Law of the devil chapter 34

Law of the Devil Chapter 34 “Leaving the Magical Island”

“What? You mean to make a raft to leave here?” Joanna frowned and questioned Du Wei “So this is your good idea? You plan is to sail out to sea with a small raft and take us back to the mainland? You must be crazy!”

Du Wei smiled, slowly detailing his plan: “I think it’s a very promising proposal. You and Vivian are both powerful sorceresses and can use any tools or mounts to fly far away, am I right? If you still had your power, you would have used it to leave this damn island already, right?”

“Of course!” Joanna replied in an almost shouting voice, “If I can still fly, I would have left already.”

“That’s where the issue lies.” Pausing to let his words settle, “You’ve lost your magic, but according to my guess though, the reasoning for this effect doesn’t lie with you two specifically, it’s the island itself! I suspect there’s something in here that’s suppressing the use of magic, like some barrier or some anti-magic field here…. most likely it has something to do with that scary big monster you saw before. So… I’m thinking, how far can this barrier thing really reach? Does it cover the whole island, or does it include parts of the sea? At least I’m sure this field can’t be too big.”

Finally getting where he’s going with this, Joanna picked up the words from here, “So you never did plan to take us back to the mainland with only the small raft, you wanted to use it to get past the anti-magic field so I and Vivian can restore our magic. Once we achieve that, then we don’t need the raft anymore and can fly home right?”

“Exactly.” Du Wei nodded.

“What if it doesn’t work?” Joanna frowned, “What if you were wrong? I mean, maybe Vivian and I are both hit with some kind of magic and can’t restore our powers even if we leave the island. Or maybe, we will return to normal in a few days or even a few months? Then what? Even if we can sail away from the island, we cannot fly either way. With just the small raft, its certain we be dead before long in the endless ocean.”

“Well it’s just a different form of dying then.” Du Wei raised his brown, “I can clearly tell you this… If we don’t leave this island in two to three days, then we will definitely starve to death. Although there’s a lot of trees on this island, but very few comes with edible roots. I’ve long noticed this situation when I was foraging, and I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to find more food tomorrow.”

“We can fish!”

“Haha!” Du Wei laughed, “Fish? You can try! Oh heavens… Those big waves produced by that monster we saw yesterday, also the earthquake… Even if there were any fishes in the sea, they must have been frightened away by these huge movements.”

Even though the idea sounds a bit risky, but after some careful thinking, Joanna decides what Du Wei said did in fact makes sense.

You either stay here and starve to death, or you go out and risk it.

Next was finding out how to make a raft.

The hardest thing was……There’s no tool here!

Even if you want to chop some wood from the trees……you’ve got to have an axe right?

Even if you don’t have an axe, at least a knife would help!

But let’s not mention a knife, they don’t even have a dagger!

Even though Joanna was also a warrior herself, sadly the only weapon she uses was a long green flute!

Without tools, are they supposed to chop with their bare hands? Sadly, Du Wei can’t do that, neither can the ice-cold woman here.

That’s when Du Wei started to turn his focus towards Joanna’s armor. The armor’s made of metal. If he can tear a piece off and sharpen it, the thing can act as a makeshift blade.

Sadly, Du Wei was disappointed once again.

It’s not because Joanna was being stingy about her magic armor, but because her armor was full of hollow patterns – they couldn’t even find a piece that’s the size of his palm!

Reconsidering his options again, Du Wei got another idea!

Dragon Scale!

No matter how much she loves her pet, Vivian had to agree with Du Wei’s plea to peel several scales off her precious Scorching Sun.

Dragon scales are extremely strong and durable. Like in the stories of old, legendary heroes would often use this material to make solid shields or armors for use.

Using the last bit of magic in her body to appease the slumbering dragon, Du Wei bravely peeled off two slices from the big loaf.

Then spending another day finding a rock of durable size, they managed to sharp the scales well enough to use as knives.

After that the two girls and one boy team spent another two days working on their raft.

While Du Wei and Joanna was busily chopping down trees for their vessel, Vivian was responsible for binding those logs together with vines.

