Law of the devil chapter 209 part 1

Chapter 209 “Afraid of change!” (part one)

Undeniable, Du Wei is somewhat annoyed.

And what caused him to be so angry is that he himself realized his “heart” was moved!

Speaking from heart, with the Marquise’s beauty, it’s unlikely to find a man that wouldn’t be physically and psychological tempted by this woman!

If he had to say a rude word, then it’s: she is so fucking beautiful, so beautiful that no man can refuse her!  Don’t mention anything else; just thinking of that body and face favored by even the gods is enough….. A goddess yearned by every man in the empire… And now he is able to embrace such a goddess in his arms!

More importantly, not only is she a stunning beauty with immeasurable wealth, she is also usually wise. Du Wei is certain if he marries her, she will be the most loyal person to him…..

For Such a woman, who wouldn’t be excited?

Du Wei may not be a lecherous scum, but he is still a man with normal bodily functions.

Most importantly, it’s the last word spoken by the Marquise.

“In the future, the Lister family will support you without reservation and be your most loyal supporter!”

Such a promise…… Or “deal”, holds a very special meaning for Du Wei!

Du Wei knows that if he wants to gain a proper foothold in Northwest and prepare for the coming crisis in the next few years…. He will need large amounts of money!

Lots and lots of money!

He needs do large amounts of construction projects in the Northwest because the City of Miracles is only the beginning. Being the closest frontier to the prairie natives of the desert puts his Desa province at the greatest risk! With only a single fortress city like his Loulan City is not enough! In his plan, he intends to establish a batch of cities across the province to deal with the native Calvary!

Just imagine it, back in Governor Bohan’s Mansion, even a whimsical small tribe scared off their wits by Longbottom could so easily bring out tens of thousands of the finest warhorses….. So then, how much warhorses and fighters would the entire prairie desert have?

Although he managed to establish his city if miracle with the help of the spring’s water and horn of life from the treants, but he spent millions of gold in the process! And what’s more, the water from the spring is not unlimited! That damn spring is in the Northwest part of the frozen forest. Each run is troublesome and only someone like Hussein could possibly make the trip successfully…… Don’t forget, that damn spring is not always there! According to the treants, it’s not uncommon to find it in a dry state for decades!

So, Du Wei can’t completely rely on the spring to help me through the Northwest’s construction projects. With each drop of water consumed, it would mean one drop less for him.

Thinking up to here, Du Wei began to sigh because Hussein is still not back yet from his mission. Let’s hope he can bring back some water from that blasted spring.

Nevertheless, even if Hussein does indeed bring back what he wanted, Du Wei already made up his mind to never use the water again unless he absolutely must. Who knows when it will be that the spring fills up again…..

Back when he used the water to create a big harvest and build the city of miracle is because he had ulterior motives.

Achieving all of that within three month is to showcase his “power”! This is the quickest and most direct method for him to get everyone to yield!

Looking at the outcome, he got what he wanted. Throughout the entire Northwest region, the story of his City of Miracle runs so rampant that even the other parts of the mainland is rumoring with his story.

However, such “miracles” can only occasionally happen once or twice, anymore is beyond his capability.

Therefore, after deterring all those who doubted him thus far with the two miracles, Du Wei will hence forth need to look for alternative methods to reinforce his strength!

The answer is: Money! Lots and lots of money!

Millions of and even tens of millions of gold coins!

Whether it is the prisoners from Sin City, buying warhorses through Longbottom, or procuring slaves for his factory, everything thus far is only small stuff….. If he wants to gain a firm foothold in the Northwest and have enough capital to go up against the warlords of the Northwest, he needs to build up his private army first!

And it just so happens that the army is the most expensive thing there is!

The Northwestern Corps is nearly 200,000 strong with an additional 30,000 personnel in the back for logistic…. This is one of the more elite Corps within the empire! To be able to go up against such a powerful force, Du Wei needs to have at least 100,000 elite soldiers under his banner to put up a front!

Then there are the prairie natives with a deep seated hatred outside the Northwest Corridor! Despite their population being only at a million, just about every citizen can become a soldier with a little training!

If Du Wei wants to fend off such an awfully strong enemy, how much troops would he really need?

Even more so, how many sturdy walls will he need to construct? Then there are the weapons and fodders needed for the horses……

Just relying on the income of his business in the capital is absolutely not enough.

Even if he did plan to thoroughly blackmail the United Kingdom, the small fortune that came his way is likely far from enough in his squandering.

