Law of the devil chapter 226

Chapter 226 “fight!”

This mind-blowing news is not to be taken lightly because Anglia City is in fact Du Wei’s lifeblood right now!

Turning the now abandoned city into a closed off factory, all his secrets like the artificial mithril, gunpowder, and flying broom are all manufactured inside this place….

Ignoring Gargamel, Seth, and Solskjaer that’s currently inside the city – his personal team of magic researchers – there is also Knight Robert and his four thousand strong regiment that was left behind by Du Wei.

If danger does arrive at their doorstep, Du Wei can already forget about relying on Seth and Solskjaer to defend the place. As for the former mouse Prime Minister, Du Wei is well aware this white robed Gargamel is only at the sixth rank in strength.

Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for the preservation of his rare transformation magic, there’s no way the magic union would have given him the title of a eighth level mage.

“Your Gold Wolf Head General is personally leading the assault against Anglia City?” Du Wei takes in a deep breath after asking this.

“Yes.” This person reluctantly answers: “General Gold Wolf head is a famed warrior of the royal court.”

“How many people did he bring with him?” What’s most concerning is this point, and the answer he got is absolutely depressing!

“20,000.” This man was able to see through Du Wei’s pale complexion so he followed up with another sentence to incite Du Wei even more: “20,000 of the strongest warriors in the royal court.”

Du Wei suddenly sneered at the guy’s trick: “You’re trying to lie again? I know for a fact that you only have a total of 10.000 that sneaked into our land!”

“That is only the first group.” The prairie man sneered back at Du Wei: “The army head of the Northwest Brigade is a greedy and useless man. Our king only gave him some benefits and he easily let our vanguards through the Northwest Corridor. The job of us vanguards is only here to scout and harass the locals, and the second group is actually the main force led by General Gold Wolf Head himself.”

Watching the guy’s poisonous eyes, Du Wei was speechless to rebuke.

After a while like this, Du Wei’s lip suddenly curled into a grin: “You’re only a scout in the wolf brigade, how can you possibly know so much. Tell me, who exactly are you?”

The prisoner’s face immediately changed for the worst.

Du Wei laughed out: “Just seeing the way you caught the arrow in midair earlier indicates your skills are far superior to that of a mere scout.”

Realizing things are not going well, the guy’s expression turned even more grave as he bit his tongue, refusing to say another word.

Du Wei frowned as he gave this person a strange look over: “Why are you still trying to hide your identity? Such important military secret already gave you away.”

With that, Du Wei lifts his sword: “If you don’t speak up soon, I’ll swing down with my sword! Think this over carefully; do you really want to lose your life over this?”

Clearly struggling to come to a decision, the prisoner suddenly yelled out: “I fear no death; I’m just unwilling die like this without proving to those that looked down on me!”

Du Wei made an “Oh” sound as he retracted his sword: “Talk, who exactly are you?”

“You … …” When the prisoner’s eyes came into contact with his, Du Wei realized the person below him that was giving him such an intense stare was not someone that should be stepped on by him like a ordinary captive. In fact, the impression he got right now was like a person that had just mistakenly stepped on a frog to only realize he had stepped on a snake!

“If I tell you, will you let me go?!” This person unyieldingly bites his lip: “Will you let me leave? I won’t go against you; I just want to return to the prairies!”

“Let’s hear it, but I won’t make any guarantees.” Du Wei lightly utters this reply.

Looking at how this guy was still hesitating, Du Wei smiles and began to push the guy over the edge: “You are in no position to make demands because I’m the winner and you are the loser. Think things over, if you don’t speak, I will kill you. However, if you do talk, you still have the chance to live. I know you are a smart person, the choice shouldn’t be hard to pick, right?”

Another period of silence pursued. When Du Wei was about to lose his patients, this unruly man suddenly spoke up.

Inwardly, Du Wei was thinking: This guy really is stubborn. Why is he still keeping his mouth shut when he already revealed such important military secrets?

“I … … My identity is the 13th son of the King of all kings.”

Before the prisoner could even finish his sentence, Guptad that was standing nearby had already laughed out in mockery: “Even if you want to lie, at least make up a better excuse. From what I know, the prairie king only has 12 children, so how can you be the 13th prince? Even the old gramps did get another son right now; you can’t possibly be a newborn baby, right?”

