Law of the devil chapter 213 part 2

Chapter 213 “The world!” (part two)

Very quickly, they chose ten elite warriors to accompany them into the village.

Without any suspense or thrill, their efforts naturally yielded nothing in this quaint little village.

The reason is because Du Wei already hid the two monsters inside his storage ring. Despite the extensive search made by the shamans, they simply couldn’t find any traces of their target. In their endeavor, the two even brought out something that drew great interest from Du Wei.

It is a a tortoise shell. Like a divination, they threw several irregularly shaped bones inside and chanted a few words he couldn’t understand.

At the time Du Wei was quite nervous, but from their disappointed eyes, it would seem the divination failed.

Like this, the disgruntled party and the 3,000 horsemen withdrew from the village. In addition, Du Wei also instructed Longbottom to send out 100 men to “escort” these barbarians out of his territory. Naturally, the escort party kept a hundred meters in distance from their guests.

Regarding this move, the prairie wolves were very upset, but under the direct order of their shamans, they had no choice but to swallow this indignation.

After leaving Cow Tongue Village, the two shamans were riding steadily on their mounts when they halted their group. Turning back to peer over at the distant village, one of the guy said to his partner: “What do you think of this Duke Tulip?”

“Humph, just a child.” The ill-tempered Shaman said this with disdain in his voice.

“That’s right.” The calm Shaman smiles: “Indeed, while the rumors are strong, he’s really not much after meeting him today…..” He then paused before sighing: “But that aid of his…. Strong willed and thorough, quite an outstanding guy!”

Watching these prairie wolves leave, Du Wei’s face showed no signs of easing down. Instead, his expression became even gloomier as he ordered: “We’re going back to Loulan City!”

Aside from hiding the two monsters inside his storage ring, he also thoroughly taught the brat a good lesson. Right now, Muse can only stand from afar, too afraid to say a single word.

Once they were on the road, Du Wei gestured for Muse to come next to him: “Come here!”

The kid seems to be afraid of him from the careful manner he moved: “You….. What do you want?”

“Humph! Did you forget my words? You should be calling me ‘Lord’!” Du Wei lightly spoke: “While you’re here, you are no longer the young master of the Lister Household! You are merely one of my subjects! If you can’t remember this, you can expect more suffering in the future.”

With his face flustered, Muse grits his teeth to squeeze out these words, “Yes…… Lord!”

“Better.” Du Wei lets out a deep breath: “Mount your horse, we’re going back.”

At this moment, Du Wei’s face was suddenly full of fatigue.

Watching Du Wei’s expression, Muse couldn’t help but wonder: is there anything else that could possibly annoy this wicked person? A evil guy like him……

Without words, Du Wei mounted his horse and kept his head down like he was lost in thought.

Though Muse hated the guts out of him, he simply found himself unable to resist peeking at Du Wei’s back.

After a long time like this, about 10 miles of travel, Du Wei suddenly turned to glance at Muse: “You’ve been watching me?”

Caught off guard, Muse quickly shook in his in a startled manner.

Seeing this, Du Wei lets out a slight smirk: “Don’t deny it; I can already guess you were secretly cursing me. You must have thought: ‘If I could grab a dagger and stab him in the back while he’s not paying attention’, right?”

Muse went completely white on his face because he really did have such thoughts a while back. However, that crazy idea was quickly dismissed by him after getting his head together.

This guy……  Is certainly a devil! Otherwise, how could he have read my mind?

Du Wei gently smiles, his face with a hint of calm: “Muses, do you hate me because I gave you a beating earlier? But then, do you know why I beat you?”

Muse kept his mouth shut and didn’t reply.

“Because you’re stupid.” Du Wei held nothing back in his words: “Because of your foolish behavior. If you were to come into harm while under my care, not only will your family be faced with tones of trouble, there will also be lots of people dying because of you. So then, are you not stupid or what?”

Muse once again blushed but didn’t speak.

“You can hate or do whatever you like.” Du Wei sneers: “It’s just that I don’t understand why you hate me so much? It seems from the beginning when we first met, you were already very unfriendly towards me.”

While Muse shrinks his head down in shame, Du Wei paused for a while before speaking up again: “is it because of your sisters?”

Muse answers in a low resenting voice. “…… Yes, that’s right.”

After a while, he suddenly looked up at Du Wei: “I hate you because I know big sis wants you to marry Angel! I hate aristocrats like you. In the past, big sis was forced to marry that old geezer for the sake of the family, but I know she was never happy at all! Luckily the bastard died early! But now you’ve shown up…. I think you are also a jerk! I don’t want Angel to follow in my sister’s footstep and marry a hypocritical noble like you! You bastards only know how to covet my family’s wealth and use us for you own gains!”

“But you are also using me.” Du Wei slowly speaks: “Doesn’t your sister also want to use my position?”

“……” Muse grits his teeth.

“So like I said, you are very stupid.” Du Wei lightly spoke: “Fortunately you’re still young, even god will sometimes forgive the misgivings of a young person.”

“God?” Muse was startled.

Du Wei realized he made a mistake so he quickly covered it up: “Oh, he’s just an old bastard, don’t think too much of it.”

(The human of this world only believes in the goddess of light, so what Du Wei just said here is like calling out Jesus in front of someone that’s never heard of it.)

