Law of the Devil Chapter 21

Chapter 21 “Moon Clan’s Secret Technique”

“Keep in formation! Don’t panic! Don’t panic!” Roberts imposing voice rose in the midst of the confusion, giving some calm to the panic stricken soldiers.

Robert’s armor was damaged and stained with blood, his hair messy, as he made an effort to organize his subordinates by yelling: “In formation! Protect the master!! Retreat in formation! Don’t run around!”

The Griffons in the sky dove down one by one, howling resonantly. These howls indeed had the power to cause dizziness, and several Rowling subordinates felt their heads buzzing, their bodies tottering, and even unable to hold the weapons in their hands.

Robert snatched an archer’s bow from the ground, swiftly shooting up at a diving Griffon. The arrow covered with battle Dou Qi flew out like a streak of light, but such a common arrow apparently couldn’t withstand the knight’s battle Dou Qi, and just after the arrow had been launched it burst into a ball of light.

Fortunately, that Griffon seemed to be scared off, and Robert quickly retreated, with difficulty arranging a dozen men in a circle, raising their swords and pikes to defend themselves.

But like this, even more Griffons swooped down from the sky, sometimes injuring someone with their sharp talons and piercing beaks, blood curdling shrieks were heard on all sides, sometimes someone was snatched up by a Griffon and thrown into the air, immediately causing several following Griffons to swoop in, simultaneously using their beaks and talons to rip their victims apart!

This scene made everyone terrified!

Only half of Sir Spann’s sword remained, he had dodged a Griffon by rolling away, but his thigh was still drenched in blood, and even standing still he was unsteady.

Whether it was Spann or Robert, in their minds besides alarm was incomparable shock!

In the hinterlands of the southern Empire, how would such a terrifyingly vicious magic beast like the Griffon appear in such great numbers?!

Under Robert’s cries of ‘protect the master’, more and more Rowling family cavalrymen formed up, crowding around Du Wei to escort him out.

But each time they swept down from the sky, those Griffon’s like dreadful killing hands would immediately cause a miserable shriek, each time a Griffon attacked they would seize another soldier’s life.

The ground was already filled with blood and terrifyingly mangled pieces of corpses. Mass death was terrifying on its own, but before such vicious magic beasts, a lot of the dead didn’t even have the fortune of keeping their corpses intact!

Du Wei had just now seen a Griffon come swooping down at him, and after Rolynn pushed him to the ground he heard a resonant animal call behind him. Even lying on the ground he felt as if he could see a golden halo flash before his eyes……

“Master, get up quickly, we have to leave immediately.” Rolynn’s anxious voice rose and she dragged Du Wei up, pulling him over next to a big tree.

By now there were already a lot of Rowling guardsmen around them, and Robert was swiftly dashing over. The Rowling guards held an extremely strong sense of pride and loyalty for the Rowling family, and even confronted with a crisis like this they still didn’t forget their duties to run by themselves. Even though each man was terrified, they still raised their weapons and gathered around their master.

“Solskjaer! Solskjaer!” Du Wei shouted angrily.

“I’m here.” The answer came from the ground on the side, as Solskjaer crawled up with an effort. His robe was already dirty, and even his face was covered with dust. Just now when the Griffons had first attacked he had immediately thrown himself into the underbrush.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Du Wei furiously rushed over and grabbed the magician by the collar: “My people are bleeding! Why aren’t you using magic! Quick! If you want to live, quickly use magic!”

The magician’s hat was shaken off by Du Wei, and he hastily nodded, afterwards quickly raised his hands and launched several fireballs towards the sky…… In any way Solskjaer’s ability was limited; his current magic attack was only the lowest level fireball spell. As for slowing spells and other such magic, when confronting large groups of Griffon’s they might not be very useful.

Right now the Griffon attacks had Spann’s garrison soldiers running everywhere. Compared to the people who were instead gradually gathering together, building considerable strength in numbers, this was the difference in quality to the Rowling family. Despite the Griffons’ constant attacks, each attack was confronted with rows of blades and pikes that even the Griffons didn’t seem to dare lightly barge into. Circling their formation, making a couple of grabs, the Griffons were after all extremely ferocious magic beasts, and the Rowling family soldiers were still quickly dying or being injured! Practically each time the Griffons attacked, someone’s life would be taken!