When the captive heard the insulting words from Guptad, the eyes from this guy suddenly became infuriated like that of a dying wolf in despair!

“Everything that I said is true!” The captive grits his teeth so hard that drops of blood began to drip down the corner of his lip.

“Guptad, don’t say anymore and let him continue.” Du Wei suddenly came down with a thought.

“I don’t have the status of a Prince.” The eyes of this person carried a sense of madness: “Because I’m just an offspring of a slave that can’t be seen in public. My mother is a woman that was pillaged from the Roland Empire and was later kept as a measly slave to sweep the king’s tent. Although I have the king’s lineage in my blood, but everyone just thinks of me as a dirty Roland pig! They despise me! Humph…. But when have I ever respected them, they’re nothing but a bunch of idiots! Only I, have the purest of the royal bloodline and not some dirty lineage of some lowly Roland pug!!”

Hearing all this, Guptad became infuriated with anger as he stepped forward to send a kick at this impudent guy’s face: “Son of bitch! How dare you insult the citizens of the Roland Empire when your mother is one herself!!”

“Pehh!” This guy spits out the blood bleeding out of the corner of his mouth. With a unrelenting gaze, this prairie mutt looked at Guptad with knives in his eyes: “I am a true descendant of the royal family! As for the slave woman that gave birth to me, she is nothing but a dirty slave! I’m a child of the wolf god. Unlike the others, the wolf god only borrowed the body of that lowly slave to produce me! I’m a purebred of the royal bloodline, not some disgusting Roland pig!!”

While this person said all this, his eyes betrayed a deep sense of pain and anger while his body numbingly trembled under Du Wei’s feet.

As for Guptad that was standing nearby, this mini 250 wanted to move up and beat the crap out of this insolent jerk that would insult his own mother.

Knowing this, Du Wei only needed to casually pull Guptad away: “He’s only a madman that is overly obsessed with this parentage. Let him go on.” Du Wei says this to try to calm his subordinate.

The captive looks up and grits his teeth: “I was always the best! Whether it is horsemanship or martial skills, I was always above everyone else, but because of my lowly Roland blood, I could never get any recognition. While my brothers all received their own tribes and clansman, I wasn’t even given my own tent and must live with the other slaves. When I finally grow up, I can only join the wolf brigade and climb from the very bottom!”

Having said that, his eyes betray a hint of madness as he stared whole heartedly at Du Wei: “You are the leader here! I’m telling you all this because I want you all to know I’m not afraid of death. I only want to go back to prove myself, I cannot die like this without doing anything!!”

Du Wei was silent for a moment because he really wanted to chop this guy up immediately with a cleaver. For a guy that would even insult his own mother, Du Wei feels like he would  even sully his own blade by doing so.

Slowly but surely, the once tight grip on his sword began to loosen.

At this time, a sudden thought hit him in the head: “What’s your name?”


Hearing this name, Du Wei gasps for air…..

Desert madman, Saladin…. The learning of this name really sent waves through Du Wei’s heart.

This guy has both skills and courage (this can all be seen from how he played dead and stole a horse to flee), but above all else, his heart is already twisted to the core.

Du Wei is a firm believer that personality decides destiny. If he let this guy that has the heart of an evil snake, a mind of a crafty jackal, and a personally of vile spider return to the prairie, this person will definitely rise to the top.

But the question is: does he want to give this person the chance?

Saladin … … Humph, this is also a famous name from his past life.

Hesitating for a good while, Du Wei suddenly started to smile wickedly.

Ah whatever.. … Since he had already created a Captain Jack Sparrow, a George Bush … … What difference does it make if he makes another infamous Saladin.

(For those that don’t know this name, you can check it out by Googling the name or for anyone that played Age of Empire, it’s the desert campaign guy.)

Thinking of this, Du Wei’s removes his foot that was stepping on top of this person’s chest.

“Give him a horse, a knife, and a skin of fresh water.” Du Wei sent out these commands to his men. Turning around, he then coldly made a little laugh at this Saladin: “The opportunity is set before you, whether you can make it back to the grassland alive is all up to you. Let’s see if your so called wolf god will give you such blessings.”

“My Lord!!” Guptad loudly objects.

Not waiting for Guptad to say anymore, Du Wei had already raised a hand to stop this mini 250 to go on.

