Law of the devil chapter 206 part 1

Chapter 206 “A young maiden’s heart” (part one)

It only took two days after the arrival of the Lister household for Du Wei to lose his patient. Inwardly, he really wanted to go back to Anglia City because news has it that Solskjaer had once again conjured up something new and fascinating. Not only that, but from the reports he’s been getting, Seth and his group of helpers are coming close to a breakthrough in bringing Old Alley’s flying broom to fruition.

He can already imagine it. Once the flying broom becomes a reality, a new unit of flying soldiers would soon become a fighting force he can rely on.

Just knowing all this is causing our little Duke here itching with anticipation. If he could, Du Wei would immediately fly back to Anglia City and personally take part in these grand and wonderful experiments.

Unfortunately, if he takes his status into account and the fact that the Lister Household has helped him time and times again, it would be totally improper for him to leave them alone like this.

Fortunately, the Marquise expressed she is only staying until his coming of age ceremony and that is only a few days away. Once that is over, there shouldn’t be any more reason for her to stay, right?

Never once did he ever felt so eager for his birthday to arrive.

It can’t be helped because the previous two days really has been torturous for him.

Who knows what the Marquise said, but the very next morning, this little girl called Angel immediately sought an audience with him and requested someone escort her around while she had a look through the City of Miracles…….

Send someone? Du Wei was already sighing when he heard the request. Other than Philip, just about every subordinate he has is a rough shot that knew nothing of manners and etiquette, of course, Philip would be too busy to go. What does this mean then? Since he’s the only idler around, it’s quite obvious: If you won’t accompany me, who will?!

Objectively speaking, this Angel really was pleasing to the eyes and the best part of all was that her eyes held an undisguised admiration towards him….. For a beauty like Angel, it’s certain nine out of ten men would be swept off their feet.

Although Du Wei did not actually fall heads over heels for her, but to say he found her bothersome is too unfaithful to his conscience. Pity thing is that wherever this Angel went, the sour faced little boy would always tag along.

Towards this male heir of the Lister Household, Du Wei cannot be too rude to him (at least not before the Marquise leaves, but afterwards…… Humph-humph!)

First stop in their tour is the castle. Making a few rounds around the castle grounds, Angel took an immediate liking to the greenhouse conservatory in the back. Following the knowledge from his previous life, Du Wei planted some common magical plants normally used in medicines and alchemy, of course, there are some dangerous things in there too but he made sure normal people wouldn’t encounter them unless they intended to.

Maybe it’s because girls are naturally into fluttery and flowery stuff. With only one glance, she was already in love with the place. Towards the carefree and cheerful attitude of Angel, Du Wei found her endearing, especially when she goes around excitedly asking the gardeners about this and that. In his view, she is like a butterfly, free and beautiful.

Despite being a young mistress of a giant noble household likes the Lister Family; Angel showcased a rare virtue that held no feeling of superiority over others. Even for the gardeners and servants in the greenhouse, they took close liking to this charming young girl within no time.

Du Wei can tell, this young lady is not putting on an appearance just for him. Too many times have Du Wei witnessed those noble children back in the capital claiming to have a modest nature, but he can tell, their so called modesty is not something natural.

These types of people may be very kind to you on the outside, but their type of ‘kindness’ is only that of a master to a servant.

As for this Angel, she is totally different that you could hardly tell she was of high birth. Surprising even Du Wei, Angel would even personally go play with the flowers and dirt, thus, dirtying even her clothing and face.

For a little girl like this, coupled with a beautiful face, who wouldn’t like her?

When Du Wei asked without alternative motive of why she liked magical plants, this little Angel actually blushed and whispered this:

“Because you are an excellent Magic Pharmacist……” Her voice was so small that it was like a mosquito’s buzz.

Hearing this, a complex feeling was fixed in his heart. Unfortunately, Du Wei’s moment was somewhat ruined when the snotty little boy nearby made a loud “humph” as if he was ready to swing a sword at him.

