Law of the devil chapter 208 part 1

Chapter 208 “Rather jump off a bridge than to dance” (Part one)

According to the so-called “tradition”, the first dance is solely reserved for Du Wei and his female companion. Thus, everyone in the crowd began to consciously spread apart to give them space in the middle.

Gently putting his arm around the Marquise, Du Wei and our famed beauty began dancing to the music. Although he wasn’t favored since childhood, Du Wei still received the education befitting that of an aristocrat. From dancing to the proper manners used in a banquet, he is well versed in everything.

But to his surprise, the Marquise’s skill in dancing left him in awe. At first, our beauty here was still somewhat reserved, but after following the tempo of the music, her body became light as a feather. Swinging and rotating without resistance, she as a whole looked like a blooming flower. And there was the odor her body gave off… Apparently, it’s a rare perfume that gave off an elegant and refreshing smell that could get others to become drunk with its scent.

Like this, two danced away. But very soon, Du Wei found himself unable to keep pace with his partner. Fortunately this experienced lady was very clever. Slighting changing her body’s tempo, she quietly replaced Du Wei’s leading role without any apparent indication to the crowd.

Before he knew it, the two became closer and closer that they began talking in their dance.

“Duke, why did you not invite the other single ladies? Using me as a shield is not something a gentleman should do.”

Du Wei smiles as he whispered, “Marquise, you misunderstood me. Among the many ladies here, who can compare to your beauty? To be able to invite a noble and beautiful lady like you to dance with me tonight is a memory I will never forget.”

Who knows how many times she heard such compliments already. Regardless, she didn’t care and only gave a shallow smile in return as she moved into whisper next to his ear: “I have to say, you can be really sneaky.”

Curling his lips, Du Wei decided to admit it with silence.

He really didn’t have any other way. Just now when he heard the so called tradition from Marde, he quickly understood that this first dance is a way for him to express his love.

One must know, though the nobility will only officially recognize a child as an adult at the tender age of 15, but it’s not unheard of for a young lord to be well experienced the matters of bodily functions.

Of course, for safety sake, there are some that would choose not to propose their love to their intended recipient if they lacked the confidence. When this happens, most men would choose to invite a sister or family friend to dance. This way, they won’t lose face or offend the tradition.
In this case, Du Wei’s move of inviting the Lister Marquise just so happens to coincide with the latter option. Even if he invited such a beautiful lady, no one would really think there would be any chance for sparks to ignite between the two. One is a famed widow double his age and another is a fresh youngster, the age gap is simply too far apart. Aside from this, it’s well known the Marquise is a dedicated woman to her deceased husband. After the old guy died and left our beloved lady behind, there were many that sought after her for her beauty and wealth, yet every single one of these men were pushed away. It’s rumored even the emperor himself was one of her pursuers and because of this reason, she had no other option but to leave the capital and go back to her old home in order to avoid arouse gossip.

For many guests present, they were only smiling in good faith at the pair. Inwardly, they only believed this Duke still hadn’t decided on a lover yet, so as a solution, he temporarily invited the Marquise. For some, they were even thinking of going back to report that this young Duke is still single and is a definite good choice in marriage for the misses.

As for our Angel, she was quietly backing up to the furthest corner of the banquet hall. Leaning against the wall with her pale complexion, her nails were deeply gripped into her palm from how tight she was squeezing her skirt.

Seeing this, Muse that was standing by took hold of his sister hand and whispered: “Sister, let me take you back.”

Biting her lips, Angel’s tears that was held in by sheer will up to this point finally began to rain down.

Fortunately she was stationed at a remote spot so others didn’t notice her. However, Muse can see this and he was taking it all to heart. Pulling out a handkerchief, he handed it over: “Sister, from yesturdays meeting, I believe this guy already has a lover. Also, I don’t see what’s so good about him? Humph…….”

Angel’s face sank as she sighed: “Muse….. Bring me back.”

As the atmosphere in the lobby grew thicker, the pair quietly went through the crowd and used the excuse of being unwell to exit the room from the side.

