Law of the devil chapter 248 part 1

Chapter 248 “It’s him it’s him it’s him!” (part one)

As soon as the voice died down, a black shadow appeared from out of nowhere. With eyes fuming in anger, this figure floating above a tree branch was none other than Tartaglia. Aside from himself, this dark mage also brought along two unconscious girls.

Although this bastard managed to catch two of the ‘preys’, Du Wei wasn’t disappointed. In fact he was relieved. Those two may have fallen into the foe’s hand, but at the very least their life remains intact.

Earlier when Tartaglia finished his deed of capturing the second ‘prey’, he already felt something was off when some of his undead creatures disappeared from his radar. At first he only thought they were destroyed by Du Wei, but never in his mind did he think the kid would suck out the spirits from within his pets.

Dark Mages are the type to treat life like nothing to begin with. Adding in the fact that Du Wei offended him in such an unbelievable manner, Tartaglia would of course lose it. Without care for the consequence, Tartaglia drew his bone wand and waved it against the air. As a result of this, a stream black flame gushed out of the wand and surrounded his body, almost like a rainbow, but much darker.

Then with another flick of his wand, a loud cracking sound filled the scene. Distorting the very fabric of reality in front of himself, a huge bone claw stretched out from the rift and aimed straight for Du Wei.

Hussein frowns at the sight. With one arm, Hussein pulls Du Wei with him as they retreated to the back. Though the two may be safe from the sudden attack, but Du Wei’s horse wasn’t so lucky. Under the crushing pressure of the bone claw, the once living animal immediately became a mangled blob of flesh.

After a booming dragon roar, the small crack suddenly stretched apart and from within the void came a massive skull!

Bone Dragon! As expected, this dark mage also owns a dragon!

While Du Wei was retreating, he really wanted to sigh and slap himself for his own miserable luck. Why is it that every encounter he has with a Dark Mage ends up with his foe summoning a super rare bone dragon? Did dragons suddenly become a commodity that anyone can just pick up?

It’s very obvious this bone dragon belonging to Tartaglia was far superior to the last one he encountered back in the capital. Whether it’s the size or temperament coming out of that dragon skull, it’s far bigger and way more oppressive!

When the giant skull finally finished emerging from the rift, the first thing this undead creature did was spew a mouthful of black flames at the pair.

Snorting at the laughable attempt, Hussein takes a step forward and raises a hand to create a golden barrier around himself and Du Wei. When the black flames made contact, the deadly breath was easily deflected, but as a consequence, the surrounding greenery’s was turned to cinder!

Meanwhile, the great bone dragon took the window of opportunity to fully emerge from the rift. Standing at seven to eight meters tall, this creature only needs one howling roar to send all of the nearby trees flying across the landscape like a meteor just landed on the spot.

Watching this enormous bone dragon, Du Wei could not stop himself from frowning.

He may not be very fluent in dark magic, but he at least knows creating a bone dragon is one of the hardest and most powerful things to do in dark magic.

Whenever a dark mage wanted to create a bone dragon, they must first meet three conditions: first is of course finding a complete skeleton! It’s well known dragons have practically disappeared from the continent for millenniums. To solve this issue, many dark mages would take on the role of a tomb raider and scour the land. If not this, then a dark mage can also scrim through some old literature and attempt to unearth a dead dragon from those ancient battlefields.

One good thing out of all this was that a dragon comes equipped with extremely tough bones. After thousands of years, their bone structures will remain intact and not rot or decay, but damages on the other hand are unavoidable. If a dark mage was lucky, they might spend a few decades to gather enough bones to complete an entire set. However, many might spend their entire life and never even come close!

And let’s say the dark mage in question do get lucky and complete a set, that doesn’t mean the refining process for a massive creature like a dragon was easy because the amount of souls and spirits required was astronomical!

If a dark mage’s cultivation was not up to par, then they can forget about even attempting the feat. But then if they are powerful enough, it’s likely the person in question was a death mage! At that time, the magic enforcement team would recognize that person as an evil entity and hunt him down. Under such circumstances, the opportunity to create a bone dragon becomes miniscule, if not impossible for most.

