Law of the devil chapter 29

Chapter 29 “Night of Romance on a deserted island”

As the Sun was about to set, Du Wei’s search finally bore fruit for he found a small puddle in the depths of the island on the western part, probably a cavity left behind after the rainy season. The island had no beasts and the puddle’s location remained in a relatively dim spot with little to no sunlight. Cautiously looking around the environment for traces of animal tracks, he deemed it safe to drink after finding nothing unusual.

Tasting the water and confirming the liquid was unsalted, Du Wei fell at ease. This pair of water deprived young teenagers threw themselves at the water and completely disregarded their image. Feeling the cold sensation pouring down his throat, Du Wei could not resist ushering out a pleasant sigh, his body shivering from the immense comfort that hit him.

After sating his thirst, Du Wei immediately took off his sheepskin boots and began cleaning it with the puddle’s water.

“Yo-You what are you are doing?” Vivian looked at Du Wei

“Washing my shoes of course,” Du Wei said, his cleaning action not stopping in the least, “Then use it to hold water.”

“Ho..hold water? Using a Sho…shoe?” Vivian showed a strange expression.

“Of course,” Du Wei pinched his lips to one side, “Other than a shoe, can you find any other storage container? Do you have a bottle or jar? No, you don’t. Then you can only use my shoes to hold water. What’s more, my shoes are made up of sheepskin, so it has excellent waterproof quality, silly girl.” said Du Wei as he looked at Vivian: “Do not frown, this is the only way since we don’t know how long we have to stay in this terrible place. We cannot stay in here and just watch this puddle can we? We must go outside to the sea coast! If you think my shoe stinks, you can take off yours instead.”

Vivian was still stunned when Du Wei rushed her: “Hurry up, unless you want to drink the water from mine.”

Maybe the last sentence stimulated poor Vivian, she hurriedly took off her shoes in desperation.

Vivian’s shoes were also made of leather, and hers seem to be made of a better quality than Du Wei’s. After removing her footwear, the female magician gave off a helpless expression. She had worn white socks the entire time, but they were already stained with blood. It seems after the long trek, the girl’s feet had been ridden with blisters and many had clearly been torn by the rugged terrain.

Soon enough, Vivian lay on the edge of the puddle like Du Wei did, quickly washing her boots. She repeatedly did this, which eventually caused Du Wei to lose his patience: “Twice is enough, why do you wash so many times.”

“Sh…….. shoes, dirty……”

Du Wei smiled as he looked at this innocent little girl: “Hey, you know, this little puddle has limited water. If you wash your shoes again and again, then although your shoe is clean, the water will become dirty. What’s more, you have to drink that water in the end.

“……” Vivian stared, then she tightened her lips to show infinite grievance on her face. After filling her boots with enough fresh water, she stood up and asked: “But, but, do we really need to drink this water?”

“Wait till tomorrow when your throat becomes dry, even if the water is ten times dirtier, you would not hesitate to drink it.” Du Wei softly said: “Alright then, let’s go back now.”

Like before, Du Wei walked in front of the pair while holding his long stick to clear the way. After a while, he found Vivian lagging behind, thus causing him to stop in his step. Frowning, he turns around to look at her: “You better hurry, the day’s getting late. After the sun completely goes down, it will become totally dark and make the trek back even more difficult. Discerning the direction inside the woods at night is very difficult.”

Vivian heavily nodded and picked up her speed. But out of carelessness and due to the uneven ground, it only took a few steps before she slipped, causing her to shed tears of pain in the process: “My…… my feet, hurts so much.”

Du Wei knits his brow and came up beside her. Looking down at the injured girl, he can see not only were her sole and ankles injured from the bush thorns, several of her small dainty toes also covered in mud and bits of blood.

Sighing, Du Wei became a little frustrated. Having such a fragile girl like her walk barefooted in this jungle was indeed too much.

Turning his face into a cold one, he hanged the shoes around his neck and slightly bent down.

“Come up!”

“…… Hmm?”

“I said up!” Du Wei’s back turned towards Vivian, his voice still very cold: “Hurry up, do not waste time, I will carry you back.”


“No but, listen girl, we have to seize the time. Before it gets dark, we must rush back to the dragon’s side for we are not familiar with this island; otherwise, who knows what we will encounter. Right now you and I have no ability to protect ourselves. We have to seize the time! Fast! Now cut the crap with me and come on! ”

Du Wei’s harsh voice made poor little Vivian unable to refute. She immediately hanged her shoes around her neck like Du Wei did, and then obediently climbed onto his back.