When the last note died down, the Marquise’s body made one final rotation before suddenly falling into Du Wei’s arms. Despite how curved her back was, this amazing woman was still able to keep her balance. Puffing out her chest with those ivory skinned breasts, her dazzling posture now is like a goddess that would drag anyone into her beauty. Then without any indication, a glimmer of tease flashed across the Marquise’s eyes……

Applause began to break out at the wondering performance. Using this as a signal, Du Wei pulled our lady up and helped her stand upright. Mrs. Lister is after a woman. Under such intense physical exertion, even the beauty powders could no longer hide the blush on her face. Then there is also the thin wheezing sound coming from her, it’s exceptionally attractive like that of woman’s moan at night.

Suddenly, under the eyes of everyone present, our most esteemed beauty here stepped up and made a surprising move!

Reaching out her hands to grasp at Du Wei’s cheeks, she then spoke in a whispering voice like that of a girl speak talking to her beloved: “Duke, you know, I’ve never danced again after my husband’s death. In order to thank you for the invitation and…… To keep up with the norm of the event, I want to make an ‘adult’s request’. This is the tradition.”

With that, the Marquise suddenly moved closer without waiting for Du Wei to respond. Then in a mere split second, her sweet sumptuous lips were already matched up against his!

The applause from the audience seemed to have been snipped by an invisible scissor! For some of the gawking onlookers, they didn’t even have the wits to put down their hands at the scene.


It’s a “Kiss of love”!

Everyone became startled! According to tradition, the first dance is a dance of love. If the invited lady accepts the proposal, she can then respond by giving a kiss to accept each other!

If they’re not a couple, then a simple peck on the cheek is enough.

But…… This nation turning widow actually publicly gave Du Wei a kiss of love!!!??

Those that were just thinking Du Wei was using the Marquise as a substitute were starting to have severe doubts in their minds because this famed lady is now wrapped around Du Wei’s body and even gave him a kiss on the lips!

What should have been just a second in that kiss is now an eternity for Du Wei. And before he could even push her away, the other party was already backing up.

“I’ll wait for you in the garden.” The Marquise whispers this in Du Wei’s ear.

In Du Wei’s plan, he never expected such a kiss and it completely turned his plan upside down. For the next part of the party, our Mrs. Lister used the excuse of being unwell to excuse herself. As for Du Wei, he was pinned between everyone’s admiration and surprised look that left him feeling very uncomfortable.

Everyone knows that this Marquise is the dream lover of who knows how many noblemen in the empire, yet this widowed beauty never responded to any of them. But today, this usually restrained lady actually made such an amazing scene…. Such skills from our young Duke really left everyone in awe!

Unlike how everyone felt, Du Wei was bitter at his inability to speak up. In the future, it’s certain his name and the Lister family will soon be inseparable….. Perhaps this is the result our lady wanted?

For the remainder of the ball, Du Wei did not take part. Instead, this master of the house quietly slipped away and left the guests behind.

Du Wei was not very sure about his emotions. In addition to being surprised, he was vaguely irritated because he felt like he was being played by the Marquise. After slipping out of the banquet hall, his body seems to be naturally drawn to the garden indicated by the Marquise.

Through some changes made by him, there is now a transparent greenhouse filled with flower beds in the middle of the field. Due to Du Wei’s dislike of overpowering smells, the garden only contains certain varieties of flowers like the family symbol: The tulip.

Swaying under the gentle breeze, a beautifully dressed figure with soft swaying hair stood there at the epicenter. This shadow is none other than our famed Marquise of the Lister house.

Walking slowly over, Du Wei lightly coughed once.

Turning around at his voice, the Marquise’s showed a graceful smile.

“Marquise.” Du Wei frowns, his voice a little deep: “I think I need an explanation.”

“What?” the Marquise began to laugh beguilingly.

“Just now.” Du Wei did not get angry, instead, he quietly walked up to her.

The Marquise seems to deliberately tilt her head like she was in thought: “Duke, I only remember you openly invited me to dance your very first dance of love in life. While accepting your invitation, I also followed as per the tradition demanded and returned my intent….. Is it not like so?”


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  1. Come one Du Wei, you are destined for harem when you pick charm eyes as your reward. So take responsibility and take them all.