As the troops slowly retreated, Solskjaer’s fireball spells also blocked and threatened the Griffons to some degree, but more and more Griffons were circling them —— Spann’s men and horses had already been thoroughly dealt with. There were corpses everywhere; even Sir Spann himself lay motionless on the ground.

Robert’s expression was extremely unsightly. Squeezing the sword in his hand tightly, his joints were already pale from the force he exerted, as he spoke in a rough voice: “Master, I’m afraid today……” This knight shook his head forcefully, pulling over the lady knight Rolynn and speaking in a low voice: “In a moment I’ll bring people to charge out, you immediately bring the young master down the mountain! Be quick! You have to be quick! I’ll attract the attention of as many of the creatures as possible. The master…… I’ll leave him to you.”

Rolynn moved said: “Do you want to die?”

Robert’s voice was acerbic: “I know these creatures. They like hunting, and right now we’re their prey. We’re too far up the mountain, and with our current condition there’s no way for us to leave. We can only think of something to disrupt the situation and let the master slip away.


“No buts! Ms. Rolynn! Don’t forget that you’re a knight!” Robert was suddenly angry, glaring and shouting at her: “You aren’t some damn little mercenary like before! If you still can’t understand a knight’s honor, then you’re not fit to be a knight! I’m injured and can’t move fast enough, otherwise I wouldn’t choose you to escort the master! Do you want to be a true knight? Rolynn! Then prove it to me!!”

Rolynn trembled, she looks at Robert. This time Rolynn’s eyes showed a trace of rage, raising her longsword she yelled: “I’ll definitely prove it!”

Robert laughed loudly, then he turned to look at his master.

Du Wei continuously squinted his eyes at those Griffons flying about on all sides looking for the opportunity to attack their formation. He looked at them completely entranced, as if he had completely forgotten everything in his surroundings. He didn’t even seem to have heard Robert and Rolynn’s dialogue just now. This little fellow, who knew what was in his mind right now.

Suddenly the shock and rage was swept from Rolynn’s face, and her beautiful face acquired a kind of peculiar serenity!

Under Robert’s astonished gaze, this lady knight suddenly extended her palm and grabbed the edge of her sword tightly, making an effort to pull……

Her palm was immediately cut open by the sharp sword, becoming drenched with blood!

“What are you doing?!” Robert shouted. Rolynn didn’t answer, only slowly moving forward several steps and lightly parting the Rowling guards in front.

Rolynn stood at the very front of the formation. Watching a Griffon pounce, the lady knight opened both hands, making a bizarre finger seal. Immediately afterwards a yellow halo flashed out from her body!!

Within the ring of light, the wounds on her palms suddenly sprayed out blood! That quickly dissipated in the light! Immediately afterwards a huge pillar of light shot up from her chest! The diving Griffon was enveloped within this light, and before it could even call out, its body…… Exploded! Disappeared!

Turning into countless motes of light, this Griffon just disappeared!

Everyone was stupefied! Not just the Rowling family guards, even Robert and Solskjaer, everyone were stupefied! Perhaps the only one still entranced was Du Wei.

This lady knight…… Don’t tell me, she used magic? Don’t tell me she is a sorceress?!

After Rolynn used this bizarre magic to eliminate a Griffon, her body seemed to sway as she loudly recited a difficult to follow sentence, after which the yellow light enveloping her grew larger and larger…… At the same time the blood flowed faster and faster from Rolynn’s hand!

As this yellow light gradually enveloped everyone, the surrounding Griffons howled one after another, but didn’t seem to dare approach the light! With the protection of the ring of light, the Rowling family group was finally safe. Only the lady knight’s body softened, almost falling to the ground.

Robert was the first to recover from the shock, and he quickly stepped forward to support the lady knight, shouting: “She’s injured! Who has medicine! We need to staunch the blood!”

Looking at the wound in Rolynn’s hand, Robert was stunned!

