Law of the devil chapter 228

Chapter 228 “Surprise attack”

Since Du Wei is already infuriated with these prairie natives, he would of course not be in any mood to answer this Ivory Teeth Shaman’s question.


What’s the point of being so fancy? Just get to the point and fight!!

After leaving the Shaman flabbergasted with his Chinese swearing, Du Wei took the initiative and made the first move.

Respected by all in the prairie and a white robe shaman directly under the Shaman King, his strength is undeniable to all his peers. Moreover, this Ivory Teeth Shaman is also a well learned scholar in all sorts of fields like: astronomy, geography, and medicine.

However, no matter how upright and knowledgeable this scholar is, Du Wei’s “Your MOM” – spoken in Chinese – is something he simply cannot understand. Just as this old man was thinking the name was very strange, Du Wei already launched a hail of fireballs directly at him.

Looking at the distance between the two, the gap can neither be called far nor close; therefore, is the only way Du Wei can sneak a strike into this hateful guy after exhausting his magic earlier to use the only trick left in his sleeve: GUNPOWDER!

Not saying a single incantation, Du Wei only needed to raise both hands to release dozens of fireballs in rapid succession.

By the time this white robe Shaman realized what was happening, the assault was already in his face: “Despicable!” This was all he could cry out in such short notice.

With that, this old man hastily waves his sleeves and began to slide behind the red skull flag under his feet.

Nevertheless, this despicable move of Du Wei’s is not so easily denied! The fireballs may seem simple at first but that’s not the case. Some are slower, some are faster, some will change trajectory midway, and some will explode upon colliding with another.

So many changing variables isn’t something easy to foresee.

Wave after wave, hundreds of fireballs has already surrounded the Ivory Teeth Shaman from all direction like fireflies in a wheat field…..


With a single flick of his finger, one of the floating fireballs suddenly exploded.

First is a mini explosion. Then like a domino effect, the rest of the flaming balls all exploded in succession to create a terrifying blast that soon enveloped the entire vicinity near the Shaman.


If time were to be slowed down at this moment, the onlookers would be able to see that the first flaming ball to explode is the one next to the Shaman’s left rib. From the recoiling blast, several other fireballs soon followed suit and from it, several strange flaming chains appeared to tightly bound the Shaman on the spot. No matter how he struggled during that brief period, the poor Shaman just couldn’t break free!

This move was created following the event where he had to face off against Green Robed Gandalf. After digging deeper and deeper in what he can do, he was soon able to come up with a myriad of changes by using some simple skills he had from his previous life….. Since Du Wei is from the 20th century, his favorite childhood game was tossing marbles during lunch hours. As anyone that played the game, it takes quite the skill to toss the marble to the proper spot, right?

With the sky lit ablaze, this white robed Shaman was instantly engulfed in flames.

Quivering with rage over his own folly, this White Robe Shaman never once thought Du Wei would be so despicable. Unlike this kid, he is someone that participated in the war 20 years ago and had even crossed paths with numerous white robed wizards of the Roland Empire. Compared to those people from the past, this kid doesn’t have a single hint of a master’s style!

Fortunately any Shaman that came down from the snowy mountain – especially someone like him a white Robed Shaman – would have a lifesaving treasure on hand. With a single thought, the beaded necklace that was hanging off his neck instantly turned dark, and from it, a black cloud of air came gushing out of it to cover his entire body….

Nevertheless, the old man’s attempt was still a tad too late.

Mainly because of how vile Du Wei’s sneak attack was, the flames were able burn some important parts of his old body before the black cloud could fend it off.

Although the black smoke did form a transparent barrier to disperse the flames, but when it was all over, this old man was in so much pain that he nearly fell out of the sky right then and there.

Not only was his right arm completely blown apart, the flesh on both his elbows were incinerated to the point where even the white skeletal bones underneath could be seen. Aside from the charred remnants of his white robe, many other parts of his body received certain levels of burns that left it hard to look at without wanting to puke.

Both angry and afraid, Ivory Teeth Shaman kept questioning his own sanity at this moment. He was under the assumption a magician must say the incantation aloud in order to manifest a spell, yet this kid not only didn’t say a single word when casting, he even started a fight without any forewarning.

Since he succeeded once, Du Wei became even more confident. Following his own “Kick you while you are down” logic, Du Wei pulled out two bottles from his robe and uncapped it. Unlike the previous fire element, he is using a water based spell this time to pull out the green liquid inside the bottles…..

And what is this green liquid? It is the corrosive mucus he saved from the corpse eating monster he slayed back in the frozen forest. Compared to a concentrated dose of sulfuric acid, this corrosive mucus is even more powerful because in one of the experiments he did back in his lab, a single drop of this stuff could even burn a hole right through a standard military armor!

Seeing how Ivory Teeth’s figure was starting to emerge from the exploding lights, Du Wei couldn’t afford to overthink this. In one single swing of his hand, the liquid was sent flying towards the intended target.

Poor Ivory Teeth, he was already a mess to begin with after being attacked in such an unexpected fashion; therefore, when he wanted to retaliate, the first thing to welcome his sight was some mysterious green liquid. From the foul smell alone, he can already tell this stuff is not something good!!