After walking for a few steps with the sorceress, Du Wei was already starting to tire. It can’t be helped, his mind may be that of an adult, but this body of his was still that of a small child….. And, he’s also someone that grew up to be frail and deficient.

“Thank …… thank you.”

After a short trek, Vivian suddenly stammered her thanks in a whispering voice that could barely be heard by Du Wei’s ear.

Not saying a word, he only made a grunting sound as a reply.

Just like that, on this uninhabited island where the sun has already fallen, poor little Vivian rode on the back of this unfamiliar boy and made their way through the woods. Every time she looked up at the big dark sky, she would see the dense leaves of the trees, and whenever she looked down, she would see this heavily panting boy struggling to move forward all because of her.

Before she knew it, Vivian suddenly found this little nobility who had always bullied her to be not so terrible…..

Once they were back at the place where they had “crashed”, the big dragon was still soundly asleep. According to Vivian’s stuttering explanation on the road, sleep can increase a dragon’s body recovery speed. During this period, they need not food nor water.

That peace of information greatly relieved Du Wei…… Otherwise, how would they feed this humongous thing when that miniscule amount of fresh water they found could barely feed themselves?

Struggling back to the temporary camp, Du Wei dropped the female magician down first and then dropped to the ground in toe.

“I can’t go on……” Du Wei gasps for air, his rhythm like that of a dying man and his body numb from over exhausting himself:

“If it was the past me, forget about a little girl, even if I had to carry two, I can still easily run for a thousand meters without losing a breath. But now, this useless body of mine…..” He complains to himself in his mind.

Though Vivian was cruelly dropped to the ground, this silly girl didn’t complain about the pain; instead, she got up immediately and crawled over to Du Wei’s side. Seeing how heavy Du Wei was panting, she suddenly ran over to a tree and plucked a branch with large patches of leaves. Returning to his side, she squats down and began fanning with hopes of cooling him down.

Du Wei gasped for a moment, looking up at Vivian: “What are you doing?”

“I…… I saw that you were very tired, so I thought I could help you cool off.” Vivian opened her eyes and spoke seriously.

Du Wei could not help but laugh. This girl, this silly little girl, she may be a bit dumb, but to some degree she’s really cute: “Thank you …… But, did you know that it’s still early into the spring season , the weather is still pretty cold?”

Du Wei gently received the large patch of leaves from the female magician’s hand. With a bit of a smile, he looks up at the blushed face Vivian and said: “Well then, what we need now is to raise a fire; otherwise, we won’t be able to endure the night’s cold. We have nothing on us, if we get sick because of the cold, we be in big trouble.”

In reality, the cold wasn’t difficult to solve, they merely had to sleep next to the dragon at night.

After all, that dragon was a flame variant…… But, sleeping next to such a monstrous creature poses its own danger. If the big guy decides to roll around during its sleep, then the two of them will be crushed in the middle of the night without any warning.

Moreover, it would be a dreaded shame for poor Vivian to be the first sorceress in history to be crushed to death by their own pet.

After gathering enough leaves and branches in the vicinity, Du Wei had Vivian cast a small fire spell…….a little fireball, Vivian’s magic can only handle this much right now after losing most of her power.

With the branch lit, he had Vivian hold the makeshift torch and he himself carrying the pile of branches. Together, they came to the edge of the beach and started a bonfire. Du Wei intentionally stacked the thing high so the flames would burn more fiercely.

By doing so, the light coming off from the bonfire could be seen from faraway even in the darkness.

Du Wei sighed, this was their only hope. If there’s any ship passing by, Du Wei’s counting on some sailor to notice their signal and send someone over to look.

After setting up everything, Du Wei was exhausted and purposely sprawled on all four to lay there in the sand.

It was then …… Grr!

Du Wei lapsed out for a moment, and then he heard again …… Grr!

He sat up, looking at Vivian with an indecipherable smile.

“I-I’m sorry, m-my belly.” The nearby fire made her face look cherry red while Vivian embarrassingly clutches her stomach: “I-I-I’m hungry.”

“I am too,” Du Wei sighed: “Unfortunately, we are currently on a deserted island where there’s not a single small animal; otherwise, we could have a good open air barbeque by snatching a critter or two.”