“Listen up.” Du Wei thought for a moment and smiled playfully: “I’m quite interested in what you will achieve when you make it back to your grassland home. In order to see that day come to fruition, I will place a bet on you. When you need help, you can come to Loulan City and contact me…. Remember my name, I am known as Duke Tulip!”

With that, Du Wei pulls over Saladin’s hand and casually stops the bleeding from his wounds. At the same time, he also secretly wrote a symbol in the palm of Saladin’s hand.

This symbol is obviously a Chinese character from his previous life.

“I’ll give you another chance, when you need help in the future, you can send someone to Loulan City to seek me out if you are unable to come in person. As for how much assistance I will provide, it will depend entirely on my mood at that time.”

With that, Du Wei laughs as he gently sent a kick to Saladin: “Before I change my mind and decide to kill you, scat and move out of my sight!”

Giving Du Wei a deep look, Saladin turns got up and walked towards the horse provided to him. Before leaving, this prairie madman gave Du Wei a deep bow and said: “Duke Tulip, I will never forget your name! Whatever favor and humiliation you gave me today, I will be sure to repay everything I owe you in the future!

Watching how much struggle it was for this guy to ride the horse to leave, Du Wei can only sigh at his own doing.

“My lord! Are you sure it’s the right thing to do?” Guptad frowns as he watched the disappearing enemy that was far off into the distance: “I have the sinking feeling this madman is a danger to us all. Why won’t you let me kill him?”

Du Wei nodded in agreement: “Guptad, you’re right, he’s not only a madman, he’s also a poisonous snake and a conniving wolf…. Nevertheless, he’s a madman with abilities. Towards such a person, killing him is also a good solution, but then again.”

After a pause, Du Wei’s lip suddenly curled into a smirk like he was plotting something sinister: “What if we let this spark that could turn into a raging blaze back into grassland? When he does explode, what image can you see inside your head?”

Du Wei’s smile was so chilling that even Guptad was shivering in disbelief.

Subsequently, Du Wei pulls in his smile, in it’s place is a stern yet somber expression: “All soldiers’ attention, our next target is Anglia City!”

With that, he gave Guptad a glance: “Guptad, I have another task for you….. Among everyone here, your martial arts are the strongest. Also, I have no other candidate that I could use here. I’ll give you ten people and one day’s worth of time. Remember, only one day! I don’t care what methods you use, but you must locate the other three groups and have them charge towards Anglia City for rendezvous! I will wait for you there. Remember, my life is in your hands! If you don’t arrive on time, you can be ready to collect my corpse by then!”

Guptad became stern as he accepted the order. Without falter in his actions, this mini 250 swiftly gathered the necessary people and rode away to carry out his command.

After Guptad’s departure, Du Wei then mounts his steed to make his speech to everyone: “Listen up everyone! Awaiting us in front are 20,000 prairie wolves! 20,000 elite Calvary riders! I Sir here will be leading you all here to meet those bastard wolves. I won’t fool you, the chance of us dying from this encounter is extremely high, but even in death, I intend to drag those dead meats with me into the grave!! Is any of you afraid?!!!”

“No!!!!” The Tulip Cavalry all raised their sabers and began crying into the sky.

Du Wei’s face was stern with resolve as he turned to look at the Ziggy and the other magic apprentices: “What about you guys, are you afraid?!”

Leading all 28 magic apprentices, Ziggy and the rest gave Du Wei a deep respecting bow, their voices filled with excitement and emotion: “Dean, since the day we stepped through the doorx of Hogwarts, we have already expected such scenes like today!”

After their words, all of the students suddenly shouted out in unison.

“Those that only know how to climb can take the other road! Those that fear death must not enter!!!”

Watching all of his subordinates before him, Du Wei suddenly tightened his reign as he screamed out: “Onward!”

Watching how organized his Tulips troops were marching, Du Wei looked up into the setting sky. Seeing the blazing red horizon, a sense of unwavering courage flowed through every part of his body.

Unable to stop himself, Du Wei suddenly had the urgency to curse out into the sky using chinese words: “Fuck your MOM, only the eager will win!!!”

“What is the lord yelling about?” the troops were all looking at their prideful Duke, unsure what was going on.

“Who knows … … Perhaps some kind of magic spell?” One of the riders replied to the question.

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