Law of the Devil Chapter 23

Chapter 23 “Pitiful Young Vivian”

A magician, an eighth ranked grand mage, apparently no more than eighteen years of age with a serious case of stuttering problems when nervous. The way she portrayed herself, she’s like a young lady of a wealthy family going out into the world for the first time.

The people around couldn’t help but widen their eyes at the newcomer. Looking at this furiously blushing girl, with her big eyes close to drooping in tears, everyone unconsciously lowered their swords.

To them, it’s very difficult to think of this girl as a threat.

Even Du Wei was staring as a result…… This stuttering girl, with an expression as timid as a rabbit, was really an eighth level magician?

But her robe, and that badge, neither could be faked for he knew the badges handed out by the Magic Union had preventive measures in place.

Coughing once, Du Wei somewhat refrained his squeezing fingers from the terror illusion goblin. Looking at this delicate and timid girl, he asked: “Oh distinguished magician, you’re saying this creature belongs to you?”

“Ye…… Ah n-n~~no.” The girl finally started to cry. In front of a bunch of strangers, this timid girl began crying unexpectedly, unreal: “This is my m-m-master’s. C-can’t you re-re-return it to me……”

Return it?

Du Wei really didn’t want to return it!

Why? This little creature had ruthlessly attacked his people, leaving everyone battered and exhausted, Du Wei was really of a mind to slaughter this little critter, and afterwards do like Solskjaer said and harvest its horn.

But, looking at this sorceress coming to take it back…… could he really shamelessly do it such a vulgar thing?

Even if he wanted to be shameless and do as he pleases… but the counterpart over there was an eighth level magician, despite this girl’s apparently weak image!

“This…… Esteemed magician, please…… please don’t worry.” Du Wei was patient in his words. Not only that, even his voice was milder than before like that of someone coaxing a little girl: “If this little creature really is yours……”

“O-o-o-of course!” The sorceress seemed to hear what she had hoped for and made an effort to wipe her tears away. Looking at Du Wei with a hopeful expression, her innocent eyes were incomparably clear, the kind that can make a person lower their guards without realizing it.

“Don’t worry.” Du Wei slowly said: “Even if this little creature is yours, as its owner, I think you should take responsibility for the mistakes it committed, no?”

The sorceress showed panic on her face. Timidly look at Du Wei, she asked: “M-may I a-a-a-ask…….”

“This little creature, is it a high level magic beast?” Du Wei lowered his voice: “As this magic beast’s owner, you didn’t properly look after it, letting it run off to the hinterlands of the imperial south! Don’t tell me you don’t know how much disorder a magic beast running all over a crowded area would cause for the people in this region!”

Looking at his young master so sternly rebuking an eight level magician, Solskjaer to the side really wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare to.

Because…… The one over there was a grand mage!

Looking at the badge pinned to the girl’s chest, Solskjaer swallowed resolutely. After all, the greatest dream of a low level magician like himself was to one day advance in rank and put on a golden badge like that!

“Ah……Th-th-th-this……” The sorceress’ made a guilty complexion, hanging her head: “M-m-my master went f-far away. I-I-I-I w-was in charge of l-looking after Cheche, b-b-but it t-took advantage of my older sister coming to s-see me and r-r-ran away…… I-I’ve already been l-looking for it for m-m-many days.”

“Your mistake cannot become an excuse for the crimes committed.” Du Wei spoke righteously and sternly: “Don’t you know how much panic such a high level magic beast running off to this serene little town would cause for the residents here? These brave soldiers all came up to this mountain in order to catch it! Moreover, don’t you know how much harm this little pet of yours just now caused to these brave soldiers?!”

“……” The sorceress was speechless; she only looked at Du Wei with that guilty and imploring gaze.

Looking at this sorceress who was perhaps a young lady that had never left home to meet the world, Du Wei’s mind was set – he would properly swindle this greenhouse flower.

“This creature brought panic to the region! In order to catch it, the soldiers here bled and sweated, all in the name of keeping peace in this region! But you just come along to take it away, may I ask, with such methods, is there not a trace of shame in your heart?”

As Du Wei spoke, the sorceress’ head hung even lower till it was practically to her stomach.