Without tens of millions of gold coins, he can forget about truly building up in the Northwest!

Du Wei’s biggest issue is…… If it is anywhere else, a family would have decades or even centuries to develop…. But Du Wei doesn’t. At most, he will only have around a few years… Or even short if things comes to push!

The only way to speed up the process is money.

Just now, Du Wei can faintly hear the last words spoken by our wealthy lady again.

After dinner, the majority of the guests were mostly dispersed, especially that Totoro of the Northwestern Army. His departure was very urgent, but before he left, his attitude was exceptionally polite. Confused by the odd behavior, Du Wei later learned from the other guests that the Northwestern Army Head Rugaard is also an admirer of our fine Marquise.

The Roland Empire’s custom can still be considered open. Whether it is from the legal or religious standpoint, it does not prohibit a woman to remarry, and within the noble circle, this is even more common. The reason why there was such an outpour of surprise is because of our Madam’s sudden intimacy with our Duke. Also, for many of the people that was originally aiming to bond their families with our young duke can only sigh at this point.

Du Wei’s upsetting heart can never be overlooked by our guests. In their eyes, they only thought the young Duke is simply too eager to ditch them for the lady.

It wasn’t until midnight did the party come to the end. While the majority of the guests were already gone, some remained and was escorted to the guest rooms by a servant.

Unlike how his guests were being accompanied by a servant, Du Wei dispersed his people so that he quietly go back up to his room to think the matter over:

Accept or not to accept?

Thinking about it reasonably, binding the Lister family with him is indeed a good choice. The wealth from their family is something he needs urgently and there are also the connections they have. While others may revere him as Duke, but his standing is still too shallow in other peoples opinion. Turning around, they might not actually pay him any heed!

The empire is waning day by day and even the emperor himself cannot be compared to before, so let’s not mention a young Duke like him. For example: even a governor like Bohan is not taking him seriously!

However, the Marquise is different. She’s been in this circle for a very long time and her methods are very skilled; otherwise, her family wouldn’t be so well off right now.

But does he really have to accept such a disgusting thing like a political marriage?

Don’t joke…… This is not my personality!

As Du Wei moved down the hallway, he suddenly heard a hurried stepping sound coming from the door in front of him. Taking a closer look, this is the room Vivian is asleep in. After the girl got drunk last night, he carried her into one of his bedrooms, that’s why she’s been asleep all day and night. If she was present in tonight’s ball, then just maybe he wouldn’t have encountered such a dilemma.

Apparently, Vivian is already awake and when she heard the fast footsteps coming from the door, she took a peek outside to realize it was the person she least wanted to meet. Hurrying to close the door behind her with a flustered face, a foot was already interlocked between the doors.

She may be awake, but her head was still having a major migraine from the hangover. Nonetheless, flashes of what transpired last night would occasionally flash across her mind.

Ah!!…… I did something very bold last night!

After a series of scenes pieced together in her mind, everything became clear. With her heart beating uncontrollably at the fear and regret of what she did, Vivian would even use the advance spell “Wheel of Time” to undo all that has happened last night.

Just as she was freaking out at what to do, Du Wei had already forced the door open and was standing before her with a smile on his face: “You awake?”

Bouncing between red and white on her face, Vivian can only nod and make an ‘umm’ sound to reply.

“How did you sleep? Looking at your face, it seems your full of spirit.” Walking in, he backhandedly closed the door behind him like he had just closed off the last escape route.

Vivian jumped in surprise and her body instinctively recoiled backward…. Right now, her body was already leaning against the wall: “You-you… What are you doing?”

“Do what?” Du Wei smiles joyously: “Who was it last night that said she wanted to be my wife? Who was it that said she wanted to sleep with me?”

Not only did Vivian’s face turn blood red, her head was so low that her chin nearly touched her chest. Then disregarding the girl’s reaction, Du Wei took two steps forward and completely picked her up. With him sitting on the bed and her on top of his leg, he then told her not to move.

“Vivian, don’t move.” Du Wei’s voice suddenly showed a trace of weariness: “Let me hold you for a while. Aigh, I’m really stumped right now.”




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  1. I am in a bind here..
    I like Vivian because she is so innocent, problem is that she isn’t unique at all. A generic character..
    I don’t really want him to have a political marriage and i also think that Vivian would be good for MC because he’s evil and willing to do anything but she is totally innocent and they are totally opposite from one another.
    I still have the issue of her not having any unique qualities, so i really don’t know how to feel about this..