“Then …… What about wild berries?” Maybe it’s because of hunger, but this female magician seems to have gotten brighter all of a sudden.

“Look around, there’s not a single fruit tree in the vicinity, let alone berry bushes. There are plenty of tree leaves and weeds around though…” Du Wei sighed, “Otherwise, do I even need you to remind me?”

”Then, how about fish?” Vivian looked at Du Wei with a pitiful face: “There’s a sea here, is there no fish?”

Du Wei shrugged his shoulders and looked at Vivian: “Can you swim?”

Vivian shook her head.

“Neither can I.” Du Wei smiled: “We are the same, landlubbers. As to going in the water and catching some fish, I do not have that ability. Also, during the day I’ve been looking at the shore’s edge… I only found some empty shells and conches lying around, can your stomach digest the hard shell? ”

“But I am so… hungry.” Vivian curled her small mouth and pitifully blinked at Du Wei.

“There’s no choice then, sleep first and we’ll think of some plan tomorrow morning to catch some fish in the shallows. It’s already so late and we can’t swim. If we drown then everything’s over.”

Vivian sighed; she could only obediently sit down…… Inadvertently, she sat beside Du Wei.

“Let’s have a chit chat to forget our hunger.” Du Wei smiled: “Thinking about it we still don’t know much about each other, maybe then we can even be friends.”

“Wh-what do you mean by ‘know each other’?”

“For example ……” Looking up at the stars in the sky, Du Wei held his knees and thought: ”For example, you are so young, even younger than me, I want to know how did you become such a great magician!”

“I…I don’t know” Vivian gently sighed, also holding her knees like Du Wei did: “I grew up with my teacher and I never left home, this is my second time out.

Du Wei turns his head to glance at this silly girl, suddenly smiling: “The truth is your voice sounds good, it’s soft and sweet, if you did not stutter then it would be better.”

”I’m really sorry; I don’t mean to stutter.” Vivian blushed: “Since I was little I have never been good at talking.”

“The truth is the more you stutter, the more you should talk. If you practice again and again, then you’ll know how to do it right.” Du Wei laughed: “Well then, tell me something about yourself, how did you become an eighth level magician! You must b e the first person in the empire to achieve such a great feat at such a young age!”

“What?” Vivian bewilderingly looked at Du Wei.

Du Wei sighed and sadly smiled: “Hey, I praised you, at least give me some feedback?”

“Ah …… I’m sorry, I, I ……” Vivian loses herself in a panic again.

“Silly girl,” Du Wei shook his head: “Aside from magic, you cannot do anything else?” Subsequently, Du Wei patiently talked it over with Vivian while she struggled to tell her story.

She, Vivian Yang, as long as she can remember, has been studying under her teacher’s guidance.

But, as to her teacher’s identity, Vivian refuses to disclose anything no matter how Du Wei asked. Whether it be smooth words or sweet talks, all her answers were dry and vague.

Tentatively, Du Wei can only take Vivian’s teacher as some otherworldly master that doesn’t trifle in mortal matters.

Since Vivian was young, she, and her teacher has been living in a remote secret location. According to her words, it’s in a thickly forested mountain where normal people are unable to reach. Over the past decade, Vivian only went into the outside world twice. Besides both journeys, most of her time was spent studying magic.

All her daily work included learning various types of magic casting, their theories, reciting various weird arcane incantations, and as well as helping her teacher do…… Laundry.

“Laundry?” Du Wei smiled: “You know how to do laundry?”

He pulled over Vivian’s small hand and looked it over: “What a soft little hand, I cannot imagine you doing laundry with these hands.”

“I….I can,” Vivian flushed, unsure whether if it was from Du Wei’s words or the fact that he’s holding her hands: “I…I can use my magic to wash the clothes, as long as I can cast a spell, those clothes will wash themselves.

“Oh… Wouldn’t that be the same as a washing machine……” Du Wei came down with this thought.

Regarding Vivian’s outing into the outside word, the first time was when her teacher brought her to the imperial capital where the Magic Union’s headquarters’ was located. There, she participated in an undisclosed magic assessment test done in secret.

Prior to that assessment, her teacher had said, “I will have those fools in the Magic Union pop their eyes out and learn how great of a genius I have cultivated!”

And the results were….. The several high ranking mages responsible for that assessment nearly dropped their eyeballs out like her teacher predicted.

Because, from the standpoint of a magician, Vivian wasn’t just a genius! In fact, she’s a genius among geniuses!

