Law of the devil chapter 24

Chapter 24 “Vivian’s Sister”

Unable to find anything else inside her pouch, Vivian looked towards Du Wei with extremely pitiful eyes, her hands fidgeting the empty bag, clearly left with nothing inside.

“Th-th-this is all that I have”. She stuttered. It’s true, she has nothing left.

Solskjaer who was next to her hated the fact that he couldn’t go and strangle Du Wei to make him agree already!

There was a mid-grade water orchid diamond, a magic medicine bag, and a bunch of top quality magic beast core… That’s in addition to the ten intermediate-level magic scrolls.

If brought before any high level magician on the continent, it would be enough to make them jealous with envy. Although many magicians are very rich, but a huge pile of possessions like this was extremely rare to come by for many.

If he doesn’t accept the deal now, what should he do if there are complications? An eighth level mage wasn’t to be trifled with!

In all honestly, this little girl looks to be a little dumb on the surface with her innocent face, but if they really did provoke her and caused her to fight excessively, there’s no doubt in everyone’s mind that an eighth level magician can decimate their group.

But it just had to be that this girl didn’t carry the slightest image of a mighty individual. If she had the slightest urge to be unreasonable, a simple high level magic would wipe the floors with these soldiers.

Granted that she was indeed a fool… but there’s no guarantee trouble won’t come knocking in the future after bullying this sorceress.

Thank goodness, while Solskjaer was about to go crazy, Du Wei finally nodded with his annoyingly calm face: “Dear Magician, I am touched by your sincerity. I believe the conditions you proposed will be very pleasing to my henchmen.”

Giving Solskjaer the signal, this guy exhaled like he was greatly relieved and ran over to pocket the compensations. With a heavy scowl in his eyes, this greedy pig stuffed the treasures into his personal bag and carefully tied the knot. Right now Solskjaer’s face looked like that of a treasure god… If anyone were to even touch that bag of his, there’s no doubt he would risk his life to defend it.

“The-then can you also l-l-let Cheche go…” Vivian looked at Du Wei with her big innocent eyes, coupled with her angelic pretty face, it made it difficult for others to trouble her.

“Oh, my henchmen’s are satisfied with “the compensation” that you offered… However, I still have another additional condition.” Du Wei went back on his words without batting an eyelash.

“B-b-b-b-but I don’t have…” The sorceress began panicking and hurriedly turns her pouch inside out to show how empty it was.

“No, no, no, I’m not asking you for material compensation.” Du Wei finally reveals his tyrannical intent. “You’re an eighth level magician, are you not? In the empire, high ranking magicians are extremely rare, especially you… I have never heard of a young lady of your age owning a medal of a grand mage. Oh, please don’t misunderstand; what I want to say is… I am personally really curious and excited about magic. Towards the splendid culture of magic, I hold a deep yearning and have spent a lot of energy in my studies. You see, I even hired a magician to serve as my personal magic advisor.”

Du Wei then raises a finger and points to his side. Clutching his bag with all ten fingers, the recipient of their focus was naturally the scrooge like Solskjaer.

Then making a deliberate sigh, Du Wei shakes his head: “Unfortunately, I’m sure you’re aware, although he is very dedicated to his work of teaching me, he’s limited by his own capacity. Meaning I’m unable to get any more knowledge from him. So, to be able to meet you here today, an eighth level magician, it’s my great honor…. Although I was frightened by your pet, but considering it’s someone as great as you who owns this small little thing, I would of course not keep the incident in mind.”

Poor little Vivian suddenly found herself unable wrap her innocent mind around the situation. In her view, this scary young nobleman just robbed her of all her possessions just moments ago… But what can she do? She’s in the wrong. It’s not like Vivian never thought of using force to reclaim Cheche, but as a person who has received a proper education since her childhood on the righteousness of this world, coupled with her secluded living style, it became difficult for this silly girl to develop evil ideas.

If not for these reasons, she wouldn’t have obediently offered up her properties. If only she knew how simple it would’ve been to solve her predicament with a simple explosion magic.

In her mind, this young nobleman was indeed very scary. But in a blink of an eye, he uttered how much of a yearning he had towards magic and held a tireless spirit towards learning… In particular was his appearance. Those words and those eyes, they all seemed so sincere.

And he said “he won’t mind being scared earlier”, my goddess, what a merciful fellow….. With these excessively simple thoughts in mind, this sorceress had already forgotten about the fact she’s been robbed blind. Stammering, Vivian said: “Thank…. Thank you….. Thank you for your tolerance.”