    • You people should look forward to character development, thats what you should be worrying, who says Vivian won’t grow up? Do you believe she’ll stay the same ever?

    • Hey dude, have you thought what is best for Vivian if you like her as you say? The problem here: her personality will be melt and forged by Du Wei. Wrf will left of her ? She has now like 99% chances to end up broken mentally.

      For Du Wei this political marriage is the way to achieve those targets he has set himself. I believe he is already decided for it. Either way, those are the bad news for “poor silly Vivian”.

      If he dares to decline Marquise, he will have make his life more difficult as it is. Including immanent danger for his surrounding. Do I need to point, that “poor silly Vivian” will be in a most dangerous position in this case ?

      Actually, I love this fork in the book … Let see what the author is up to 🙂 I hate when I can see the outcome through (as for chapter 208p1).

  2. Decisions, decisions. I’m betting he cant pass up the benefits of the marriage and agree. Thanks for the chapter

    • He probably won’t agree, if you have read this chapter.
      “Don’t joke…… This is not my personality!”
      After that he went to see Vivian, so we can be quite sure that he won’t accept this.

      • This could be a “good by” hug 🙂 He went to see her and say good by to his dreams. As far Vivian will get up to news, she will be very, very upset … I expecting some difficult talk in the next chapter.

    • It’s not about benefits of accepting, but more about detriments of refusing. Everyone will try to get back at him to gain Marquise’s favor. And when I say everyone, imagine every noble and other powerful people in the whole empire.

  3. I hope he accept.
    That lady is good addition for the team. Very beautifull, caluculative, smart, rich and mature.

    Though it seems like du wei wont accept her.. meh.

    • Yup and clearly cares about her Lisner familly. Are you sure she wouldn’t poison him if she thought that doing that will gain her more profit for her brother? You can bet that if he marries her then he will have to always be vigilant of her.

      • ahaaha i have this crazy idea, to own a favor from the listers, cant he somehow get close to muse? and well, for example, took him an oath brother lol. or this is just a crazy idea from a fujo.

    • He will be a fool if he refuses. With no regards to his feelings, accepting Marquise is what his business requires. I do not talk about the money only. Think about all the trained personnel the Lister household already have. He already understands that he can get this machinery at the tip of his fingers and melt it as he finds fit.

  4. i am on the ”don’t accept” team, for obvious reasons. objectively speaking marrying the marquise is the best thing du wei can do, but for me it would just sound like the easy way out. and i would really look down on du wei if he accepts, he denied the little sister who had genuine feelings for him why would he accept the older one when she brings the same benefits?

    all the reasons duwei was listing up just sounded like excuses honestly, to ease him into choosing the marquise, but thank the goddess he didn’t. a political marriage no matter with whom it is, let alone a woman considered to be as beautiful as a goddess, even if she was one, it will always leave a bad aftertaste, as if one was forced into the situation because of their own incompetence of being able to solve their own problems.

    that last part of the chaper, wow. that is pretty much vivainXduwei sailing away, she is the first person that duwei has showed a genuine moment of weakness to (besides our marde). i really hope vivian pulls through for us so the protesters of this ship will be silenced.

  5. For those who don’t seem to understand why he would refuse, if he refuses its going to be for the same reason he saved his father, because he is Duwei and he is nobody’s bitch, he was taken away from his former life to this new one and he hated it, from there until the most recent chapter he has lacked control of his life and surroundings, he got trapped in the devil’s island, he got kidnapped by Gandalf, taken aaaaall the way to the frozen forest just to be told he takes part in some prophecy, got bullied by dragon chief, finally got back just to find himself in the middle of a huge political striffe in which his family lurks really deep, even 1000 years dead Aragon is appearently having him move along in his palm, and Duwei has already stated his will.
    He got the horn so he could have power himself, resisted Gandalf most of the way and completely refused any to follow whstever prophecy, at the end of the coup he chose not to follow (freaking future king) Son, did not followed the magic asosiation, went all the way to the north to be left alone. That is Duwei.

  6. Thank you translator for your hard work and a special thanks to Alex bakhmach I didn’t noticed until now,but you have donated for many chapters on this site 😊

  7. Honestly… This ship is leaking worse and worse and is on the point of sinking… Du Wei honestly doesn’t know what’s good for him. He’s going to choose the blandest character of them all, and someone who’s only characteristics – her innocence – is a threat to him (case and point: Medusa and magic), over a plethora of other choices, each of which would be better than her.