A fourteen-year-old eighth class magician! Even going through the entire history of the Magic Union or the magician profession in general, you cannot find a second one like Vivian.

“Th-that was a year ago.” Vivian was a little embarrassed and said: “Those mages originally wanted to have me stay in the capital, but my teacher refused and said if I stayed, then who’s going to do his laundry back at home?”

“Humph, what your teacher really wanted was to keep you from being wooed away by the magic union.” Of course Du Wei wasn’t as innocent as Vivian: “An eighth class magician can become an important figure in any place they resided! Even in the magic union, there are only a few mages of the eighth rank. And on top of that…… you are so young. ”

“Hmm,” Vivian blinked her eyes, not quite sure the meaning behind Du Wei’s word. However, she quickly became happy: “After I-I passed that assessment, my teacher became very happy so he gave me Scorching Sun as my prize.”

“Scorching Sun, you mean the dragon?”

“Mhmm” When Vivian talked about her pet, her mood immediately went into high spirit: “That’s right!”

Du Wei sighed…… Who the hell was her teacher to be able to give a dragon as a pet so casually?

That’s no cat or a dog… But a dragon!

And then Vivian stayed at where her teacher lived for another whole year. Every day, she continues to learn magic and do the laundry.

After that, the second visit to the outside world was this time – to recapture the Terror Illusion Goblin…… That’s her teacher’s pet.

“Hold on!” Du Wei suddenly jumped up, his expression a little excited as he looked at Vivian: “You still have that Illusion Goblin right??”

Vivian nodded, her gaze moving to her waist where the small creature remains locked inside a small cage.

“Oh belly, my lovely belly, you are saved now!” Hungering green lights were beaming from Du Wei’s menacing eye as he gulped: “Hey, silly girl, we don’t have to endure hunger anymore. Look at this little thing, nice and plump! Although there are no condiments to go with it, but after we skin it and roasted the critter on the grill, I’m sure the taste will be excellent.”

“……” Vivian blinked and blinked, taking a long moment to process those words. Shrieking in shock: “AHH!!! No, no, no! You can’t eat my Cheche, he’s my teacher’s pet, you can’t…..”

“I cannot take everything into consideration…” Du Wei loudly balked: “We haven’t eaten anything for a whole day, and if this situation continues, we’ll lose our strength by tomorrow. I’m not even sure whether or not we can catch any fish!”

“No, no, can’t eat my Cheche.” Vivian was struggling to hide the small cage between her arms: “Don’t eat my Cheche please!” Desperately trying to protect her teacher’s pet from Du Wei the demon.

“Humph, then how about we eat your dragon!!” Du Wei roared: “Your dragon is so huge, cutting a piece of meat won’t endanger its life, right?

“E-e-eat a dragon?” Vivian almost passed out.

And here she was thinking this little noble boy wasn’t so bad. Then in a blink of an eye, he became the devil again!

Eat dragon? Oh almighty Goddess, please forgive poor little Vivian! All my life, I have never heard of a person turn their sight on a dragon …… Not mention treating one as food!

“No, no, please don’t eat my Scorching Sun! No, no, please don’t eat Cheche…. Waahhh …… father, mother……” Seeing Du Wei’s vicious appearance, Vivian started to cry again.

Watching the little girl cry, Du Wei became helplessly frustrated as he shook his head: “This is not OK, that’s not OK …… Humph, all right, I’ll follow your call tonight and if by tomorrow we don’t catch any fish, then we will starve to death! If both of us are going to die, then there’s no use worrying about other stuff, we’re eating your teacher’s pet!”

At this moment it was not only Vivian crying, the little squirrel like goblin in that cage was also scared stiff. As an advanced level magic beast, this little critter can understand human speech so he knew exactly what Du Wei intended do with him. Curling into a shivering little ball, the little guy followed Vivian’s lead and began to cry too.

Easing a little at Du Wei’s word, Vivian nevertheless pleaded in her mind…..

Oh almighty Goddess! Please bless poor little Vivian so that this devil can catch some fish. Vivian’s not greedy, Vivian simply wants to keep Scorching Sun and Cheche from being eaten. And if possible, Vivian wouldn’t mind eating a small little fish….. Just one will do….. Oh almighty Goddess, please bless poor Vivian …… oooh, ooohhh…… I am also very hungry. Vivian really wants to eat fish……”

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