    • Dude, using his eyes that way is nothing short of pure evil. Forcibly coercing women and then (assumedly, it is the point of a harem afterall) having sex with them is literally rape.

      I’d be pretty disappointed if this story devolved into some pathetic harem (which even now I don’t believe that it will) and I’d feel even worse if the MC became a rapist.

          • Vivian is a agency-less, damsel-in-distress that can’t walk two steps without falling, she is naive to the point of being dumb to the world and is just all round irritating. The sooner Du Wei gets over his pointless little fetish crush on her and moves on to someone who’s a better match for him, the better.

        • And why exactly should he choose Angel? He knows her for like few days? He spent much more time with Vivian already and had time to actually develop some feelings. If you are so anti-Vivian then why not Medusa or Lady Knight? Hell, let’s go for one of quadruplets!

          What is so good about Angel?

          • I’d be happy with anyone besides Vivian. But Angel has all the connections, and she is actually gunning for him, so he doesn’t have to try and bring her around. The quadruplets wouldn’t be a good choice, though. They just want to be pampered as they have been in the past.

        • I like Vivian, but the “love” Du Wei can feel for her is a bit like “I feel superior being next to you because you are a stupid and I am not”. The MC can be much better than that. The harem would be quite stupid too, even if this novel is a bit male chauvinist and evil (the character is not a saint and doesn’t pretend to be one, even I’d like it) that kind of situation would lack of the greatness that Du Wei is going to have.
          Thinking of it, his best option right now is the Marquise!! she is the only intelligent enough to deceive him, and a 30 year old beauty that looks like 20 and is very rich. Could be that this intelligent widow planned this? or maybe she received instructions from someone else (maybe Aragon LOL).

          Even we can talk lots of shit about this, the story is going great and let the author do what he wants (I can’t even imagine he forgot about the eyes!! he is going to use that only when the MC can’t afford the situation with his own strength, magic and intelligence)

          Thanks for the chapter BCAT and sponsors


      • Truthfully speaking, I don’t really care about harem but Du Wei seems to go full throttle Vivian route whom I don’t really like as heroine so I want him to get other girls too. And I also don’t want him to turn into in heat all year round guy who pushing his rod into every girls he meet. That would destroy his character. Though he choose the charm eyes so I want him to use it for something already since he only use it only once which is super wasteful.

  2. Well, he might have to marry her after all, she’s pretty clever enough to come up with a plan on the spot (if it is a plan).

    Du Wei might be clever but he’s inexperienced in politics.

  3. Thank you for the chapter, good work as usual.

    Du Wei is totally getting wrapped around her little finger, ‘lady wants to manipulate him for gain, time for Du Wei to use that obsessive compulsive mind of his to snap back. Hopefully anyway! Dude’s too major-league to be played around with, pssh.

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    • And how is that a good move? She wants him to end with Angel. So how accepting his ‘love’ with everyone present seeing that accomplishes this? Right now she at most marked him as no longer available for other females.

        • Come on, lets be real, he either takes Vivian or takes them all, like seriously Duwei is the kind of fellow who takes what he wants, and he already had Vivian on sight since long, he is just waiting for a suitable age for it to not be creepy, but I really hope to see some development, I’m sure (am not) Vivian will grow up, there is no way she’ll stay silly all her life

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        • Yes I understood what she ultimately wants. But the way she goes about it is waaay roundabout. Who would think that there is something between him and Angel when she kisses him? What she did just affirmed everyone that he courted her and she accepted. With all that tradition and all. Like I said, right now she showed everyone that he is kinda taken and now he has to step very carefully because even if she doesn’t have many connections she still can make his life a hell with all those that court her.

          I really wonder what she has in mind other than blackmail to make him and Angel engaged

  4. Oh god how annoying their brother is… ‘Also, I don’t see what’s so good about him?’ Denial is strong with this one. Also I love the fact that after Marquise passes away he will become a very rich COMMONER, making him and his sister a very big fat target to gain all their wealth.

    I love that stupid fuck, and I would loove to see everything he has being taken away from him 🙂

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    Loli √ check
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    A mágic overpowered but a drooling Morón √ check
    Duwei is somehow a pedophile √ CHECK

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