    1. The Marquise.
    She has half the country’s money in her pocket, and would no doubt make an excellent wingwoman for him in politic and intrigue. On top of that she is fine with him having someone else in their relationship, so if he REALLY has to he can keep Vivian as a concubine, or her younger sister.

    2. Angel.
    A girl with genuine feelings for Du Wei, and although still a little creaky on the intrigue, has an excellent teacher (her sister), and some potential. On top of that she comes with the benefit of the Lister family money, and her older sister’s loyalty and support.

    3. Vivian’s Older Sister.
    Whilst one of the weaker candidates on the list, she is still a powerful mage, and at least has some more character and agency than Vivian.

    4. Nicole (Medusa).
    For those of you who like danger and living on the edge, Medusa is a good option. She might hold his dagger in one hand, and a metal one in the other. A powerful companion with the bonus ability of instant petrification.

    5. His Ancestress.
    I’m not very fond of this option, but there it is. Another very powerful mage, and someone with more knowledge than you can imagine. On top of that she is bound to Du Wei so she is a safe bet as far as loyalty goes.

    The list goes on, of course, but these seem to be the most popular, and obvious options for him. Each comes with either more benefits, a better character, or both. By contrast Vivian is bland, uninteresting, is a danger to Du Wei, and seems largely incapable of even using the little benefit she comes with (her power). The only reason I can think people think she is a good choice (or the best choice. Now THAT, I don’t get), is because she was the first one to really be thrown at us.

    To that, I answer: “Don’t settle for the first good option (which she isn’t even), because you will miss out on the better options.”
    What’s more, I think he (being as old as he is), should know this; should know better than to jump at the first girl to fall at his feet (or in her case, on top of him).

    • Are you serious?

      Vivian is a better match compared to Vivian’s sister, Medusa, and Ancestress added together.

      Vivian’s sister can’t be controlled. Theres no ship to someone that require him to utilize his eyes, thats slavery.

      Medusa is a monster through and through, the only reason she is in human form is because she doesn’t have a choice, due to the eternal youth water.

      Ancestress is dead, and is just a clone, there is no future in her.

      Vivian is an idiot, true, but at she is the ideal candidate for duwei’s obsession with freedom. Both Angel and Marquise will tie him down together with that family.

      Everyone in the story feels that the best thing to do is to be under the wing of someone influential, but our MC’s thinking is different. He wants to live for himself and not for anyone else.

      • >> Both Angel and Marquise will tie him down together with that family.

        This is the only argument I’ve read and ready to accept. He gets not only money machine with the marriage to Marquise, he will get a huge amount of obligations and immense amount of enemies.

        Those strings attached to Du Wei will always strip down amount of choices he has.

        As I mentioned before. I expect difficult talk in the next chapter and I’m glad that I can’t foresee the outcome.

    • Oh god dammit why are you guys overthinking this so much. He likes Vivian. Simple as that. He doesn’t care about political stuff, damn he only cares about money because he has a sudden need for a large amount of it. If he wasn’t pressed for time then he would simply earn it himself.

      The only dilema in here is that Marquise has loads of admirers and as he said himself, if he doesn’t play this right then they will get to his ass. I would even say that Marquise is the worst option. Right she is beautiful and talented, but also a vicious snake… She will do anything so her Lisner familly can prosper. I am sure that if one day she would gain more by killing Du Wei, he wouldn’t even realise he died. Also let’s make it clear. She herself admitted that she would marry off Angel to the gratest candidate there is even if Angel didn’t like it. The fact that she likes Du Wei only saves Angel from dissappointment, but even if she hated him, she would still have to marry him.

      As for Angel, great she likes him. So what? He knows her for few days, weeks at most. Even if she is great asset, that doesn’t mean anything to him as he wants to be with someone he loves. And that person is Vivan. You can hate it all you want, but sorry guys love does not choose. I think that Angel would have more chance if she agreed to become a concubine. That, or give them more time to get to know each other and do the thing called ‘develop feelings’

    • I don’t really antagonise you because I understand what is not liking a development, especially when you really like whatever the hell it is you’re reading, but you’re crossing a line man, why ancestress but not Vivian? So how is fucking your grandmother (as sexy as she probably is) better than fucking the shy girl? Vivian being dangerous? To who? Teaching Medusa magic? What the hell are you reading? Are we reading the same stuff? Whatever you’re expecting to happen I don’t think it will, like at all… Even if Medusa goes renegade then what? gg? Ok, fucking Medusa killed Duwei while he was distracted having sex with Vivian (not like the little shit had a chance anyway, she knows magic now lmao) , who would’ve thought so? Gg, end, finito, se acabo. Rip Duwei – “Should’nt have fucked Vivian, even idiot brother Lister was better choice”. Well, being serious, I don’t think Nicole is betraying no one, story is obviously going the way that Duwei is forming his own (freaks) Avengers team, jesus.

