Law of the devil chapter 258

Chapter 258 “stood up”

Finally the determined date has arrived and everything was set in order while Du Wei waited outside of Loulan City for the Dragon to arrive.

“Hussein, go call Vivian and our beautiful snake girl, hmm … … Also bring out our Ice Dou Qi knight, just go call everyone. We will play a game of dragon slaying.”

Du Wei planned everything out already. When the Dragon arrives, he will have Hussein take the first round.

Though both of them are at the saint level but a dragon’s body far exceeds that of a humans; therefore, Hussein will be at a slight disadvantage. Nevertheless, considering how stubborn this guy was, Hussein should be able to overcome that and force a stalemate.

Adding in Rodriguez, though this Knight was missing a hand, the condition was set for certain victory with his support.

But the only worrying part was his Loulan City. It wasn’t easy to build such a grand city from scratch; he can’t afford to have it destroyed when the battle takes place. To insure this doesn’t happen, he along with Vivian and Medusa will support from the back and forcefully push the dragon away to another location…..

It’s just a dragon Prince. Based on the strength of his party now, no being other than that old lizard in the north should be able to kill him, let alone resist their might…. Dragon slaying, this will be a breeze!

Of course, the best results are: his side taking turns to face the dragon prince. The aim wasn’t to kill the guy; it’s to keep him here for good without any ability to run.

Then when everything was set … … He will summon that red monster and subdue this dragon.

This way around, Du Wei will be able to become the sole magician on this continent to have a dragon as a pet.

One has to admit…. This plan was very good.

Unfortunately things never go as plan…….

Considering how prideful the dragon race was, the Second Prince wouldn’t try any funny business like attacking from the shadows. He will definitely make a grandiose entrance.

That’s what he was expecting anyways…..

Starting from this morning, Du Wei’s being sitting atop of the city wall sipping tea, drinking wine. As the sun hanging over his head got more intense, he went as far as to cast an ice spell to cool himself, almost like a picnic outing……

By the time afternoon rolled around, the wind started to pick up and the sun was soon covered by clouds of dust. Facing the dimly lit sky, even Du Wei felt the heat of battle drawing near.

Although the sun was no longer blazing hot, the wind will still give someone a headache from how hard it blew.

Tick tock, tick tock, time continues to move, yet that blasted dragon was nowhere in sight.

Waiting a whole day like this with his party, Du Wei was starting to wonder if the dragon race had learned how to deploy strategy in their fights.

“It can’t be, is that guy planning to do a night raid? Crap, did he underestimate the IQ of these large reptiles?”

But, unfortunately, when night took hold and the twinkling stars blossomed across the sky…. One of the standing guards came to report that midnight has arrived.

That was when Du Wei sighed and stood up from his chair. Looking around at the companions beside him, he made a sad and bitter smile:

“Umm … … As things stand now, there is only one possibility. Everyone … … I think we’ve probably been stood up.”

Who would have thought that the dignified and proud dragons would pull something as despicable as standing up a foe after they issued a “duel”. Worst of all, some of the strongest people on the continent ended up waiting a whole day for nothing because of it.

Du Wei didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh … … Or worry whether this dragon will make a surprise attack in the future.

“Alright, alright … … Fighting likely won’t happen today. Let’s go back and have a good sleep after washing up.”

Just when Du Wei finished his sentence, Vivian’s surprised voice came from behind him: “Ah! Look!” She points a finger into the distance.

Some distance away on the main road, a figure was slowly making its way over in the darkness.

Is it that Gold Dragon?

Doesn’t seem like it … …

Silver hair, fluttering dress, sleek body, this person was like an ornament that brought life to its surroundings.

Finally, when this person was approximately two hundred meters away from the city gate, this woman raised her face and smiled directly at Du Wei.

Despite the long distance, Du Wei could clearly make out that beautiful face due to his exceptional senses. Those cold yet prideful eyes, there’s no way Du Wei can forget that violent temperament.

“I say, what are you people waiting for?” The woman standing out there smirked even harder: “I think the guy you’re waiting for won’t be coming.”

