Law of the devil chapter 194

The 194th chapter “bleed for me!”

“If not for me, every one of you will be struggling to survive under the overseer’s whip. With every drop of sweat and blood drained, you will die! Even in death, you are sinners, prisoners, and even slaves! Your fates are set to be full of wailing sorrows in the darkness.” Standing on top of the cart, Du Wei mercilessly trampled onto their dignity!

“Your name will be forever engraved on the pillar of shame! Whenever someone brings up the mention of the second division, they will spit on it and scold at you. Traitors! Yes, that’s what you are!”

At this point, Du Wei paused for a breath, his eyes full of oppression. Slowly, he swept through the crowd and saw that many of them were full of sorrow and fear.

“Of course!” His tone suddenly changed, “Some of you may think you are very capable….. Yeah, that’s right; many of you will choose this path like so many others before you in the Northwest….. You will run!” Du Wei coldly laughed: “But is there any point to running? Where will you run to? When you were deprived of your liberty, stripped of your honor, all of your families would have already received the news of your crime! Your parents, wife, brother, sons, they all know about your shame! Even if you do make it back after losing the pursuers, you can only hide in a hole! Yes, that’s right, a hole! Like a dog, you can only hide in there for the rest of your life without seeing the light of day! If you ever come forward, the only thing waiting for you is the execution stage. Even in the dead of night, you will wake up from the slightest footstep sound! And according to imperial law, your family will be punished if you flee!”

Some of their eyes have already revealed despair, but more of them can already see his words held a deeper meaning. With eager eyes, they are looking forward to Du Wei’s next words.

“The change in your destiny will begin from this day forward.” Du Wei points to the ground under his feet: “Because I came today, I will change your tragic fate in the darkness. I can make you and let you escape from a pitiful death! Right now you are prisoners, a worthless prisoner! But because of my arrival……. Listen up, I will give you a chance to regain your freedom and hope…. A opportunity to regain your honor and dignity!”

The last word lit up all their hope inside. Holding their heads high, every single of these people focused their gaze on Du Wei.

“I.” Du Wei yelled: “Du Wei-Rudolph. Duke Tulip of the Empire, I grant you hope and give you a chance to take up arms again. All you have to do is take this opportunity and do your best to prove to me that I was right to do this for you! From today forward, you are to bleed for me! Where I point my sword to, you are to fight for me! Charge for me! What is waiting for you at the end is freedom! Glory! Land! And wealth!”

When it came to the last part, Du Wei deliberately pause his speech to reveal a devil’s smile:

“Rejoice! A bunch of prisoners like you, beings that should have been ravaged under the soil, have just had your fates changed! Now, swear your allegiance to me. Then I will give you your freedom!”

The crowd was quiet at first, but after a brief silence, a standing ovation erupted through the audience. Some were so excited that they instantly tore off their prison uniforms and cried out with open arms.

Then from Knight Robert’s hand, Du Wei took hold of a sword and pointed it to the front of the crowd, his face full of dignity.

Quieting down, the crowd began to kneel down in succession…. One….. Two…… Ten…. Hundreds……

When all 4,000 members went to the ground, Du Wei gave a satisfying nod: “Good, your allegiance will be greatly rewarded by me. For now, on the honor of my name, I restore your freedom to that of a citizen. In addition, I bestow upon you guys a title. From here on out, you are dubbed the first infantry division of my Tulip Household.”

“Long live the Duke!”

God knows who it was the first to call this out, but once the opening was made, the rest followed up. Numerous explosive cries bellowed out one after another to showcase their gratitude.

“Gentlemen.” Du Wei laughed: “Now, I command, in a orderly fashion, you guys are to head five miles out of the city. Waiting for you there is your new uniforms…. And also…. Hot food.”

The last word “hot meals” created and even crazier outbreak of cheers. Since last night, these people have been starving ever since. Now that Du Wei is offering them food, the enthusiasm in their steps was heated to a whole new level. Nevertheless, they did as instructed and went out in single files like a well-trained oil machine befitting that of an army regiment.

