Law of the devil chapter 32

Chapter 32 “There’s a monster!!”

Indeed, the person Du Wei took back with him was the very same ice beauty from before. In order to rob the Illusionary Goblin, this brutish girl battled it out with Vivian back at Half Horn City.

It’s just that at this moment the woman had her eyes closed like that of someone in a coma. And based on her wrinkled forehead, the traces of panic and horror before she lost consciousness had no signs of fading away.

Du Wei had witnessed how tough this woman can be that night. To be able to make a woman like her fall into panic and lose consciousness, Du Wei had to wonder what creature could have done such a task….

Then associating that strange roar, and the earthquake……

While he’s trying to piece together the fragments, Vivian was carefully holding a gourd full of water beside her sister’s head, stammering: “Ho-how did yo-you find her, and wh-what happened to her??”

Du Wei shrugged his shoulder and briefly explained the ordeal. Vivian also felt confused. She even checked her sister’s body and found nothing out of the ordinary like injuries and such, only issue was the shortness of breath and a weak body.

Vivian tried to give her sister some water, but ice beauty here kept her teethes tightly clenched, refusing to drink a drop. Losing his patience, Du Wei came over and knelt down next to the girl. Using the nearby stick, he brutishly plucked open that mouth of hers and poured a mouthful of water in there.

“AH! No-no you’ll choke her.” Vivian hurriedly pulled at Du Wei’s arm. After gazing at his eye, Vivian whispered her words: “Are you unhappy?”

“Am I supposed to be happy?” Du Wei shook his head, “You better think twice! When she wakes up, what will you do? Your magic doesn’t work now, and when she wakes up, we will be at her mercy.”

He sighed. The reality was Du Wei felt contradictorily perplexed over this situation. When he saw this unconscious woman out at the sea, he already thought of this problem.

Save her? But she’s their opponent. What if the woman wakes up and freaks out? Don’t forget that night she said she would snatch him away to be refined into an ice wraith. Even though Du Wei didn’t know what that meant, he’s certain it can’t be anything good!

Not save her? Leaving this beauty to die on that iceberg? Du Wei can’t bring himself to be that ruthless.

While he’s brooding over the problem, the ice beauty has been choked awake by the water.

Fiercely coughing for a few times, she then quickly turns around and struggled to sit upright. After being unconscious for so long, her body’s frailly weak, nevertheless, she managed to pull herself up.

“Si-Sister……” Vivian whispered a word; apparently this silly girl’s very afraid of her sister based on her frantic appearance. Hurrying to get up, Vivian runs over to Du Wei’s side.

“Ooohh…… My head hurts ……” The woman on the ground held her head like she’s in excruciating pain: “What’s going on…. I….. You two…..”

After the momentary stupor, she gradually regained herself and stared at Vivian and Du Wei: “You two, how come you are here? I… How did I get here? Did you save my life?”

Du Wei and Vivian didn’t even get to speak yet and this woman had already jumped up. As if recalling something, she makes a high pitched scream like something horrible has happened: “My dragon! Oh my Orcutt! My ice dragon!! My poor Orcutt!!”

Her face revealed a sad expression. Suddenly losing her strength, she fell to the ground on both knees and began crying with her hands covering her tearful face…..

“My dragon…… My Orcutt! My Orcutt……”

Vivian blinked her eyes in astonishment over her sister’s distraught face. Unable to bare it, she whispered: “Sister, what happened to your-your dragon?”

“…… What happened…… He’s dead! Dead!!” Her mournful cries were miserably sad. Pounding the ground with her fists, she had a face full of grief with no place to vent her agony: “He’s dead! He was eaten by that monster! To save me, he was eaten by that monster!!”

When Du Wei heard this, his eyes flared up!

Eat a dragon?

What kind of monster can eat a dragon?

Aren’t dragons the most powerful of creatures?

No matter how Vivian tried to comfort her, Vivian’s sister couldn’t stop crying, she cried for such a long time that she even lost her voice. Her eyes were all red, and finally she couldn’t even breathe, only then did she gradually stop crying.

Du Wei tugged at Vivian and made a gesture for him to take over. Using a serious face, he asked: “Excuse me, what happened to you? What did you mean by monster? Is there a monster here?”

“Monster……” A trace of fear flashed in the ice beauty’s eye: “Monster! Yes, there’s a monster!”

She looked at the two and angrily said: “It’s all because I chased you guys. I rode my Orcutt to search the sea, and I eventually came across this island in the vicinity… I figured you might be hiding here so I had Orcutt approach this place…. But then Orcutt suddenly became very strange. He kept grumbling, refusing to get close as if he’s frightened. No matter how I directed him to land, he refused. Finally, I used magic to suppress him and settled his mood.”

Upon here, the ice beauty began shedding tears again: “I…… I killed my Orcutt, my ice dragon……!”

Du Wei interrupted her with an indifferent look: “Stop crying, tell us what happened!!”

