Law of the devil chapter 203 part 2

Chapter 203 “Marquise of Lister’s request” (part 2)

Du Wei nodded because he is vaguely starting to grasp the whole story. Although he started off without much knowledge of the Lister family’s background, things have changed over time as he increased his interaction with the noble circle – this included the less glorious deeds of the previous head of the Lister household.  For the development of the family, the previous head had his beautiful daughter marry a much older aristocrat, only to cling onto the other party’s prominent status. Only by doing this did the Lister Household prosper all the way till now. Also, from rumors….. The Lister Household had their hands in some prohibited things such as smuggling from the frozen forest, maritime trades, and even some illegal activities.

When he first learned of this, Du Wei actually wasn’t all that surprised. After all, whether it is this world or his previous, which wealthy family didn’t have something to hide? This isn’t all that unusual.

Besides, after the Marquise inherited the family wealth, their fame gradually reversed for the good after changing their method of doing things.

“From rumors, this is what caused the rift between Mr. Blue Ocean and the Lister head. Even in death, they will not cross each other’s path. However, the Lister head later visited Mr. Blue Ocean’s residence, but he was shut out behind closed doors.”

Du Wei knit his brows in frustration: “If you say it like this, how am I supposed to help if Mr. Blue Ocean is so firmly against it. I fear every student of Mr. Blue Ocean already knew of this and when I explained this to Philip just now, he seemed to be hiding something….. Since it’s a rule set by Mr. Blue Ocean himself, I dare not force them to break it…… Also, from the way Philip was trying to dodge the topic when I mentioned the letter, it’s obvious he is not willing to do it either.”

Aside from this, Du Wei also has another idea: from hearsay, the Marquise is said to be a very clever person that does things extremely carefully. Since she already knew the details and still presented such a thorny problem….. Then I fear the meaning in this is not so simply.

Du Wei thought for a moment before sighing, “I’ll reply to the lady then. For this matter, I’ll do my best to be the middle man and spin it in her favor, but I can’t make the decision on this.”

After delivering his letter on horseback, Mrs. Lister’s reply was really fast. The letter expressly stated she understood his difficulties and dared not ask for too much. However, she presented another proposal to him and that is whether or not her younger siblings can stay at the Northwest with him at his house. This way, as time grows long, they might be able to learn something from observing these elites from Mr. Blue Ocean’s school. Maybe, just maybe, these apprentices might change their minds after getting to know her siblings better.

This letter of the Marquise was written very sincerely and she even mentioned how her father had a misunderstanding with Mr. Blue Ocean. After his father grew old, he mentioned this is his greatest lifelong regret. If they can solve this split between the two family, then it will greatly sooth his father’s grievance. This specific point did in fact eliminate some doubts in Du Wei. Considering the Lister Family’s wealth, what other famous scholar can’t they invite?

As it is understood that this matter is to heal the grievances between their elders, then it’s quite understandable that they are so persistent.

Send them then! It’s not like Du Wei’s governor castle can’t accommodate them. Let’s not mention two people; even if they send a hundred, it’s still not a problem.

On the spot, Du Wei sent back a formal reply to Mrs. Lister’s request.

Du Wei also didn’t conceal it from Phillip and his peers, after all, he only promised to be the middle man. Although he could technically force them, but he won’t based on his own principles.

After Philip learned of this, he didn’t object, instead, he only sighed like Du Wei made a mistake: “My Lord, this matter doesn’t seem so simply….”

Du Wei slightly frowned: “Your take on this?”

Phillips seems to be somewhat concerned. Noticing this, Du Wei only smiled as he poured the young scholar a cup of tea: “Philip, you know it too, my hope is that we can speak freely by my side. We’ve only just began our effort and only by uniting together will we be able to carve out a new picture in the Northwest. Regardless of the nature of the topic, you can tell me. Fear not and don’t concern yourself, I will not blame you.”

Philip also started to smile: “This matter, if carefully looked at, is your personal business and isn’t much related to us.”


Philip faintly smiled as his eyes sparked a flash of light: “My Lord, in another two months, it should be your 15th birthday.”

Seeing how Du Wei still didn’t get it yet, Phillip slowly added in the last sentence: “Imperial decree, men of 15 years of age is officially considered an adult. At that time, you can get married. I heard The Marquise’s sister is only 16 years of age, highly intelligent and extremely beautiful. From rumors, it is said this girl is even more beautiful than the Marquise when she was young! Since she was 14 years ago, the number of nobilities proposing for marriage nearly broke the door of the Lister Family…… Your honor, she is sending such a prized sister to your side at this time…. As time gets longer…. Hey-hey!”

Du Wei’s jaw dropped and he couldn’t stop himself from being stunned.