“No, no, I am not finished yet.” Du Wei sighed: “Unfortunately, I am always looking for a highly capable mage to broaden my magic spectrum, teach me something… Now, by fate I have met a kind hearted magician like you. Are you willing to teach magic to a person who is sincere in studying like me?”

“…. What?” Vivian senses something wrong here, but she couldn’t figure out where when facing those sincere eyes.

How honest is he! Moreover, master’s little pet threatened him just now too…. This is my mistake.


“You want to learn ma-magic? But I have to return my master’s “little pet”, on-on-only….” Vivian was feeling a little awkward.

“No, no, you misunderstood me.” Du Wei laughed with a serious face and said: “I know your time is precious and should be used for your intensive research studies. You can’t waste your precious time on me, so my request to you is this. It’s not much; I only want you to teach me something. You see, I already have a magic adviser. Although his ability is limited, but he’s at the very least capable of answering my questions. All i need now is a little ‘profound knowledge’, that is all….” Du Wei gave a tiny glance at her and suddenly made a sly smile: “For example, maybe some advanced level spells.”

Solskjaer was overwhelmed by shock, unable to process what Du Wei just said!

If those treasures are a magician’s property, then those magic incantations are their life!!

Each magician spends their entire life studying those magic incantations; they absolutely will not arbitrarily take their hard earned research and hand them off to anyone!

Therefore, the books of magic commonly found in the public only recorded some basic knowledge!

No matter what the magic incantations are, whether it be low level or high level ones, a magician will only orally transmits their spells to their disciples!

The difference between a high level magician and a low level one wasn’t solely based on their spirit force, or their senses. The most critical part was having a profound understanding of their magic spells.

Magicians varying from high level to low level ones will achieve differing results even if they used the same spell. High level mages can use their own research to shorten some of the words, thus achieving a shorter cast time. When fighting, a faster casting speed means a noticeable advantage in combat.

Also, low level magicians are not capable of controlling the power of advanced magic spells.

Like Solskjaer for instance, he can only hold a few low level spells in his arsenal. If he wants to learn advance magic, he can only study them from a senior.

In all honesty, he didn’t think that Du Wei was brave enough to ask the magician for her spells, those are every mage’s closely guarded secrets!

Although this little girl was a bit overly innocent, she’s not a fool…. Otherwise, how can an idiot have this level of magic achievement?

With Du Wei’s request, Vivian remains indecisive, she repeatedly shook her little head: “No, no, no… absolutely not. My master said these magic incantations cannot be shared with anyone!”

“But, this little pet is you master’s, isn’t it? He also said you cannot lose it right?” Du Wei seemed to be misleading a juvenile into a trap like a villain.

“…….” Vivian was speechless.

“Should I tell the truth? I’m sure your master instructed you to take care of the little guy, but you disobeyed his words and lost the precious thing. My request is only a very small demand. You saw how much we suffered as a result of this little thing. I was so scared…. Now to make up for your mistake, shouldn’t you do a small compensation?”

Vivian may indeed be a genius, but her ingenuity was only limited to the scope of studying magic. As for her other aspects, there’s obvious “shortcomings”. After Du Wei’s argument, she nearly fainted from utter confusion.

In her mind, Vivian was bewildered between the responsibilities of taking care of the little pet and not revealing the magic spells… ultimately, Vivian started crying again from the conflicting choices.

She sobbed violently “Ok fine… but I can only teach you one-one-one-one thing.”

“Oh, you said one-one-one-one.” As Du Wei said the ‘one’, he kept raising his fingers until there are a total of four: “Oh? Let me have a count, so a total of four?”

“No, no, no, not right.” Vivian started panicking, her voice getting loud: “No, no, no, no, not four, but one, one, one, one….” The more she talked, the more anxious she became, causing her ‘one’ to never end.

At the same time, whenever she uttered the ‘one’ word, Du Wei cocked another finger up.

In the end, Vivian’s fever had reached a point where she’s about to bite her tongue. Seeing all ten fingers raised, she realizes that if she continued to go with this, the person in front of her would start counting with his toes.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop!!” The sorceress shouted.

Looking at the lovable little girl with her flushed cheeks, Du Wei didn’t have the courage to get anymore excessive. With a bit more negotiation, the deal stayed at the number “ten”, no more, no less.

For this type of harmful negotiation, the sorceress had to undergo fierce turmoil in her heart…. But alas, her will collapsed under the pressuring words. With that repartee and innocent mind, and most importantly her stuttering issue, it’s no wonder she couldn’t win against Du Wei in an argument.

Under normal circumstances, there’s no way a magician would stand idly by like this and be blackmailed.

