Law of the devil chapter 220 part 2

Chapter 220 “bottom line” (part two)

Despite the ruckus made by the new arrivals, this large force suddenly went silent upon reaching the outer perimeter of Loulan City.

Like this, the tension between the two opposing forces created a suffocating atmosphere that easily muted the average soldier.

And the side to shatter this awkward silence was indeed the Northwestern Army. Splitting apart in the middle, the archers furthest in the back stepped forward and began drawing their longbows aimed straight at the city wall!

Seeing this, the Tulip defenders standing atop of the ramparts all had their faces turn pale. Regardless of their reaction, they all took haste to man their shields at the order of their commander.

The only one to remain indifferent to all this was Du Wei as he continues to sneer down at the enemy.

Sure enough, these archers lowered their aim away from the main city. Instead, their volley ended up landing around 20 meters away from the city wall. Like a barricade, the ground was thickly dotted with arrows.

Subsequently, as if on purpose, the entirety of the Northwestern Army began to let out an unbridled laugh at Du Wei and his forces up on the wall. Hearing this, everyone except Du Wei became infuriated with anger at the mockery.

Many of these soldiers under Du Wei were supposedly at the top of the pyramid stack, so it’s no wonder their pride wouldn’t accept such insult especially when they consider the enemy an entity below themselves.

Once the first round of volley landed, the archers retreated to only leave behind a forest of arrows. Then in front of the Tulip defenders, the Northwestern Army began to brazenly dig out trenches and chop down trees to build their camp!

It is also at this moment the Northwestern Army sent out an infuriating flag signal.

When the Deputy Commander under Dadaneier got this message, the guy seemed quite adamant about reporting the message based on how flushed his face was.

“Tell me.” Du Wei waived his hand to indicate it was fine.

Taking a deep breath, this deputy commander grits his teeth: “My lord, they said……” His voice seems to be mixed with some fury from how hoarse it sounded: “They said…. The third Calvary division and the five infantry regiment of the Northwestern Army are hereby claiming the land outside Loulan City for their annual combat drill. This order shall prevail over any other regulations based upon wartime regulations, and if any local dignitaries or residence of the empire were to disobey this order and impeach upon this area, they will have every right to slay the offender based upon royal decree….”

After hearing this, Du Wei not only didn’t get angry, he even laughed out loud as he pointed at the forest of arrows on the ground: “So they are saying the line of arrows over there is the border for the restricted area….. And unless we quietly stay inside the city, they will kill any one of us if we tried to break out, right?”

“…… Yes, that’s right my Lord.” The face of this deputy commander looked like he was about to bleed blood from how red it looked: “When did we ever take such insults! Your lordship, you only need to give the order and I’ll take my men and charge out!!”

Du Wei only smiled as he patted the shoulder of this officer: “No need to be inpatient. They may have the empire’s law on their side, but that doesn’t mean I can’t retaliate. Humph, always playing the wartime regulation hand, do they think I will just put up with it?”

After a pause, Du Wei lets out a slight laugh: “Alright, send the orders out that none are to leave their post and to keep the gates closed. Didn’t they want to keep us inside? Humph, 20,000 Calvary riders and 20,000 infantry soldiers, fine, they can torture themselves out there if they want!”

Once he said this, Du Wei waved his hand to dismiss the officer.

The others inside the room didn’t quite understand the Duke’s meaning. In their mind, they were all thinking: “Are we really going to endure this?”

Then again, right after the officer left, Du Wei called for someone to summon the magic apprentices.

As per his instruction, all 28 magic apprentices came before him: “I’m guessing none among you can use a flying spell yet right?” Du Wei casually asks this.

The magic apprentices all looked at each other in confusion. Indeed, they are unable to conjure up a flying spell in their present state.

Du Wei contemplated: “If so, I want you guys to immediately put on your magicians robe…. Once done, go stand atop of the rampart and remember, look as lively as possible, the more striking the better!”

