Law of the devil chapter 27

Chapter 27 “Don’t work anymore”

By the time Du Wei woke up again he felt like his neck’s been crippled. Subconsciously moving his head, his neck ached badly.

At the jolt of pain, Du Wei began to regain some consciousness and found his body being posted against the icy soil….

Bit by bit his awareness returned to him, allowing him to determine he was still alive.

He did not fiddle, first keeping his body still to confirm his feet and hands were uninjured before struggling to sit upright.

He still felt a little dizzy, only remembering the last bits of memory before he fainted: The dragon couldn’t withstand the injury and finally fell out of the sky, and that silly girl totally didn’t perform like an eighth class magician when facing danger, she even cried for her mommy for goodness sake.

At the last minute, it was all thanks to that dragon’s last effort in flapping its wings to maintain the last ounce of balance. Even so, it was unable to support itself along with two passengers and eventually crashed towards the ground at rapid speed.

Then afterwards, the rest of the pieces from his mind were: crashing, loud screams, and the woods…..

Forcibly rubbing his eyes, Du Wei looked to his sides and sighed.

The humungous dragon lay not far from where he sat. Originally a forested area, the impact from when the dragon crashed damaged much of the trees in the vicinity and thus created a small bed of greenery for the big loaf. As expected of a dragon’s scale, the thickness of those plates completely shielded the big guy from any injuries. However, the rip on its wing seems to have become more serious, likely caused by the long period of forced flight.

Now, this giant dragon was soundly asleep and a faint light emitted off its red skin.

Looking at the dragon from such a close distance, even if it was sleeping, Du Wei could still feel the strong pressure coming off from this monstrous being…..

Perhaps this was the so-called humanistic nature of being inherently afraid of dangerous creatures more powerful than oneself.

Even as it breathes, the sound coming off from its smoking nose was like a storm. This quickly reminded Du Wei of the battle from last night and his body began to tingle with excitement.

Witnessing that kind of high-intensity fight was a feast for the eyes, and it all happened before him in real life! Unlike movie effects, the real deal was way more authentic.

Unfortunately enough, that ice beauty ended up being right.

Vivian, this little warm-hearted girl, afraid their battle would harm the innocent, expended huge sums of magic to teleport away from the city and into the mountains. Though she indeed saved a lot of lives, her magic reservoir were too low to beat her sister.

At first the two were limiting themselves to commanding their respective dragon with spells to fight, but the tip of the balance quickly became apparent when Vivian began losing grounds in the duel.

This silly girl was simply too kind that even when fleeing, she didn’t forget to take him along. She’s truly a conscientious girl.

Moreover, you can say she had indirectly saved many of his subordinate’s last night, being mean to her now didn’t seem right at this point.

Sighing, Du Wei looks to his side where the unconscious sorceress laid.…. Fortunately, she had no apparent injuries and her breathing was smooth.

Moving closer, Du Wei began to pat at her face in an attempt to wake her. Stirring from the disturbance, the small girl pouted in her dream and muttered something vague: “Mommy….. Daddy……, I am poor little Vivian.”

This silly girl, he really had to hand it to her for not stuttering in her sleep.

Du Wei smiled …… She’s still a kid.

To be able to survive a disaster of this magnitude, Du Wei became grateful to this silly girl. Patting her on the cheek again, he whispered: “Hey…wake up, wake up quickly.”

Drowsily opening her eyes, Vivian exclaimed when the first sight to welcome her was the face of Du Wei gazing down from above. Bouncing up, she tightly catches her collar and retreated backwards, her eyes staring intently like he would bully her.

Seeing the reaction from this silly girl, Du Wei couldn’t stop himself from making a laugh. Giving some distance, he smiled weirdly: “Miss Magician, you’re finally awake. Our situation right now isn’t good.”

Vivian shook her head, finally clearing up her muddy mind before shouting loudly: “M-m-my dragon.”

It only took one look for her to notice the sleeping dragon not far from themselves. Jumping up, she raced towards the dragon and threw herself at one of its paw. Big beads of tears began to fall down as she cried: “My Scorching Sun, my precious Scorching Sun given to me by teacher, my poor Scorching Sun.”

Then seeing the wound on the dragon’s body from last night’s battle, Vivian immediately turned over her pouch and rummaged through its content. Sadly, after much effort and searching, she came out empty handed…. Then she recalled everything in her possession had been extorted by Du Wei a while back.

Having no magic materials at all, Vivian felt hopelessly weak. Opening her arms, she began to cast a series of spells that illuminated her hands. Du Wei may not know anything about magic, but based on how faint that light was, something’s definitely not right about this here.

Vivian also froze for a moment. Taking a deep breath, her expression turns stern as she sang her next words in a deep slow voice. Growing stronger, the light begun to work on the dragon’s wound, mending it and healing the scar. This spell seems to be a healing technique… But alas, the small white light grew too weak and eventually dimmed to envelope only a small part of that delicate hand.

Compared to the massive body of the dragon, the pitiful force of that healing spell was far from enough.