Without dallying about, he already had his body dodge to the side. Nevertheless, he was still too late like before. Though his main body was fine in the end, the green ooze still managed to cling onto his right arm’s elbow. Although the pain alone from this repulsive liquid is enough to cause a regular person to faint away, but Ivory Teeth still managed to pull through because he knew that once this is all over, he can return to the snowy mountain and have his flesh regrown and reshaped using the secret arts of his people.

However … … Just when he thought everything would be alright, a strange and unexpected “buzzing” sound suddenly came from his elbow that caused his heart to skip a beat.

Finding his eyes turning dark at that moment, Ivory Teeth didn’t need to think anymore and simply bit down on his tongue. With blood spraying out of his mouth, his sight immediately turned to where the green slime was on his elbow. What he saw next is the scene of his flesh and bone rapidly melting away like an ice cube dunked in a cup of hot water!

The shock this time around is no joke. Ivory Teeth may be able to regrow his flesh after expending some efforts, but if the bone in his right arm is gone too then he really will become a cripple. What’s worse, not only did the slime eat away at his right arm’s wound, the effects of the green ooze seems to be trending upwards towards his chest.

Gnawing his teeth with unimaginable hate, Ivory Teeth really wanted to ignore everything and get vengeance at the kid before him; however, reason still got the better of this old Shaman. Without any doubt or hesitation, Ivory Teeth used his left hand to reach up to his right shoulder and with a single hard tug; he actually forcibly ripped his right arm entirely off…….


Under the crisp sound of bones breaking apart, a spray of blood rained down from the sky!

While this Shaman known as Ivory Teeth is suffering from immense pain, Du Wei instead had a grinning face of success. Taking the window of opportunity he created, Du Wei already had his sword drawn and was charging it right at the opposition.

Since Du Wei already succeeded twice, there’s no reason he shouldn’t keep going right? In fact, it wouldn’t even make sense if he stopped now. He may have no prior experience in fighting a Shaman before but based on his impression thus far, these shamans shouldn’t be much different from the magicians of the empire in terms of martial skills. Using the mithril dagger he got from the Lister Family, Du Wei intends to end it all with this thrust to the Shaman’s heart.

Ivory teeth may be heavily injured, but his mind is still clear. Seeing how Du Wei was charging at him with a blade in hand, this old guy can already guess the kid’s intent. Inwardly, Ivory Teeth was already filled with absolute hatred towards Du Wei. Not only did the kid sneak so many attacks against him, his right arm is even crippled for good. Even if he does make it back to the snowy mountain and heal his body, Ivory Teeth knows full well his strength will have to take a major blow due to his right arm’s loss.

Thinking of this, Ivory Teeth suddenly screamed: “Despicable Roland men, die!!”

Grinning from corner to corner, this old guy not only didn’t move back at Du Wei’s charging dagger, he even moved forward to tightly grip onto Du Wei’s body.


Du Wei’s dagger may have managed to pierce into Ivory Teeth’s chest, but due to the rib cage’s interference, the dagger somehow managed to lodge itself into one of the rib bones halfway in.

Instead of letting out a painful cry like one should in these situations, Ivory Teeth only snickered a maddening laugh.

In Du Wei’s mind, he knew something bad is about to happen if he leaves things be. Moreover, this old guy even sprayed his face with a mouthful of blood that left him worrying about its properties. If it was anything like his green ooze…… Just thinking up to here is sending him into a frantic state. Nevertheless, try as he may like, Du Wei just couldn’t get this annoying old man off his body.

It was at this moment what he feared the most began to take place!

Unlike the weight of a regular old man, Du Wei suddenly found this Ivory Teeth to be exceptionally heavy.

At first he only thought this guy didn’t fit his size, but it didn’t take long for Du Wei to find something was amiss here because the word “heavy” doesn’t do this thin old man justice. If he had to find a word to describe this, it would be a mountain!!

Though he didn’t know the exact weight, but it only took one “phew” sound to reach his ears to make Du Wei realize he and Ivory Teeth is falling towards the ground at high speed.

Again and again Du Wei increased the power of his flight spell, but try as he may; it made no difference in their trajectory. At this point, Du Wei finally started to panic…… “This jerk, how heavy is he really? 1000 pound? 10,000 pound? Falling from such high altitude, even if I don’t die, it’s certain to cripple him!”

Not good, old sir here is heading to the grave today!

Just as this thought flashed across Du Wei’s mind, a warm hand suddenly began pulling against his waist. Looking down, the first thing that came into Du Wei’s sight was a flutter of silver hair. Seeing this familiar scene, Du Wei inherently made a curse: “Semel, you damn woman! Why the hell did you not come out sooner! You just have to wait till I’m about to die here!”

Semel was already holding onto Du Wei’s back with all her might. With her hair and red robe fluttering in the wind, she could only utter these words with a serious face: ”Stupid boy, shut up already… … I … … I can’t keep this up any longer. This guy is too heavy!!”



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