When Du Wei was finally finished, the sorceress roused her courage, cautiously speaking up: “I-I-I-I want to apologize t-t-to you f-for i-its actions…… I-I-I’m very……”

“Stop your apologies!” Du Wei was unforgiving: “If apologies were of use, would there still be need for police?”

“P-police……. W-what’s that?”

Du Wei coughed, covering up his awkwardness. He needs to watch his little tongue slips; this world didn’t have things like police officers.

“What I mean is……” Du Wei stuck out his chest, his voice loud: “Don’t tell me that a simple line of ‘I’m sorry’ is enough to compensate the blood and sweat of our brave soldiers.”

In truth, his words were actually a little too farfetched.

These search parties that entered the mountain actually hadn’t shed an ounce of blood, the scene of flesh and blood flying in that battle just now was all an illusion. After eliminating the illusion, everyone was actually just confused, they hadn’t suffered any injuries, and at most they would have a few nightmares when sleeping. It wasn’t a big loss, the only exception being the injured lady, Rolynn.

Du Wei naturally wouldn’t waste the chance to emphasize this condition and suitably moved two steps aside, thus exposing the lady knight supported by his subordinates behind him.

Rolynn’s complexion was somewhat pale – the sign of poor health from sudden blood loss – but overall there wasn’t much of a problem. But looking at this woman, standing there unsteadily, hand still wrapped in white bandages, and hair in disorder, the sorceress felt even guiltier than before.

“How can I-I-I c-compensate you?” The sorceress’ eyes were reddened.

Du Wei drew a breath, his eyes flashing a satisfied light as he looked to Solskjaer on his side. Over this period in the past few days, this lowly first level mage has been spending most of his time talking about pharmacy with Du Wei; therefore, Solskjaer already had some understanding about the temper of this little master. Catching the signal, he immediately caught on. Taking two steps forward and slightly saluting, he slowly said: “Respected grand mage.”

When the girl saw Solskjaer’s magician’s robe, she immediately returned the gesture: “M-Mister m-magician.”

At this instant, Solskjaer couldn’t stop himself from blushing somewhat…… In his entire life he had perhaps never even dreamed of one day having an eighth level magician address him as “Mister Magician”.

“This, I think, this little pet of yours has already caused harm to the region, if it was simply released, perhaps these soldiers who have suffered would be unable to accept it. Furthermore, my master, the mighty Rowling family’s Earl Raymond’s eldest son, young master Du Wei, also received a terrible fright today as a result of this incident, therefore, I think, some punishment for this little creature is in order.”

“N-n-n……. No, i-if when t-t-teacher r-returns he s-s-s-sees it has s-s-suffered, he w-w-will punish m-me…….” The sorceress’ forehead was sweating: “If t-t-t-teacher g-g-gets angry, y-y-you’ll also……”

“Respected grand mage, may I ask who your teacher is? I really would like to know which magician in the Empire could instruct a grand mage as their disciple.” Solskjaer began to chase after her background.

The sorceress had a difficult expression: “T-t-this…… I-I-I-I c-can’t say.”

Solskjaer frowned slightly, then immediately smiled: “Then, you should at least tell us your name?”

“Ah……” The sorceress exhaled softly, this was a question she could answer: “M-m-m-my name is Young Vivian. Magic Union’s e-e-eighth level magician.” Saying this, the girl suddenly recalled the minimum level of etiquette her teacher had instructed her in. Blushing, she made a half bowing gesture and politely asked: “M-may I also ask for y-y-your name, r-r-respected mister m-magician.”

This time Solskjaer was truly blushing: “I…… Solskjaer, magic union…… first…… Ehh, that, first level magician.”

As he said the last part, Solskjaer wished he could find a hole to hide in.

To an eighth level magician, a first level magician was an existence no different from an ant! Even the disciples at the sides of those grand mages were second or third level existences.

To the upper circles within the Magic Union, a first level magician was perhaps no different from a magic apprentice their eyes, weak and incompetent.

But this pure young girl apparently didn’t understand this, and she even stooped to using excessive etiquette to greet him. This bit immediately gave Solskjaer a very favorable impression.

“Then, please show us your sincerity by making compensations.” Du Wei spoke in a timely manner.

