Law of the devil chapter 253 part 2

Chapter 253 “Perfect Body” (Part Two)

“Loose the arrows!”

Following Cybuster’s order, thousands of soldiers released their grip and showered the sky with a blanketing amount of arrows towards the Dragon Prince’s location.

Under a deep sneer, the spear in the dragon warrior’s hand began to fly. Like a rotating disk, the spinning golden flames coming off from his technique completely incinerated the arrows before they could even draw close.

Gnashing at the spectacle, Cybuster whistles the sky into a sea of frost with his sword. Once all was gathered at his will, he lunges forward in a whirlpool of blistering frost at the enemy!

Despite the unbelievable technique, the only reaction Dragon Prince showed was a cold hard smile for he was finally willing to showcase his formidable martial skills!

Slightly taking a step back, Dragon Prince lifts the spear in his hand into a slight coil and lunges himself forward with his weapon.


With unstoppable force, the golden spear crushes down at the center of that ice vortex. Instantly, hundreds of millions of ice crystals shattered under the dominating light emitted by the golden spear and as for the soldiers still standing atop of the ramparts, the majority of them were knocked to their feet, unable to stand at all.

Taking advantage of that brief delay, Dragon Prince had already snuck behind Cybuster to attack the poor general from the back. Knowing it was too late for him to dodge the incoming spear, Cybuster bites down on his lip and intends to block it all with his Dou Qi focused into his sword.

But when he became ready to take on the full blunt of that strike, he suddenly found himself blocking nothing but air. By the time the idea of himself making the wrong assumption, cold sweat had already stained his back……

Unlike his other assets, Second Prince’s martial skills were already at the Saint level, far exceeding that of Cybuster’s. Therefore, when they were about to make contact, Second Prince skillfully bypassed the ice sword by tipping his weapon and severely puncturing Cybuster’s chest with his spear!


This loud thud caused all of the onlookers to have their heart drown in despair. Aside from the crushing sound of the armor being penetrated, the noise also contained the clacking sound of numerous bones breaking!

Rugaard’s eye widened at the sight. Watching a spear run through his son’s body and then being smashed into the wall in the most merciless fashion, no father can remain motionless……


At the impact, a huge gaping hole was dug into the solid slabs of rock making up the city fortification. Like a domino effect, cracks started to crawl outwards at the trembling quake. Eventually, nearly twenty meters of the wall collapsed and Cybuster’s body was eventually buried under that rubble.

“General … … Young general, him……” Unlike the exclaiming cries of his subordinate, Rugaard showed no signs of anger or sadness other than the initial surprise of his son being injured. Grunting, he hollers at everyone: “Quit panicking!”

As expected of the elites in the Northwest Army. Despite having their general beaten and a portion of their defensive wall breached, it didn’t take long for the officers to force the archers to retaliate in full.

Although the sea of arrows cannot harm a powerful being like the Dragon Prince, but…….

Under the guise of the arrows, several streaks of silver spear plowed towards the location where the dragon stood.

“Sneak attack eh!” the Dragon Prince sneered. Tightening the grip on his spear, he made an arcing sweep at the arrows and spears coming his way. As a result of his retaliation, all the artilleries were vaporized in midair while the remaining force slams down at the fortification wall. This time around, the commotion was even greater. With at least an entire section of the wall crumbling apart, hundreds of soldiers became buried under the falling rubble.

Through the entire process, Du Wei was always hiding behind Rugaard and his men. Then of all times to make a sound, he just had to sigh when everything was going downhill.

Probably angered by this, Rugaard harshly glared at Du Wei.

Seeing that icy stare, Du Wei can already guess Rugaard had seen through his plan and that this calamity was deliberately orchestrated by him.

Just when Second Dragon Prince wanted to go on a rampage, several shadowy figures soared into the air to stand above the city sky.

Laughing maniacally at the wizards above the city, Dragon Prince was just about to attack with his spear again when he suddenly felt a wave of magic gathering above his head. Looking up, he realized it was too late already.

The second those wizards finished their chant, a pressuring beam of light came shooting down at the dragon with destructive force!

“Ehh?” Du Wei reflexively called out.

Looking up at the lineup, these intermediate mages are likely the Northwest Army’s trump card! Probably thugs they supported up till now.

First round of the blows exchange between the wizards and the dragon price was a binding spell manifested through the efforts of several mages working together. It did what it was meant to do, but what they got in return was a mocking laugh from the Dragon Prince: “Magic….. Ha-ha! Did you forget I’m a dragon warrior? Human magic can’t trap me!”