Dear revered master, please forgive Vivian in disobeying your command… I just wanted to find your precious little pet. In order to execute your first command, I have to forgo the second one… This, is it right or wrong?

“I’m an aristocrat and you are a magician, we both are people of status. Our promises cannot be arbitrarily changed; I suggest we make an oath to put weight into our words…”

Then, not waiting for the sorceress to protest, Du Wei immediately raised his voice towards the Goddess of Light and made the oath.

Left with no way out, Vivian could only follow his lead and say her part. Du Wei never expected the little girl to take him so seriously. When she made her oath, this simple minded girl even used a contracting spell to bind her words, meaning she has to carry out her part of the deal or face severe consequences.

She may stutter in her words, but that speed of hers was amazingly quick like someone flipping beans!

Under normal circumstances, it’s very difficult to imagine a profound magician stuttering in their incantations, but she broke all the rules.

It’s worth mentioning that Vivian didn’t even argue with Du Wei until the end, nor show any signs of getting physical with him.

Ultimately, Du Wei still didn’t know who this master was to be able to produce an innocent girl with such high talent.

Facing the boss’s treacherous behavior towards this pitiful girl made most of the guardians present lose their voice. Many did feel slightly guilty over Du Wei’s despicable act, but none objected for they themselves suffered quite dearly at her hands too. The only exception being the knight. There’s no denying Du Wei’s act wasn’t right by the chivalrous code, but what can Robert do? He’s a servant while Du Wei’s the master.

But treating an eighth level sorceress like this… Isn’t anyone worried of the consequences?

Robert’s concern didn’t take long to become reality.

Agreeing to teach Du Wei six magic incantations and four favors, this little sorceress had no other option but to follow him back.

After getting stuck in an unequal agreement, she eventually had to think about which spell she’s going to teach Du Wei, obviously, they cannot be important ones.

It shouldn’t be blamed on Vivian that she was starting to have such thoughts in her mind. Actually… after being deceived by the devlish Du Wei, even an angel will learn to be a little sly.

Going about it like this, Vivian thought and thought, but came up with nothing. In the end, she reluctantly decided to stay by Du Wei’s side to keep up her pondering thoughts.

Fortunately, there are still some days before her master’s return. Just handle this affair within the duration… And mustn’t be found by sister!

If she’s able to resolve this issue, then she can return to master’s place. “The outside world is indeed scary. Is there many scary people like this man?”

Please have mercy goddess, Vivian isn’t deliberately speaking behind others back, please forgive me…. but, this man is really scary.

If I go back again, I’ll definitely not ever come outside again!

Sister, sister…. She’s not going to find me so soon right?

The incident was resolved without any injury to the young master, and the happiest one of all about this outcome would of course be Sir Spann.

Although the process was somewhat humiliating with dozens of soldiers being nearly annihilated in front of a small magic beast… But then again, it’s that sorcerer’s pet! This shouldn’t be a disgrace.

Relaxing his mind, Spann was enthusiastic to invite Du Wei and his company to rest at the Half Horn City’s commanding officer’s manor. The environment and condition of the place was naturally leagues ahead of the inns, so Du Wei would of course not refuse. He also wanted to find a quiet location to go over the magic incantations with Vivian.

And so, the group of people didn’t go into the city but stayed at the barracks outside.

The located place was a permanently enforced military fortress with the commanding officer’s manor also located here. That night, wanting to please the young master of the Rowling Clan, Sir Spann enthusiastically entertained everyone to a great feast. He even decided to dig a few jars of wine that was stored inside the wine cellar by the commander.

After a long tiring afternoon, everyone can now finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a good meal. Here, the soldiers indulged themselves in the food and wines offered to them, and also to release the pent of frustration from today’s work.

Du Wei formally responded to Spann’s enthusiasm, and quickly found an excuse to remove himself. The truth is, he’s very much interested in seeing Vivian.

Spann knew that having dinner with Du Wei was a great regard of him already, so he didn’t retain the young master. Just as he got up to see the kid out…

Suddenly, outside the hall, there was a huge bang!

The night was peaceful without any signs of rough weather, but lightning bolts were clearly striking down! The thundering clap woke everyone inside, even those heavily drunk.

Immediately, in the blink of an eye, the main door outside the hall was hit by a big hurling fireball and was burned to ashes!

While everyone was rolling their eyes in surprise, the sound was coming from every direction!

The voice sounded like it was coming from afar, extremely cold like that of a woman’s!

“Vivian! My dear sister, where do you think you’re running off to! Give me the Terror Illusion Goblin!”



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