Law of the devil chapter 31

Chapter 31 “Du Wei’s Harvest”

Du Wei and Vivian ran towards the wooded area where the dragon slept, only to find the red dragon awake and frightened. Bursts of grumbling roars came from its mouth, obviously that of someone in utter terror.

Vivian immediately ran up to her Scorching Sun. Holding the dragon’s claw, she uttered a slow mystic chant. Though weak, the small trace of light which rose from her hands began to have a calming effect.

Changing from a grumbling roar to a low moaning hum, the red dragon lowers its massive head again and went back to sleep.

After the spell, Vivian took on a tiresome appearance. However, when he moved up to check on her status, he found her firmly standing there with her arms gripped into a ball. “What happened?” He asks in a gentle whispering voice.

“I don’t…I don’t know, Burning Sun seemed frightened, just-just now……”

“Yeah, have you calmed it now?” Du Wei asked. Seeing Vivian nod, he continues in a low voice: “That earthquake and the strange howl, you should’ve heard it too. To the north of the island…… I suspect there may be something on the island here with us! Something we have not yet discover…… Maybe some dangerous beast.”

Vivian’s expression turned unsightly. She may be innocent and young, but she’s no idiot, in fact, she’s quite smart intellectually.


“What kind of beast can make a terrifying roar like that, for that matter, what beast can intimidate a dragon?!”

“I’m going to have a look.” Du Wei suddenly said.

“Uh? Won’t it be dangerous?”

“Danger……” Du Wei shook his head: “I don’t know, but I’m sure this island is not as simple as it may seem….. You see, there are no animals here, not even a bird! What does this point to? I speculate there’s likely a terrible animal on this island which has claimed these parts as its territory, thereby forcing the other animals away. Anyways, I have to figure out what animal resides here. Otherwise, we will be off guard when we encounter the creature later on.”

Vivian heavily nods her head: “I-I-I will go as well!”

Du Wei looked very serious: “No, listen silly girl, you stay here and take care of your pet. If the terrifying howl comes again, your here will be alarmed like before. At that time, what will you do? You do better to stay here and placate this big loaf whenever it wakes up…. Also, with your clumsy self, you want to make more trouble for me? Don’t forget you have no shoe to wear, how are you going to trek across the island to the northern end?”

“……” Vivian was speechless. Musing over the problem, she made a pitiful face and finally gave in by lowering her head: “Okayyy.”

Setting off with his makeshift stick, Du Wei decided it be better to avoid the woods and stay along the sandy shoreline. This might take a little more time, but it’s likely safer like this.

It’s a foggy day, and now Du Wei has decided there’s a likely chance of some beast lurking about on the island – hmm, let’s pretend it’s a beast for now. Under these assumptions, he can only deem it too dangerous to tread into the woods.

All the way north, when Du Wei was just approaching the northern tip of the island, he suddenly found that beside the woods, there were some low tresses with some interesting fruits on them.

These fruits were big and round. Du Wei felt so happy that he made a dash for the tree. However, after picking one of the fruit, his excitement quickly plummeted into disappointment.

These seemingly round green fruits were actually hollow inside. Recalling a memory from his past life, these fruits were like the dried up gourds from the other world.

But rethinking it over again, Du Wei decided to take them all anyways by tying these “gourds” to his body with a vine.

This way, if Du Wei encountered some terrible beasts along the way, he could run to the sea during the emergency. These hollow fruits will make a decent float ring after he straps them to his stick, assuming their buoyancy was adequate.

Finally reaching the northern reaches of the island, Du Wei was shocked by the scene that welcomed him.

The area remains a forested terrain, but the shocking part was the icy frost, it’s everywhere!

Along the edges of the beach, patches of the snow littered the ground and trees, as if the place had gone through a small snowstorm. Even more frightening, the climate here remains normal with no traces of a snowstorm to be found!

And obvious to the eye, only this certain area was affected, the rest remains humidly hot.

Coming down with a thought, an idea hit him.

Looking up in the sky, he searches for anything familiar. Sadly, the blasted fog in the weather was too terrible, blinding his visibility range. Knowing it be futile to continue, Du Wei decides to first scour the nearby forest, then that’s when he noticed the snow on the ground. Arduously digging through the snow until he hit the earth, he suddenly found what he’s looking for.

Disguised under that icy frost, the dirt remains humid and warm. In other words, the frost here was created by someone in a short time frame…. For example, magic?

Du Wei immediately ran towards the seaside. Standing there with the waves gently flapping against his little knee, he looked hard at the sea…

Vaguely in the front of him, Du Wei seems to be able to make out something drifting along the surface of the water. It’s difficult to make out the details due to the large volume of fog, but he’s able to make out the rough outline.