Using his imagination, Du Wei even managed to make several paddles out of the tree trunks that he didn’t have other uses for. Then running off to find some more of those gourd like things, he intends to use them to hold their supply of fresh water while out at sea, and once combined with the raft, it will increase the buoyancy of the vessel.

Lastly, Joanna donated her white cape and turned it into a sail.

When everything was nearly finished, Vivian suddenly remembered a very important question!

“Wha-wha… what about my dragon?” Poor little Vivian suddenly remembered a crucial question!

A raft cannot take a dragon!

Actually, Du Wei and Joanna had already thought about this question, it’s just that they found it very hard to explain to Vivian.

It’s Vivian’s pet. Originally, she could’ve used her magic power to create a seal to store the loaf away and summon it when needed.

But without her powers, she cannot seal the dragon away and bring it with her.

Looking at each other, Du Wei and Joanna struggled to answer Vivian’s question.

Suddenly understanding the awkward silence, the silly girl began to shed tears of sadness, “No! No! I… I… I won’t leave… leave my dragon!! My Scorching Sun!!”

She cried and ran to her pet, throwing herself at the sleeping dragon and tightly holding it.

Du Wei sighed at the scene. Looking at this innocent and pure girl, Du Wei felt a tinge of guilt.

But what can they do otherwise?

They cannot take a big dragon like this!

Not to mention Du Wei’s not the rest of the people in this world… In the bottom of his heart, he won’t treat these dragon or lizards like some superior creature that mustn’t be discarded.

In his mind, only the most talented are the most important. Whether it be a dragon, or a snake… they are just “animals” to him.

Human life was the most important. Sacrificing a human life for an “animal”, it’s something Du Wei will never understand.

Furthermore… Humph, if not for Vivian’s presence, he would’ve slaughtered the big “animal” and ate its meat by now.

Of course, if he did that, Vivian will cry and die of sadness on the spot.

In spite of Vivian not wanting to leave her darling dragon, Du Wei and Joanna can only force their way with her.

Surprisingly enough, this ferocious woman who hadn’t shown an ounce of tenderness thus far was very kind to her sister.

“No need to be surprised.” Joanna already knew what Du Wei was thinking by the looks in his eye, “I’ve also lost my dragon too, I can understand her feelings.”

Du Wei could see from Joanna’s eye the pang of sadness lingering in there.

Finally, with both girls on the raft, set and ready, Du Wei began pushing from behind. Once far enough into the water, he jumped up to join the other two. Letting Joanna control the sail, Du Wei picked up the paddles and started rowing.

Only the poor little Vivian, who was forced onto the raft, was silently watching the island with her precious dragon moving further and further away, her tears swelling down her eyes….

The waves were small right now, they are lucky, but Du Wei and Joanna remains nervous the entire time because both are praying….

Praying for their journey to never encounter that sea monster!

If that monster could attack a dragon while lurking in the sea, then there be no difficulty for it in flipping their small little raft out in the ocean.

Right now, Du Wei’s only hope was to leave the island quietly until they are out far enough to use magic to fly away.

“The Almighty Goddess, please watch over us….” Joanna muttered.

For a weak young boy like Du Wei, it’s a definite struggle to continuously row the raft forward with a simple paddle. Nevertheless, his determination to leave the island will not allow himself to stop despite the fatigue in his arms.

Visually, they should be about two hundred meter from the island shore.

“How do you feel?” Du Wei asked Joanna loudly.

“No, still nothing.” Joanna tried to summon a wind element spell to strengthen the sail, but it didn’t work.

“Keep trying.” Du Wei grits his teeth as he said this.

Seems like the deities in this world don’t take kindly to a heretic like Du Wei.

As the raft sailed another hundred meters away, that scary roar appeared once again.

Then under the frightened eyes of the three, a humongous wave standing four to five meters high suddenly came smashing down at them from the peaceful sea surface.


With the waves hitting their vessel, the vines from the raft tore apart and the logs making up the body of the raft splintered apart, throwing all three into the water at the same time…

Du Wei couldn’t move his body at this point. Thinking he will die, he opened his mouth for air but was hit with a gush of salt water into his throat. Going black in his eyes, the whirlpool under his body was sucking him further down into the water.

Du Wei can feel it, he’s sinking deeper and deeper….


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