He then looks at the muse to speak in a stern voice: “Your stupidity lies in your action. Despite the fact that your little stunts can’t make a single difference, you kept going at it and caused things to worsen….. Tell me; is this not stupidity or what? A smart person will think of ways to send the matter down a direction they want. Yet you….. Haha.”

Muse grunted: “What about you? Why did you refuse Angel? Did you really set your eyes on my big sis?”

“HA HA HA HA … …” Du Wei laughs out at the sky. Only after a good while did he stop to face Muse: “Pitiful boy, you really are pitiful. Do you really think I am like everyone else that can only eye your family’s wealth? In fact, do you think everyone is like you imagined”

Muse seems to have been holding his thoughts in, but now, he finally couldn’t keep a lid on it: “You…. What do you want? You refused Angel, but then at the party you invited my big sis! My big sis…. What do you want with her, you devil!!”

Du Wei’s eyes turned cold again: “You probably forgot my orders again, right?”

Muse seems to be afraid of Du Wei’s eyes. Shrinking his body, his head bowed down again.

Instead of getting angry, Du Wei lets out a small breath: “Yes…. What is it that I really want?”

When he first crossed over to this world, his mind was still confused.

Regarding this kind of confusion, one couldn’t relate to it unless they experienced it themselves.

Before he came into this world, he did have some idea of these matters from the novels he read.

However, experiencing it and reading about it is completely different.

The third-rate novels would always write how the MC would accept reality after a brief period and how beautiful their life would become…..

What Bullshit!

An adult…… No, even if it’s just a person who just turned 18, that person would still have many ties left in that world like: careers, life’s goal, or love relationships!

Ok, even if they don’t have a lover, then there’s still their parents. Mother and father, the important people that cared and raised them from infancy!

What does crossing over represents? It stands for a hand that wiped away all that you’ve earned without a chance for you to resist!

All that you have struggled for, all the sweat and tears you gave, everything that you earned from the grounds up is taken from you. What kind of sick jokes is that!

The emotions you once held is nothing but an illusion, an empty casket if you will!

Those shitty third rate novels, the moment the MC crossed over, they will cling to their parents and completely forget their former………

To say it bluntly… … Bull shit! They have no conscious and are heartless fucks!

What is it that Du Wei wants?

Truthfully speaking: If! If he can! If the heavens suddenly said you can go back, he will without hesitation give up everything in this world and go back! Screw the bullshit prophecy!

And if he can’t go back?

Then Du Wei’s can only take his second option: He wants to live a life in comfort where he can be free to do what he liked.

Thinking of this, Du Wei suddenly began to laugh.

The smile on his face was truly sincere when he uttered this single word:


“What?” Muse seems to have trouble hearing Du Wei’s word.

“It’s freedom.” Du Wei’s voice is very calm: “What I want is freedom. I want to live a peaceful life of freedom where there isn’t too much stress.”

“…… So … … Simple?” Muse shocking watched this highly favored Duke of the empire. Even an idiot knows the future of this guy is limitless…. Yet, he only wants freedom?

“Are you still not free enough?” Muse mockingly asks.

“You don’t understand. ” Du Wei shakes his head.

Free? Can this world really let him be free?

The reason he played the fool back then is because he didn’t want to bare the family burdens. (In Du Wei’s view, what does the family burden have to do with him?) Hence the reason why he would rather be sent to the Rowling Plains.

In the capital, he would rather offend Prince Son in order to save Raymond’s life. He could have chosen to sit idly by to gain more benefits, but that isn’t what his heart wanted! He only wants to do things he liked…… It’s that simple.

And now, he also rejected the marriage proposal of the Lister household.

“It seems to me my definition of freedom is: allowing me to dominate my decisions in life.”

Muse couldn’t say anything. Perhaps because of his age, he is still too young to understand the meanings behind his word.

“But this goal really is hard to reach.” Du Wei sighs wryly: “This world is like this. Once you are a part of a circle, you will involuntarily be pushed into things you didn’t intend for……”

“As you are now with your status, is there anyone that could possibly force you into things you didn’t wish for?” Muse puzzlingly asked.

“Is it?” Du Wei smiles: “Here in the Northwest… … How many people are watching my every move? That governor Bohan couldn’t wait to see me kicked out of the Northwest. Then there’s the prairie wolves! While in this place, I can’t do anything according to my will! My first priority is survival, then I can think of others.”

If I had the strength, would Bohan pick my pocket the moment I arrive?

If I had the strength, would the Northwest army dare come again and again for money? Also, would they have secretly let the prairie wolves into my land?

If I had enough strength, then today I wouldn’t have been bullied right at my doorstep! I would have already gathered my troops and knocked the socks off their asses!!!!

Inwardly, he felt a sense of sadness and mockery at himself. The reason is because his yearning for freedom and his goals had caused a seed of “ambition” to bud inside his heart!

Don’t you think this is a hilarious joke?

In this life, anyone that attempts to block my path will hence forth be my enemy!!

Perhaps the prairie natives should regret now because their actions today had just woken up a confused young man.

Du Wei suddenly came down with interest. Straightening his back, he held his horse whip up and pointed it out into the distant wilderness: “Muse, what do you see?”

Muses paused for a second as he looked at the far off distance: “Wasteland? Mount Kilimanjaro? Roads? Woods … … What the hell is it?”

Du Wei suddenly smiled as he gently dropped a word before whipping his horse to fly off into the horizon.

“The World!”



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