Law of the devil Chapter 153 part 2

The 153rd Chapter “fear of Gandalf” (Part 2)

How can you call this magic? How can ‘my’ apprentice be so shit? For spell chanting, the key is the ‘speed’ of your words! For many advanced level Mages, they would spend countless efforts training themselves just so they could omit a few words in their spells. The reason behind this is that when fighting, even a second could mean victory or defeat!

This kid…… Does he think we are performing an opera here? Such slow pace…. If it was a real battle, the enemy would have already sliced him up into multiple pieces by now!

Finally, after spending five times the amount of time of an average person, Du Wei shot out a low tiered fire vortex. Ironically, his attack is not only slower but also smaller than it should have been by three times!

Seeing this pitiful “fire Vortex” rolling over at him, this Green robed Gandalf felt like he was in a middle of a play session with a kid.

But how can he possibly go back on his words considering his status? Seeing such a frail looking fire vortex, he feared that if he simply blew at it, the flames would go out.

Sighing, he even returned his staff back into storage before waving his hand in a careless motion. Immediately, a screen of water erupted from the ground and diffused the fire vortex.

Acting like he wasn’t finished with his “performance”, Du Wei jumped and kicked at the floor like an upset kid with his toys broken. Then using the same speed as before, he started to conjure up several low-tiered wind blades and shot it towards the old gramps.

Seeing how much effort it took Du Wei to “shoot” these crookedly aimed wind blades, Green robed Gandalf became so lazy this time that he didn’t even bother to raise his hands in defense.

Just like this, he stood there and took in a deep breath. In single blow, these wind blades were dispersed with ease…..

“You finished with your show yet?” Green robed Gandalf showed a hint of helplessness on his face, but this kid in front of him acted like he only had one thought in mind. Incredibly ignorant, Du Wei began waving his staff like a child poking a stick in the sand box. Then just like before, he began conjuring a water based spell…..

It’s not just this Green robed Gandalf; even the onlookers in the surroundings were shaking their heads. To everyone present, this kid’s magic power is simply too poor…. No matter how they thought about it, Du Wei’s strength is nothing more than a junior magician and the lowest level at that! But this is not that surprising. Based on his age, to be able to learn magic at the tender age of 14 is already not bad and understandable.

“I say kid; I don’t have the free time to play with you!” Green robed Gandalf seems a bit impatient: “If this is all the skills you have, then stop staying here to embarrass yourself!”

Du Wei ignored the guy and continued to chant his own spells.

Green-robed Gandalf was angered inside but he couldn’t vent it because of his big mouth…. Annoyed, he was about to open his mouth to stop him: “Enough, you…..Ah!”

 In an instant, Du Wei’s turtle speed spell casting suddenly halted to a stop. It was obviously a water based spell, but in a flash, numerous explosive lights bloomed before this Green robed Mage’s eyes!

Like heavy rain, intensive balls of flames came flying out of Du Wei’s body: shoes, sleeves, collar, wrist, fingers….. And even the necklace on his neck!

Dozens…… No, hundreds of fireballs without any symptoms appeared. And on top of this, he didn’t even need to spell chant……

In an explosive rumbling, this hail of meteor struck down upon this green robed mage!

When Du Wei deliberately made a fool of himself, he did too fine of a job. For a magician, their dignity and fame is the most important part, so where in the world would one find a real mage intentionally making a fool of themselves? With his staff back in storage and one of his hands was scratching his hair while the other held behind his back, Green robed Gandalf was completely caught off guard by this sudden assault…..

Earlier when Du Wei was jumping around like a spoiled brat in anger, his feet was secretly moving forward step by step. It’s just that his acting was so good that no one paid any attention to his movements.

But more importantly…… All of these fireballs were invoked with instant spell casting!!!

No need to chant or cast, these hundreds of fireballs came raining down like a wild beast. No matter who it is, they would definitely be in a panic to be attacked so suddenly.

Like a mad man, Du Wei’s body whirled around like a tornado while shooting out an endless supply of fireballs at Gandalf!

A fireball spell is only the basic of the basics. Normally if hit by this low leveled spell, that person would at most get a burn and would never be lethal…. But quantity does matter! For a single grain of rice, one could easily swallow it, but if there is a ton, then even a potbellied person would have a tough time!

In an instant, this Green robed Gandalf was engulfed in a torrent of explosions. To the audience watching on the sidelines, this scene was so terrifying that even their eardrums were ringing in pain due to the chains of explosive banging! But this Gandalf truly lives up to his name!

After seeing his attack successfully landed on the target, Du Wei was about to sigh in relief. But after the initial burst of flaring light cleared a bit, a blurry haze of blue aqua light quickly overtook the scene. Without waiting, a flurry of water curtains spiraled in the air and dissipated the flames like it was black hole sucking everything up! With the Du Wei’s attack countered, a blast of foggy mist covered the entire square.

Angered and mad, Gandalf was angry at the kid’s cunningness, but also mad at himself for being so careless!

Nonetheless, this grandpa’s magic is truly terrifying. Under his water magic, the endless supply of fireballs was quickly put out and even the mists filling up around him were blown away by a wind spell he called up!