Subsequently, Du Wei called over the leading figures of this internship course – Old Alley’s two disciples.

Unlike the bootleg magic apprentices, these two are genuine grey robed magicians of the seventh rank.

Aside from the two, he also called for little Vivian.

“In a little bit, you three don’t need to do anything other than hover above the city sky with a flying spell.” Du Wei lets out a sinister laugh: “While you’re up there, I would ask the two of you good sirs to cast a little light magic. It doesn’t need to be anything amazing like an offensive spell, just try to make it as extravagant as possible in order to have a strong impact.”

The relationship between Du Wei and these two disciples of Old Alley isn’t bad, so it didn’t take long for them to agree.

“Vivian.” Du Wei took one look at this silly little girl: “Do you know any kind of spell that would look compelling but is in fact harmless? For instance: a bright ball of light or something to scare someone off?”

Vivian nodded, not sure whether if she really understood his meaning: “I … … I know a bright blessing spell that can increase the courage of our men while they are within its range, is that ok?”

Du Wei satisfyingly smiles: “Very good!”

Subsequently, three figures began to rise into the sky upon Du Wei’s order – Vivian in the Middle while Old Alley’s two disciples flew by her side.

Under the eyes of tens of thousands of soldiers, the trio gently hovered above the enemy’s head while each wearing their respective robe of grey or white.

Despite her age, Vivian is truly a genuine white-robed Grand Mage, a representation of absolute power that must never be trespassed!

Floating in the air, Vivian gently swirls her hand around in a circle and began to chant her spell. Before long, a golden six pointed star symbol appeared below her feet and from it, the brilliant light it gave off soon enshrouded everything in the near vicinity.

Old Alley’s disciples may be old, but anyone with a brain would get the hint by now. Like Du Wei instructed, the two also began to chant their spells aloud in cooperation with Vivian’s maneuver.

It’s one thing to have a single mage, but to have a few dozen?

Standing atop of the rampart is a full lineup of white robed magic apprentices. Of course, the average soldier in the Northwestern Army doesn’t know they are just there for show, so the presence of these fledglings is like a fierce beast staring down at their miniscule self.

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the generals in the Northwestern Army all showcased a strong sense of surprise!

So many wizards?

Ignoring the three in the air, why is there so many over at the rampart….. One, two, three … … ! Why is there so many?!!

At this time, Du Wei already took advantage of this time to call over the soldier in charge of waving the signal flag: “I have something to say to the other side, but the meaning is a bit complicated. I like to know if the flag can help me convey it.”

Watching the Duke, this soldier excitingly replied with a wide grin: “My lord, there’s absolutely no problem!”

“Good!” I say, you convey!” Du Wei turns around.

“To the Northwestern Army: In the name of the imperial magic academy, I hereby claim this land on the basis of the imperial code for the training purposes of the magic apprentices in our custody! Three hours from now, we will be testing a large scale offensive experiment! Anyone nearby is advised to step back in order to avoid the blast! Indicated by the special imperial code for magicians, we are not responsible for any fatalities or injuries caught by this test!!”

Once this message was sent out through the flag, the people over at the Northwestern Army numb with shock!

Large scale magic experiment?

What the hell is this?

From the way it sounds, it seems to be something very dangerous thing.

Looking up at the three soul reapers hovering in the sky, and then glancing up at the line of mages standing atop of the rampart, anyone not mentally challenged would be sweating down to their knees!

Looking down at the enemy, Du Wei coldly laughs inside: “Oh Northwestern Army, didn’t you want to test my bottom line? I fear it’s you that cannot afford to try! Humph, let’s see if you really have the guts to rebel!”




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      du wei right now can fire any magic he wants to at them and if they do attack back he will have the right to end them with the law backing him.

      hell if he wanted to he could use one hair form medusa and turn the whole lot of them to stone that or have her look at them then she can do the same thing she was doing with the treeants and get a stone army.

      the could use the spring water he got to make a rain/fog of death by old age that is still one of the most op weapons I have read about.

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