Under the Dragon Prince’s piercing laugh, the binding rope that was causing his body to make a creaking sound seconds ago were burned to a crisp under that searing flame around his body. Unsurprised by this, the wizards quickly erected a barrier in front of the city wall to only have their efforts sneered at by the Second Prince. Turning away like they never existed, the Second Prince looks down at where Rugaard stood and shouted: “Du Wei! Do you still intend to cry for help? No one can help you this time!”

Rugaard deepens his voice: “Du Wei … … You leave with your people first, there are us here.”

Du Wei sighs: “General, this monster came for me……”

How can Rugaard not know? Though angry inside, he could only press it down and softly utter his words: “No matter what, you are our honored guest. If we let the Northwest Army’s guest die while in our base, we can forget about keeping a foothold in these parts!”

Not waiting for Du Wei to spout more nonsense, Rugaard unsheathes his sword and points it at the dragon warrior: “Who will take his head for me?!”

With a growl, a powerful looking man rushed out after drawing his sword. With a peek, Du Wei immediately recognized this fella from yesterday’s banquet. If his memory serves him right, this general should be at the sixth level.

One had to commend the guy for his courage; however, he only lasted four to five hits before being knocked to the ground with all his bones shattered.

“Who else will go?” Rugaard looked gloomy: “My Northwest Army has no cowards! Together, go out and slay this monster for me!”

As soon as his voice died down, three sixth level knights rushed out.

But this time around before the group could engage, a howling voice drifted over from the fallen rubbles of the city wall: “Asshole, your opponent is me!”

In one loud thud, several large boulders were blown away to reveal Cybuster’s figure within the ensuing dust cloud. As he marched over, it was shocking to see how crooked his spines were. Nevertheless, no fear could be found in those eyes as he limped over with that broken sword in his hand.

“Huh?” Du Wei’s heart skipped a beat!

This Cybuster can take a hit!…… AH!, No! NO!!

There’s no doubt his chest took a heavy blow earlier, even if he’s a ninth level knight, his sternum should have been crushed! If not dead, this guy shouldn’t be capable of standing up so fast!

What’ more, there’s no scar or any signs of a wound on his chest!

Looking at each other, Du Wei and Hussein both had the same thought flash across their minds:

Something’s strange about this young general!

Like them, dragon warrior was thinking the same thing as he looked at this human knight.

Grunting, Cybuster grabbed his remaining armor and tore it apart from his chest to reveal a muscular body of amazing constitution. Then with a sneering smile, he gently removes the iron mask from his face to reveal an unmistakable killing intent.

“You … … Honorable Gold Dragon, are the first to incite my wrath and the first expertly to cross me!!” Cybuster’s face can be called handsome, but what’s most eye-catching wasn’t his face, it was the slight crack in the middle of his forehead! If one didn’t look closely, they might really mistake it for a third eye from afar!

Narrowing his eyes, Du Wei carefully looked over this young general!

Ah … … Leaving aside that strange crack on his forehead…. Du Wei came to a really dumb conclusion:

This handsome young general looks nothing like his midget father!

Suddenly, a voice surfaced from the bottom of Du Wei’s heart.

Semel’s voice was filled with confusion, strangeness, and even a little sense of loss.

“Du Wei … … I … … Hmmm…… ”

“What?” Du Wei’s thought pattern began to run wild.

“This guy. ” Semel seems a bit hesitant: “This Cybuster’s body seems….. To be one of those ‘perfect bodies’ from the legends!”

“Perfect body? What perfect body?” Du Wei became puzzled.

But it seems that Semel was even more puzzled than he was: “I … … I don’t know, but I when I look at him, memories would suddenly surface from my mind. I don’t understand either.”



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  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    I know it wasn’t meant that way… but considering Semel’s words… I want that young general dead…

    • I also agree with your opinion,
      that perfect body only means trouble and a pain in the ass.
      the sooner he’s shooved off the stage, the better.
      …….or he wil become Du Wei’s loyal servant if he finds out that Rodrigeuz wil be one of Du Wei’s pions
      in Du Wei’s future endouvers…….(which will probably never gonna happen seeing how a douche Cybuster is)

  2. Oh? Does Cybuster have metalic bones like those corpses in the secret room, it makes sense considering that his dad -probably a dwarf- was that Shaman Kings 3rd student. I also feel like one of these dayd Du Wei will just go ham and turn the entire Desa province into a lush green flat land with a gaint river on which multiple big boats can move on -the rivers name would be Yang Ce-, he would also use his magic to create numerus lakes and every body of water will be connected into one system. The river will not join the sea, it will start from the lake go through Desa province only to reach a magic wall where it will be brouth back into the lake. And to protect his land from being swallowed by the desert wind Du Wei will make some kind of magic array to stop that pesky sand! And of course, The Cityc Of Miracles will be the heart of this ultimate magic spell- but Du Wei will become the incarnation of Desa province!

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