“Can it be a boat?”

Du Wei’s heart suddenly gave birth to a little hope. He shouts loudly and attempts to wave at the thing.

Unfortunately, after a moment of continuous shouting, there was no reply with the object drifting further and further away.

Not a boat…… Du Wei confirmed this much because after long period of observation, he’s barely able to make out the contour of the flotation device – a conical shape.

Regardless, Du Wei decides to take a look anyways after crossing his heart.

Now, on this island where food and water are scarce, he’s not going to let any opportunity bypass him if there’s hope to be had. Who knows, he might find something useful.

Du Wei immediately tightens the gourds around his body and jumped into the water.

Flailing about as he swam forward, he expended great efforts. Unfortunately, in this and his past life, he’s always been a landlubber, unable to swim. Judging from his swimming posture, it looked more like that of a dog paddling in water.

Fortunately the wind and waves weren’t big or strong; otherwise, swimming in the sea would be very difficult. If you were to swim a few meters out and a big wave comes knocking, you are definitely going to be sent backwards by several meters.

Du Wei did his best. Luckily those big gourds had a lot of buoyancy to them, making his swim easier than it should have been. After a good while, he’s finally within the vicinity of the big thing…..

Looking at the scene before him, he lost himself from the intense shock. Then in his absentmindedness, a wave hit him while his mouth were wide open, causing him to ingest a good amount of sea water.

“Da…… Damn it! It can’t be??”

In front of Du Wei was an impressive looking iceberg! Not a boat, nor something useful, but a small little iceberg floating out at sea!

More importantly, there’s a person lying atop of that iceberg.

Wearing light armor with white hollow carvings, this woman had a white long cape and fluttering white hair.

Vivian anxiously waited until the evening. With the sky turning dark, she rubs her stomach for a hungering rumble constantly haunted her. In her arms were the roots dug up by Du Wei previously, but she had no plans to consume them; instead, she rubbed her stomach again and sighed.

Tightening her grip on the roots, “He…. He must not have eaten yet either.”

“Cheche!” The Illusionary Goblin in the cage around her waist uttered a loud shrill call. The name of this little thing was very similar to its call: Cheche.

Lightly patting the cage, Vivian consoles the poor creature: “Cheche…… Don’t scream please, I know you are hungry, I’m hungry too. But we can’t eat these; we have to wait for him to come back.”

Finally, when Vivian was about to lose hope, Du Wei returned. Exerting great strength with every step, Vivian can see how strenuous Du Wei was based upon the bent arch of his back…. He’s carrying someone!

Popping her eyes in disbelief, Vivian rubbed her eyes again for fear of the scene being an illusion. Confirming this not simply her imagination, she lets out a breather and quickly ran forward.

Before Vivian could make it to his side, Du Wei couldn’t take it anymore and fell down before her arrival. Exhausted, he tossed the woman on her back down to the ground next to him.

“Water, give me water fast….. Oh heavens, I’m going to die of exhaustion!” Du Wei gasps for air while smiling wryly: “This person is way heavier than you…. Oh heavens, I won’t make it, I’m dying.”

Vivian hurries to bring one of the shoes holding their water supply, but when she brought it up to him, Du Wei shook his head and pointed to one of the gourds on his back. Quickly picking one of the fruit containers up, she found the thing heavier than she expected. Giving it a little shake, she can clearly hear a swooshing sound like that of water.

“I…… I found these on a tree…… So, I plucked them off, they can hold water. On my way back, I made a round trip to that puddle and stored some more water inside… You-you can wear your shoes again.”

Vivian felt grateful, indeed, she’s had quite enough of suffering regarding her injured knee and feet.

“And, quickly take a look at this person. Ha-ha, whether to save her or not, I leave it up to you to decide.” At that, he grabs one of the gourds from Vivian’s hand and drowned his mouth in water. Once satiating his thirst, he lied down again and continued to gasp for air.

Only then did Vivian go over to check on the unknown person.

It can’t be said that Vivian had bad eyesight, it’s just that her attention was distracted by Du Wei when he returned, causing her to forget everything in the surroundings. As such, despite the person being so eye-catching – white armor, white cloak, and white hair – Vivian paid no heed at all.

However, at this moment when Vivian finally took notice of the woman, she stared wide eyes, her hands covering her mouth!

Then this innocent sorceress carefully walked over. After a little struggle to turn the woman over, she confirms the person’s identity.

“Sister …… sister ?? !!”


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