With that, she reached behind herself and pulled something out to wave it in the air. Then throwing it over, this shiny object landed right in front of the city gate.


This object was obviously the golden lance used by that Second Dragon Prince.

But unlike before, the grip was broken and cracks circulated across the entire rod.

Following suit, the air behind the woman warped and a green robed figure slowly came into existence.

Compared to their last encounter, this person didn’t look so well. Aside from the two holes in the chest area of his robe, even his iconic green hat was missing. Then there’s that white silvery hair of his, scattered and messy, even that beard looked shorter than before

Ughhh … … Are those burn marks?

Du Wei lapsed out for nearly ten seconds before coming out of his stupor. Then taking in a deep breath, he gave the newcomers a serious look:

“Hey! I say, as one of the strongest being on this continent, how can you make a habit of always being ‘late’!”

The agreed date was supposed to be three months after their separation, but from their appointed day, this guy and his female disciple waited one year and twenty three days to show up in the Northwest.

After opening the gate, Du Wei personally led his companions to greet the master and disciple duo. Vivian on the other hand kept squirming behind Du Wei and left only half her head out like she feared the pair: “Sis-sister.”

Joanna picked her brow as she watched her sister: “I thought you would become stronger after staying so long in the Northwest…. Hey, why are you cowering behind this guy? It’s not like I’m gonna eat you!”

Du Wei on the other hand was too busy assessing this green robed guy to pay attention Joanna’s complaint.

Looking at it from a magician’s perspective, Du Wei got the distinct impression that this old man was very weak at the moment. It’s almost like he just came out of a fierce battle, and not just one at that.

That robe’s clearly been burned. Then there’s that beard of his…. Who can possibly drive this Magister into such a mess?

“What are you looking at?” Green robed Gandalf unkindly hollered at Du Wei.

“I’m just guessing who on this continent can beat you so badly.” Du Wei raised one corner of his mouth before coughing once to clear his throat: “I say dear teacher…. You said you will seek me out in three months, yet one year had passed since then. Don’t you think a little apology is in order for being so late?”

Green robed Gandalf rolled his eye at the comment: “Quit yapping gibberish. I’m in a bad mood right now. If you cross me right now, I don’t mind turning you into an ice crystal to sooth my fury. Now show me the way. It must be very comfortable here in your place. I need one hundred barrels of wine and a comfortable room….. Within the next month, don’t bother me.”

Du Wei also rolled his eye like the old gramps, but he did notice the long flute hanging off of Gandalf’s waist – only half of the flute remained.

Du Wei knew this old guy had some weird habits so he’s wise enough to not rattle the hornet nest. Besides, he can just ask Joanna afterwards.

“We went to the North. North of the Frozen Forest.” Joanna’s answer made Du Wei gasp.

“Teacher said he really want to see that Dragon Chief whom killed him once. For the dignity of a powerful individual, he wants vengeance.”

Du Wei shrugged his shoulders.

Revenge? This vengeance really was odd.

Hmm, what, you kill me once and now I’m going to get revenge for myself?

“Did you see that old dragon?” Asked Du Wei in a whispering voice.

Joanna sighed: “Who do you think can beat my teacher so badly?”

Du Wei nods: “Able to come back alive is a real eye opener already.”

Hearing their conversation, Green robed Gandalf suddenly turned around and cut off their dialogue: “Although I hate to admit it, that old lizard is stronger than me. We originally couldn’t make it back, but fortunately when we made our escape, that dragon encountered some trouble up at the mountain and couldn’t pursue us. That’s when we managed to get out of the tundra field.”

Before Du Wei could ask what that trouble was, Joanna already followed up with the next part.

“As we made our way back, we encountered that little dragon last night. We were fuming already after our encounter with that old lizard, so when we saw him……”

Gandalf sneered loudly: “We saw him as an eyesore so we killed him.”

Du Wei smiled wryly inside.

Can’t take the dad so kill the son?

Hmm … … This approach may be a bit low class, but……

It’s very much in line with this Green Hat’s style.




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