Law of the devil chapter 247

Chapter 247 “Dark Magic”

“That just now isn’t magic right?”

Only when they were deep into the forest did Hussein ask: “Seems you’ve been quite diligent in your training.”

Du Wei “hmmm” in return. Looking around to make sure no one was ease dropping, he finally felt comfortable speaking: “I’m starting to feel there’s never enough time on my hand…… Aigh, sometimes I wish I could just turn one day into two days…… No, turn it into ten days! From managing the Desa Province to feeding the soldiers, I even have to think of ways to improve their fighting capabilities in secret, really, my brains about to be burnt out. Then there’s my meditation period. That alone takes up half the day. After I’m through with all that, I have to then find time to practice my Star Dou Qi…… And I recently added archery to the list….. Now in my hand is that Shaman craft technique.” Sighing at this point, “More and more stuff just keep popping up…..”

“When did you learn that ‘Druid’ spell?” This one question from Hussein easily answered the question bothering Rugaard.

Du Wei was silent for a while. Looking around the surrounding forest, he quietly said: “Almost a year now….. But with so many distractions in front of me, I only managed to learn the basics. Unlike Gandalf who can call upon any magic beast in the vicinity, summoning some basic animals is all I can do.”

Hussein looks at Du Wei. From his usually determined face, a blip of warmth gave way: “Du Wei….. You’ve been thinking of the old man right? You may not show it while he was alive, but I know you respected him a lot.”

Eyeing Hussein, “When did you learn to speak like an old woman?” Du Wei asks this in an indifferent voice.

The two breaks out into laughter after exchanging a glance: “But this nature’s law cultivation technique really is hard…. Aigh, get close to nature with a pure heart…. How am I supposed to do that? Ever since I came to the Northwest, all I’ve been doing is scheme against others and slaughter my enemies. Under these circumstances, where am I supposed to find my pure heart? At this rate, who knows how many years will it be before I get to the level where I can summon magic beasts to my side.”

Hussein was about to speak again but was cut off by a sudden howl.

Turning cold, Du Wei yells: “There’s disturbance ahead!”

Without delay, the two kicked their steeds and rode towards the commotion.

Riding a hundred meters into the distance, what welcomed them is a young panicking girl huddling inside a tree hole. Probably due to over exhausting her voice, even her screams were weak to the ear. Not trying to flee nor defend herself, this naked young girl simply curls herself into a ball as she stared intently at the outside.

Meanwhile, the area around the tree was guarded by several massive wolves growling constantly at something. Despite their efforts, these predatory animals were being pushed back by their foe.

Covered in rusted armor, a unworldly creature known as a skeleton soldier continues to wave its dark burning sword at the wolves. Though the flames extruding out of the weapon is weak, but the deathly scent it gave off is magnified by the animal instincts in the defending wolves. If the situation continues to go down this path, it won’t be long before this skeleton soldier reaches the terrified girl.

After all, these wolves are only ordinary beasts. How can they possibly resist an undead monster?

Imprinting this scene into his eye, Hussein was about to dismount when Du Wei grabbed him. Not pleased by this, Hussein quickly turns to search for the reason and found Du Wei pondering at the scene.

Subsequently, Du Wei himself dismounted and walked up to the fight. From his storage, he pulls out a black crystal ball.

This item is the dark crystal ball he purchased back in the magic union. Prior to this event, Du Wei only used it once when he accidently absorbed the dead spirits left behind by the previous Death Mage. Now that he has another chance to pull it out, Du Wei intends to use it against this skeleton soldier.

Following a series of incantation from Du Wei’s mouth, Hussein only frowned and didn’t step in to stop the whole thing.

Just when the skeleton soldier wanted to wave its sword again, Du Wei already had his wand out pointing at the undead creature. In mere seconds, a black stream of gas lashed out to coil around the skeleton soldier and pulled it into the black crystal ball.

“You really do practice everything don’t you?” Hussein sighs in disbelief: “When did you start learning dark magic?”

Returning his crystal ball into the ring, Du Wei shows a greedy smile: “Right after I established the magic learning society. There were so many dark magic contributions, how can I not learn them? That would be a sin in itself!”

“It’s just……” Hussein didn’t look so well: “Dark magic is not something good to learn. The more you cultivate it, the more unnatural you will become. Also, if you step over bound, the magic union’s enforcement team will come kill you.”

Du Wei chuckled, his voice unnaturally devious: “The first commandment forbids me from killing the living, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take it from fellow Dark Mages!”

After a pause, he whispers: “Dark magic is not all about mass killing. Some spells are actually quite useful. It’s just…… ” Du Wei smiles wryly: “Though this black crystal ball is from the magic union, but its quality is only mediocre. If I were to continue using it, my achievement will not get far.”

“I think it won’t hurt to stop learning Dark Magic.” Hussein continues in a persuading tone: “You are too distracted. Remember, a person only have so much energy. If you learn everything, there will never be an end to it…..”

Du Wei smiles: “Don’t worry! I don’t have too much interest in Dark Magic either. The reason I’m collecting so much souls is because I want to test a dark spell I recently acquired. Without the souls, the spell won’t work.”

With that, Du Wei casually dispersed the wolves with a druid spell. Walking up to the naked girl, he laughs in a calming manner: “Games over, you are safe now.”

Poor girl. Because of the shock, she only managed to look Du Wei in the eye before passing out.

Stepping forward, Hussein lifts the girl onto his horse.

At the same time, Du Wei’s ear picked up something again from the distance: “Quick, we found something again.”

Not waiting for Hussein to be ready, Du Wei already bolted towards the commotion. Watching Du Wei’s disappearing back, Hussein got the aching feeling something is not right about this.

But as to why it’s not right to learn Dark Magic, Hussein couldn’t put it into words.

Since an extra person is aboard with him, Hussein can only move at a cantering speed. Nevertheless, his pace wasn’t slow by any means with his horsemanship. The problem though is that by the time he caught up to Du Wei, the whole thing was over.

With the girl lying on the grass, Du Wei was busy sucking in the two skeleton soldiers with his crystal ball like last time.

“As expected of an eighth level Dark Mage.” Du Wei picks up the crystal ball and sighed: “His undead creatures are such high quality!”

Just like that with minimal work, Du Wei managed to save two “prey”.

Since there are only five preys remaining before the bet started, Du Wei only needs one more to win the contest.

Just as he was preparing to listen in for more disturbances, a distant chilly voice drifted over: “What a good Duke Tulip! I didn’t come making trouble yet and you’ve already ruined several of my undead creatures!!”

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    Now the dark mage will definitely report duwei for using the black ball.
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    • And what would he be reported about? It’s not illegal to use dark magic… and heck, his enemy right now is a full on dark mage -_-

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