This kid…… He wouldn’t have a sister’s love complex, right? If not, why would he be so negative towards me?

Back on the first day, this kid was already stepping on his shoes and worst of all; Du Wei’s warning from last time had the opposite effect. Raising the kid’s rebellious nature, this is what the Lister boy was thinking: You want to scare me? Fine! I will go against you no matter what just to snub you!

Luckily Du Wei is one of the few well learned individuals on the continent. No matter what kind of question this innocent and harmless girl asked, he was able to answer it with ease. The only annoying part was no matter what he said, the brat would always contradict him or start nitpicking him on certain areas.

Like this, the two kept going back and forth over whatever topic Angel brought fourth. Anyhow, Du Wei did verify one thing from their little bout; the knowledge of this Lister boy is indeed profound.

At the beginning Du Wei was too lazy to bother, but nearing the end it him that was asking the questions after having his interest piqued. From the farming method of Orchids to the history of the continent, their conversation eventually led them to the discussion of the current state of affairs in the empire!

In the end, Du Wei realized this boy may be annoyingly hateful, but he is certainly not an airhead!

A kid is after all kid, how can someone so young compare with the Du Wei’s cunningness built up from two lifetimes? Eventually, Du Wei outwitted the kid: “humph! What do you know! My sister’s knowledge far exceeds mine by 10 times and everything I know is from her!”

Du Wei was shocked: The Marquise sure is extraordinary……..

The kid’s only 15 years old and he’s already at this degree of education. What’s the point of being in Mr. Blue Ocean’s school? If Du Wei had to be rude, this kid far exceeds the majority of those scholars!

Since he’s made aware of the kid now, Du Wei held nothing back and completely started to provoke the poor boy. As his questions intensified, the Lister boy’s answer started to show signs of weakening. Though the Lister Household did everything they could to cultivate the boy’s growth, it cannot be compared to Du Wei’s wealth of knowledge. Flushed red on the cheeks, the boy could only come up with an answer after a long period of thought in the final bout.

Oddly enough, besides the kid’s knowledge, Du Wei also discovered another weakness in the boy: he’s a neat freak!

During the afternoon, Du Wei took the two to see his own race track. Horse riding is a hobby that cannot be missed in a noble’s lifestyle.

Since Du Wei came to the Northwest, he has been blessed by the heavens and managed to collect a couple of fine steeds through Longbottom’s effort. Among his collection, one of the horses is a white stallion with only its hooves being a yellow shade. From what he knew, if he brought such a horse into the heart of the empire, he can sell it several dozen times more than the couple of thousand hold coins he used to procure it!

When the kid first saw the horse, the Lister boy froze there on the spot, unable to budge an inch. Du Wei originally wanted to see a show so he had him go for a ride, but beyond what he expected, the kid actually did it! Oddly though, before he got on, the boy had one of the servants give the saddle a full scrub as he put on a white glove before he got on.

The result is just like Du Wei expected. Untamed and wild, this white stallion easily knocked the poor boy down to the ground. Fortunately there were guards standing by to protect him so he didn’t get hurt and only dirtied himself.

Despite falling so hard, the kid didn’t cry out in pain; instead, he jumped up like he’s seen a ghost. Pulling out a handkerchief, he hastily wiped down all the dust like it was some kind deadly poison. Finally, not even bothering to say goodbye, he turned and ran back to the castle for a bath!

“Brother has to bath at least three times a day, once in the morning, noon, and night. Then there are the clothes. Every day he would throw the old one away and wear a new one the next. Also, he would never touch anything of others.” Angel’s tone sounded somewhat sheepish as she explained: “He’s been like this since little.”

A neat freak? Du Wei was laughing inside: very good! Once your sister leaves the Northwest I’ll have you sweep the toilet every day if you don’t behave!!

Though he was thinking along these lines, Du Wei did a fine job hiding it and only gave a look of indifference like he didn’t mind.




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