Du Wei’s throat is a little sore now after that little charade. Jumping down with a little fatigue showing, he looked at Knight Robert: “Well then Knight Robert, hurry and go catch up with your regiment. From today forward, you will be leading these people.”

Robert gave a surprise look at Du Wei.

“What’s wrong?” Du Wei smiled, and then aggravated his tone: “Commander Robert?”

Looking at the oppressive crowd filing out of the training field, Biaideluo started to panic: “….. Sir, shouldn’t we send some people to oversee them? If they run now……”

Du Wei gave him a glance: “They won’t because i gave them what they needed the most right now, hope!”

Du Wei did not stay long in this Big Ear city. After recruiting this 4,000 strong regiment, he immediately made haste in leaving the place. It’s just that before leaving, Biaideluo’s emotion became somewhat unstable.

On one hand, he wished Duke would hurry up and leave…. After all, he was still a bit calculative inside. Noon is about to arrive. If the Duke decides to stay for lunch, he really didn’t know what to serve him with his meager rations!!!

But on the other hand, Biaideluo seems a bit….. How should he say this? Perhaps he can he can also change his destiny if he creates some ties with this Duke.

As he made his way out of this place, Du Wei did not say anything, only spending his time to observe the scenery of this Sin City. Right before he departed on his carriage, Du Wei suddenly jumped off and turned to commander Biaideluo.  At this moment, his face suddenly showed a faint smile.

“Commander Biaideluo…… Do you want a chance to change your fate?”

Biaideluo suddenly felt a thrill of excitement. Plopping himself to the floor, he fumbled his way towards Du Wei: “My lord!”

Du Wei pointed to the Sin City behind the guy: “You place here is always detaining thousands of cirminals, right?”

“…… Yes, that’s right.” Biaideluo nodded.

“All of this is a treasure.” Du Wei faintly smiled: “Take care of the prisoners here, don’t starve them. Help me raise them well. I will send someone for you.”

Biaideluo looked a little odd … … Take good care of the prisoner and slaves? But what about the food……

At once, Du Wei could already guess what the commander was thinking: “I’ll have someone send over the necessary supplies, but….”

He waved at Biaideluo, implying for the commander to come closer.

“This secret is between you and me.” Du Wei then left with a smile without looking back.

This Sin City each year…… No, every month, there will be a large number of criminals and slaves coming through! These people are from all over the continent. They have no hope, no future! If I can offer them the last ray of light…. They will definitely reach out for this false hope. For that, they will shed their last drop of blood for me!

Bleed for me!



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  1. Oh Du Wei so cunning bastard. You just obtained an unlimited source of meat shields for your army.

    Thanks for the chappy!!

  2. Du Wei is not such a genius… he has just read DUNE by Frank Herbert…

    The Padishah Emperor also recruited his “undfeatable” Sardaukar legions from Salusa Secundus the prison planet akin to hell on earth…

    • And is helped by plot. If Prince Sun could predict and plan the coup d’etat, who’s saying that he can’t predict, nor ‘supervise’ Du Wei? Beside that, Du Wei us followed by those from the capital, to protect him on his way so.. His machinations are just plot =forced. No competent ruler will leave his enemy do what he wants on his own turf.

      But, still, it’ll be interesting to see how things will develop with an invasive army, an tribe that was defiled by that empire, a kingdom that’ll become bankrupt before it even was established.. And a person who become a black shade of grey.

      Thank you for the translation!

  3. On the basis he can provide and reform them. He just got himself all the manpower he needs. Thanks for the chapter

  4. One man’s slave is another man’s freedom fighter! “Long live the the Duke!” – Atreides chant?!
    I have to admit Du Wei’s new surname Rudolf – Fame Wolf rather appropriate to him as he is famous and not “loyal” to Prince Son, while his symbol Tulip which means abundance which signify his wealth.

  5. Fufufufu …. “the devil beside you”…

    you never know…..who really is helping who….

    Aregato gozaimasu ^_^ for the chapter….

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