      • The primary reason any of these characters are on the list, besides their various perks and benefits, is because they are more rounded characters with some agency. Vivian has absolutely no agency at all. The only times we’ve ever seen her she has either been portrayed as a cluts that can’t do anything or following someone else’s command. The one time she was on her own (when her master hadn’t returned), she was wandering aimlessly like some unstringed balloon. She wasn’t even able to look after herself, despite having all the powers and abilities of an eighth level magician.

        Looking at it from an in-character perspective she is a bad choice because her naivete makes her liable to be fooled by nearly anyone, as Du Wei has demonstrated countless times, most notably the very first time they met.

        And even when looking at it from an out-of-character perspective, she is a bad choice due to her poor character. The only thing that is definitive about her is her naivete. In the nearly two hundred chapters we’ve known Vivian, that is the only thing we’ve learned of her character. We haven’t learned anything about her desires or goals in life (besides her drunken desire to marry Du Wei, apparently). She feels like a puppet.

        The Marquise, Medusa and his Ancestress all have their own goals, their own lives to live. They are self-driven and agency-possessing characters. Granted, in-character they carry their dangers, but from an out-of-character perspective that is a good thing. It offers opportunities to drive the story in different directions and to create tensions and narrative deviations that could be enthralling.

        Vivian, on the other hand, offer no such opportunities. She will (at least as she has been portrayed so far) offer no options for narrative deviations or interesting direction changes in the future. The only possible drive she could offer is if she is either kidnapped by someone, thus becoming the archetypal damsel-in-distress, or if she is fooled by someone into revealing some secret knowledge about Du Wei, which won’t be very original, given how obvious such a thing is to nearly every reader at this point.

        So from an in-character perspective, Vivian is a poor, even danger choice. I’ll grant that others like Medusa may be as well, but Vivian has worse flaws than them, and flaws that don’t serve the story from an out-of-character perspective (or meta-perspective).

        From a meta-perspective, Vivian is a poor choice. She is a colourless, one-dimensional, agency-less puppet of a character that offers no driving force or narrative options to the story that aren’t literally the two most cliched in all of literature, both western, middle-eastern, African, Australian, and far eastern.

        My argument, thus, is that besides the fact that she is the first prospective love interest that the readers, and Du Wei, are introduced to, she has no other merits for being the one he chooses, from either an in-character or meta-perspective. And even if she did, they are far outstripped by the in-character and out-of-character benefits of the other possible choices.

        • Or maybe instead of all that she recieves character development? Let’s play the waiting game, from my side I’m expecting Vivian to grow up, instead of disliking Vivian as of now, the real fuck up would be she not growing in any sense from this point on, she is only now, in this arc finally really out there in the real world, and I think she has a LOT of room for development, be it emotional or technical.

          I’m willing to bet you (not really) no one is fooling Vivian, and about being kidnapped, due to the current circumstances and place the story is currently taking place I find that pretty unlikely, but who knows, I don’t I do know thatm I’m just expecting.

          • I seriously doubt that. The author has had nearly two hundred chapters to develop her character, and has done a worse job of it than he has with characters that we’ve known for only two-dozen or less, and have been active in the story for far less than that. This leads me to believe that the author either isn’t able to develop Vivian any further (he doesn’t know what he wants from her), or as she is now is exactly what he has in mind. I don’t know which is worse.

    • Reason is simple, if she dies, her brother will gain all the wealth and assets but not the noble title. He will simply become a very prosperous merchant. As he doesn’t have any connections to powerful nobles and the like, he will become a very fat pig for everyone who wants his money. Now if she somehow marries her sister or herself to Du Wei then Du Wei will become a familly to her brother and due to them will be somewhat forced to watch over her brother and protect him from other nobles, because how can a simple merchant talk back to nobles?

  8. Smartest decision = marry the either one of the pretty Lister Woman
    But we all know that Duwei is no pushover. Vivian better develop as a character because she’s not in the least bit interesting. I think the author has a thing with lolis.