“T-this……” The sorceress was somewhat embarrassed. After thinking it over, she pulled a tiny purse like pouch from under her robe and opened it: “I-I-I-I h-have a w-water orchid diamond, e-e-even though it’s o-o-only m-mid rank, b-but……”

The more she spoke the more she stuttered. Finally she could only helplessly clasp the water orchid diamond in her hands and look at Du Wei with a pleading expression.

Water orchid diamond??

Solskjaer was moved! Water orchid diamond was a top class water system magic material! Aside from being capable of storing ones magic inside the item, the crystal was also a top quality material commonly used in scroll creations. If a senior alchemist were to get their hands on this rare ingredient, it’s not uncommon for it to be refined into a powerful wand jewel. By doing so, the caster would mitigate their magic consumption during a spell cast by at least a third; it could even raise their speed if the conditions permit!

Looking at this water orchid diamond, sparkling and translucent, there’s no doubt the thing was at least mid-grade or higher. If simply considering its value, one would need to fork over several thousand gold pieces to procure!

But that’s only the suggested rate. Any water attributed magician would gladly pay several times more than that!

Solskjaer’s mouth hung open. Just as he was about to speak, Du Wei that was behind him had already placed a hand over his shoulder. Du Wei’s face was cold, and he even had a deep frown while squinting his eyes at the sorceress: “Eh, only a water orchid crystal like this?”

The sorceress blushed, her eyes somewhat frantic, and in her heart she had a twinge of guilt that she couldn’t ignore.

Aigh, even though this water orchid diamond was mid-grade, but…… It actually wasn’t a thing she needed, she wasn’t a water based magician, keeping it was useless…… Giving something useless as compensation to others, how could Vivian do something so despicable!

Omnipotent Goddess, please forgive me!

The sorceress denounced herself inwardly, then hastily pulled out a little dark green item from the pouch. The dark green radiance inside the little thing fluctuated like the pounding waves, but at the same time gentle and soft. “T-t-this as w-w-w-well……” The sorceress anxiously said.

Solskjaer felt like his eyeballs would fall out at this point!

“G-g-green magic potion!” Endlessly excited, Solskjaer seems to be infected by the stuttering bug.

Du Wei raised a brow. With his scholarly knowledge, he also knew what kind of thing a green magic potion was.

A treasure any magician would yearn for even in their dreams!

This thing was a kind of medicine capable of replenishing a magician’s power! If a mid-level magician consumed all their magic in a fight, they would be able to instantly replenish their strength by consuming this small bottle of medicine.

But for something so valuable, there’s over seven to eight bottles in that small little hand of hers.

The creation of such a thing was extremely difficult, and the raw materials were also extremely rare. Even more importantly, it was a consumable product! With each use, there’s one less in this world!

Solskjaer felt his throat going dry.

However, Du Wei remains displacement at the wealth and continues to frown at the sorceress: “Just like that? Don’t tell me the blood and sweat of our soldiers is only worth this much?”

Tears were roaming in the girl’s beautiful eye. Scratching her hair, she thought and thought, and once again rummaged through her pouch for a small yellow pearl.

“T-t-this, m-m-my self m-made f-f-fire repelling pearl.” She shyly handed it over.

Du Wei replied: “Then what about my lady knight’s injury?”

The sorceress also drew a handful of magic beast cores out! Brightly colored, more than ten low level, or even mid-level magic beast cores were extorted by Du Wei.

“Next, the fright I myself suffered?” Du Wei appeared to be the incarnation of an extorting bully.

The sorceress turned over her traveling bag, fishing out her final treasure…… Seven to eight magic scrolls!

By now Solskjaer was practically about to faint at just a glance…… these were all mid-level magic scrolls, not some low level goods! These seven to eight items were already enough to cause a fight between two mages!!

Seeing his little master still not nodding in agreement, even Solskjaer felt a pang of guilt in his conscious!

This innocent and naive, even somewhat foolish sorceress, had handed over “compensations” worthy of buying a city!

Looking at Du Wei still not nodding, the sorceress cried. She turned over her empty bag in the air: “I-I-I-I-I o-only b-b-brought t-t-these.”

What a devil!!

At this moment, Solskjaer at his side, and Sir Robert, as well as all the other Rowling clansmen, none could keep themselves from sighing. Looking at the pitiful little sorceress weeping, they even felt ashamed.

Unfortunately, their little master still didn’t have a forgiving appearance…… His appetite, wasn’t it excessively big?



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