Law of the devil chapter 222 part 2

Chapter 222 “Alpha’s heart” (part two)

By nightfall, those down below finally came back with a report that the Northwest Army has retreated to a distance of 10 Li.

(1 Li = 500meters)

The truth of the matter was that the arrow fired by Du Wei was exactly 10 Li’s out, no more no less. Old Smoke must be hitting the lucky jackpot for he was exhilarated by the experience of being pursued by tens of thousands of soldiers.

Prior to this, he truly thought he would be dulled to everything in life, but this experience has invigorated his pride that he had once lost!

“Following this young Duke really is sweet!”

Now, Du Wei can be certain he has figured out the limit of the Northwest Army.

But, he still doesn’t know what the Northwest Army wanted. There’s no way they are here just for dinner after traveling so far.

The matter pertaining to the patrolling of the city wasn’t something he’s going to get involved with, therefore, his destination for the night was the castle, or to be more precise, the yard in the back of the castle grounds. Intentionally arranged by him, he had this place specifically replicated to look exactly like his father’s study room, furniture and all.


For this reason, Du Wei made it clear to all personal in the castle that none was to enter this room unless they were explicitly allowed to.

Going into the study room, he lightly closed the door behind him to enter this empty coldness known as his father’s room.

Like he wanted, there are no servants here to cater to his needs. Lighting up a lamp, he then pulled a bottle of wine from the cabinet and began pouring himself a drink like his father did.

One cup after another, it didn’t take long for him to finish half the bottle. By now, he can faintly feel his eyes getting heavier as he lowers his cup.

Almost as if it was timed to match his, a gentle knock came from the outside.

“Come in.” Du Wei said this in a low and tired voice.

With the door pushed open, a warrior disguised in black came in.

What should have been a handsome gentlemen’s face was now marred by several small scars. Despite the blemish, this person not only didn’t lose his charisma, he looked manlier than ever.

Of course, the new entry was none other than Alpha.

When he first came into the room, the first thing Alpha noticed was where Du Wei sat and the wine battle placed atop of the desk. To this loyal retainer of the Rowling Household, this image was like a tidal wave of memories blowing through his mind.

Whenever he would finish a mission back in the old days, Raymond would always smile at him like what Du Wei was doing now in the study room and say:

“Well done Alpha, come and have a drink with me.”

Although the person before him today was even higher in status than Raymond …..

Although the teenager before him was the flesh and blood of Raymond…..

But Alpha still can’t help but feel a glimmer of sadness in front of reality.

The truth was that ever since he did as Raymond instructed and stayed by Du Wei’s side; he just can’t stop the wavering feeling from spinning in his heart.

Du Wei’s Tulip Household may be recognized as the inheritor of the now perished Rowling Household, but to him, a forever loyal retainer of the family, it’s just not the same! He sworn allegiance to Raymond, and now that even his lord and master have fallen, his soul just feels….. Empty!

“Uncle Alpha.” The smile on Du Wei’s face truly was genuine: “I was just thinking you should be coming back around this time.”

Alpha’s face was showing signs of fatigue due to the mission he was secretly given. Prior to today’s event, Alpha had sneaked away several days ago and traveled for thousands of miles to scout the terrain. Even with his immense strength, such mileage was enough to even strain even an eighth level warrior like him.

“Young master.” Alpha nodded: “I brought back the information you wanted.”

Du Wei’s focus turned serious as he straightened himself.

This uncle Alpha definitely has the skills! Unfortunately, because he was his father’s confident for way too long, Alpha would never be truly his. As such, Du Wei can only use Alpha for intelligence gathering in the background.

Besides being extremely tough and strong, Alpha’s mean of doing things are secure and clean like that of a well experienced master. While this loyal knight was working under his father, this person was also in charge of a powerful force that worked in the darkness. For this reason, Du Wei can rest assured and not have to worry whenever he handed a mission over to him.

“Say it.” Du Wei takes in a deep breath.

“I was 300 miles out from the city. From East to West, I made a full circle to assess their movement and noticed they had a secret group mixed in with their main body! Around five to six thousand, these people may have hidden themselves well, but there’s no mistake, the mysterious group is from the prairie.” Alpha explains this seriously.

Du Wei became shocked.

People from the Prairie?

What the hell is the Northwest Army trying to do?!!

“Long before they reached the city, the group separated into many smaller teams. Since I wasn’t able to observe all of them, I could only tag one of their teams and have determined they are in search of something!”

Du Wei’s eyes lit up with realization!

“While I was stalking them, I overheard their conversation. I may not be very fluent in their language, but I was able to make this much out, their numbers are no less than 10,000! What’s more, one of the guy said as long as the Northwest Army is trapping us in the city, they can freely search the land!”

Du Wei impatiently asked for more: “Do you know what they are looking for?”

“I don’t know.” Alpha shook his head: “But I vaguely heard them saying something like…… The Shaman King’s command or something.”

Du Wei didn’t want to talk anymore.

The Shaman King’s order?

What, it can’t be that they are here to look for that red hair monster, right? Then again, that thing really is invaluable; no wonder the Shaman King is so persistent!

Hey-hey! What a good Northwest Army! Not only did they help the outsiders, they even brought them to my doorstep and let them search my place?!

Oh Rugaard ah Rugaard, what benefit did you get to let the enemy the enemy into our border?

Damn traitorous bastards!

If you only you lot had just stayed being traitors, then I sir here wouldn’t get involved, but you just had to go and do it, you just had to get me involved!

As Du Wei was getting all upset over this news, Alpha suddenly whispered, “Young master, if there’s nothing else, I’ll see myself out.”

“Wait!” Du Wei looked up at this veteran that had carried him in his infant years. Pointing to the wine bottle on the table, he smiled and said:

“Well done uncle Alpha, come and have a drink with me.”

With those words, Alpha suddenly shook a bit! From his numbing eyes, a wave of emotions finally flowed out.

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