting bow: “Dear guests, I am the owner of this inn, please call me Zack. May I have the pleasure of knowing what you need?”

Instead of giving a direct answer, Du Wei glances over at the Vivian only to find this shy girl trying to hide behind his back.

“We did not eat yet. Find us a quiet place.” Du Wei spoke in a light tone, “and I got a horse in need of care.”

“Please rest assured!” The innkeeper quickly summoned two workers and had them run outside. As for him, this incarnation of an ape personally led Du Wei to a corner with a window’s view: “Please sit down, Sir, do you need something?”

“Anything will do.” Du Wei rummaged through his pocket and fished out a gold coin: “It’s fine as long as it’s clean.”

“You can be assured!” The innkeeper’s sleeve only brushed against the tabletop, but the gold coin was already gone without a trace. Instead of leaving right away, the guy suddenly revealed a sly smile as he whispered into Du Wei’s ear: “Honored guest, would you step aside with me, I would like to say a few word.”

Du Wei curiously looked at this monkey, “What?”

“This one……” The bosses eyes flickered over to Vivian: “The beautiful lady is your partner? If so, then I believe you would be interested in the special services offered by our store.”

“Special services?” Du Wei smiled with intrigue.

“That’s right!” The boss lowered his voice to speak next to Du Wei’s ear: “We launched a ‘Golden combination package’. Whenever you dine with us, you can add a silver coin to your tab and have our staff act as a rogue trying to flirt with your lady. At that time, you can then showcase your heroic side and get rid of the ruffian….. Rest assured, our people is well trained and discretion is our top priority. We won’t let any harm come to you, or your lady. This way, you can easily win the adoring eyes of your women……”

Then this guy didn’t stop and kept going: “As long as you keep adding onto the basic package, we can even have a dedicated person act out as a poor little singing girl. When the time comes, you can publicly gift her with a copper or two to showcase your compassionate side….. If you again add a third silver coin, you will get the ‘extreme customer package service’.  While you are preparing to stay the night here, we will pretend the inn is full and say there is only a single room left.” When the boss explained up to this point, he deliberately squeezed both eyes: “Of course, the room only has one bed…….”

As Du Wei listened to all this, beads of sweat came dripping down his side.

Forcefully gulping down his saliva, Du Wei carefully looked over this monkey incarnate: “Dude…. Where did you cross through from?”

“Through?” The boss stared blankly for a moment: “Through what?”

“My name is Zack.” Boss faintly smiles as he bowed: “please call me Zack junior. This inn belonged to my father, but he is already not with us….. As you can see, I’m a good person. For the happiness of our male customers, I would gladly offer up these services because isn’t this exactly what we need?”

With that said, this talented boss winked at Du Wei.


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