    • Or for very pure and innocent airheads. Also smartest decision isn’t always the right decision. Especially when it’s about love

  9. “”” But does he really have to accept such a disgusting thing like a political marriage?

    Don’t joke…… This is not my personality! “”””

    Yeah don’t joke like this , he (30+ years old ) will obviously go for the child that is still wet behind her ears , sexuly harassing a poor child , god forbid he goes for the mature woman , no no go the pedo route because “he doesn’t want to be anyone bitch” right? Why not go for ANYBODY ELSE but the freaking child in the room lmao …. sigh

    • the chinese are way to into Loli’s if you havent noticed, they always cover it up with “mature” women, but there will always be a loli or 2

    • Don’t you dare to play this f.cking card here. Du Wei is physiologically reached his “adult” age, – he is 15 years old. I’ve seen in the newspapers that 28 years woman who was a school teacher, went to prison for seducing hers 18 years student. So … Do not you see the obscurity of what you wrote ?

      • You clearly are a bit slow , and it’s ok , there’s alot of you out there , read again what i said , i was talking about him sexualy harassing a child when he is 30++ y old and she is what ? 12? than goes on and says he wont do something as disgusting like aranged mariege but somehow having desires and molesting a child on a horse is ok in his book . All this pedophilic culture coming from jp is geting really annoying lately . Probably because the age of consent in JP is 12 ? At least in tokyo and another city ( tokyo being one of the bigest cities of jp lmao ) . Oh well .

  10. I really can’t understand why is that Vivian is so disliked :S She is one of the youngest mages ever to get to her current level, yeah she is innocent but only cause she lived almost all her live closed off of the rest of the world… She already showed that she can be bold, yeah she was drunk but it only shows that with a lil bit more of experience of the outside world and more confidence, her character can actually develop into a stronger one.
    I do think right now she’s more like a lil sister (like I already said it before) but even so she’s is a much better fit for Du Wei than any other girl that showed up until now.

  11. This has become imposible to swallow, yeah I get it the autor would love to bang a inocent child with autism, so why does he have to make us his confidents?

    • You don’t even have to in the 1st place, and don’t speak like that jesus, better go all the way and say something like this “o geez author why you making me read, even tho I dislike you’re making me you’re confident totally against my will, you sicko, if only heavens wouldn’t be so unfair for I’m unable to close my eyes, or stop reading and moving on, I (not) literally can take it anymore” you see the difference? Ya me neither.

      • Meow ! you are so sharp im gonna get cut. you know what? I will tell you someting , I love pudin! Yep I enjoyed that sweet candy new and fresh( still pudin but diferent) and those yummi 170 spoons fill my stomach but guess what? The cooker just shit diarrea in my pudin 🙁 but I still enjoy the pudin even with that little shitty taste called vivían. What do you think? Clear enough? Or should I make a drawn for you? You see the diference? Ya me neither 😉

  12. Umm, guys? If Du Wei really really needs da money, he would just probably use charm on the Marquise and BAM she donates all her money to Du Wei, no questions ask HAHAHA!

    Though seriously, Du Wei already stated that he ‘favors’ Vivian, meaning the author is dead set on loving the autistic girl. So lets just leave it at that and sail with the story 😀

    Though, I too, am not fond of Vivian, still the show must go on xD

    • Vivian is not autistic, she is just a kid who had no normal surrounding. That Gandalf prevented her from getting any social experience.

  13. I find it funny that the comments are he should pick Vivian or Marquise when he can just marry the Marquise and still be faithful to Vivian if he really wants to. Lets face it marriage is simply a process by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent, its literally a process of informing the government that 2 people share their wealth by law. He doesn’t actually need to love her or even sleep with her, and if both are willing its no different from a business deal like a partnership in firms. He can still love and be faithful to Vivian without being married to her. I don’t understand why this is a difficult choice at all because I doubt he really cares much for what others think about him so why would he care about who they think he loves?

    • Continuing from my previous comment I don’t get where the author is going with this it just shows his naive way of thinking that marriage must equal love. This might surprise you but being married to a person does not mean you love that person more and if he can get so much pros with almost no cons he will be a fool for declining it.

      • Think of this novel as a voice for the people in China.
        They can relate to what the author is saying here because a lot of times, the children don’t always get to have a say in their marriage prospects.
        I know alot of things mentioned in this novel doesn’t really make sense in the western world, but that’s the struggle they are facing and this is the way they can vent their annoyance.

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