What kind of wound was this! The wound had practically doubled in size, and the surrounding flesh was practically blanched white! Clearly the signs of excessive blood loss! But how could so much blood flow from such a tiny wound? Rolynn’s blood was even now flowing swiftly! Such a rate of bleeding made Robert feel cold!

“No! Don’t stop the blood.” Rolynn bit her lip hard, saying in a low voice: “My magic, it needs my blood. Quickly, retreat quickly, use this chance to retreat quickly.”

Even though he didn’t know what kind of magic this was, Robert immediately understood that this wasn’t the time to ask questions and shouted: “Everyone fall back! We’re leaving!”

“Make sure nobody leaves the ring of light.” Rolynn added.

However, when everyone started to withdraw, only Du Wei didn’t budge. Robert frowned and pulled at this entranced little master, he believed the little master might be frightened dumb.

“Master, we’re leaving! Quickly!”

“No.” Du Wei didn’t move, and kept watching those Griffons in front with a deeply ponderous expression.

Robert was somewhat irritated: “If we don’t leave we’ll die!”

“No.” Du Wei still shook his head, it seemed his mind still hadn’t returned.

Robert couldn’t help getting angry!

His soldiers were bleeding, the lady knight at his side was using her own blood to maintain the magic! If they didn’t quickly stop the bleeding she would die!

But at this moment this little master was still acting willfully!!

Just when Robert was resentful, Du Wei finally smiled……

Damn it! This fellow, he actually smiled!

Du Wei turned his head to look at Rolynn, saying: “Rolynn, withdraw your magic, even if the Moon clan’s ‘magic breaking field’ is the nemesis of magic it costs blood. I thank you for your self-sacrificial spirit, but…… It seems we’re being played with.”

Robert stared blankly a moment, don’t tell me this little master has gone delirious? Doesn’t he understand what he’s saying?

“Robert! Quickly staunch our lady knight’s blood, do you want to see her bleed to death?” Du Wei shouted loudly, this time his orders were clear. Robert stared blankly. Du Wei stepped forward and raised Rolynn’s hand, pushing it at Robert: “What are you staring at!”

Du Wei then glanced at Rolynn, saying in a low voice: “Thank you, your courage today was worthy of respect!”

Finished speaking, Du Wei separated from the guards, loudly laughing at the Griffons in front: “Come! Won’t you let me see what you’re really about?”

Amidst everyone’s cries of alarm, Du Wei suddenly moved forward several steps! Robert was scared out of his mind, and hastily moved forward to pull back his master, but at this moment the Griffons who were anxiously circling the ring of light looking for opportunities to strike saw Du Wei appear, and instantly pounced like lightning!

Robert tried to reach Du Wei, but as those Griffons arrived he could only use his broadsword to block one before he was completely blown away! Under everyone’s dumbstruck gazes, those Griffons’ claws easily pierced Du Wei’s frail body! As if skewering a sheet of paper!


All the Rowling guards felt their vision go dark, Robert nearly dazed walked forward, and the weakened lady knight called out loudly, her body going limp.

Seeing Du Wei thrown away by those Griffons like a tree leaf, his body cutting through the air to strike the ground, everyone felt their hearts drop to the ground!

Finished! Finished!

With the little master dead here, it was all over for them! Even if they could return alive, letting the master under their protection die, with such a sin they would definitely be put to death by the clan!

Robert stood there dumbly, even unconsciously dropping the sword in his hand to the ground. This moment, the hopes of the cavalrymen all turned to dust……


A grotesque laughter rose, and from the ground, Du Wei’s ‘corpse’ suddenly started to swaying crawl from the ground!

This scene made everyone’s eyes practically pop out!

Du Wei’s body was badly mangled, and in the pit of his stomach was a gaping hole that practically ran through from front to back! Blood flowed continuously, but Du Wei only frowned, bowing his head to look at his wounds before smiling: “This feeling, it’s still rather painful. Heh heh…… It’s very realistic!”

He touched a bloody wound, raising his hand to get a closer look, smelling it, muttering to himself: “En, indeed very lifelike, it’s as if the blood is actually real……”



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