Moreover, Vivian’s healing technique just wasn’t enough, removing nothing more than the scab off the wing and barely having any effect.

She stumbled back a step, her face pale white as she shook her head like she couldn’t believe how empty handed she was, “My …… my magic–magic, don’t work.”

Du Wei was shocked, ”What did you say?!”

“Ma-magic, not working anymore.” Vivian whimpered with tears in her eyes.

Not working? Du Wei was taken aback by the news. Here he was, counting on this girl to heal the dragon so they can get the heck out of here.

There’s nothing but the eerie silence of the forest here, who knows where they had landed. And when fleeing for their lives last night, the two didn’t pay heed to the direction they were going, they’re definitely lost.

“You sure you didn’t just overspend your magic and simply ran out of spiritual energy?” Du Wei cautiously asked: ”You should rest first and regain some magic.”

“No-no, I could feel the magic inside, but I’m unable to tap into the energy.”

This time, Du Wei was stunned.

Thinking for a moment, Du Wei frowned: “Since your healing magic isn’t working, what about the other spells?”

Subsequently, Vivian immediately tried several more times but the results were all disappointing!

For some unknown reasons, Vivian’s magic suddenly deteriorated by several levels.

She tested a variety of spells, such as fire magic, but something as weak as some fireballs were enough to exhaust her. As for spells more advanced like the green flame teleportation technique, that’s simply out of the question….. And the effects of each spell were at least decreased by half.

Vivian was really stupefied now! Magic was her only gift. Without her extraordinary magic talent, she had nothing else to rely on.

And now she lost over 99%! How can she possibly not be terrified?

She stared for a long time, unable to say a single word.

Du Wei was also a little surprised and couldn’t figure out why this was happening, ultimately attributing this change to the battle from last night with the ice beauty. The silly girl’s likely hurt somewhere.

Losing her magic so suddenly, Vivian’s courage the size of a bunny devolved even further until it was no bigger than a mouse. Unable to properly speak and hesitantly afraid, she looks at Du Wei with hopelessness in her tear eyes.

Unsure how to console the girl, Du Wei made a few comforting words: “You must be hurt…. Or your sister placed some kind of spell on you…..Don’t worry, your magic power is so strong, you’ll recover soon enough. And you have a powerful teacher; your teacher must have ways to help you recover your magic power.

At the mention of her teacher, little Vivian finally calmed down a bit; it seems that deep in her heart, she worshiped this teacher of hers and had great confidence in this master. Immediately standing up, ” I…I want to go back and se-see teacher!”

“Okay!” Du Wei said: “I also want to go back, but we have to be careful of your sister. She chased us all the way here up until we lost her during the sunrise. Now that you’ve lost your magic, we won’t be able to resist her if we encounter her again.” Then he points at the dragon: “Can your dragon fly?”

Vivian shook his head, then laboriously explained: “After a dragon gets injured, even without the help from an outside source, it can still slowly recover by its own magic nature. But this speed is relatively slow, and before it recovers completely, a dragon cannot fly.

Since the dragon suffered such a heavy injury, it will take more than half a year or more for it to recover by its’ own accord.

The idea of riding a dragon to leave became invalid. Du Wei could only sigh and walk around, surveying the surroundings in hopes of finding out where they are.

Ideally, he would like to make it out of the woods and find a local or two to identify the location of the nearest town.

Only problem though was this dragon. Grounded and unable to move for at least half a year, this silly Vivian refuses to leave her precious pet “Scorching Sun” alone. The situation left Du Wei helpless for he felt like he owed this silly girl. Keeping his patience in, the best solution now he can do was making the trek himself.

Breaking a branch off a tree to help clear the way, Du Wei chose a direction and moved forward. But he didn’t dare go too far, only to explore the way first.

However, it was clear today that Du Wei’s fortune will be very unlucky!

His plan was to get out the woods and find a local or two to ask for directions, preferable a village if possible.

The walking out of the woods went fine.

In no less than half an hour of walking, his eyes lay bare upon the open….


When he got out of the last row of trees and saw the beach in front of him, Du Wei became stunned for a moment.

Did we fly to the seaside?

He didn’t think much of it, and immediately turned around, the more he walked the more ominous he felt.

Anxiety flooded out from his heart. Quickly running back to the spot where Vivian and the dragon rested, he ignored his panting self and shouted loudly at the sorceress: “Quick, can you still flight magic? Fly up quickly and check the surrounding terrain, quick!”

Vivian froze for a moment, but looking at Du Wei’s anxious expression, she did as he demanded.

Since her magic weren’t working properly anymore, the maximum time frame for her levitating body persisted no more than ten seconds.

But …… ten seconds was enough!

Vivian flew up, flew to a point where it was high enough …… Then, she came crashing down from the sky with a face full of panic.

Fortunately Du Wei caught the silly girl and they fell to the ground together – she’s directly within Du Wei’s hold.

But this time Vivian did not hurry to push him away for she discovered something even more frightening!

“W-w-w-we are…… on an, an island……!!”

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