Phillip continues: “My Lord, the type of marriage alliance is all too common in the noble circle. The Lister Family may be wealthy right now, but their head is after all a woman and a widow at that. Though she may be titled a Marquise, but her title is not hereditary. After she is gone, then what? Even if they are more wealthy at the time, they are still only a merchant family at that time. Without a strong backing, it’s certain people will come bulling through the door. For the family’s future, this sort of thing is normal!”

Du Wei couldn’t help narrow his eyes.

Seeing how Du Wei showed no signs of impatience, Philip decided to bring everything out: “Then there’s also your lordship. Scouring the entire empire, is there a better match than you? At such a young age, you are already a duke and the regent holds in high esteem. When Prince Son takes the throne, it’s certain you will become the leading figure within the elite circle! But more importantly, you are already coming to the marriageable age, yet you’re still not engaged! Generally speaking, the children’s of the nobility would set their marriage matters long before their coming of age ceremony… If they can tie themselves against a huge tree like you, then the Lister Family’s future is secured for the coming decades!”

Philip words immediately woke Du Wei up….. Who would have thought he would become a perfect bachelor?!

Now that he thought about, Du Wei suddenly recalled how the nobles in the capital would always invite him to their home and intentionally bring their daughters up to him – this included minors. Back then, he never thought about it like this and would usually decline the invitation using the excuse of magic experimentation. It wasn’t until he moved the magic academy did these invitations slowly decline.

Now that he thought about it, most of the nobles were probably hitting up on this idea!

Philip continues to smile: “My Lord, you will soon be going through the coming of age ceremony. The majority of the noble men’s would marry not long after. Since it’s such a rare chance and the Lister family is not a bad candidate, why not accept it? The Marquise has great influence in the noble circles so it will be a great boon to your career.”

Du Wei suddenly sighed as he glanced at Philip: “Philip, you’ve only been here for half a year, yet your personality has changed quite a lot from when you were in the capital. If it was back then, you never would have thought of something like a marriage alliance.”

Philip was stunned because he thought Du Wei was angry: “My Lord, I’m just being considerate for you.”

“Enough, I don’t blame you.” Du Wei smiled: “It’s just that the political rookie back then is now a veteran that can discuss such heavy deeds with me. Although I’m pleased with your progress and understands your loyalty to me…. But alas, power can really change someone.”

Not waiting for Philip to speak, Du Wei is already shaking his head: “I don’t intend to marry so early, but…. Hey-hey, even if I marry, I don’t want to associated with those marriage deals among the nobility circle. I believe you should be aware of what I want.”

Philip suddenly had a revelation and recalled how the Duke is on very good terms with Vivian. Thinking of this, Philip could not help but let out a long sigh…..

My lord, although you are a mage, but you are also a Duke. To be part of this community, there are a lot of times where one cannot call the shots…..



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    • truth be told, i kinda wished Du Wei would be a bit more flirtatious. Sadly, the author clearly has the mindset of an old fashion chinese.

      • I kinda agree. It makes him pretty much makes him less believable as a character, that he has no real interest in the opposite sex, even though he is in a body that should be in the middle of puberty. His mindset can be that of an middle aged guy three times over for all I care, there are things in life your mindset has little control over. And you tell me that it took a quadruple of naked sexbombs to get him into “that” mood? Yeah right…

        • To be honest, he DOES have interest in the opposite sex.

          He had interest in Vivian and her sister and even his own Ancestor.

          He just isn’t the type to be frivolous around women, but tries to have more serious relationships.

          That said, he woulda lost his virginity if it weren’t for his Ancestor watching….

    • My thoughts is that i dont want anyone to marry Medusa, and especially not stone face Hussein! Him, marrying Vivian isnt a prob tbh. But! Having such an innocent wife isnt so reassuring… Tho i kinda want him to marry all of them, but i also want him to just marry one of them…

      Having Vivian as the one he truely loves and the girl from the Lister family as his secretary, a person who is more capable in social matters.

    • I wish that Vivian’s character was better developed, her personality is fairly weak. But i do like that the story doesn’t seem to be going towards a harem route like so many do. Its just refreshing to have MC with a different conservative nature.

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      • Characters “developed”? I notice often that character development often isn’t the strong point of Chinese literature… or the ones that are translated at least…

        Most of the time, the “developed” characters are basically the same anyways…

        And to be honest, I find Vivian as the most adorable, and she’s very attractive.

          • 1st off, she’s old looking enough for men to be attracted to her and her looks are young, but not to the point that she looks like a child. She’s just youth-ish.

            Also, in story, most young men a bit older than our MC seem to want to marry her.

            She’s just a more innocent type of beauty.

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