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kid[The Devil’s law introduction] A good for nothing, considered to be a waste and an idiot, ended up selling his soul to the devil in exchange for what? Beauty? Power? Wealth? Powers? Overthrowing all the rules this world, let us respect and follow through the Devil’s path…… “I know that one day the world will be trampled under my feet!!”

PS: Du Wei





Chapter 0 “The Earl’s Son”

Chapter 1 “Retard”

Chapter 2 “Illiterate and can’t fight”

Chapter 3 “The Way of Magic”

Chapter 4 “Magic Retard

Chapter 5 “Poison Master”

Chapter 6 “Restless Heart”

Chapter 7 “Hot chick with slender long legs”

Chapter 8 “Instant casting”

Chapter 9 “Rolynn’s Seduction Plan”

Chapter 10 “Who Knows!”

Chapter 11 “The Devil’s Knight”

Chapter 12 “Legendary Clan”

Chapter 13 “The mysterious Events of the Rowling Ancestral Residence”

Chapter 14 “The Treasure in the Study Room!”

Chapter 15 “The study rooms treasure II – The Mightiest Female Astrologist”

Chapter 16 “Intractable Problem”

Chapter 17 “Three Hundred Gold Coins”

Chapter 18 “A Different Path”

Chapter 19 “Beginning of the Devil’s Path!”

Chapter 20 “Half Horn City’s Magic Beast Incident” (part one)

Chapter 20 “Half Horn City’s Magic Beast Incident” (part two)

Chapter 21 “Moon Clan’s Secret Technique”

Chapter 22 “Terror Illusion Goblin”

Chapter 23 “Pitiful Young Vivian”

Chapter 24 “Vivian’s Sister”

Chapter 25 “Battle between sisters”

Chapter 26 “The world outside is so terrifying”

Chapter 27 “Don’t work anymore”

Chapter 28 “Political Influence”

Chapter 29 “Night of Romance on a deserted island”

Chapter 30 “Roar on the deserted island”

Chapter 31 “Du Wei’s Harvest”

Chapter 32 “There’s a monster!!”

Chapter 33 “The World of Three People”

Law of the Devil Chapter 34 “Leaving the Magical Island”

Chapter 35 “Open Sesame”

Chapter 36 “The servant”

Chapter 37 “Legend”

Chapter 38 “Heart of a King”

Chapter 39 “Bless of God”

Chapter 40: Du Wei’s First Fleet

Chapter 41: Captain Jack Sparrow

Chapter 42 “Du Wei’s Plan to Wealth”

Chapter 43 “Goodbye Kiss”

Chapter 44  “A Figure Comes Out of the Oil Painting”

Chapter 45 “The Unusual Semel”

Chapter 46 “Solskjaer’s Fire Element”

Chapter 47 “Treasures in the Secret Room”

Chapter 48 “Gambling with the Army”

Chapter 49 “Becoming Sturdy”

Chapter 50 “Playing Big”

Chapter 51 “Marde Is Flying”

Chapter 52 “Visit of the Magic Teacher”

Chapter 53 “Vivian’s Teacher”

Chapter 54 “Frozen Forest, the Monster World”

Chapter 55 “Frozen Forest, the Monster World II”

Chapter 56 “The Zombie Monster & Golden Eyed Python”

Chapter 57 “The Richest Widow on the Empire”

Chapter 58 “Snow Wolf Mercenary Corps”

Chapter 59 “The Fate of the Adventurers”

Chapter 60 “Big Circle Lake”

Chapter 61 “Semel’s Premonition”

Chapter 62 “Murder at the Big Circle Lake”

Chapter 63 “Semel’s Appearance”

Chapter 64 “The corpse hidden in the snow”

Chapter 65 “Gift from the Holy Knight”

Chapter 66 “The Strongest Knight on the Mainland”

Chapter 67 “Sensational”

Chapter 68 “Battle Between Magic and Sword”

Chapter 69 “Wheel of Time”

Chapter 70 “New Companions”

Chapter 71 “Strongest Under the Stars”

Chapter 72 “Star Dou Qi”

Chapter 73 “The Canyon Valley”

Chapter 74 “The Treant Race”

Chapter 75 “Fountain of Life”

Chapter 76 “him!”

Chapter 77 “evil eye tyrant”

Chapter 78 “The Animal Kingdom?

Chapter 79 “The Magician Who Became a Rat”

Chapter 80 “Queen Medusa”

Chapter 81 “The side effects of the fountain of youth”

Chapter 82 “Strange Palace”

Chapter 83 “Test of Medusa”

Chapter 84 “I’m lonely”

Chapter 85 “Hussein’s Transformation”

Chapter 86 “The second spring!

Chapter 87 “Poison of time”

Chapter 88 “Close to the answer”

Chapter 89 “Saint-Roland”

Chapter 90 “Rejected transaction”

Chapter 91 “Enemies”

Chapter 92 “Origin”

Chapter 93 “Great Prophecy Skill” (part one)

Chapter 93 “Great Prophecy Skill” (part two)

Chapter 94 “Forgotten Ice Field: the last barrier” (part one)

Chapter 94 “The Forgotten Ice Field: the last barrier” (part two)

Chapter 95 “Mountain”

Chapter 96 “Du Wei’s speculation”

Chapter 97 “Dragon Clan’s Cave” (part one)

Chapter 97 “Dragon clan’s Cave” (part two)

Chapter 98 “The Dragon Patriarch’s hatred”

Chapter 99 “Despicable Aragon” (part one)

Chapter 99 “Despicable Aragon” (part two)

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