He may be angered, but this Green robed Gandalf did not lose his wits. Understanding the cunningness of Du Wei’s tactics, he carefully summons his staff to relieve any sense of fear left in his heart.

Shrouding himself in a magic barrier, the angry voice of Gandalf echoed out into the nearby fog: “Damn kid! I can’t believe you….. You disregarded the dignity of being a magician!”

Humph.” Du Wei sneered: “Didn’t you say that I can play my best? My specialty is to pull a fast one on others!” (Sneak attack)

With that, Gandalf suddenly heard a clear and crisp sound from within the nearby fog……

This…. Sounds like a bow?

This is exactly the perfect moment of when the fog is about to disperse but not completely yet. Aiming for this timing, Du Wei had long pulled out his favorite pair of “Nirvana’s bow” and aimed it straight at Gandalf!

In mere moments, a flash of light quickly coursed through the bow and the small amount of magic was sucked out of the magic gemstone stored inside. In an instant, the miraculous and powerful magic circle was triggered on this thing! A short moment later, a condensed arrow made out of pure energy formed and shot out like a meteor aimed straight at the Gandalf standing ten meters away!

Back when Du Wei first pulled on the bow’s string, Green-robed Gandalf had already sensed the powerful source of magic! Seeing the unbelievable amount of magic fluctuation, even this legendary figure turned pale!

This kid…… How could he have such strong magic?

Something’s not right! He must have some kind of powerful magic artifact blessed a powerful magic array!

The arrow came too quickly! Unable to properly respond in time, the magic in his body exploded in an instant and shrouded his entire body like a protective armor! Unlike the barriers he used earlier against Rafael that only covers the front, this time around, the energy was covering every inch of his green robed body…..

For the origin of this bow in Du Wei’s hand, even that mouse Gargaeml didn’t know where it came from. In terms of power, this bow will definitely not lose out to those legendary and sacred artifacts on this continent! And to sneak in this single shot at such a close range, how can anyone deal with it so easily?


Seeing this translucent silver arrow pierce through his defenses so easily, the pupils of this Green robed Gandalf instantaneously shrank. Suddenly, an eerily black light flashed across his eyes…..


Like a powerful gust of wind, this arrow looked like it was suddenly hit with something in midair. In a subtle moment, Du Wei felt like he was stuck in an illusionary trance as if time itself had paused. Then before him, this Green robed Gandalf began to move while everyone else stopped to a halt! Clear to his eyes, Du Wei can see that this old gramps was trying to lift his staff. Although it was only a staff, this guy looked like he was trying to lift a million pounds at that moment. Then with a dignified face, this green robed fella gripped onto the staff with immense strength and released a dazzling black light out of the crystal tip of his staff. Moving it closer, he knocked it against the arrow…..

With that knock, the stoppage in time immediately returned to normal……

In a clear and crisp sound, Du Wei saw that the magic arrow he had shot out had already dissipated into numerous golden dusts. As for that Green robed Gandalf, his expression didn’t look so good. With heavy breathing, even the crystal on top of his staff showed clear signs of cracking. Then spreading downward, the crystal instantly shattered into numerous pieces. And continuing on, the walnut tree staff crumbled under the grip of this Green robed Mage!

The audience broke out into a uproar!!

Green-robed Gandalf raised his head with bloodshot eyes staring at Du Wei. Unlike the relaxed expression he had earlier, this old fella looked completely serious and even leaked a hint of death in his breathing!

“Kid! Answer me one thing!” Green-robed Gandalf suddenly flashed a bit of fear in his eyes. This fear is certainly not for Du Wei, but instead, it is towards the magic bow in Du Wei’s possession!

“This, this thing in your hand…… Bow of Gaido’s Transient Law…… Where did you get it from?!”

His voice is clearly trembling as he said this!


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    • there are hints in the chapter that he is having a level 8 young girl apprentice so I am guessing that he may be Vivian’s or Joanna’s master from which I further incline to chose Vivian

      • Vivian is gandalf pupil. And about Joana, we dont know. Gandalf never said that Joana is his pupil, than this green gandalf is joana teacher.

      • he talking about the pupil of the real gandalf. is comparing duwei and vivian. vivian and joana are gandalf disciple so i dont see how can their master be this mage

          • I also thought Johana is Gandalf´s pupil
            But so far noone really told us anything about that
            Vivian is Gandalf´s pupil
            Johana is Vivian´s sis
            and she wanted Gandalf´s runaway pet

              • You guys really should re-read the novel its stated that joana and vivan have different teachers and even that her teacher is more powerful than gandalf(joana saying) so yeah they cant have the same teacher and this guy must be joana teacher, im almost 100% sure the only way i can be wrong is if vivian become his aprentice and i dont know and joana is gandalf aprentice.

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    at this Du Wei should tell the fake to admit who he really is or die here with the crown prince and his supporters.

    hell dame near every one is lined up that had a hand in this mess Du Wei can end most of it with 2 maybe 3 shots depends on the meat shields and where they are standing

    hell most of the normal people have ben killed by the crown prices forces even if they did some how win he would be killed soon after he takes the thrown and replaced with some high noble that claims to be related to the first royal line or they bring some supposed son of one of the princes from that club.

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