The girl viciously stared at him in return. Suddenly jumping up, she started to shout at Du Wei and Vivian while accusingly pointing at the two!! “It’s all because of you guys! Vivian, if you had given me the illusionary goblin back then, I wouldn’t have come here.”

Du Wei plucked his brow at the anger he held towards her hoodlum like logic.

But it’s not the time to argue with this woman.

Revealing a trace of hatred in her eyes, this woman reached for her waist.

“Are you looking for this?” From behind his back, Du Wei took out a green flute, which was the snow beauty’s weapon. While the girl was still unconscious, he had made sure to remove any dangerous material from her body.

“Humph! You think by taking my wand away I won’t be your opponent anymore?” Snow beauty lapsed out for a second before suddenly roaring: “Come on! Vivian, even without a dragon I can still beat you. You’ve never won against me since we were kids.”

At that, the snow beauty took a deep breath and flew up. At the same time, her mouth started to make quick work of a spell incantation…

Damn it! Du Wei really wanted to hit himself! He already thought about this situation! This hateful woman, it’s he who saved her life out of kindness and the first thing she does was to start a fight once she’s awake.

Just when Du Wei became frustratingly angry, something strange happened……

The ice beauty that was already floating up to the height of a tree branch suddenly revealed shock on her face. With a little shake, her body tottered slightly and abruptly fell down!

Fortunately, Vivian ran towards her in an attempt to receive the brutish girl. Rolling into the bushes from the impacting force, the ice beauty screamed, her face terribly pale: “You! What have you done to me? My magic, my magic!”

She forcibly pushed Vivian away and started to loudly chant her spells again. But this time, her fingertips only shot a palm sized ice ball onto Du Wei’s body. Even though it didn’t hurt him, an idea hit him instead. Ignoring the stinging pain, he shouted: “You lost your power?”

“My magic!” Ice beauty was stunned as she stared at her own hands!

Just now, she indeed used a mid-level magic called the “Frozen Ice Fumes”. But what came out of her fingers were nothing more than some ice shards, barely passable as a snowball.

Du Wei’s face turned extremely weird, and then he couldn’t help but laugh: “You can’t use your magic haha, even she can’t use her magic!!!”

“How hateful!!” Snow beauty roars: “What have you done to me? What kind of magic did you apply on me!!!”

Du Wei coldly watched the furious woman, sneering: “Oh come on, from my standpoint, we are neither friend nor foe. Do you expect us to obediently wait for you to wake up and threaten us?”

“So it was you!” The ice beauty turned pale, fear creeping into her eyes.

“No, no, no…… sister.” The silly girl interjected as she gently hugged the snow beauty: “I also can’t use my magic….. Sister ……” She whispers in a consoling tone.

“Humph, I know you are kind, but why are you telling this hateful woman such info.” Du Wei curled his lips; however, he quickly smiled after pondering the idea: “It seems we can now find the source your magic’s failure…… Vivian, you lost your magic, and this hateful woman also lost her magic….. It seems the effects are not unique to you, but because of this place. Maybe this island has some power to suppress magic.

When he figured the horrible woman also lost her magic, Du Wei suddenly felt relieved.

A tiger may be terrible, but when facing a tiger without claws, Du Wei wouldn’t be so scruples.

He even went over and deliberately approached the snow beauty, chuckling: “What now, dear sorceress. What are you going to do to us now? Cast your magic and turn me into an ice wraith? Hmmhh….”

Watching Du Wei leaning over, snow beauty became stunned with fright. And when Du Wei’s position moved so close that his face nearly touched hers, a hint of anger flared into her eyes.

That’s when Du Wei got a bad, bad feeling.

Immediately, he felt a pain in his stomach! Then his whole body flew out, pounded to the ground!

Snow beauty tightly clenched her fists in front of him with a hateful look: “Humph, even without magic, you think you can bully me?! I’m not only a magician, I’m also a warrior. A swordsman that has passed the sixth level examination!”


Du Wei smiled bitterly on the ground.

It seems he became a little too complacent…. And almost forgot the other day this girl already showcased her fighting ability. Unlike Vivian, she’s a master of swords and magic.

Even without her magic, she still had superb martial skills …… Enough to safely beat her opponent like Du Wei.

Successfully landing her first strike, snow beauty wanted to follow up with another kick; however, Vivian hurriedly ran over and stopped her with opens arms, “No-No! Sister, please don’t hurt him!!”

Snow beauty sneered, looking at Vivian: “Ah, poor Vivian, it seems I am right. This little aristocrat is indeed your little lover. Ah! You even protected him with all your efforts!!!!!”

“No, no, no……” When she heard “little lover”, Vivian’s face immediately reddened, her eyes showing traces of shyness as she lowered her head: “No, it’s not like that. I…… I…… He… He, we dropped here, and h…he…he took good care of me. He found water for me, and gave me some food. And he even saved your life. Y…y…you can’t hurt him!”

After listening to Vivian’s word, snow beauty pondered for a moment and drew back her fist: “Fine then! Since this guy saved me, I’ll forgive him this one time!”