Alright, let’s assume the dark mage in question meets the first two conditions…. Then the last condition is definitely the hardest!

They need a Dragon Soul!

To make a dragon – a behemoth of a creature – revive and listen to its creator, then the only way to achieve this is to utilize a dragon’s soul!

But then where was one going to find a dragon’s soul? Everyone in this world knows there was only one resting place for the dragon race – the ‘dragon cemetery’ – but that place was impossible for a measly death mage to reach.

Therefore, in order to locate the smallest trace of a dragon’s soul, even if incomplete…… Many Dark Mages and Death Mages will rummage through the ancient battlefields where a dragon was unable to meet its end in the ‘Dragon Cemetery’…… Even so, a wondering remnant of a dragon’s soul is enough!

However, whether the end product is powerful or not will depend entirely on the soul used.

Looking at it from these three points, this bone dragon belonging to Tartaglia was without a doubt at the top of the top.

After the first blast of flame was deflected by Hussein, this bone dragon promptly followed up with a whip of that long bone tail.

Snorting again at the attack, Hussein grabbed Du Wei and flew into the air. Before they can do anything else, a quick succession of snipping sounds came from below, clearly the trees in their previous spot was snapped and knocked to the ground.

Seeing the failure of his tail whip, the bone dragon follows up with a howling roar and shot another breath into the air.

Annoyed by this, Hussein did not dodge anymore. Hussein was the arrogant and prideful type to begin with, so why should he keep dodging? Even when facing the dragon chief, he wasn’t afraid, let alone a knock off bone dragon!

Releasing Du Wei, Hussein quickly pulls out his sword and turns to face the oncoming attack. Pointing his blade at the black flame, numerous shining stars shot out from the tip and resolved the attack and continued to hammer down at the bone dragon’s body!

Howling in pain, several of the rib cages on the bone dragon began to crack under the hailing assault.

Feeling his heart ache, Tartaglia watched on with great pain at the scene. This bone dragon forced him to spend a great portion of his life to create, how can he not shed tears over how easily his pet was harmed by a mere bodyguard?”

For three master class people like them, the space in this small forest was simply too cramped. Jumping down to his pet dragon’s back, Tartaglia ordered the dragon to stretch out its wings and head for the the sky.

“You don’t have to protect me.” Du Wei whispers to Hussein: “You go find the last girl. I can deal with this Tartaglia fella.”

While Hussein was hesitating at the command, Du Wei was already shouting “go!” Next second, Hussein was flying through the sky in the opposite direction.

Sneering at Tartaglia for charging at him with the dragon in toe, Du Wei immediately showered the entire air space with gunpowder.

What? Du Wei’s fighting style is like this and his greatest trump card is this fireball shower!

Adding in his nearly limitless supplier known as Anglia City’s factory base, Du Wei was even more unreserved in his powder tossing. In a blink of an eye, hundreds of fireballs were roaring down at his foe.

Blinded by his anger at first, Taraglia was scared out of his wits when Du Wei’s attack appeared so suddenly.

This Duke Tulip … … Can use forbidden magic?!

This move by Du Wei really did share some similarity to the forbidden spell known as “Inferno City” at first glance. Although the destructive power is far inferior to the real thing, but as a bluff it’s perfect.

Tartaglia may have already made a good estimation of Du Wei’s power, but never in his wildest dream did he expect the kid to be fluent in forbidden magic. Even for a eighth level grand mage like himself, his only option is to flee in front of a forbidden spell!

Losing his boldness right off the bat, Tartaglia hastily raises his bone wand to create a black barrier in front of himself. Under the onslaught of fireballs, half the sky looked like it was stained red during the explosion.

Under the thundering boom, even Rugaard that was miles away in the base camp could hear it clearly ringing against his ear.

The son and father duo was in the middle of discussion when the earth shattering explosion occurred. When Rugaard reflexively looked up at the sky, the only thing welcoming his sight was a searing red sky and the mushroom like dust cloud hovering above the forest. Turning to Cybuster, Rugaard cries out: “Fast! Go see what’s going on!!”



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