Law of the devil chapter 11

Chapter 11 “The Devil’s Knight”

Rolynn didn’t go too far that evening for she spent the night wandering around the area just outside town.

Though her companions wanted to leave this shitty place as soon as possible, but Rolynn had something else on her mind. Carrying a hint of hesitation in her eyes, she sat there with that expression and held onto her knees to stare at the moon.

The next day Du Wei continued his journey. Unlike before though, there’s an ox drawn cart following behind the group and inside was the magician from yesterday bounded by heavy ropes. The poor guy, he looked absolutely exhausted from how soaked he was. Following Du Wei’s order from the previous day, the knights had been giving the magician a nice cold bath every once in a while without break.

As usual, Du Wei kept up with his routine and started reading inside the carriage again once they were on the road. With the quality of his carriage, vibrations weren’t an issue even on bumpy roads like these. But very soon, he was interrupted.

Following a light knock on the window, Marde’s voice could be heard, “Master, there’s something you need to see. Those adventurers from the tavern yesterday are following behind us.”

Startled for a moment, Du Wei then stuck his head out the window. Indeed, that girl and her two companions were following them from a distance.

The knights saw this and had a weird expression on their faces for they were trying their best to hold in their laughter. Yesterday, that girl came out of the master’s room, and now she’s following huh.

“Stop the carriage. Go and fetch that girl.”

Rolynn had been following Du Wei’s carriage the whole morning. Her head was in chaos. She didn’t know why she wanted to follow him. Was it because she’s worried about that magician? Probably not, she wouldn’t care about that guy’s life.

Then the carriage stopped and two knights rode their horses over.

“Miss, our master wishes to see you, please come with us.” Due to the possibility of this girl having a relation with the master, the knights made sure their words were polite.

Rolynn was still in a daze. Nodding, she subconsciously rode her horse over. Her companions were worried and followed from behind.

“Why are you following me?” Du Wei didn’t get off his carriage. He opened the door and looked at Rolynn.

Dismounting, Rolynn bit her lips and decided on the answer to the question she was struggling with the whole night. Why? Perhaps it was that devilish smile.

She took a deep breath and kneeled down on one knee. Lowering her head, she spoke in a serious voice. “I, Rolynn Muen, pledge loyalty to you. I am willing to become your subordinate. I will use my blood and my life to uphold my pledge for the rest of my life! Will you accept my loyalty?”

Du Wei was silent for a while. He inspected the girl and said. “You want to pledge loyalty to me, why?”

“I don’t know.” Rolynn said what’s in her heart. “Maybe you are right. I am tired. I am starting to feel I don’t have the ability to maintain my life. Perhaps I need to find someone to depend on.”

“And you think I’m that person?”

“Yes. Even though I still don’t know your identity, but you give me the feeling of… of someone extraordinary. You are destined to become an extraordinary person.”

“Oh how difficult.” Du Wei sighed and turned to Marde, “Marde, I can’t remember. I should have the eligibility to recruit honorary knights’ right? How many knights can I recruit?”

Although Marde was a stable hand, he had done his homework since being promoted to Du Wei’s attendant. “Yes master, you are the son of the Earl. Even if you don’t inherit his title, according to the law, you can receive the title of Baron. The Empire allows those with this title to recruit ten honorary knights.”

“Thank you. Only ten, although a little bit low, knights can recruit squires, right? A knight can have a few squires. Counting it like that, then ten knights and their squires aren’t too bad.”

After receiving confirmation from Marde, Du Wei turned to Rolynn. “Ok, I will accept your loyalty. From now on you are my honorary knight. You are the first one that received this title from me and a female knight at that too.”

“Thank you. And since I pledged my loyalty, will you tell me your identity, master.”

“Oh my identity, the first son of the Empire’s vice General, Earl Raymond. Du Wei Rowling is my name. And I forgot to tell you, I have a rather famous nickname in the imperial capital. They all call me retard.”

“Re… retard?!” Rolynn widened her eyes in shock.

Heck, if this kid was a retard then there are no geniuses in this world! If he was a retard then ninety percent of the world’s population would be mentally defective.

Rolynn wouldn’t dare to laugh. She stood up and pointed to her companions. “Master, these are my companions, their names are…”

“No, no, no.” Du Wei interrupted her. “Sorry but I am not interested in their names. As you heard, I’m only allowed to have ten honorary knights. I’m not going to waste those slots. I’m saving them for a few high level knights or swordsmen.”

Du Wei didn’t even look at those two.

Don’t joke around! That bulky warrior only had brute strength, and that archer… a few hundred gold pieces could recruit four to five of similar caliber. Even this female knight. If she wasn’t a beautiful girl, given her level, Du Wei wouldn’t be interested in her.

“Knight Rolynn Muen, now that you are my honorary knight, your companions can count as your squires. About your knight badge and equipment, I will give them to you when we arrive at our destination. Now lead your people and join our group. If nothing goes wrong we will arrive at the mansion tonight.”

Though her companions were rather sad that they didn’t become knights, Rolynn could only remain silent.

There were three ways to become a true knight. One was to be skilled enough to be evaluated by the Knights Association. Second way was to be a believer of the Light Temple. At a young age, children with enough inherent talent will be raised and trained within the citadel. Then passing a series of assessments, these devoted followers will then go off to join the sacred order of Holy Knights belonging to the Temple. Third was to pledge loyalty to a noble and obtain the Honorary Knight title.

These two guys were weak and not part of the Holy Knights order, their only chance of becoming a knight was likely to be recruited by a noble. But nobles with the eligibility to recruit knights wouldn’t want these men.

Rolynn could only say a few words to comfort them. She’s feeling complicated. Once her loyalty was pledged, she’s no longer independent. This group that she spent so much effort to maintain would break up and she herself would lose the leader position.

What she didn’t know though was that many, many years later; people will look back in history and mention this day!

Because later the name, Rolynn, first member of the legendary “Demon Knight Regiment” will belong to her, a woman!


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