“Tha-thank you.” Vivian breathed a sigh of relief.

Du Wei on the other hand coldly smiled as he laid there on the ground. Enduring the pain in his stomach, he climbed back up and shook off some of the dust: “Humph, if I had known, I wouldn’t have pulled you out of the ocean!”

“Humph.” Snow beauty sneered: “What a shame, now you don’t have the ability to toss me back into the sea.”

Du Wei kept his cool and said: “You’re right, it’s a shame I don’t have that ability, that’s the truth.”

“Vivian said, you saved me and brought me back here? Humph, I owe you one then, so I’ll forgive you this time in return for that favor. You better not enrage me again.” Snow beauty turns her back against him.

Instead of getting angry, Du Wei began to laugh and eventually applauded vigorously: “Very good, how entertaining! I’ve seen a lot of unreasonable women before, but I’ve never seen one so beautiful while being so unreasonable. You really opened my eyes today.”

After listening to those words, snow beauty felt a little embarrassed and harshly rebuked him: “What, you have something say?!”

“No, of course not.” Du Wei was very calm and peaceful in his tone: “I even think it’s quite fair….. Whoever’s fist is the biggest is the boss, they are never wrong no matter what they do. This form of reasoning had always been the truth in the world. Right now you are stronger than me, so it’s only natural that you can bully me for I am not your opponent. On the contrary, if I was stronger than you, I would have already kicked you into the sea.”

Snow beauty froze for a moment. Giving Du Wei an appraising look, her anger seems to subside and was replaced with a strange expression: “Eh? A little noble like you are quite interesting… Not as hypocritical as the others I’ve met before.”

Du Wei rubbed his belly and softly spoke: “Since you already hit me, then let’s get down to business. You lost your magic power, which means we can’t get off the island. What’s worse, this island has no food, and very limited drinkable water! Besides, as you just said, there’s a monster that can even eat a dragon… right? Now, I think its best that we sit down and have a good talk.” His tone serious.

Snow beauty froze for a moment. Thinking of her dragon, her face once again exposed a sad expression: “My Orcutt, my poor Orcutt……”

“Now is not the time to grieve. You better tell us what’s going on.” Du Wei coldly said: “Since that monster can eat your dragon, then maybe it will come around and eat us too! We must come up with a plan.”

Unlike her little sister, this ice beauty was much tougher. After a short cry, she reluctantly calmed down and began to recall her experience with a sullen face. Clearly her mood has stabilized a bit.

“Just as I was about to land with Orcutt, suddenly, on the edge of the island in the sea, a monster jumped out…… It’s very, very big…… I don’t know how to describe its appearance; it’s like a big meatball with two eyes on each side. And its body, I don’t even know how big it is because the creature only exposed a small section of its head…. Orcutt at the time panicked as the monster roared at us. Then…. It launched an attack on us using magic of the water affinity. Its powers were very strong, setting off waves as high as thirty meters into the air and dousing me and Orcutt out of the sky!”

Snow beauty’s voice was shaking by now.

“Then, Orcutt fought back against that monster, but my dear Orcutt’s retaliation couldn’t harm the thing at all….. It’s like the creature’s body had a shielding glow protecting it from our magic. Even though Orcutt released an ice storm on the thing and made a direct hit, the spell immediately bounced away… I also used my magic, but it was all useless! I’ve never seen a monster like this…… Or even heard of a monster of such power! Even for a top level magician, it’s impossible to fend against a dragon’s direct attack for as long as this creature did.”

“And then?” Du Wei frowns.

“Then of course I thought of making a run for it.” Snow beauty sullenly said: “Since we couldn’t beat the monster, I immediately thought of fleeing, but that’s when I realized it was too late. I don’t know what barrier the monster used, but Orcutt and I quickly hit something, an invisible wall. We tried several times to break through, but we couldn’t fly out of the way… And finally….”

“Finally what?” Du Wei asked

“Finally……” Snow Beauty forcibly wiped her tears: “Finally, that monster summoned a huge wave. The height of that wave…… I’ve never seen anything like that before, I think even my teacher cannot summon a wave of that size. The big wave directly rolled us down from the sky…. As I fell from Orcutt’s back, I personally witnessed that monster opening its big mouth and swallowing Orcutt! It… swallowed Orcutt in one bite!”

One bite?

Swallowing a dragon in one bite?

So, how big was that monster?!

Du Wei’s face was a little pale by now.



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  1. It’s a humongous turtle!. A huge island with no living creatures and only foliage and earth, a meatball with two eyes…

  2. Snow beauty viciously stared at Du Wei, suddenly jumped up, pointed at Du Wei and Vivian. And shouted !! “all this is because of you guys! Vivian, if you had given me the illusionary goblin, then I shouldn’t have came here to catch up to you.”

    Really, such awesome logic, typical case of blaming someone innocent.

    Oh, and it seems that they’re in an isolated space or something with a big shield around it. Perhaps that entire island is the back of the creature? haha.

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